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  1. <Little_Gloom> Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Twelve: Darkness Falls (Part Three)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8&feature=youtu.be
  2. <Little_Gloom> Waiting.
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  4. <Little_Gloom> The caravan ponies and their new allies had come to Darkness Falls on the promise of payment and answers.  Here, they would gain the second bundle of caps for the job they accepted and, more importantly, learn the details of their mission.  
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  6. <Little_Gloom> But the agent of of their mysterious client was ambushed by a griffin mercenary.  Our heroes fought and defeated the would-be assassin, but the agent was wounded grievously in the battle.  The medical expertise of Get Lost has saved him, and now they wait for him to recover.  To regain consciousness and, hopefully, give them some answers.
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  8. <Little_Gloom> Meanwhile, the ponies and friends have split up, exploring and taking in shadowed town of Darkness Falls.
  9. <Little_Gloom> --- Session Begins ---
  10. * Mitzi is totally with Bookwright, since that's the last place she remembers being
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  12. <Little_Gloom> Several of the ponies are at the Lightbringer Inn.  Others have gone to the Crimson's Caravans office.  And still others are now making their way to The Roost, a tavern which has taken its name from the Talon fortress that Darkness Falls used to be.
  13. * Noble_Heart touched down at the second-story tavern, lifting Kid from her back and placing the filly back on solid, though not ground-level, flooring. "We shall see about getting us a table." A moment she was moving to find the pair a place to sit.
  14. * Shatara looks around the various tavern patrons, nervously scratching his non-pipbuck'd foreleg.
  15. * Mitzi looks around; "Others said meet at tavern... don't know where Tavern eez." She looks to Bookwright expectantly
  16. * Bookwright trots off in what he's pretty sure is the right direction. "It's this way." Quietly: "I think..."
  17. * Mitzi follows Bookwright; "Cud use a drink. Ponee buze eez weak tho."
  18. * Bookwright and Mitzi eventually make it to the tavern, despite several close encounters of the rainbow-bead curtain kind.
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  22. * Mitzi sticks to Bookwright like wonderglue, not having anything else to do and still wanting to press the smart pony for reading lessons.
  23. <Little_Gloom> Kid and Noble_Heart are approached by a weathered pegasus mare in a militaristic-styled waitress uniform.  "Welcome to The Roost.  Just two?"
  24. * Noble_Heart bows her head slightly to the pegasus mare. "We seek a place to sit with Our friend, yes. There may be another coming to join Us soon. Though We know not when he may arrive." She gives a polite smile to the pegasus.
  25. <Little_Gloom> The waitress then turns to Shatara, "Are you with them, or would you like your own table?"  The griffin cannot help but notice that the waitress uniform is based (loosely) off of a Talon officer's dress.
  26. * Shatara sizes up the mare, his wings twitching slightly as he glances back towards his companions. "Yeah, I'm with them..."
  27. * Little_Gloom nods.  "A table for three, then, with room for more.  This way, please."  The pegasus turns and leads the group to one of the tables situated in the light haze of cigarette smoke.  The table boasts a flyer for Stalliongrad's Finest, including a few mixed drinks based on it.
  28. * Bookwright shambles into the tavern, shaking a few multicolored beads from his mane and smelling slightly of tobacco smoke. Sizing up the tavern, he joins Noble_Heart, muttering, "Next time I'm just gonna teleport. Mitzi very nearly had a bad encounter with a hookah and I have seen enough bead curtains to last two and a half lifetimes."
  29. <Little_Gloom> The waitress nods.  "A table for three, then, with room for more.  This way, please."  The pegasus turns and leads the group to one of the tables situated in the light haze of cigarette smoke.  The table boasts a flyer for Stalliongrad's Finest, including a few mixed drinks based on it.
  30. * Noble_Heart follows after the waitress, taking her place at the presented table with poise and regal demeanor. "We thank you for your prompt seating." Looking to her companions with a smile. "Now. What shall we have for lunch?"
  31. * Shatara settles into his own seat, chuckling softly at Bookwright's prediciment. "This place should have some good meat at least, with all the gryphons around."
  32. * Mitzi stands near the table. She wasn't sure seats designed for ponies could handle her bulk. The alicorn seemed to manage, but she was still a pony. She pokes at one of the chairs, testing it's durability
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  34. * Mitzi sits on a bench then. It creaks a little, but holds her up; "Why are ponee chairs so wide?"
  35. <Little_Gloom> The waitress brings menus for the five.  It is mostly booze, with Stalliongrad's Finest being the most heavily featured.
  36. <Little_Gloom> The menu does include a few food items, however.  Including radhog burgers and deep-fried apple slices.
  37. * Noble_Heart levitated the menu up to slowly read through it, contemplating what she saw. After a few moments of thought she finally ordered. "We will have the fried apple slices and some water. While alcohol is most enjoyable at times, We suspect We may be called upon to take flight today, and would not wish to risk embarassment.
  38. <Noble_Heart> "
  39. * Kid shuffles into a seat uncomfortably and looks at the menu. She's not entirely used to restaurants. She's usually the one that cooks. Come to think of it, she usually makes the vodka, too. "... Fer this many caps, they better know how t' fry an' apple, 'r how t' make some hay fritters."
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  41. * Shatara ponders a bit, glancing a bit nervously at the prices. But that radhog burger looks soooo delicious...
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  43. * Mitzi holds the menu, trying to look like she knows what she's doing so as to fit in, but... she still can't read 'pony squiggles'. She probably looks very awkward
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  49. * Bookwright begins pointing with his pencil. "That mark means 'apple'. This one here means 'vodka'. This one means 'cider'. So the first one is 'apple cider', this second is 'pear cider', and so on."
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  51. * Mitzi blinks, then nods slowly, taking in Bookwright's descriptions; "So..." She looks to Kid, the walking distillery; "Wut kind of ponee buuze eez strongest?"
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  54. <Little_Gloom> The waitress, having jotted down Noble_Heart's order, looks to the hellhound, "Well, up here, the best pony-made brew is Stalliongrad's Finest.  Premium-quality Vodka, aged for over two hundred years.  There's also a griffon brew called Black 159.  Very potent, tastes like sucking on a spark battery."
  55. * Kid put down her menu. Pff. "What, don't have that 190 proof stuff? If yer' lucky enough t' find it around. If yer' talkin' about taste 'r punch, y' can't go wrong with Zap Apple Cider 'r Shine."
  56. * Mitzi looks to the Waitress; "Uh'll take wutever eez strongest buuze. Probably not as gud as proper rotgut, but will have tu du."
  57. <Little_Gloom> The waitress nods to Mitzi then looks to Kid.  "Stalliongrad hasn't had a proper zap apple harvest in over two dozen years."
  58. * Shatara glances up from his menu a moment as the others order, his eye catching a somewhat odd sight. He gives Noble_Heart gentle nudge of the wing, quietly pointing the alicorn's attention towards the kitchen.
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  62. * Kid grumps slightly. "Aw, ya'll don't know what th' hell ya'll r' missin'! Th' taste just comes out and bites y', like a bolt've lightnin' hittin' yer mouth!" She fiddles with the table accompaniments. "It were sometimes only that stuff that kept me warm in th' winter. Literally. Stuff doubles as a spark battery, used it t' keep th' heater goin'."
  63. <Little_Gloom> With Shatara's guidence, Noble_Heart too notices the alicorn doing menial tasks in the back of the tavern, visible occasionally through a swinging door.  The waitress, meanwhile leaves, returning a hoof-full of minutes later with everyone's order.
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  65. * Noble_Heart looks up in the direction Shatara had pointed to, frowning slightly at the sight of a once-sibling in such a state. "It is disgraceful that Our family is demeaned to such a level." She considers whether to go and do something about it. Causing trouble in town would go against her being part of the Followers. "We shall have to speak to Our family once Our mean is done."
  66. * Bookwright has continued his impromptu lesson while the goings-on have been going-on. "And, lessee... uh. 'Cider'. 'Cider'. 'Whiskey'. 'Cider'. 'Cider'. 'Cider'. Aaaaand... uh. Huh. That's it. It's pretty educational if you like libations I guess, but it /is/ a tavern menu after all."
  67. * Mitzi nods to Bookwright; "Maybe we shud use someting else for later lessons."
  68. * Bookwright nods slowly, "Yeeeeeesssss...."
  69. * Mitzi chuckles weakly
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  72. * Kid looks up from trying to fold a napkin into a little hat. Which would've been actually quite impressive given that she's an Earth Pony. "Come again?"
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  74. * Noble_Heart frowns and shakes her head to Kid. "We do not think you would understand. One of Our siblings is here. Sweeping floors and working menial tasks. We wish to know why. Our siblings to not usually seek such lowly positions, nor should they."
  75. * Kid looks slightly offended. "Hey. What's wrong with makin' an honest days work? Ah used t' do that all th' time when ponies came t' visit th' homestead. You sayin' that kind've stuff ain't important?"
  76. * Bookwright taps his horn. "They've got these things, remember? Sweeping floors and working menial tasks is important, but when you're a nigh-invulnerable radiation-immune elegant creature of grace and beauty in the shape and shadow of the former princesses of Equestria, sweeping floors and making pies is a little bit of a low bar."
  77. * Noble_Heart snorts a moment and nods her head in agreement to Bookwright. "We would not begrudge a pony such as yourself for such a choice. But it is unusual for Our siblings to do so. We would know why they choose to remain here."
  78. * Mitzi shrugs; "Alphas never above wurk. Often du more wurk tu protect home und family."
  79. * Mitzi notes to Noble_Heart; "Wurk eez wurk. Always eez helpful."
  80. * Bookwright wasn't saying they weren't. "I wasn't saying they weren't, I was merely saying that with the ability to do such wonderful things usually comes with a matching ambition, or at least mild desire."
  81. * Kid glares at Bookwright. "Oh, I geddit. 'Cause you an' them have horns means they don' have t' do all that 'lil' work like th' rest of us do. Well, I hate t' burst yer bubble, but we here 'r not much more n' package couriers. What's that say about us?" There might've been a crossed nerve in that little snap.
  82. * Shatara pulls out his copy of Equestrian Army Today and shrinks behind it.
  83. <Little_Gloom> As the group is enjoying their alcohol (and deep-fried apples slices), a pegasus colt in a messenger outfit flutters down with a note in his mouth.  He drops it on the table then stands, apparently waiting for a tip.
  84. * Mitzi shrugs; "Ambition shud be tu help fellows und friends und family. Any way dey can."
  85. * Noble_Heart contemplates that at Kid's commentary. "To carry a package across dangerous lands where normal ponies might find death, destruction or dismemberment before important correspondence or supplies could be delievered? To risk Our life and limb to help those who cannot help themselves? That is Our highest calling. We would not pass a chance to do such a thing." She takes a few
  86. * Noble_Heart moments to enjoy some of her actual food at that.
  87. * Mitzi drinks whatever booze was brought to her; "Eez okay. Still not strong enuff for good feelings, but flavour eez good."
  88. * Shatara munches upon his radhog burger, glancing at the note dropped upon the table.
  89. * Mitzi looks at the pegasus colt; "Hello leetle pony. Wut eez dis yu gave ur?"
  90. * Kid snaps into an apple slice. Bah. The breading was all wrong. Needed some cracklin's to get the crunchy texture right. "Ah, so if yer gonna play that, that pony's keepin' a place clean n' tidy t' keep all th' ponies here from gettin' sick, n' is responsible fer keepin' ponies from gettin' poisoned. One false move c'n make a pony go t' th' hospital! Ain't that worth it?"
  91. <Little_Gloom> The little colt smiles, "Message from the Lightbringer Inn, Mister Monster."
  92. * Mitzi blinks; "Uh'm a bitch. Female. Gurl."
  93. * Bookwright unfolds the note and peruses it.
  94. * Shatara grumbles something about ponies being unable to tell genders under his breath.
  95. * Noble_Heart levitates five caps from her bag and offers them to the pegasus. "We thank you for your continued service." She looks down towards Kid. "But anypony could do such a thing with equal ease. It would be like... Like asking you to change lightbulbs for a living. We would not dream of it."
  96. <Little_Gloom> The colt blinks.  "I'm sorry."  He seems legitimately apologetic.  Or, at least, fearful that he has muffed his tip.  Quickly, he restates.  "It's a message from the Lightbringer Inn, Miss Bitch."
  97. <Little_Gloom> The note is simple: "Your guest has awoken and is asking for you."  It is signed by the innkeeper.
  98. * Mitzi seems pleased that the colt corrected himself; "Eez okay. Yu ponies sometimes look da same to Ur kind. Und Uh'm not in da habit uv checking parts tu be sure."
  99. <Little_Gloom> The pegasus quickly snatches the caps, flashes Noble_Heart a prize-winning grin, and dashes off at a speed that would do Rainbow proud.
  100. * Noble_Heart resumes calmly eating her lunch. "Good news, We hope?"
  101. * Bookwright looks up. "The gentlepony we rescued is awake. And asking after us.
  102. <Bookwright> ""
  103. * Kid finishes those begrudgingly decent apples and folds her forelegs. "Yeah? Well, maybe that Alercorn likes her job. Ever think of that?" She stops her anger mid-argument with the recent news. Ooh! They get paid! "What about that one flankface that tried t' kill 'em?"
  104. * Bookwright shrugs. "Doesn't say."
  105. * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side. "Perhaps. Though We cannot imagine one of Our siblings would be happy with such a position. We shall speak to them later." She nods her head in confirmation as she finishes her meal.
  106. * Shatara glances up from his meal at mention of 'flankface', trying to catch glimpses of the other griffon patrons, and if any of them have a similar insignia.
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  108. * Kid leaves ten caps on the table. That should cover it, plus her portion of the tip. That didn't mean she liked it. "Right, then. Shall we?"
  109. * Mitzi mimics Kid, playing Ten caps on the table. She didn't really know how to compare the value of Pony Caps to gemstones, or any form of currency really.
  110. * Noble_Heart drops ten caps on the table as well, standing and moving away. She looked towards those doors into the kitchen area curiously. A moment later attempting to flag down a serving pony to ask about the shifts.
  111. <Little_Gloom> One of the serving ponies trots over.  "Was everything all right?"
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  115. * Kid tips her hat. "Ya'll need t' start usin' th' cracklin's from yer old fry ups t' add some flavor t' the new cookup. Th' apples themselves was fine, though." She realized that she didn't cook it, nor did she actually care about how to cook a damn apple right. "It were fine. What's goin' on, Princess?"
  116. <Little_Gloom> The server blinks then nods.  "I'll pass that along to the cook."
  117. * Noble_Heart looks down to Kid and shakes her head. "We will join you later." She turns to head towards the kitchen area. "We wish to speak to the Alicorn who works in your kitchen." Pausing only long enough to speak to the server, waiting to be answered or ignored before she continued on.
  118. * Bookwright is interested in the cook as well, and follows Noble_Heart.
  119. * Kid blinks. "'Ey. Where'd ya'll take what's his face?"
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  121. <Little_Gloom> The server frowns slightly but nod.  He points to a less-occupied part of the tavern.  "Wait over there.  I'll send him out."
  122. * Noble_Heart nods her head and moves over in that direction, finding a relatively peaceful spot and sitting down. She wasn't certain what would come of this, but it was a curious itch she had to scratch.
  123. * Bookwright hears the distant sound of a bottle cap dropping, and follows Noble_Heart. Producing his notebook, he scribbles some preliminary notes...
  124. * Mitzi watches Bookwright make scribbles. Perhaps she could pick something up by osmosis. Her trio of dogs are tied outside
  125. * Shatara keeps a tab on Noble_Heart and the others as he continues checking out the various patrons.
  126. <Little_Gloom> A moment later, inside the tavern's small kitchen, the server lightly smacks CopyCat's flank.  "Hey, you've got a visitor.  By table four."
  127. * CopyCat nearly drops a mug in surprise. "Ah, oh, yes. I'll be right out." She takes off her stained apron and hangs it over a rail before leaving the kitchen and heading towards table four.
  128. * Noble_Heart sits near table four, keeping her eyes on the entrance to the kitchen as CopyCat emerges. She gives a warm, friendly smile to the other Alicorn as she awaits her sibling's approach. "Greetings, sister. We hope that Our presence does not upset you."
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  130. * Kid leaned on the wall by the others, waiting for someone to give her some direction. She rolls her eyes at the pony coming in from the kitchen, more pointed at Noble_Heart than CopyCat. "Yeah, what she said." She knew what she was going to do. She knew that this only really happened in stories, though. Usually, they're happy just doing what they're doing.
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  133. * Mitzi spies the new Alpha pony. She nods her head respectfully to him.
  134. <Mitzi> *her
  135. * CopyCat pauses in front of Noble_Heart, seemingly confused, before returning her smile. The smile turns more friendly when she turns to Kid and Bookwright, but she seems to ignore Mitzi. "Oh hello! It is good to meet you, can we be friends?" She's mint green and would be pretty if she weren't so dishevelled. She looks very tired judging by the bags under her eyes.
  136. * Shatara moves through the tavern, pausing a moment at a table with a conspicuously lonely mug of cider. He examines it, thinking back to who it might have belonged to. He thinks he remembers there was griffoness at this table before, and takes stock of what features he can recall.
  137. * Mitzi is probably taller than either alicorn by virtue of being a biped, except that she's hunched over. Hellhounds were rather top heavy.
  138. * Noble_Heart frowns slightly at the alicorn before her. "Are you alright? We have not seen one of Our siblings in such a state in many years. What has happened to bring you here? Are the ponies here not treating you well?" She glances towards the other ponies in the restaraunt. Something about this was worrying.
  139. * Bookwright looks up from his notebook. "Do you mind if I make a sketch of your personage? I don't meet many alicorns."
  140. * Kid lowered the brim of her hat. "Funny. I trotted out of Froggy Bottom and cantered right into three now."
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  142. * CopyCat nods to Bookwright. "Yes if you like. Ah, but I am messy... would you like me to clean up first?" She seems so focused on the unicorn that she doesn't hear Noble_Heart.
  143. * Bookwright shrugs. "Doesn't matter, I'm not getting details down. I just want a general image for my journals."
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  145. * Noble_Heart frowns a bit more and tilts her head to one side. That was surprising. Usually other ponies didn't just ignore her. Least of all another of her own kind. But she would be patient, for now at least.
  146. * CopyCat looks at Bookwright for a while, then smiles. "Then you can draw me as I am."
  147. * Shatara returns from his round of the tavern, finding nothing of interest beyond a suspiciously unattended cider mug, he joins the others in meeting the dish-washing alicorn.
  148. * Noble_Heart frowns a bit more. "We would hear of you and where you came from and why you are here. Would you tell Us? We are traveling from here soon, and would welcome another sister along Our path, if you wish to come. This place does not seem to suit Our kind. Nor does it seem to treat you well..."
  149. * Kid tips her hat at Shatara. This alicorn didn't seem too bad, but she's been wrong before. Then again, she had a policy that everypony was a flankface until proven otherwise. Didn't mean that she wouldn't treat them right, just that she wouldn't trust them with the good silverware. "Bah. She's jus' tired's all. Haven't ya'll ever been exposed t' an honest day's work?"
  150. * Bookwright mutters whilst sketching, "And frankly you look pretty tired. Why the bags under your eyes?"
  151. * Bookwright nods. "Of course. Dishes, cooking, cleaning, everything. All part of the training of the Followers. Noble_Heart here likely had the same experience I did."
  152. * Noble_Heart frowns at the mention of that. "We undertook Our tribulations for the good of other ponies, yes. But this... This is not the look of a pony who has worked for a short time or for a purpose. Please tell Us why you remain here?"
  153. * CopyCat concentrates on being still. "I do lots of work here, so the ponies like me. And I work elsewhere, so they like me there too. The... alicorn?" she says the word like she had forgotten it, "Is hard to hear... but if I left then the ponies wouldn't like me."
  154. * Kid looks at the kitchen, then back at her. "So?"
  155. * Noble_Heart frowns and looks down at her two companions then back to the other Alicorn. This was troubling, to say the least. "But you remain here merely to make them happy? THis does not make you happy? You do not wish a better life for yourself? Or a chance to do something more with your life?"
  156. * Kid grimaces slightly. She didn't like how Noble was stating her point, but she decided not to argue against it. "Buck 'em. If they don' know how t' treat you right, then ya'll should teach 'em a lesson by leavin'. If you ain't workin' hard n' well, y' don't deserve th' work. If ya'll are and they still give y' shit, ya'll should teach 'em what for by showin' them what life's like without y'."...
  157. * Kid ...So long as it also isn't with us.
  158. * CopyCat cocks her head, confused. "It doesn't feel good when ponies are sad... so I've got to make them happy. That's right isn't it?"
  159. * Kid lowers her head. "Sometimes, ya'll gotta make 'em feel sad t' make 'em feel happier in th' end."
  160. * Noble_Heart shakes her head. "They are using you. Keeping you here to work for them when you could do anything you want. Making other ponies happy is not a bad thing. But to live like this, over-worked, exhausted and disheveled? It is not right! Not for one of Our kind, nor for anypony else!"
  161. * Bookwright holds up his pencil, opens his mouth to ask a question, and promptly shuts it and goes back to his sketch.
  162. * CopyCat shrinks backwards. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
  163. * Noble_Heart frowns and shakes her head, stepping forwards, "You have done nothing wrong. The ponies here are using you."
  164. * Kid raises an eyebrow, expression falling flat. "Yer sorry fer... Whut?"
  165. * CopyCat scuffs the floor nervously like a foal that had been scolded. "Err, maybe I can go with you and help? Would that be good?" She glances at Kid for a moment. "Oh, no that would not be good... can I do something else?"
  166. * Kid looks up in shock, eyes growing wide. She glares at Noble with the expression of someone witnessing two trains about to hit each other. Which, since they were often drawn by pony as far as she was concerned, was actually kind of a feat. No. No. No. No. No. No. We're splitting the caps eight ways already, we're not going for a nine-way. No.
  167. * Noble_Heart steps forwards and extends a wing around CopyCat, "Any sibling is welcome to accompany Us on Our journey. We will be happy to have you. And We shall do Our best to protect you, as We do all ponies."
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  169. * Kid 's head tilts a bit, still glaring at Noble. She was one of those ponies that took home a stray pet and swore that she would pretty pony pleases feed it and take care of it, and call it Puppysmiles, wasn't she? "... She's comin' out of yer pay."
  170. * Noble_Heart looks down at Kid and shakes her head. "We do not care. We would not abandon one of Our siblings to a place such as this. She deserves better."
  171. * CopyCat smiles at the attention. "That would be good? Okay, I would like to go with you. Umm, I have a few caps left over from my jobs so you do not need to give me any." This last part was carefully said loud enough for Kid to hear.
  172. * Kid considers this for a moment. "... Eh. Works fer me." Greed tended to sate her survival instinct. She turns to the rest of the group. "Now, if ya'll would kindly help me t' find th' place where ya'll left those ponies..."
  173. * Noble_Heart stands and nods her head, leading the way for CopyCat and Kid, she seemed quite pleased by the outcome, to say the least.
  174. * Mimobile has quit (Connection closed)
  175. * Bookwright is now known as Bookwrought
  176. * Kid follows her out.
  177. * Bookwrought is now known as Bookwright
  178. * Bookwright is now known as Bookwrong
  179. * Bookwrong is now known as Bookwright
  180. * Shatara follows the others
  181. <Little_Gloom> --- End of Session ---
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