Sep 19th, 2015
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  1. Warmth coursed throughout your body as you suddenly realize that you were walking. You were walking in some sort of valley, though you weren’t exactly quite sure where you were. All you knew was that it was somewhat warm, but not burning hot.
  3. Almost instinctively, you turn your gaze upwards to see a sun that was partially obscured by partly cloudy skies. The sky was a lovely sea of light blue, covered with patches of white-grayish hues that partially obstructed the glowing, yellow beacon of light. The sun didn’t make you feel hot like you were in a desert, but it felt like you were in comfy 70-degree weather. Still though, the clouds appeared to a friendly white with occasional tints of light gray; they looked bubbly in appearance, casting mesmerizing shadows across the landscape. They seemed oh so soft and cushy and bouncy and comfy. You almost wish you could fly up to one and take a nap in comfy, serene bliss.
  5. You turn your head back to the ground and look to your sides. You notice that there were hills to your right and to your left. They weren’t tall, but were more like grassy, hilly plains. It almost felt as though you were somewhere in the Great Plains of the United States, except there were hills. Not only that, but you noticed that they were unusually green. You even look down and realize that the grass beneath your feet is a nice, lively green. You also notice a soft breeze guiding the swaying of the grass. You could feel it brushing against you from behind.
  7. You decide to keep walking in the direction that the breeze was flowing. It felt nice feeling it blow against the back of your neck. As you keep walking, however, you begin to notice that you were passing through some trees. There weren’t a lot of them to the point that it felt like a forest, but you could at least cover yourself partially under their canopy from the sun’s glowing rays. Similarly, you notice bushes beginning to appear alongside you as you keep walking. For one reason or another, everything here made you feel alive. It made you feel welcome. It made you feel love. It made you feel like you were home.
  9. Yet you realize that couldn’t hear or see any signs of wildlife. Aside from the low sounds of leaves from the trees and the bushes rustling in the breeze, it was pretty much quiet. It was warm and comforting, but it did make you feel a little lonely.
  11. Suddenly, you start to hear what sounds like water gently splashing against something. You walk forward a little more and notice that there is a small river to your right. It was flowing in the direction you were walking in. You stop and walk right up to the edge of the river. You notice that the water was surprisingly clear and fresh. It looked like there were no chemicals or trash of any sort in it. As a result, you were able to clearly see all sorts of substrate at the bottom. The water was maybe two to three inches deep, yet you could see lots of tiny rocks, colorful pebbles, and sediment lying on the bottom. There was also some algae of some sort gently swaying with the current of the water.
  13. The breeze, the grass, the trees, the bushes, the water, and now the algae were all swaying in one direction. Why?
  15. You keep looking down at the water and decide to crouch down onto your knees. What is that? You can briefly see the outline of something reflecting on the water’s surface; it was something white. It wasn’t what you normally looked like, yet it looked so familiar.
  17. “Huh?”
  19. You felt something tapping on your left shoulder. You quickly turn around and see a girl about your age standing right behind you. She had long, light-brown wavy hair that flowed down to her hips. Her skin was a smooth white and her figure as a whole looked a little skinny, but was round and curvy in appearance. For some strange reason, she stood there barefoot and solely wore a white gown. She stood there smiling at you with her eyes closed, waving her left hand at you as if to say hi.
  21. Her eyes slowly open to reveal hazel pearls staring back at you. It felt like she was staring straight into your soul. Yet for some reason, you like her. No, you LOVE her. Not like a romantic, sexual love, but more like she was a part of your personal family…like she had been a long-lost best friend or something.
  23. You stand back up looking at her and return a smile back. Both of you start talking…talking about something. Was it exchanging pleasantries? Sharing experiences? Talking about random things? What were you two talking about?
  25. You are now walking with her in the direction of the breeze once again. Her white gown and her lovely-wavy hair were flowing with the breeze in the direction you two are walking in. She is to your left and you are walking alongside the river to your right. You two walk…and walk…and walk for what must seem like hours. Both of you continued talking about things to one another, yet you still had no idea what was being said. If that wasn’t strange enough, you actually couldn’t make out what her voice sounded like. Her lips were moving and you were clearly having a conversation with her, but you also noticed too that no voice was coming out of your mouth. Yet it didn’t matter because you wanted to enjoy your precious time with her. All you knew was that you felt safe and happy that she was there with you, and you loved talking to her.
  27. However, you eventually notice that the sun was starting to set behind the hills, and that the sky itself began to cast a beautiful luminescent orange glow over the hills. The clouds almost appeared violet in color and the whole sky itself appeared as though it was alive.
  29. As the two of you continued walking, you also noticed that the water in the river appeared to get deeper and darker and foggier. It was getting harder and harder to see what was at the bottom. The bushes and trees were likewise becoming more and more scarce until the two of you come across a medium-sized lake. The bushes and trees could be seen in the distance from behind you, but all that was over here was the lake, this girl, and yourself. The hills that were on your right and left seem to finally join one another in a rounded curve behind the lake. There was no longer any breeze and the air felt cooler, yet something was starting to make you shiver. No, not the fact that night was fast approaching, but more like you could feel something ominous coming.
  31. The girl you were with, you notice, has stopped talking and was standing a few feet away from the lake. She silently stood and looked over the large body of water. Something about the lake was puzzling you and out of curiosity, you decide to walk up to it.
  33. Standing right at the edge of the lake, you kneel down onto your knees to gain a closer inspection of the water. It was a very dark blue. The water was thick with something in it and you had no idea how far deep it went down.
  35. You briefly rub your eyes and allow them to focus and readjust. Upon doing so, however, you quickly notice a reflection of something over the water. It was not you, nor was it the girl. It was not human. It was something. You try to think what it could be and you realize that you can make out some vague, discernible features. It seemed to have long hair. The face appeared a lot rounder compared to a human’s face. There were perky ears springing from its head. It appeared to have a muzzle of some sort.
  37. Was this some kind of animal? The eyes seemed much bigger than usual for an animal. You could tell its eyes were looking at you, yet you could not see the color of its eyes, nor could you make out the color of the reflection as a whole. The water was too dark. It appeared almost like a silhouette, yet it just continued to stare at you. You wave your right hand at it, but the creature does nothing. It just stares.
  39. Chills begin coursing through you as you can’t help but feel a little spooked. You also noticed that it was dark outside now, and all that was in the sky were clouds. There were no stars. Yet despite the fact that this thing kept staring at you, you were too mesmerized to want to leave it. There was something about it that you couldn’t put two and two together.
  41. Without warning, you feel a hand grasping onto your left shoulder. You quickly turn around and see that it was the girl gripping your shoulder. You stand up to face her, yet you could see that something was wrong. Tears were trickling down her face and she looked very sad…or scared. You couldn’t tell. What you did know, however, was that it was unnerving.
  43. She then removes her hand from your left shoulder and raises it forward, pointing down at the water. You turn back to the lake and notice that thing was gone. The water was just a foggy, dark blue. There were no reflections. You turn your head to your left slightly and notice that the girl suddenly grabs onto your shoulders. You briefly see that she is still crying a little bit.
  45. Suddenly, you felt yourself being pushed hard into the water. You fall right in flailing your arms, splashing the water around you. You were sinking…sinking into the abyss.
  47. No! You didn’t want to die, you wanted to live! You wanted to live…
  49. H…e…l…p m…e…
  53. “Blargh…mmmph….hack….ppbthh…”
  55. You begin coughing yourself awake as you realize that you’re chocking on your own spit. Your vision is mostly blurry, but you could tell that you were somehow in a very dark room. Through your hazy vision, you notice that there’s a small stream of light coming from a small window located in front of you. White light is shining through it. Everything is still fuzzy, but you can make out what appears to be a small glass window centered on the top part of a door.
  57. You try to move your arm to slap yourself awake, but you notice that you cannot. It’s locked into place by something. You try moving your other arm, but you cannot. Same thing. Your legs are also locked into place by your ankles and you slowly become aware that you’re sitting in some kind of a chair.
  59. You still can’t see much, but you start noticing some flashing red lights. There was one on both of your wrists. It felt like you were wearing wrist bands of some sort, only that they felt very tight and metallic. You were also wearing what felt like a helmet of some sort. There was some kind of leather strap around your cheeks and chin that was holding this helmet on your head.
  61. Where are you? What happened? You try to remember how you got here, but everything seems really fuzzy. You should be panicking, yet you felt way too calm and relaxed. It was more so that you were simply trying to understand the reality of your situation.
  63. You remember falling into water. Wait…no, not that. That was a dream. It was that stupid dream. For some reason, that dream, or memory, has been stuck in the back of your head for as long as you can remember. You didn’t know where it came from or why you had it, but it always bothered you. You knew it meant something, but you could never understand its purpose. It was haunting in a way, yet it wasn’t creeping you out now. That’s a first. But that still doesn’t explain how you got here.
  65. Last thing you remember is that you were at your tiny shack of a house. You had a really horrible day at work. Tons of assholes everywhere. Drove home in that crappy, broken air-conditioner, shit car in unbearable heat. Dropped your briefcase and papers flew everywhere. You were cursing like you always do, and you decided to make yourself something to eat. You went on your computer, only to find out that you were royally screwed. You had enough of this bullshit. You went for a gun to blow your brains out. You were going to do that. You were really going to do that this time.
  67. Did you do that? You remember aiming it into your mouth, and you were about to pull the trigger and…and…and…
  69. Your whole body freezes. A horrible realization dawns on you. It’s enough to shake you from your lucid trance and make you wide awake. There was someone at your house. They cut your power. You went for your phone. Something struck your neck and you fell down. Before you passed out, you remember seeing someone in the doorway.
  71. Oh…oh fuck. You begin feeling nauseated and dizzy. You wanted to vomit. Someone’s kidnapped you. They’re holding you against your will. They’re going to do something to you. What the fuck were these flashing red lights? Why the fuck were you wearing a helmet? You want to scream and you try your best to hold your silence, but you are truly terrified right now.
  75. You scream as loud as you possibly can. You didn’t even know you could actually yell that loud; it was louder than your usual daily curses. But you didn’t care. Despite wanting to die earlier, you were now in survival mode. You wanted to get out of wherever the fuck you were.
  77. The lights in the room flicker on at once. You’re blinded by a sudden, bright white light. You close your eyes and stop screaming. A few seconds pass before you slowly open them once more, allowing them to adjust to the light. It is here that you begin to fully notice and take in your surroundings.
  79. You were sitting in some kind of a dark, wooden oak-like chair. Your arms and legs were strapped to the chair with these dark Velcro straps. The blinking red lights on your wrists were coming from these oddly-shaped devices. Rectangular circuit boards sat on top of your so-called wrist-bands and ran parallel with your arms. There’s just a flashing red light on the corner of each band with computer chips all over them. Wires were connected from these circuit boards to your wrist-bands, and you notice these tiny, cylindrical-like tubes scattered throughout each board alongside the computer chips. They too are connected by these wires. What the fuck were these things?
  81. You then face forward at the door in front of you. It’s a solid steel door with a single window peering from the top center. You turn your head sideways and quickly realize that aside from the door, the whole room had mirrors for walls. You could see yourself clearly.
  83. The helmet you were wearing was connected by dozens of wires that flowed into some kind of metallic box. It was a machine of some sort and you could see a small green screen in the center of it. White lines appeared on the screen, going up and down at certain intervals. You were no scientist, but if you had to guess, this thing was measuring your brain activity or something.
  85. Still, you didn’t know for sure what that machine did, but you at least knew that all you wanted was to get the hell out of here. Your reflections in the mirrors conveyed that desire perfectly. Expressions of fear and helplessness were displayed all over the mirrors. You didn’t want to look at them or anything in this room. Instead, you close your eyes, desperate that you will somehow wake up back in your tiny, shitty house.
  87. But you don’t. Instead, you hear locks turning. The steel door in front of you cracks open and swings inward with the most god-awful screech. You quickly open your eyes and notice that someone is standing there.
  89. It was a man. He had short, black hair that was neatly combed back against his head. He wore these square-like glasses that sat directly in front of his dark-brown eyes. He was dressed in what appeared to be a doctor’s outfit. Was he a doctor?
  91. He was carrying a clipboard of some sort and was scribbling on it with a pen. After a few seconds pass, he places the clipboard into some kind of alcove that’s attached to the outside part of the door. He clicks on the pen for it to close and neatly situates it back onto his front shirt pocket. Then he turns to face you and smiles.
  93. “Good to know my patient is alive and well!” he chuckles.
  95. Yeah right, you’re anything but that. His smile was fucking creepy, if not downright unnerving. You say nothing and silently stare at him.
  97. The man leans to his side from outside the room and grabs a gray folding chair. He clutches it from his side and patiently walks into the room and up to you. He opens the chair, only to set it down right in front of you. He then takes a seat and stares directly at you, still smiling.
  99. “You gave me quite a scare back there. I was actually going to wait a little longer to get you, but when I saw that you were going to kill yourself, I had no choice but to intervene. There was no way I could let someone as rare as you slip out of my fingers. You’re far too worthy of a prize to simply die by suicide.”
  101. What the fuck was he talking about? You glare at him in contemplative silence, wondering what the fuck he was going on about.
  103. “Hm? Why the glare? I did save your life you know.”
  105. “You saved my life?” You could feel the anger beginning to boil inside of you. “You fucking broke into my house, attacked me, kidnapped me against my will, and now you have me strapped to this chair hooked up to God knows what. Who the fuck are you and where the hell am I?”
  107. He simply smiles and stares back at you. It was starting to get really unnerving.
  109. “Ah, where are my manners? I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Doctor Money and I am very thrilled to have you here. You have been personally selected along with several other lucky individuals to participate in a research experiment with the hopes of bettering the world of science. If it proves to be successful, it can bring untold change to millions of lives. It can make people happy, it can improve lives, it can give the life everyone has always wanted, and it can make MILLIONS!”
  111. Others? There were others that were trapped here like you? Shit. That’s not a good sign.
  113. “Here at this facility, my staff and I want to personally ensure that all of our fortunate candidates are happy and that they have the exclusive opportunity to pursue their dreams and fantasies. We want them to experience it all and we strive for offering a chance of universal happiness. After all, happiness is what truly matters, right?”
  115. What the hell was this psycho fucker babbling on about? The best you could understand was that in a nutshell, you were a fucking guinea pig. A literal fucking lab rat. Yep, you should have definitely blown your brains out earlier. Fuck.
  117. You notice Dr. Money’s expression shifting a little to one of minor concern. It seemed as though he could sense your reluctance in being a participant in all of this, if you could even fucking call it that.
  119. “Oh? What’s wrong? Isn’t that what you want? To be happy and to be free to live and pursue your dreams?”
  121. He stops smiling and starts to frown as you continue staring at him with a look of confusion, fear, and malice.
  123. “What’s wrong,” you say, “is that you’re going to experiment on me to conduct God knows what. Even if this so-called experiment really does bring any of that untold happiness crap you keep babbling on about, I’ll likely be tortured to death in the process. I should know. I’ve seen plenty of this human experimentation shit from the deep web. You people are fucking psychotic. I know that all that awaits me is a long and tortuous death. Fucking knew I should have just shot myself back then. Would have been so much quicker and easier, and probably far less painful. God fucking dammit.”
  125. You notice his expression becoming deadly serious as the tone of his voice rapidly becomes dark.
  127. “That can happen to you, but only if you actually want me to kill you in such a slow, painful process.”
  129. That sentence strikes ice cold fear into your blood. You knew you were also just venting and that there was always a possibility that any of the stuff you had seen was fake. There was never a way to fully prove stuff like that was real. This, however, seems to be 100% legitimate. Shit.
  131. “Notice those things strapped to your wrists? Think of them as miniature explosives. Should you try to resist, should you try to hurt me or anyone else here, or should you try to escape, they will detonate.”
  133. “F-F-F-F-uuuuuccccckkkkk!”
  135. Sweat starts dribbling down your forehead and you begin shaking uncontrollably. You notice indirectly from the mirrors in the room that the color from you face was rapidly draining away, leaving it ghostly pale. Did…Did you actually just piss yourself?
  137. “They won’t kill you, but you will lose your hands and you will be horribly disfigured. Now tell me, do you want that?”
  139. “N-N-N-uh…nuh…no…” you meekly respond.
  141. “Do you want me to also strap those explosive devices to your ankles? Do you want to lose your feet and never walk again? Do you want me to electrocute you and burn away at your flesh? Do you want me to rip out your teeth piece by pathetic piece? Do you want me to gouge your eyes out? Do you want me to poison you? Do you want me to torture you in the most unimaginable ways possible? I assure you, I am very much capable of committing such acts against you, if you really wanted them to happen.”
  143. You quickly shake your head back and forth, desperate to not vomit from the terrifying reality of the situation.
  145. “All of that torture would destroy you in time and you would likely eventually die, but I’d personally ensure that you’d stay alive long enough. After all, you’re worth every penny. All I would really need is your mind. As long as that can function, your body doesn’t really matter.”
  149. He simply sighs and looks down at the floor, then back to you.
  151. “That can’t happen. Ever. Besides, what would you have to go back to? More likely than not, you’d still probably end up killing yourself. And if that’s the case, why on Earth would you be afraid of what I could do to you? Torture is torture and it has the potential of killing you. And I’d have what I would need by that point, so what are you so afraid of? Didn’t you want to die anyway?”
  153. You can’t comprehend anything anymore. You shut your eyes and desperately pray that you’d be out of this hellish nightmare. You’d give anything to not be here. Anything.
  155. “That’s not what you truly want, is it?”
  157. You quickly open your eyes and look straight back at him. He starts to smile a little once again.
  159. “Tell me, have you ever seen a corpse smile? Does anyone ever actually look happy when they die?”
  161. You simply shake your head.
  163. “No, right? They just desire for the pain to go away. No one ever truly wants to die. When pushed to that very edge, they will do everything in their power to fight for survival, no matter how dire their personal circumstances previously were. You did so just now when I told you all of the horrible things I could do to you. And believe me when I say that I could still do any of those terrible things to you, but only if you truly wanted me to.”
  165. You just look at him with a dejected look as he starts to liven up with that freaky-looking smile again.
  167. “Yet I know that you don’t want me to do any of those things. No, you want something far greater than that. You may not even be consciously aware of it, but you have desires locked deep within your subconscious. Know that you have a very fascinating and unusual mind. I should know. I like to think I know you better than you know yourself.”
  169. “Whu-whu-what a..r..e y-you talking about?” you weakly stammer.
  171. “Why, just look at the mirrors in this room.”
  173. Your gaze shifts from Dr. Money’s creepy-looking expression and quickly searches what’s shown in the mirrors. You hated what you saw. Aside from the crap that was already hooked up to you, you hated the person that was looking at you. A disgusting meat bag that just wastes away resources that could be better used for other more deserving people.
  175. You knew you were garbage and you so desperately wished that you didn’t have this body anymore. This sack of flash did not represent who you truly were. It was nothing but a lie. Your whole life was a lie. You wanted a do-over, a new life. Wait, what?
  177. You felt a warm shiver as that weird thing starts creeping back into your head. You hated that feeling because it just always made you feel really freaking weird. It made you feel like you had a desperate, oh so desperate need for something, like an addict having the worst craving for heroin or something.
  179. That little machine that was connected to your helmet-like thing starts making some weirdly annoying noise. From one of the mirrors, you could see that the white lines streaming across its screen were jumping up and down zig-zaggedly. They were moving very fast. In response, you immediately notice Dr. Money emitting a small chuckle to himself. You shift your gaze back to him.
  181. “You know that odd sensation you just experienced? That was your subconscious speaking out to you. It’s trying to tell you your heart’s true desires. And I think we both know what it is saying.”
  183. “We do?” you ask dumbfounded.
  185. “At least I do, or rather, have a pretty good hunch. Here, I’ll give you just one hint. This should ring some bells: pony.”
  187. How did…? Suddenly, your mind is overwhelmed by all of the colorful, cute, and loving cartoon horses. Thoughts of ponies smiling at one another, hugging one another, helping one another, being affectionate and oh so cute and cuddly with one another. You loved them terribly. You so desperately wished you could live in such a world with them. You wanted to be just like them. Their love was always so intoxicating and addictive. You could never get enough of ponies. They were the one thing that kept you going in this shithole of a life. If anything, they were like a warm, comfy security blanket from all of the darkness that you’ve seen in your crappy life.
  189. “I can make that happen, just so you know.”
  191. Wait a minute. What is Dr. Money hinting at exactly?
  193. “I know you want that badly. I know that what you’re thinking right now is the true you. Everything else about you is all fake. You hide yourself day in and day out under a mask, doing the same daunting routines over and over again. You just want love and affection, right? I’m telling you, all of that can happen to you if you simply help me with my research. It doesn’t have to be so hard and dreary. Be happy. Be loved. Share happiness. Help others. Be who you truly are. Be a ma-”
  195. “Fine. FINE! I give up, alright?” You look at him with an expression of sorrow. “Do with me what you will. I just don’t even know anymore. Whatever it is, if you decide to kill me, just fucking do it and put me out of my misery. I don’t want to live this life anymore. Just do it. J-ju-st do i..t…”
  197. You actually start sniffling a little as tears begin welling up in your eyes. God you’re pathetic. You really need to be taken out back and be put to sleep, you know that?
  199. “EXCELLENT! I’m so happy to hear that you want to participate in this. Trust me, you won’t regret this. You’ll be one of the happiest souls on this planet, and you’ll be one of the luckiest people to have had such a wonderful opportunity. Just think, if this is successful, you’ll bring so much happiness to this world. I assure you, you’re doing a great thing.”
  201. Dr. Money leans forward and gently pats your shoulder. As if this creepy fucker knows a thing or two about love and happiness. He’s already admitted that he would have no problem slowly slaughtering you if you didn’t satisfy his strange desires. Just what kind of person was this guy?
  203. “Now unfortunately, this room is not the room where we will conduct the experiment. We’re going to have to move you.”
  205. He unstraps the helmet from your head and unstraps the Velcro binds that were holding your legs in place.
  207. “Now before I unstrap your arms, please promise me you won’t do anything rash or irrational.”
  209. He pulls out from one of the pockets on his pants what looks to be a car alarm key chain of some sort.
  211. “Remember, you don’t want to lose your hands, right?”
  213. He casually waves the small device back and forth in his right hand with his thumb resting on top of one of the buttons. Fucking Christ. Those blinking red lights were starting to make you feel sick again. Why of all things did this have to happen to you?
  215. “Now, just as a safety precaution, we’re going to have some of my trusted employees come in here and help escort you to the appropriate room.”
  217. Dr. Money makes a waving-like motion with his left hand and before you know it, several people start walking in. They all wore black suits, black shoes, white dress shirts, and red ties. You could also see that they were wearing some kind of green body mask as the skin on their hands looked to be green and velvety. Obscuring their faces, however, were these big happy face masks. Round and circular, they were orange with two big oval dots for eyes and just one black smile drawn across the face. They were far creepier than Dr. Money. They said nothing and you could feel fear rapidly coursing back into your veins. One of them walks right up to you with a black handkerchief.
  221. “It’s okay. Don’t be afraid,” Dr. Money says to you reassuringly. “They’re only putting on a blindfold over your eyes. We can’t have you seeing everything around here and rather than tranquilize you again and wait for several more hours before starting, this was deemed to be a far more convenient way of doing things. Remember, don’t do anything rash or you will lose your hands. Wouldn’t want that now, would we?”
  223. You quietly whimper to yourself as whoever the fuck this guy is brings the handkerchief up to your eyes and tightly wraps it around your head, blinding you. You can feel someone undoing the Velcro straps that kept your hands glued to the arms of the chair and suddenly, you were no longer bounded down. In a split fraction of a second, you could feel a bunch of hands grabbing at you and pulling you out of the chair. They were helping to guide you out of the room.
  225. Sounds of footsteps echoed through whatever environment you were in. Everyone was slowly walking with you so as to make sure that you wouldn’t stumble or fall over something. No one said anything and everything was eerily silent, save for the everyone’s footsteps.
  227. After about five minutes or so of walking like this, everyone stops, including you. You hear someone opening a door, and you are slowly guided through it. Once you have passed through it, everyone releases their hold on you. You could hear Dr. Money’s workers exiting the room from behind you.
  229. “Wha…Where’d everybody go?” you stammer.
  231. But instead of receiving a response, your handkerchief is suddenly pulled off of your face. The door behind you closes and locks. The blinding white light causes you to flinch your eyes until they are able to readjust and focus with respect to the brightness in this room.
  233. Looking around, you see that you’re in a rather small room. It was smaller than the one you were previously in. There was white stucco paint all over the walls with lights shining across the ceiling. Directly in front of you, however, was a…a…pod of some sort. The fuck?
  235. The pod was round and circular. It was violet-colored with white stripes flowing along the sides of it. A glass window that attached to this pod was propped open above it. The pod itself was leaning back against the wall in front of you, with some kind of a wide, shiny, metallic-like pipe connecting to it. The pipe was gripped against the wall and half-way up, it made a 90-degree turn to your left and into the adjacent wall. You can only assume that it connected to another room.
  237. As you closely approach this pod to better inspect it, you notice that the inside of it had some kind of a red-velvety chair. Yet you also notice formations within the chair itself. There were clearly alcoves for your arms, your feet, and your head indented into the chair. Furthermore, you could see what appeared to be small sprinkler heads scattered throughout the inner walls of the pod. Just what the fuck was going to happen to you?
  239. “Ahem. Is this thing on?”
  241. The fuck? Was that Dr. Money? You turn around and see an intercom right above the door. Directly above the intercom was a black camera that was staring directly at you. It was blinking a small red light and you could make out that the lens was focusing in on you. Fuck blinking red lights. Fuck this pod in front of you. Fuck Dr. Money. Fuck this whole God damn place.
  243. “What’s that, it is? Good.” You could hear a little bit of static coming from the speaker as Dr. Money spoke. “Ah. I see you staring right back at me. Strange, isn’t it? Rest assured, this camera is only being used to help guide you on what you are to do next, and to ensure that you don’t do something bold. Regrettably, neither I nor anyone else can be in the room with you for this next part, so I’ll speak to you through this intercom.”
  245. Oh what you would do to not be here right now…
  247. “Do you see that pod behind you?”
  249. You turn back to look at the thing and you can feel your stomach beginning to churn. You really didn’t want to get into that thing. You look back at the camera and silently nod.
  251. “Good. Now, simply walk up and climb into it. All you have to do is sit in there and relax. We’ll take care of the rest.”
  253. Shit. You really didn’t want to do this.
  255. “Please don’t do this to me,” you beg with your last pitiful plea.
  257. “Now, now. You want to keep your hands, right?”
  259. You look back down at the two blinking devices that were strapped to your wrists and start shaking hard. Fuck. You felt like you were going to be sick.
  261. “Look, I know this seems scary, but trust me when I say that you’re going to be alright. I can guarantee that you won’t regret this.”
  263. Reluctantly, you slowly climb into the pod and lay back against the chair. It strangely felt really comfortable.
  265. “You’re doing a great job. Now just relax. Stay calm. We’ll take care of everything else from here.”
  267. You gulp as the glass door slowly lowers down on you and locks. As you start feeling claustrophobia settling throughout your body, you notice these red-like metallic grips rising out of the chair from multiple areas. They start rolling in a curve over your feet and legs, then over your hands and arms, and finally, you felt another one rising over your forehead. It felt like some kind of helmet was connected to your head once again. You could still see, but these grips kept your limbs and head locked into place. Great. Now you couldn’t move at all. You were stuck from literally being glued into the chair.
  269. Before you could further comprehend your thoughts and feelings, however, you quickly notice the sprinkler heads within the pod were beginning to spray some kind of pink gas.
  271. Shit. Shit. Shit. FUCK!
  273. You’re squirming uncontrollably now as your vision is clouded by this pink-like gas. Despite your sudden panic, it actually smelled kind of good…maybe something like tropical perfume or something. Yet, you could see nothing more in this pink haze and you realize in horror that you’re rapidly blacking out. The pink gas quickly diminishes to the center of your vision and vanishes, leaving you in complete darkness once again.
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