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  3. </Playlists>
  4. <Aliases>
  5. <ALIAS name="BLUE ANT EXTREME" channelid=""/>
  6. <ALIAS name="NET TV" channelid=""/>
  7. <ALIAS name="RCTI" channelid=""/>
  8. <ALIAS name="GTV" channelid=""/>
  9. <ALIAS name="RAJAWALI TV" channelid=""/>
  10. <ALIAS name="MNCTV" channelid=""/>
  11. <ALIAS name="TVRI" channelid=""/>
  12. <ALIAS name="ANIPLUS" channelid=""/>
  13. <ALIAS name="K-PLUS" channelid=""/>
  14. <ALIAS name="DIVA" channelid=""/>
  15. <ALIAS name="DISNEY JUNIOR" channelid=""/>
  16. <ALIAS name="ANIMAL PLANET" channelid=""/>
  17. <ALIAS name="MTV" channelid=""/>
  18. <ALIAS name="MTV HITS" channelid=""/>
  19. <ALIAS name="FX" channelid=""/>
  20. <ALIAS name="BIOSKOP INDONESIA" channelid=""/>
  21. <ALIAS name="FOX" channelid=""/>
  22. <ALIAS name="FOX HD" channelid=""/>
  23. <ALIAS name="AXN" channelid=""/>
  24. <ALIAS name="FOX MOVIES PREMIUM" channelid=""/>
  25. <ALIAS name="FOX MOVIES" channelid=""/>
  26. <ALIAS name="ANIMAX" channelid=""/>
  27. <ALIAS name="GLOBAL TV" channelid=""/>
  28. <ALIAS name="SONY ONE" channelid=""/>
  29. <ALIAS name="AXN HD" channelid=""/>
  30. <ALIAS name="HBO HD" channelid=""/>
  31. <ALIAS name="FOX MOVIES PREMIUM HD" channelid=""/>
  32. <ALIAS name="FOX ACTION MOVIES HD" channelid=""/>
  33. <ALIAS name="SONY ONE HD" channelid=""/>
  34. <ALIAS name="FOX LIFE HD" channelid=""/>
  35. <ALIAS name="FOX CRIME HD" channelid=""/>
  36. <ALIAS name="CRIME INVESTIGATION HD" channelid=""/>
  37. <ALIAS name="MTV HD" channelid=""/>
  38. <ALIAS name="DISCOVERY CHANNEL HD" channelid=""/>
  39. <ALIAS name="FOX FULL HD" channelid=""/>
  40. <ALIAS name="FOX LIFE FULL HD" channelid=""/>
  41. <ALIAS name="FOX CRIME FULL HD" channelid=""/>
  42. <ALIAS name="CRIME INVESTIGATION FULL HD" channelid=""/>
  43. <ALIAS name="MTV FULL HD" channelid=""/>
  44. <ALIAS name="DISCOVERY CHANNEL FULL HD" channelid=""/>
  45. <ALIAS name="FOX SD" channelid=""/>
  46. <ALIAS name="FOX LIFE SD" channelid=""/>
  47. <ALIAS name="FOX CRIME SD" channelid=""/>
  48. <ALIAS name="CRIME INVESTIGATION SD" channelid=""/>
  49. <ALIAS name="DISNEY CHANNEL HD" channelid=""/>
  50. <ALIAS name="DISNEY JUNIOR HD" channelid=""/>
  51. <ALIAS name="BABY TV" channelid=""/>
  52. <ALIAS name="MTV DANCE" channelid=""/>
  53. <ALIAS name="DE: DISNEY CHANNEL" channelid=""/>
  54. <ALIAS name="DE: DISNEY JUNIOR" channelid=""/>
  55. <ALIAS name="DE: FOX HD" channelid=""/>
  56. <ALIAS name="DE: HISTORY HD" channelid=""/>
  57. <ALIAS name="DE: TLC" channelid=""/>
  58. <ALIAS name="MNC TV" channelid=""/>
  59. <ALIAS name="RED BY HBO" channelid=""/>
  60. </Aliases>
  61. <WorkingLogos>
  62. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="KBS1" link=""/>
  63. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="KBS2" link=""/>
  64. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX" link=""/>
  65. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="AXN" link=""/>
  66. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="AXN HD" link=""/>
  67. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="BIZNET - LIFESTYLE HD" link=""/>
  68. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="LOCAL - TRANS TV" link=""/>
  69. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="LOCAL - SCTV" link=""/>
  70. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="SONY ONE HD" link=""/>
  71. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX LIFE HD" link=""/>
  72. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX CRIME HD" link=""/>
  73. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="CRIME INVESTIGATION HD" link=""/>
  74. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="MTV HD" link=""/>
  75. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DISCOVERY CHANNEL HD" link=""/>
  76. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="HISTORY" link=""/>
  77. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX FULL HD" link=" full hd.png"/>
  78. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX LIFE FULL HD" link=" life full hd.png"/>
  79. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX CRIME FULL HD" link=" crime full hd.png"/>
  80. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="CRIME INVESTIGATION FULL HD" link=""/>
  81. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="MTV FULL HD" link=" full hd.png"/>
  82. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DISCOVERY CHANNEL FULL HD" link=""/>
  83. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX SD" link=" sd.png"/>
  84. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX LIFE SD" link=" life sd.png"/>
  85. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="FOX CRIME SD" link=" crime sd.png"/>
  86. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="CRIME INVESTIGATION SD" link=""/>
  87. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DISCOVERY CHANNEL SD" link=""/>
  88. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="NATIONAL GEO PEOPLE SD" link=""/>
  89. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DISNEY CHANNEL HD" link=""/>
  90. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DISNEY JUNIOR HD" link=""/>
  91. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="BABY TV" link=""/>
  92. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="MTV DANCE" link=""/>
  93. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="MTV HITS" link=""/>
  94. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DE: DISNEY CHANNEL" link=""/>
  95. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DE: DISNEY JUNIOR" link=""/>
  96. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DE: FOX HD" link=""/>
  97. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DE: HISTORY HD" link=""/>
  98. <LOGOS channelid="" channelname="DE: TLC" link=""/>
  99. </WorkingLogos>
  100. <EPG>
  101. <SOURCES sourcename="EPG Lokal" epgurl="" churl="" user="1" singlelink="1"/>
  102. </EPG>
  103. <HISTORY>
  104. <VOD name="JOKER (2019)" position="6128753" length="6830428"/>
  105. </HISTORY>
  106. </IPTVExtreme>
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