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  1. 19:47:53 Abbie tells you, "-rofls- Lisbethae tried to give me
  2. shit again because of answering a question on the Newbie channel
  3. :P."
  4. 19:48:51 You tell Silvestrian Abbie, "Okay I am sick of her."
  5. 19:49:06 Abbie tells you, "Hahaha, same :."
  6. 19:49:11 Abbie tells you, "But I told her off again."
  7. 19:49:22 Ellodin tells you, "Rofl."
  8. 19:49:36 Abbie tells you, "Lisbethae tells you, "You might want
  9. to let Romeo answer the questions, sweet. The Guides get tetchy
  10. and the newbies get confused if too many people answer." You tell
  11. Aedilex Pharos, Lisbethae Etienne Le'Murzen-Sparrow, "Pretty sure
  12. he agreed with me though.""
  13. 19:50:45 You tell Ellodin Longshanks, Magistrar of Battle, "I
  14. love how quiet she is."
  15. 19:50:58 Ellodin tells you, "She doesn't DEIGN to answer your
  16. question, PEASANT."
  17. 19:51:34 Ellodin tells you, "?????"
  18. 19:52:01 Ellodin tells you, "Most self-righteousness ever award."
  20. 19:48:52 (Antlion's Den): You say, "So."
  21. 19:48:57 (Antlion's Den): Inara says, "Just."
  22. 19:48:59 (Antlion's Den): Inara says, "Omg."
  23. 19:49:03 (Antlion's Den): Ellodin says, "Beat it."
  24. 19:49:07 (Antlion's Den): You say, "Lis, how does it feel to
  25. lecture someone for ANSWERING a question on newbie."
  26. 19:49:10 (Antlion's Den): You say, "Cause seriously."
  27. 19:49:36 (Antlion's Den): You say, "If you're going to be a bitch
  28. for no reason I'm going to start calling you out on it."
  29. 19:49:39 (Antlion's Den): You say, "There is NO FUCKING reason."
  30. 19:50:25 (The Eye of Pisces): Ariettie says, "Are there any
  31. questions or perhaps discussion or story requests? Requests may
  32. be made privately if you are not comfortable asking aloud here."
  33. 19:50:57 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "I just reviewed what I
  34. sent her, and I don't think it was lecturing."
  35. 19:51:14 (Antlion's Den): You say, "It's none of your bisnuess,
  36. she was helping out."
  37. 19:51:18 (Antlion's Den): You say, "Stop being a bitch, end of
  38. story."
  39. 19:51:21 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "If you want to make it
  40. into a federal case, then I would suggest we take it to instant
  41. messages."
  42. 19:51:40 (Antlion's Den): Wyverex says, "Oh snap."
  43. 19:51:42 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "Because, truthfully,
  44. I'm not being a bitch, but sparing her from a smackdown."
  45. 19:51:42 (Antlion's Den): Wyverex says, "Federal level."
  46. 19:51:49 (Antlion's Den): You say, "No I sure you are."
  47. 19:52:09 (Antlion's Den): Wyverex says, "Wish I knew what was
  48. going on :(."
  49. 19:52:16 (Antlion's Den): You say, "You've lectured her over the
  50. most inane things when others do worse, I don't care for your
  51. self righteous excusess just stop it."
  52. 19:52:20 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "This is what I sent -
  53. tell abbie you might want to let Romeo answer the questions,
  54. sweet. The Guides get tetchy and the newbies get confused if too
  55. many people answer."
  56. 19:52:30 (Antlion's Den): You say, "I am very well aware of what
  57. you sent her."
  58. 19:52:34 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "And I don't really
  59. understand why the fuck you are getting in the middle of it."
  60. 19:52:39 (Antlion's Den): You say, "It doens't change the fact
  61. you have no god given right to do so."
  62. 19:52:49 (Antlion's Den): Wyverex says, "Lol."
  63. 19:52:52 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "And you have a god
  64. given right to go ballistic?"
  65. 19:52:57 (Antlion's Den): Wyverex says, "Just let them bitch at
  66. her."
  67. 19:53:08 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "Perhaps they already
  68. did, Wyverex."
  69. 19:53:24 (Antlion's Den): You say, "As she is my friend, yes I
  70. have a right to be pissy when you've done this before."
  71. 19:53:37 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "Then be a friend and
  72. let her fight her own god damned battles."
  73. 19:53:46 (Antlion's Den): You say, "That's not how friendship
  74. works."
  75. 19:53:49 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "Instead of stunt her
  76. and protect her like she's a fragil flower."
  77. 19:53:53 (Antlion's Den): You say, "I realise you probably lack
  78. them to know this."
  79. 19:53:57 (Antlion's Den): You say, "But it's the truth."
  80. 19:54:02 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "Omg, you are so funny."
  81. 19:54:03 (Cyrene Academy of Combat): Ruca says, "Would anyone
  82. like to spar?"
  83. 19:54:09 (Antlion's Den): Roselie says, "Ladies? I think you each
  84. said your piece. Let's call this discussion done."
  85. 19:54:23 (Antlion's Den): Lisbethae says, "Yup, was done when I
  86. started laughing, Roselie."
  87. 19:54:24 (Antlion's Den): You say, "That's fair enough."
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