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  1. 've been lurking here for awhile and sponged of the lulz you guys have provided me now it is my time to give you some maybe intresting information you don't know. Yes ladies and germs i give you The Tale of TALKTALK once upon a time there were 5 little skids who were given an SQL injection vuln for TALKTALK, Antichrist @C20f8e52, Glubz @fearful, ryan @urharmless and VAMP the baby face hacker @niggerbit Story: Glubz found an SQLi vuln in TALKTALK by accident! he then went to a friend to ask how to use SQLmap to exploit the vuln; he was shown how to use SQLmap, once he learnt the grand skill of the command line magic python tool!!!! known as "SQLmap" his brain decided to kick in "oh shit i have bad opsec and autism, i should get people to hack this for me so i don't get v& plus i can still take the credit!! yes!!!!" Once the vuln was passed onto VAMP @niggerbit he (being the egotsitical fucking degen he is) went away to exploit it for all the glorious e-fame everything he has every wanted every since his mother shat him out onto a cold bathroom floor and bought him a £800 babysitter called a "PC". Once the DATA was retrieved BABYFACE vamp passed it onto his skiddy reject friends! Anti, and ryan and some other nameless nobody trashcans, who are probably currently on pastebin searching for python to claim as there own! as you would probably do if you were spit roasted by your own dad and his 3 brothers, during christmas when you were 9. Once babyface faced the reaper, and his doors were remodeled into chunks of splintered wood by the local police after his protection (PIA – Private internet access) didn't defend him against the boys in blue his friends decided to take back their "we hacked talktalk give us 80k or die" statement and start to delete tweets Glubz the king of cum begin trying to frame people for this grand clusterfuck that's still ongoing and now you know how the TALKTALK 'hack' went down and how the jewish media of the west are fucking stupid. TL;DR: skids, SQLmap and broken doors. NOTE: spelling should be ignored i have intoxicated myself and have autism, also girl in pic is 19 pls no v& contact: twitter: @chwrm
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