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  1. the eu is losing some 45 trillion from currency crisis since 2014 for 10y, usa gains 30 trillion for 10y. poor ecb and ec ,ep with the eu bank mafia behind them.
  2. - 25% eur and 33% pound decline vs usd for 100% to gdp in and out total movement of capital per year is 4.5 trillion loss , that for 10 y projection is 45 trillion for i revealed that ecb , ec, ep use mind control for all countries in eu including cee and balkans on tetra and telecoms for government, banks and big business.
  3. - further real estate declines some 25% for big deals in london , new york , sydney and other major centers, stocks are about to declin in coming eu depression and usa recession.
  4. - usa gained from currency 30 trillion respectively for 10y od 100 % to gdp in and out usa capital movement for wsj index.
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  7. - global default rates for speculative rating jump to over 10% compared with some 4% for investment grade in recession. italy , germany , nearly all eu are now in or close to recession for 8 months.
  8. - investment grade is for debt to ebitda ratio of 2. 3 at most 5.
  9. - much investment grade debt in eu and usa is speculative according to debt to ebitda ratio as single most important indicator. so agencies cheat.
  10. - usa total debt to ebitda ratio is record 3.5 so the defalt rate in recession there will jump as well.
  11. - eu debt to ebitda ratio average is 6, so over 10 % of corporate debt in banks and bonds is expected on average.this is bank crisis full of zombie companies.
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  14. - Italy sovereign debt is actually 160 % to gdp as Italy banks have some 500 bn from TARGET2 and some 300 bn from TLTRO from ECB loans that is half of Italy deposits left , similar for Spain. There will be soon new TLTRO as deposits constantly leave EU.
  15. - Italy banks lose by 50 bn for leaving deposits and buying bonds per month
  16. - With 2-400 bn to liquidity crisis have 2 months in Italy
  17. - Italy USA sovereign debts are unsustainable
  18. - Germany banks also lose deposits in 10s of bn going abroad
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