May 30th, 2016
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  1. Writing: article
  2. Crime: are we handling it wrong?
  3. Why are they committed and how young people can be prevented from doing them
  4. Why do people commit crimes?
  5. Different people have different motivations to commit different sort of crime. First of all, let's divide the sorts of crimes: in the first place. there are violent crimes. Often such crimes are motivated by reality between people or groups of people. There are also "victimless “crimes motivated for the most part by poverty. For example, theft.
  6. The role of punishment
  7. Most people think the same about the handling of offenders: they need to be punished and learn to not violate the law anymore. But there are a lot of different thoughts out there. in which way. It is very important to find an appropriate "rate" of punishment for every individual offender. because punishment is not just about punishing people. but about learning people how to reintegrate into society.
  8. How should youngsters be discouraged to commit crimes?
  9. School plays a big role in preventing young people from committing crimes. If students are thought how to prevent crime. and have a good education in general. they might think twice about committing a crime. In conclusion what can be said is. that crime is a big problem. and the way we handle it very often is not optimal.
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