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  1. https://plays.tv/video/59b9f0178fe3df1de5/smite
  2. In this clip you can see him dash into 3 people in mid when no one else was around, and this is his response to it: https://vid.me/OdoUJ
  3. This is an example of him showing lack of motivation, and being complacent. He clearly made a mistake by dashing into 3 people in mid, and never admitted to it. Instead he looked for excuses and refused to look back at the vod. And the way he expresses himself is just toxic, and that enables a really crappy team environment which hinders a teams performance and learning capability.
  5. https://vid.me/2SF6a
  6. Here he doesn't listen to the call, he walks in 1v4 alone and gets punished, and then flames the rest of the team.
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