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  1. To-Do for Kiwi's work on the CDDA nechronica mod:
  2. Mutations:
  3. -Remove Light Sensitive and the high metabolism mutations. They don't really fit for what a doll should be and find good replacements.
  4. -Add a mutation that removes natural healing but lets you use chunks of meat to heal yourself. Multi-stage mutation that starts out giving a morale penalty with each use and usably only with untainted meat. Advanced version has no penalty and lets you use tainted meat.
  5. -Add Instrument of Evil (Probably as a post threshold mutation) that slightly increases damage of all attacks. See if it can add a martial arts style as well (see below)
  6. -Add "Warm Smile" that gives a bonus to human NPC reactions
  7. -Add "Addictive personality" as a Necromancy related mutation
  9. Weapons:
  10. -Add AT Rifle with craftable ammo. Very high damage but long aim time and big. May be a thing that can be found or must be crafted with a high fabrication/mechanics skill requirement.
  11. -Add African Throwing Knives as a throwing weapon for fun
  13. Martial Arts Styles:
  14. -Mad Demon: Gives bonuses to the chance to attack with mutant anatomy and an increase in unarmed attack chance.
  15. -Lullaby: learned via book. Reduces accuracy slightly (5/10%) but reduces aim time (and maybe shoot time) by 10%
  17. Professions:
  18. -Add Class professions (baroque, requiem, etc) to the "Experiment" scenario.
  19. -Add a "Walking Dead Girl" profession (or some other name) that starts with enough vials to fast track to threshold breaking ASAP so they can be a gay zombie sooner rather than later if they don't want to spend so long getting to that point.
  21. Distant:
  22. -Add more enemy types
  23. -Buff some existing nechronica enemies
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