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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. Patch Notes for Daybreak Alpha v4
  2. #----------------------------------
  4. Added new moves for Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos:
  5. Frostbite: Freezes the enemy and causes 50 damage (Articuno)
  6. Magmanado: Burns the enemy and causes 50 damage (Moltres)
  7. Supercell: Paralyses the enemy and causes 50 damage (Zapdos)
  8. Added A TON of new move animations
  9. Added mega evolution animations
  10. Majority of the maps have been updated.
  11. Meteor event sequence has been changed.
  12. Character sprites for various important trainers have changed
  14. #----------------------------------
  16. #----------------------------------
  18. Iriscent Town: Location of Gym 9, and a bike store where you can upgrade the bike.
  19. Iriscent Park: a lovely forst park with hostile bug pokemon and something else....
  20. GYM10: HUGE City with many explorable areas. Location of the final gym.
  21. Hidden Base: An old village, taken over by Squad Zero for their own purposes.
  22. Mt. Zerus: Snowy mountain where the climax of the story takes place
  23. Island of Purity: Post Game Area
  24. Torayra Road has been redesigned
  25. Rochester Trail is now merged with the crash site and Saltan Road and been redesigned.
  26. Battle Island: A smaller Battle Frontier with an Arena, Palace, Tower and Pyramid.
  27. Kolana Dam has been replaced by Kolana Path which leads to the new safari zone
  28. Safari Zone added north of Kolana Path
  29. New optional routes west of Lacka Cave, Asteras Path and Lux Strait
  30. Various post game spots within existing maps
  31. The rest of Asteras path is finished
  33. #----------------------------------
  36. Added King's Bisharp Form (Use the Aegis Shield on Pawniard to evolve into this new form!) (Steel type)
  37. Added Armiran Sceptile line(Poison)
  38. Added Armiran Greninja line(Dark/Fire)
  39. Added Armiran Typhlosion line(Ghost/Fire)
  40. Added Armiran Tyranitar line(Rock/Fire)
  41. Added Armiran Meganium line(Rock/Fairy)
  42. Added Armiran Feraligatr line(Ice/Dark)
  43. Added New Megas for Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres:
  44. All 3 of the new megas are given the dragon type along with their original types*
  49. BONUS-----------
  51. Jolteon/Flareon/Vaporeon: Go to Oak's lab and speak to Oak.
  52. Umbreon/Leafeon/Glaceon/Espeon: Speak to the Gym Leader, and then go into Silph Co and speak to any of the scientists.
  53. Sylveon: Look underneath a dumpster.
  54. Dark/Psychic Serum can be obtained by using the Extractor on the big ore in the Power Plant, and taking the extract to Jakub in Platoh Labs
  55. Obtain a Drifloon every Monday at the power plant.
  56. The Beedrill and Ledian of Iriscent Park and Torarya Woods don't stay around at night....
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