lal meeeeeeeeeeeeeem xd

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  1. [15:24:40] <Mimisama> alright, you're doing meme stuff
  2. [15:24:47] <Mimisama> when suddenly raptor jesus descends
  3. [15:24:54] <Kiuru> sonna
  4. [15:24:56] <Mimisama> with him, colin mochrie
  5. [15:24:59] <Mimisama> and
  6. [15:25:06] <Mimisama> man what other early-2000s memes are there
  7. [15:25:09] <Mimisama> tom fulp i guess
  8. [15:25:20] <Kiuru> rickroll?
  9. [15:25:27] <Mimisama> nah, rickroll is 2006
  10. [15:25:39] <Mimisama> i know my memes man
  11. [15:25:52] <Mimisama> ok but really
  12. [15:26:11] <Mimisama> you can actually be in charge of telling me what nightmares you're going to cook up here while i get a drink
  13. [15:26:22] <Kiuru> ok
  14. [15:28:01] <Kiuru> kiuru noticed her otouto getting along with some chick back at the castle and then heard about the maid mansion escapade so she stealths up to I N V E S T I G A T E
  15. [15:28:14] <Mimisama> oh god
  16. [15:28:24] <Mimisama> you activated every trap card on my field at once with that one
  17. [15:28:30] <Kiuru> l-lel
  18. [15:28:39] <Kiuru> r-royal decree?
  19. [15:29:04] <Mimisama> Because I'll let Kiuru actually SEE Kotta in maidgear through the window.  Possibly with Jones & pals.
  20. [15:29:21] <Kiuru> R I P
  21. [15:29:22] <Mimisama> and also a firsthand example that she's a bossy bitch and that they aren't actually getting along at all
  22. [15:29:34] <Kiuru> R  I  P
  23. [15:29:43] <Mimisama> (or maybe they actually are, if he's a masochist)
  24. [15:29:50] <Mimisama> ((but it's ok because she's a sadist so that's one side down))
  25. [15:30:35] <Mimisama> Because remember, they all got to stay there for multiple days, right?  FREE MANSION ROOMS
  26. [15:30:36] <Kiuru> (((plz)))
  27. [15:30:37] <Mimisama> WHO COULD PASS THAT UP
  28. [15:30:59] <Mimisama> ... And no, she doesn't let him take the costume off until the end of day 3
  29. [15:31:04] <Mimisama> ...
  30. [15:31:31] <Mimisama> She does pay him extra under the table for putting up with it, but tells him that if he tells anyone else she'll personally strangle him and also slaughter his family.
  31. [15:31:46] <Mimisama> ..
  32. [15:31:48] <Kiuru> rude
  33. [15:31:58] <Mimisama> And then gives him a kiss on the cheek with the same warning repeated double.
  34. [15:32:06] <Mimisama> BUT YOU'RE KIURU SO YOU DON'T KNOW THAT
  35. [15:32:09] <Kiuru> r-rude
  36. [15:32:14] <Kiuru> kek
  37. [15:32:42] <Mimisama> However, the option to infiltrate and still find out if she wants your brother's dick is still available, as is pulling out and running now while it's still safe.
  38. [15:32:44] <Mimisama> WAT DO
  39. [15:33:09] <Kiuru> O N W A R D S
  40. [15:33:51] <Mimisama> You have entered the door to the north.  The elegant smell of cleanliness emanates from the dry mansion walls.
  41. [15:34:10] <Kiuru> >examine exits
  42. [15:34:17] <Mimisama> There is an elf in front of you- wait no there isn't
  43. [15:34:28] <Mimisama> East: A Hallway in the Manor
  44. [15:34:33] <Mimisama> West: A Hallway in the Manor
  45. [15:34:38] <Mimisama> North: Deep into the Mansion Lobby
  46. [15:35:04] <Kiuru> >go east
  47. [15:36:13] * Ramiel grabs popcorn
  48. [15:36:14] <Mimisama> As you walk down the ominous hallway in the eerily quiet manor, you notice the green carpet looks almost like grass.  For a moment you believe yourself to be outside, but quickly reassure yourself at the realization that you're in Acaiah, where it's all snow and no grass.  The hallway continues further to the east.
  49. [15:36:25] <Mimisama> N.O. is here, phasing through the floor.
  50. [15:36:37] <Mimisama> Michelle is here, impatiently tapping her foot as she wonders who's invading her home.
  51. [15:36:44] <Kiuru> oh.
  52. [15:37:01] <Mimisama> never make me go full MUD, man
  53. [15:37:09] <Kiuru> >cleesh michelle
  54. [15:37:53] <Mimisama> I do not recognize that command.
  55. [15:37:57] <Ramiel> I had to google what that means
  56. [15:38:01] <Kiuru> damnit
  57. [15:38:32] <Mimisama> yeah good reference though
  58. [15:38:39] <Mimisama> you may be a worthy adversary after all
  59. [15:38:47] <Kiuru> auu
  60. [15:38:50] <Mimisama> why the fuck were we playing a diablo clone and not a MUD
  61. [15:39:08] <Kiuru> cuz i'm terrible at them
  62. [15:39:18] <Mimisama> how can you be terrible at a MUD
  63. [15:39:24] <Mimisama> the only way to pull that off is to be a genshuku-tier typist
  64. [15:39:38] <Mimisama> and genshuku would never play a MUD anyway
  65. [15:40:04] <Mimisama> and even then a hunt-&-pecker can get 'exa cor' in like 2 seconds still
  66. [15:40:22] <Mimisama> or 'c mag mis'
  67. [15:40:23] <Mimisama> or
  68. [15:40:24] <Mimisama> man
  69. [15:40:28] <Mimisama> could you do 'c mm?'
  70. [15:40:32] <Mimisama> i think you might've been able to
  71. [15:40:35] <Mimisama> oh
  72. [15:40:35] <Mimisama> no
  73. [15:40:38] <Mimisama> you'd just do 'c mag'
  74. [15:40:47] <Mimisama> for magic missile
  75. [15:40:49] <Mimisama> ANYWAY
  76. [15:40:50] <Kiuru> w
  77. [15:40:53] <Kiuru> "...Heya!" WELL THAT'S ONE WAY TO ARRIVE AT THE GOAL "Taking a stroll?"
  78. [15:41:51] <Mimisama> "Yeah."  She speaks deadpan, as the ghost continues phasing through the floor behind her and disappearing.  "You have ten seconds to introduce yourself before I call for my servants."
  79. [15:42:00] <Mimisama> er
  80. [15:42:04] <Mimisama> -introduce +identify
  81. [15:42:06] <Mimisama> fucking i words
  82. [15:42:09] <Mimisama> i guess either could work really
  83. [15:42:36] <Kille_Lund> identify yourself or be annihilated
  84. [15:44:03] <Kiuru> Man, good thing she ditched her suspicious-af camouflage cloaks a while back. "Name's Kiuru! Noticed ya getting along with my kid bro a while back at that fort/castle thing and heard that yer here now, so I decided to drop by and say hi!"
  86. [15:44:27] <Mimisama> GOD DAMNIT
  88. [15:45:55] <Kiuru> excuse thee, the proper terminage is "forecastle"
  89. [15:46:23] <Mimisama> "Oh, you're related to HIM, hmm?" The prissy noble girl - now that she isn't pretending to be a soldier (but still has the attitude of one) - flicks her hair and grins a devilish grin.  "If you came to pick him up, good riddance, he's just upstairs.  And tell him he can keep the outfit, would you?  It suits him."
  90. [15:46:32] <Mimisama> PROPER yes, but that abbreviation is actually used
  91. [15:46:36] <Mimisama> and it's super cute
  92. [15:46:42] <ScarletFlame> amazing
  93. [15:47:06] <ScarletFlame> I have no regrets on naming Minami the way I did.
  94. [15:47:13] <Mimisama> Her eyes say 'a-and it's not like i LIKE him, o-or anything!' but fortunately for her, her mouth doesn't.
  95. [15:47:34] <Kiuru> thou barbarians, preparest thou vessel for boarding
  96. [15:47:36] <Kiuru> er
  97. [15:47:37] <Kiuru> thine
  98. [15:47:46] <Mimisama> nice
  99. [15:54:49] <Kiuru> "...Yeah, the poor kiddo hadn't cleaned anything but a stable his entire life, probably about spent by now..." Kiuru ALMOST just walked upstairs and bailed Kotta out, buuuut she remembered she came here in the first place to get answers! "Before that, though, what've you got with the kiddo? Ya sound fairly...close." By "close" she meant "I asked around a bit and apparently you kids were trying to kill each other
  100. [15:54:49] <Kiuru> LITERALLY ALL THE TIME".
  101. [15:56:01] <Mimisama> "He killed my wyvern," she tells the truth with a 'HMPH.'  "I was riding it to do my JOB, thanks, and I'm going to torture every last drop of life out of him until I've had my revenge."
  102. [15:57:13] <ScarletFlame> or are you going to take every last drop of somethig else
  103. [15:58:02] <Mimisama> "Well... I mean... we're not really on opposite sides anymore... but!"  She fidgets.  "Well... I guess it's thanks to him that I realized I wasn't cut out for all this  war stuff."  yeah semen xd "Oh... right, pardon.  I'm Michelle, by the way."
  104. [15:58:22] <ScarletFlame> wow u plslord i didnt mean that
  105. [15:58:27] <ScarletFlame> i meant tears u ass
  106. [15:58:38] <Mimisama> yeah whatever
  107. [15:59:15] <Kiuru> flamy it's fine those people turn you lewd so they won't judge if you act lewd around them
  108. [15:59:29] <ScarletFlame> rai shut up
  109. [15:59:39] <Mimisama> he's right you know
  110. [15:59:56] <ScarletFlame> tree shut up
  111. [15:59:59] <Mimisama> no
  112. [16:00:02] <DevaliousL> I kinda agree
  113. [16:00:09] <DevaliousL> Even though I have no idea what you're doing/talking about
  114. [16:00:29] <Mimisama> alright everyone let's interrupt this scene to talk about your dicks
  115. [16:00:36] <Mimisama> ... oh right, you're all asians
  116. [16:00:45] <DevaliousL> Harsh
  117. [16:00:54] <ScarletFlame> nice
  118. [16:01:02] <Mimisama> you know me, i go full power all the time without holding back
  119. [16:01:31] <Kiuru> ....Wait what there was suddenly something awfully tsundere-sounding tacked on at the end there. "...Eh. Wait, sec, what didja just say there? The part before ya told me yer name, that is."
  120. [16:01:40] <Kiuru> also rude
  121. [16:02:42] <Mimisama> "He... killed my mount and my whole squad with wind magic so I had nothing to be a commander of anymore, and came home?  Mind, I never would've dreamed I'd get the chance to humiliate him like this.  Surely it was coincidence... or maybe he's a 4,1stalker."
  122. [16:03:39] <Kiuru> excuse u he only killed like, one other wyv
  123. [16:03:52] <Mimisama> when you're a flier, EVERYTHING is wind magic's fault
  124. [16:04:07] <Kiuru> hidoi
  125. [16:04:13] <ScarletFlame> can testify
  126. [16:05:57] <Kiuru> ok damnit micchi that wasn't what I meant. "...Eh. Didn't you two like, try to kill each other a dozen times on the way here or something? Was the maid outfit really necessary..?"
  127. [16:08:18] <Mimisama> "Oh," she waves it off.  "He likes it, just doesn't wanna admit it.  Anyway, wait here, I suppose I'll go tell him you're here to pick him up."
  128. [16:08:54] <Mimisama> oh yeah and if you touch your bracelet you MIGHT be able to see her blushing every time she mentions him, but oh wait you're not apollo justice yeah nm lol xd
  129. [16:09:09] <Kiuru> what if this is the first case
  130. [16:09:58] <Mimisama> hmm, since it's on the face that'd be a pretty easy perceive i guess
  131. [16:10:01] <Mimisama> unlike FUCKING
  132. [16:10:03] <Mimisama> ARMPIT SWEAT
  133. [16:10:41] <Ramiel> lewd
  134. [16:10:46] <DevaliousL> spoilers tree
  135. [16:10:49] <DevaliousL> Rai has only done 2 cases
  136. [16:10:53] <Mimisama> wow
  137. [16:10:54] <Mimisama> git gud
  138. [16:11:10] <Mimisama> i didn't even know it was possible to pick one of those up and not marathon it
  139. [16:11:16] <Kiuru> "Hmmmmmm." Kiuru narrowed her eyes at the mitch. Sooomethin's fishy goin' on here. "Actually, nah, I kinda wanna try out this whole servant stuff Eileen enjoys, so show me yer butler uniforms!"
  140. [16:11:34] <Kiuru> Well it was via screensharing with Dev
  141. [16:11:35] <DevaliousL> >More girls in butler outfits
  142. [16:11:37] <DevaliousL> I'm fuckin in
  143. [16:11:42] <Kiuru> I mean I could finish it myself but that seems r00d
  144. [16:11:55] <DevaliousL> Yeah I take rai through games in screenshare so I can call him an idiot while he plays
  145. [16:11:56] <DevaliousL> Or rather
  146. [16:11:58] <DevaliousL> Tells me to play
  147. [16:12:58] <Mimisama> "Pfft," Mimi's harsh exterior cracks.  "You're a friend of HERS? Well, she is the one who's actually good at her job, but, we're almost done with all the work we needed...."  A beat.  "Oh, why not?  Maybe it'll embarrass him more, which only serves to further my devious goals.  This way~"
  148. [16:13:21] <ScarletFlame> little does she know
  149. [16:13:24] <Mimisama> It's fortunate you don't actually know her very well, because anybody else would notice how out-of-character this seems.  But as a stranger, the way she skips down the hall only seems a little weird.
  150. [16:13:53] <Mimisama> i don't understand that screenshare thing
  151. [16:13:56] <Mimisama> it's too fancy high-tech for me
  152. [16:14:28] <DevaliousL> We played the 2nd layton game for a bit in a group of like 4 or 5 people
  153. [16:14:34] <DevaliousL> Shit posting intensifies
  154. [16:14:41] <Mimisama> at that point why not just stream
  155. [16:14:48] <DevaliousL> Because streams have a delay
  156. [16:14:55] <Mimisama> h u h
  157. [16:14:58] <DevaliousL> And skype has the added benefit of letting us talk to each other
  158. [16:14:59] <DevaliousL> And shit talk
  159. [16:15:07] <Mimisama> fair i guess
  160. [16:15:41] <Kiuru> The backup plan was to secretly sneak out a butler uniform for Kotta, buuut since plan A works, Kiuru just skipped that step. Plan A being try on the butler uniform and if it looked good on herself then keep wearing that and go to Kotta being like "DON'T WORRY KIDDO YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE SUFFERING FROM CROSSDRESSING" while being all chill in the butler uniform
  161. [16:15:43] <Mimisama> man why can't you people just go in #trees, i have so much shit to cut out of the log that i'll probably just not bother and end up leaving all this shit in
  162. [16:16:03] <Kiuru> ALSO
  163. [16:16:20] <Mimisama> ok let's ask krauss and jones what they think
  164. [16:16:26] <Mimisama> but OH WAIT ONE OF THEM GOT FATALLY INJURED
  165. [16:16:28] <Mimisama> ...
  166. [16:16:31] <Mimisama> AND SO DID THE OTHER
  167. [16:16:33] <Mimisama> GODDAMNIT
  168. [16:16:36] <Kiuru> waht
  169. [16:16:39] <Kiuru> what happened to jones-kun
  170. [16:16:44] <Kiuru> oh
  171. [16:16:45] <Kiuru> FATALLY
  172. [16:16:47] <Kiuru> INJURED
  173. [16:16:56] <Kiuru> anyways
  174. [16:16:57] <Mimisama> [21:58:14] <`Tielle> Yeah, and sometime later that night Jones' limbs get ferried in and he hangs out in the next bed over while he puts himself back together, so at least it isn't lonely.
  175. [16:17:02] <DevaliousL> When in doubt, blame flamy
  176. [16:17:04] <DevaliousL> Or rai
  177. [16:17:04] <Mimisama> but as for what happened to him
  178. [16:17:07] <Mimisama> it is a mystery
  179. [16:17:07] <DevaliousL> One of the two
  180. [16:17:57] <DevaliousL> Alright, I'll back out of the waifu talk. That's enough shitting things up from me.
  181. [16:18:21] <Kiuru> after getting [E] Butler Uniform, Kiuru IMMEDIATELY started sticking to the mitch's vicinity like a hawk.
  182. [16:18:31] <Mimisama> Yeah uh, there's actually surprisingly little creepy session-worthy shit that happens, so you just play offscreen MaidRPG while occasionally spreading rumors among the other temp housekeepers about space ghost appearing- oh that's what plan A is
  183. [16:18:55] <Kiuru> judgmental sis-in-law mode activit
  184. [16:18:58] <Mimisama> As long as you're aware that involves helping her change her clothes, sure
  185. [16:19:16] <Kiuru> kiuru's a girl she's fine with that
  186. [16:19:26] <Kiuru> as long as mitchy's fine with being changed by someone wearing a butler uniform
  187. [16:19:27] <Mimisama> And no she doesn't have any apparent STDs or blatant deformations on that note
  188. [16:19:34] <Kiuru> lmao
  189. [16:19:45] <Mimisama> oh wait
  190. [16:19:45] <Mimisama> no
  191. [16:19:47] <Mimisama> yes she does
  192. [16:19:49] <Mimisama> god damnit
  193. [16:19:50] <Mimisama> the fucking
  194. [16:19:56] <Mimisama> horrible scar she got from being wind wizarded
  195. [16:20:08] <Mimisama> but it doesn't show under clothes so it's mostly k
  196. [16:20:27] <Mimisama> but that doesn't impair biological functions so she'll still be able to make babies it's fine
  198. [16:21:03] <Mimisama> sip
  199. [16:23:54] <Mimisama> But yes, you just get a montage devoid of direct dialogue for what goes on, and Mimi is actually completely unbothered by the close attention you're paying and treats it like having a personal attendant, which she very much enjoys.  And that's when you hear the rumor from Mina that she might be a lesbian.
  200. [16:25:02] <Kiuru> kiuru @mina: source??
  201. [16:25:36] <Mimisama> mina @kiuru: personal experience :P
  202. [16:26:35] <Kiuru> kiuru @mimisama: so i herd u might hav slept with dat mina chick
  203. [16:26:51] <Mimisama> ahem
  205. [16:27:27] <Mimisama> "Oh, oneesama!" She dramatically says, starry eyed.  "How I wish it to be true, but why must she forsake me so?"
  206. [16:27:34] <Mimisama> "... I mean.  No, not into that stuff."
  207. [16:27:37] <Mimisama> "H-Hmph."
  208. [16:27:46] <Kiuru> s-sip
  209. [16:28:26] <Kiuru> "a-are you sure you didn't"
  210. [16:28:33] <Kiuru> "like, that one time you got drunk or something"
  211. [16:29:10] <Mimisama> "N-No, she's just the role model I joined the military for."
  212. [16:29:29] <Mimisama> i like how you were playing as a serious character at the start of this but then devolved into mememode
  213. [16:29:31] <Mimisama> gotta love it
  214. [16:31:18] <Kiuru> kiuru briefly considers not mentioning that she heard the whole lesbian thing from mina in the first place but sadly she didn't care about mina that much
  215. [16:31:46] <Kiuru> "s-she said she had """personal experience""" that you swing that way tho"
  216. [16:31:50] <Kiuru> """"personal""""
  217. [16:31:53] <Kiuru> """"experience""""
  218. [16:32:22] * Mimisama gasps. "S-She saw my fanfiction?!"
  219. [16:33:07] <Mimisama> "Oh my, that means she noticed me after all!  Kyaaaaaaaa, Mina-samaaaaaaaaa!"  She runs off.
  220. [16:34:00] <Kiuru> anon: "hey /a/ do female yuri smut writers count as lesbians"
  221. [16:34:39] <Mimisama> lanced jack!tripcode: "yes xD :3"
  222. [16:35:18] <DevaliousL> Is this even a support anymore
  223. [16:35:22] <DevaliousL> Was this a support at all
  224. [16:35:24] <ScarletFlame> ^
  225. [16:35:40] <Kiuru> >"this" + "support"
  226. [16:35:42] <Kiuru> source??????
  227. [16:35:43] <Mimisama> archinnon!!3F4KDjds3: "That's like saying male yaoi writers are homos.  Sometimes they do it for the money, anon."
  228. [16:35:48] <DevaliousL> Or are you two just shitposting at each other now
  229. [16:36:02] <Mimisama> you say that like everything we do isn't shitposting
  230. [16:36:06] <Kiuru> damnit archinnon now isn't the time
  231. [16:36:13] <DevaliousL> Point
  232. [16:36:15] <ScarletFlame> High-velocity shitposting disguised as RP.
  233. [16:36:22] <Kiuru> OP anon: "i think my little brother wants to get in her pants and she knows and is blackmailing him what do"
  234. [16:37:03] <Mimisama> 4[USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST]
  235. [16:37:16] <Mimisama> 6anon#mod: "post this shit in /adv/, not /a/"
  236. [16:37:22] <Mimisama> 6anon#mod: "fuck"
  237. [16:40:38] <Kiuru> and then kiuru tried to kind of spy on mimisama to see if they actually hook up or if she needs to go tell otouto-kun that the best he could get would be rebound sex
  238. [16:41:40] <Kiuru> they = the mimimiduo
  239. [16:42:15] <Mimisama> Okay fuck back to montage mode: You have now attained the knowledge that Michelle engrosses herself in homosexual fantasies in order to deal with her pent-up sexual frustration (and she's not even the most sexually frustrated in a world where Tielle exists) and even her father, Lord Milton, is convinced that she needs to get laid, but phrases it in a much more polite manner, so polite in fact that it's difficult to recognize that's what he's referring to.  But I'm too lazy to come up with the exact phrasing so it's probably exactly what you're imagining.
  240. [16:42:57] <Mimisama> wow i just realized you people didn't bring marah with you to do statue-in-mansion shenanigans
  241. [16:42:59] <Mimisama> wasted af potential
  242. [16:43:13] <Kiuru> we...have to bring her for her to appear?
  243. [16:43:30] <Kiuru> ALSO
  244. [16:43:34] <Kiuru> THIS IS IMPORTANT
  245. [16:43:35] <Mimisama> well, someone has to show interest in her else she assumes she's not wanted and sulks alone in a corner
  247. [16:43:49] <Mimisama> that's what i meant yeah
  248. [16:44:11] <Kiuru> evidence in favor of lesbian michelle intensifies
  249. [16:44:15] <Mimisama> he wouldn't say that to a boy because fathers are doting and that's basically an invitation of 'plz fuck my daughter'
  250. [16:44:43] <Mimisama> but his words are basically stuff like "With the attitude she has, she may never get married"
  251. [16:44:59] <Mimisama> .... which is supposed to imply that she's rude and tomboyish but when i say it like that it makes her sound MORE like a lesbian
  252. [16:45:00] <Mimisama> damn
  253. [16:45:09] <ScarletFlame> noice
  254. [16:45:16] <Kiuru> yeah but to a person who has heavy suspicions about her sexuality that sounds like "plz fuck my daughter" regardless
  255. [16:45:34] <Mimisama> hmm, maybe
  256. [16:45:38] <Mimisama> oh
  257. [16:45:39] <ScarletFlame> just have him tell ki about what micchy does to guys she likes
  258. [16:45:41] <Mimisama> you could always
  259. [16:45:44] <Mimisama> bring someone with a gaydar
  260. [16:45:50] <Mimisama> like norn, wherever she is
  261. [16:45:54] <Kiuru> l-lel
  262. [16:46:07] <Mimisama> possibly ellamae too
  263. [16:46:11] <Kiuru> that's literally the first time I've heard about that
  264. [16:46:12] <Kiuru> and lmao
  265. [16:46:14] <ScarletFlame> She had a disguise, she could so it.
  266. [16:46:15] <Mimisama> all dragons have built-in gaydar
  267. [16:46:17] <ScarletFlame> *do
  268. [16:46:31] <Kiuru> does that mean archinnon somehow can
  269. [16:46:34] <Mimisama> really?  you already forgot norn's backstory about being hit on by chicks for years?
  270. [16:46:40] <Mimisama> no half-dragons don't count
  271. [16:46:40] <Kiuru> o-oh
  272. [16:46:43] <Kiuru> rip
  273. [16:46:50] <Mimisama> else krisse would have noticed the danger signals too
  274. [16:47:30] <Mimisama> OK THIS HAS GOTTEN WAY OUT OF HAND
  275. [16:47:30] <Kiuru> krisse had been too busy either tanking everything ever or mourning her tomahawk
  276. [16:47:35] <Mimisama> SO BASICALLY
  277. [16:47:38] <Mimisama> YOU WENT IN FOR ANSWERS
  278. [16:47:41] <Mimisama> AND LEFT CONFUSED
  279. [16:47:47] <Mimisama> TO BE CONTINUED
  280. [16:47:52] <Kiuru> HARD GAME
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