Servaso meets Adrian Rowan in a cave

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  1. A boot moves up to the edge of the cliff, platinum slits gazing down at the dark-skinned boy. An idly hum escapes his throat, as icy wings stretch out behind his back. Slits slowly move towards the way they came from, which didn't seem to look good for them.
  3. ''I am from Levengard, I am a Dragon.'' More idle flaps to send tiny bits of rock down onto the boys face, but nothing threatening yet.
  5. ''The direction you came from, Dawn? That's the only thing there-- Unless Briar? Both not good places to be around, are they? So where are you from...''
  6. (Adrian Rowan)
  8. Servaso would cast his gaze up to the voice above him
  9. He would give a friendly wave to the man, slightly nervous considering the circumstance is occurring in a dark cave, one which he is illimunating with pulses of light radiating from him
  11. "Hiya! I'm servaso, smart guess of you there mr, I am in fact from dawn!"
  12. He'd say, smiling, slightly but not very noticeably uneased, as his daemon stopped it's usual wondering and was dead still, all eyes were on the man on the cliff
  14. "You're from Levengard huh, I used to 'stay' there during the academy! What's it like now? it's been so long since I've really seen it, with the whole war and all hehe!"
  15. He'd say, an innocent giggle at the end of his question
  16. (Servaso)
  19. ''From Dawn? Ahh... Yes.''
  21. Moving his foot to join the other, he stands on the very edge of the cliff. His body looms over the boy, casting a shadow. Large wings spread out, while he was quite tall himself.
  23. ''To remain in Dawn when the rebellions had already left, it is clear that you must plan to remain there. A mage-- Which doesn't mean you plan to live a casual life either.
  25. You've had chances to leave, so I will give you another now. Come with me to Levengard, we'll have you checked over and make sure nothing holds onto you. A third chance, but you'll never get a fourth.''
  27. His lips curl into a grin, with sharp teeth on the display. Canines, but not all of them to be so deathly. But the very aura he gave off was battle, with his pride shining so brightly.
  29. ''So... Servaso, what will it be? I will not hesitate to throw you around these caves and drag you back.''
  30. (Adrian Rowan)
  32. He'd giggle, not the best situation to do so but he just thought, not too long ago the same thing happened
  33. Someone who had issues with dawn one way or the other is now yelling at him for not leaving, last time it was Jennifer this time it's the Man standing in front of him
  35. "I'm really really sorry but I can't leave dawn, and while I may not live a casual life I plan to help as many people as I can! To make others happy! I don't see anything wrong with that, nor do I see anything wrong with both of us just going about our ways and leaving eachother alone!"
  36. He'd say, passionately
  38. Flipping some hair out of his eye and shrugging
  39. "It's very kind of you to offer me a chance though! I really appreciate it! so even if I reject your offer I have to say thank you very much!"
  40. He'd say, smiling and friendly despite the hostile situation
  41. (Servaso)
  43. The cold was hot, beneath a volcano. The entire place was filled with demons that used fire, yet they hid away in the shadows from his presence.
  45. But for a moment, the entire cave turns cold. The ground around the hill he stood on froze over, ice crackling down its rocky slope before reaching Servaso. The temperature drops, threatening to make anyone unprepared shiver uncontrollably.
  47. Those platinum slits of his, stare down without much remorse left in them. A chance is given, a chance thrown right back into his face.
  49. ''You refuse to leave Dawn, speaking as if you are going to help anyone there. That place is lost-- And so are you if you remain.
  51. I hope you know, age doesn't grant you much mercy from me. I was born in that vile city, I know what young children are capable when leading astray by psychotic maniacs. You are no better, and your facade doesn't fool me much.''
  53. His hand whips out in a sassy fashion while huffing out an icy breath. Clicking his fingers, flames begin to glide down his horns and at the tips of his hair. Where there was ice, there was fire-- and he was the source of both currently.
  55. ''Are you going to run? I doubt it'll help you much.''
  56. (Adrian Rowan)
  58. A haze slowly descended as potent, corrupt mana spiked about the area.
  60. The mist coalesced into the figure of a pale figure, donning silver locks. Soon, his eyes fell upon Servaso, a frown evident on his lips.
  62. If without hearing the Rowan's latest statement, he would not be able to guess the context.
  64. And so, he lifted his head, looking at Adrian; as if to question what needs to be done, or if he needed aid.
  65. (Yu Heifang)
  67. A chill came over him, punctuating the danger servaso was in, he'd take a look around, one sent towards the newly arriving man before throwing his gaze back to Adrian
  69. "Fa├žade? Are you so untrusting you think kindness can not be genuine, I feel sorry for you, not just for the cyncmism but you've seen to swallow the propaganda against Dawn, thinking the masses to be psychopaths and you guys to be perfect"
  71. A rare frown would find itself onto his face
  73. "It's unfortunate that we could not be friends or allies, but if standing by the bright future of dawn means making enemies than that is an unfortunate reality, but hey maybe in the future your eyes will open hehe!"
  74. He'd say, giggling shortly before returning to his saddened look, the situation was quite sad from his perspective 'another lost person lead astray by levangards lies', seems the abjucator was right about them
  76. "I won't fight you however, sorry if you were hopping I did"
  78. He'd attempt to make his escape, throwing out his holy magic in a bright pulse to try and make an escape way
  79. (Servaso)
  81. ''Lies? Propaganda?''
  83. He scoffs, only finding it amusing that's how she thought. Slits just focus down, as the cold spreads even further. A hand raised to signal Yu to stop, to think the Heifang had grown so quickly! The urge to slap him on the wrist for coming out here was heavy, but he was his own man now.
  85. ''You are stupid to even suggest that, as... I am Adrian Rowan. I was born in Dawn and saw it with my own eyes. I witnessed and experienced it all. Children aged ten eating corpses, aiming to hunt humans down like it's a sport. While others turned a blind eye, disgusting.
  87. To defend or even act like it's filled with saints and is innocent, you must be brainwashed or just stupid. Levengard and Huangzhou aren't filled with saints either, but they are level-headed people. They do not eat corpsesor hunt people for sport, they eradicate all that's evil.
  89. And in some cases, they are kind and give people a chance. And it's people like you who throw it in their faces, that causes them to raise their hand and strike.''
  91. Wings spread out behind his back, as he leaps down from the hill. The bright light isn't strong enough to blind this Dragon, as he lands directly in front of Servaso. Flicking his wrist, flames block any other exit they could've taken.
  93. ''Should I even take you back to Levengard now? I would rather spare Thera the trouble. You've claimed you do not want to be fixed-- You do not want to change. You are a sympathizer and it makes you no better than Sors himself.''
  95. His staff is removed, twisting around his fingers until it comes to a sharp halt.His smile widens. ''Are you ready? I told you running as useless.''
  96. (Adrian Rowan)
  98. Servaso's path would be blocked, it was clear now he'd have to fight, which was unfortunate
  100. He's twirl his staff out, throwing it in the air to catch it for a little pizazz, and would summon his stronger daemon to aide in the fight
  102. "Well Adrian i'm sorry for your experiences, hey I see some people in dawn talking about their bad experiences with levangard, so I'd consider it even hehe
  103. Levangard may not eat corpses but they still eradicate anything they label as "evil", they destroy knowledge because they dislike it, all knowledge is valuable and to so casually call certain topics "evil" or "corrupt" is sad, but that's just to me hehe"
  105. The comment saying he was no better than sors drew a smile to his face
  107. "Wow really you think so! I'd wish, while i'm not big on torturing people lord ultovex commands respect from me for his achievements and what he'll do to drive dawn to a brighter future!
  109. His daemon would get in an attacking stance and he'd prepare for battle
  110. (Servaso)
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