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  1. Many individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) have a heat sensitivity and many symptoms are exacerbated by
  2. temperatures above 80-85 degrees. Like torn or frayed electrical insulation, the myelin sheath on an MS patient's nerves is damaged and does not conduct
  3. nerve impluses properly when heated.
  5. When nerve impulses cannot travel efficiently, patients may have mobility issues and other symptoms, including extreme fatigue.
  6. The dangers of heat intolerance may also include a temporary decrease in balance, strength, sensation, or vision,
  7. which could lead to falls and other problems.
  9. Also, there is a correlation between low vitamin D and the risk of MS and MS-related lesions.
  10. Those living above the 37 parallel are at a higher risk for MS and it is believed this is due
  11. to lack of adequate sunlight.
  13. For my API Capstone APP,  a user first agrees to share their location and a geotracker obtains their coordinates and then feeds coordinates into
  14. DARKSKY (weather) and MapQuest Places API. The user is then gven specific feedback for outdoor time depending on the weather and location.
  15. If a user resides above the 37 parallel, they are given recommendations to spend more time outdoors to synthesize adequate vitamin D.
  16. Additionally, if the weather forecast is above 80 F, the user is given a cautionary message about temp and heat related issues.
  18. Depending on their individual feedback, a map will slide up with either indoor places of interest (if it is too hot)
  19. or outdoor places of interest (if temp permits).
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