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  1. http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE209839.html
  2. Translation: https://ulmf.org/threads/shrift-machine-translation.11975/
  4. !!!- MANUAL translation in progress - https://github.com/Lv1VillagerA/SHRIFT-Translation -!!! @h@
  5. Contents (ctrl f):
  6. [Introduction]
  7. [FAQ] *WIP*
  8. [Guide]
  9.   [Chapter 1]
  10.   [Chapter 2]
  11.   [Chapter 3]
  12.   [Chapter 4]
  14. ################################
  15. [Introduction]
  16. ################################
  17. SHRIFT is a RPG maker game where there's a war between humanity and demons, the game centers on a boy who awakens from a coma that lasted 5 years, in a facility overrun by demons, inside a city devoid of human life.
  18. How will you escape? it's up to you.
  19. killing everything that stand in your way? through human compassion? maybe both?
  21. this guide focus on showing mercy to those who harm you (this is a porn game, if you came for monster tiddies, this is your route). this guide is not a detailed walkthrough of the game, it focus on unlocking the monster girls, raising affection, tips for boss battles, etc.
  22. every battle will give you two options at the end: spare your opponent or finish her off, ALWAYS SPARE. every demon you spare increase the affection with said demon in 1.
  23. there's no 100% accurated translation, but the machine translation by Lv1VillagerA works fine.
  24. the game suffers from heavy RNG, playing on easy is extremely recommended.
  26. if something is missing, wrong or want to contribute, feel free to visit 4channel /mggg/ @h@
  27. ################################
  28. [FAQ]
  29. ################################
  30. --->Girls Chest Rewards?<---
  31. almost all 25 affection rewards are bronze boxes (unless stated otherwise)
  32. almost all 50 affection rewards are accessories (unless stated otherwise)
  34. barghest:
  35. 25 affection: bronze box
  36. 50 affection: barghest's collar (increases gun attack by 30)
  37. 100 affection: +10 SP
  39. Lampas
  40. 25 affection: bronze box
  41. 50 affection: lampas drop (consumable: restores 75% vit and prevents ectasy)
  42. 100 affection: +10 SP
  44. Iron Maiden
  45. 25 affection: bronze box
  46. 50 affection: will charm and good luck charm
  47. 100 affection: +10 SP
  49. Empuse
  50. 25 affection: bronze box
  51. 50 affection: death scythe (melee wep +200 atk, wind element)
  52. 100 affection: +10 SP
  54. Mother Rabbit
  55. 25 affection: bronze box
  56. 50 affection: soft cloak (magic resistance)
  57. 100 affection: +10 SP
  59. Haru&liz
  61. 25 affection: memento (nekomata)
  62. 50 affection: cat bell collar (5% regen vit & will per turn)
  63. 100 affection: +10 SP
  65. Mukuro
  67. 25 affection: bronze box
  68. 50 affection: soul repose gem (concentrate's lust reduction increased by 10)
  69. 100 affection: +10 SP
  71. Nina
  73. 25 affection: memento (stage)
  74. 50 affection: tiara of destiny (increases resistance(?) reduces magic damage)
  75. 100 affection: +10 SP
  77. Echo
  79. 25 affection: bronze box
  80. 50 affection: mucus cream (recovers 50% vit & will for every successful struggle)
  81. 100 affection: +10 SP
  83. Sphinx
  85. 25 affection: memento (riddler lion)
  86. 50 affection: wand of knowledge (wep +100 magic)
  87. 100 affection: +10 SP
  89. Archeny
  91. 25 affection: 2 bronze box (hers & akonitum)
  92. 50 affection: adikos (melee wep +600 atk)
  93. 100 affection: +10 SP
  95. Titanoboa
  97. 25 affection: 2 mementos (serpent & snake bondage)
  98. 50 affection: magic crystal (craft gems into useful items(?))
  99. 100 affection: +10 SP
  101. Camazots
  103. 25 affection: bronze box
  104. 50 affection: yomi's feathers (raises AGI & Magic Power, lowers thunder & ice magic resistance a bit)
  105. 100 affection: +10 SP
  107. Daiji
  109. 25 affection: bronze box & 3 cards*
  110. 50 affection: mamoru fan (melee wep +900 atk)
  111. 100 affection: +50 SP
  113. *every card is a different phase of daiji, equip a card to fight a specific phase of daiji
  115. Hyakki (oni merchant)
  117. 25 affection: bronze box
  118. 50 affection: 10 sapphires, rubies, emeralds and monster meat
  119. 100 affection: ?
  121. --->Bronze box?<---
  122. many girl stop spawning when you unlock them, making it not possible to battle them normally
  123. bronze boxes are accesories useful to re-battle the girls and get their drops & money
  125. --->library Chest Rewards?<---
  126. 5% chest: $1000
  127. 15% chest: +5 SP
  128. 25% chest: +10 SP
  129. 30% chest: $3000
  130. 40% chest: +5 SP
  131. 50% chest: +5 SP
  132. 55% chest: $5000
  133. 65% chest: +5 SP
  134. 75% chest ???
  135. 80% chest ???
  136. 90% chest +10 SP
  137. 100% chest ???
  139. --->Drops?<---
  140. barghest - monster meat & magic rock
  141. lampas - emerald & herbs
  142. mother rabbit - monster meat
  143. mukuro (doll) - aquamarine
  144. echo - ruby
  145. spider spawn(akonitum) - aquamarine & magic rock
  147. --->Pink Beds?<---
  148. sometimes a monstergirl attacks you in your dreams if you're sleeping in beds outside a resting room with half or less willpower
  149. waking up ends the battle and the monstergirl drops a special memento, also, the first time you get an accessory: succubus bell
  150. at the moment only two pink beds exists:
  151. 1) in chapter 1-2, where the third battery is found, lampas attacks
  152. 2) in chapter 2-2, inside the temple(?), left room, haru attacks.
  154. ################################
  155. [Guide]
  156. ################################
  157. if this is your first time playing DON'T skip the tutorial. @h@
  158. [Chapter 1]
  159. ACT 1 "AWAKENING"
  161. once you leave the starting room, make sure to open the two chest between the couches, read the papers on the floor and head south, to the communication room.
  162. grab the 3 chest inside and proceed with the story.
  163. once you land a shot on barghest, she will try to run, let her go.
  164. before proceeding to the next area (door with !) check the middle room.
  165. once you threw barghest against the wall with your new powers, treat her with a bandage.
  167. with that you unlocked barghest.
  169. the next area:
  170. pass for the locker in resting area is 2 4 1 7
  171. pass to unlock the door (computer in right room besides resting room) is 0 1 5 6
  172. a pack of barghests are blocking your exit, go inside the room in the upper left corner
  173. before activating the machine: check the wooden crate in the southeast corner for free monster meat and push the silver furniture on
  174. Upper left corner, enter the vent, move the corpse and grab the ring from the chest.
  176. TIPs:
  177. buy a stock for your machine pistol and a custom kit to upgrade your pistol.
  179. barghest h-scenes:
  180. most h-scenes can be unlocked in barghest's room, the only scene you can't unlock is the gang rape, for that you must get caught by the pack of barghest at the end of the act.
  182. ACT 2 "LAMPLIGHT"
  184. TIP: now you can pay a visit to barghest in hell, make sure to raise her affection to at least 50 for the barghest's collar, an accessory that increases gun damage by 30.
  186. Lampas fight tips
  187. if you like magic, fire magic is very effective for obvious reasons
  188. wind magic does both damage and gets rid of her bindings
  189. if you like guns more, machine pistol with stock and barghest's collar
  190. for the pitch black rooms, upgraded pistol with barghest's collar
  192. Iron maiden first fight
  193. old ring accessory is recommended.
  194. magic does moderate damage so guns are recommended.
  195. she's impervious to damage with her "dress" covering her.
  196. undress yourself, she will do the same, now she's vulnerable to any attack.
  197. get rid of her bindings struggling or with wind magic
  199. how to unlock lampas
  200. the 4th room (the bloody one) where you grab the last battery.
  201. douse the flames burning lampas.
  203. there's a wooden crate with an emerald south of the crater (upper right corner)
  205. ACT 3 "SCYTHE"
  207. Iron maiden second fight
  208. drinking tea at resting room is obligatory
  209. the moment the battle starts you're already fucked up, her binding increases lust in real time, skip her dialogue, be fast.
  210. you get a new struggle option "coffin breakout" that's the only struggle you must use.
  211. use "coffin breakout" 4 times:
  212. the second time you struggle your lust should be lower than 25, the third time lower than 60, the fourth time less than 100
  213. your lust should NOT reach 100 BEFORE the fourth "coffin breakout"
  214. after that, she will taunt your efforts to break free, music will change and she will molest you relentlessly.
  215. you get a final turn, only 5 options are visible, the middle one has no text, select that option, you struggle with all your might a last time.
  216. battle ends.
  218. TIP: wearing barghest's collar on the fight with empuse will unlock an hilarious scene
  220. Empuse fight
  221. empuse resist physical damage, any kind of magic inflicts heavy damage, even shotgun will do little damage
  222. old ring accessory is recommended.
  223. drinking tea at resting room is recommended
  224. empuse can and will cancel your sylph storm
  225. use evasive posture everytime empuse's eyes turn red.
  226. if she grabs you, struggle 3 times, she get's stuned for a single turn if you manage to break free
  227. remember to spare her.
  229. you unlock both iron maiden and empuse automatically.
  231. [Chapter 2]
  232. ACT 1 "EFFORTS"
  234. there's a broken assault rifle in the floor near the resting room.
  235. there's a custom part A in a white car near the mother first encounter, backtrack and upgrade your machine pistol ASAP
  236. buy all the ammo you can.
  238. Mother rabbit (MR)
  239. Monster warding bell accessory is recommended
  240. MR have high magic resistance, machine pistol with stock is recommended (and cheaper than shotgun)
  241. if MR talks before your first turn, use evasive posture.
  243. Nina first fight
  244. just follow the instructions
  246. inside the first building, read the diary south of the save console.
  247. outside the second building in a black car you will find a shotgun (riot)
  248. near the car is a sheep, go behind him to a passage behind the building, you'll find the repair kit to fix your broken assault rifle, proceed to the south
  249. TIP: get max affection with iron maiden before going south.
  251. How to unlock the cat beggars (haru & liz)
  252. lower gun
  253. buy two steak bento
  254. ask for reward
  255. they ask for drinks, instead meet the oni merchant to the right.
  256. the merchant will charge you $500 for pulling it out.
  257. if you maxed iron maiden affection, she will appear just in time to help you (for free), remember to pay her a visit later
  258. drink 2 energy drinks and confront the cat beggars
  259. struggle violently 3 times.
  261. unlocking MR
  262. backtrack a little, go north inside the building with the resting room, and exit to the left
  266. Mukuro
  267. cool calm is recommended
  268. cat bell collar accessory is recommended
  269. mukuro resist fire magic and is a bit weak to electric magic, despite having some physical resistance, guns are a better choice against her
  271. there's a wooden crate with an aquamarine near the save console, outside the lab.
  272. near the oni merchant inside the cave, there's rubble blocking the light switch, barghest will help you there.
  273. still some areas are pitch black, avoid them, mukuro will spawn from them
  275. puzzle to castle/temple whatever solution:
  276. 2 - 5
  277. 4 - 1
  278. 6 - 3
  280. inside you need two keys to open the middle room.
  281. heaven key - left room in desk
  282. earth key - right room on the table
  284. mukuro boss fight
  285. drinking tea at resting room is recommended
  286. cool calm is recommended
  287. cat bell collar accessory is recommended
  288. riot gun or assault riffle is recommended
  289. everytime mukuro's eyes turn red, use defensive stance
  290. everytime lust rises beyond 50-60, use concentrate
  291. use wind magic to both break free of legs binding and inflict some damage.
  293. continue north, to the bottomless pit, the human key is shining on one of the lamp post.
  294. go back to the left room, in the middle of the wall there's some paper hanging, enter the secret room and grab the memento.
  295. continue to the stairs on the right upper corner.
  297. unlocking mukuro
  298. go to the resting room in act 3 and save, go to hell, the scientist created a passage from hell to her lab, talk to her.
  299. she will show you her latest invention to review the mementos you gathered, proyect the memento you found on act 2,
  300. now that you know what happened to mukuro, save game, quit game to title, on main menu select "chapter select" load your save and choose chapter2-2 to do it all over again.
  301. on the castle/temple, go straight to the middle room
  303. Twins battle
  304. drinking tea at resting room is recommended
  305. cat bell collar accessory is recommended
  306. riot gun or assault riffle is recommended
  307. sylph storm is recommended
  309. ACT 3 "SHOW TIME"
  311. unlocking nina
  312. choose dance battle
  313. get a high rating, nina start singing when it's high enough.
  315. [Chapter 3]
  316. ACT 1 "HUG"
  318. grab the two chest from the tent
  319. once you escape from titanoboa, follow the mermaid to the military tent to the north
  320. drink tea, you'll need it.
  322. Echo fight second form (slug form)
  323. use wind magic to get rid of her mucus and bindings
  324. electric magic inflicts heavy damage.
  325. she has some physical resistance, still, riot is recommended if lacking vit or a strong electric spell.
  327. echo first form(siren form) is weaker to physical damage
  329. TIP: if you unlocked haru&liz, they will help you get rid of some echos, making your trip safer
  330. before turning off the 3rd water console, take a little detour to the south, where titanoboa ate the poor pilot, you will find parts to upgrade the sub-machine gun to calico, a superb 90-rounds machine gun (reloading only adds 15 rounds, make sure to reload many times).
  332. unlocking Echo
  333. read all the documents near the water consoles.
  334. the 4th documents will appear on the console in the reservoir
  335. check the corpse
  336. check the bag, do nothing
  337. echo will appear when you're leaving
  338. in battle, holster your gun, then, persuade
  340. sphinx quiz battle
  341. tanuki's magical leaf accessory is recommended (scientist shop)
  342. drinking tea at resting room is obligatory
  344. battle step by step
  345. first turn, struggle
  346. optional: if you lost too many times already and mind meal is fucking your shit up, use morphine on second turn
  347. second turn, answer "book"
  348. select second option when asked titfuck or blowjob
  349. third turn, struggle
  350. optional: use concentrate to reduce lust before answering (or deep breathing if low vit)
  351. fourth turn, aswer "none"
  352. fifth turn, struggle violently before you ran out of vitality
  353. sixth turn, answer "to", then first option
  354. seventh turn, answer "to", then second option
  355. eight turn, answer "to".
  357. IMPORTANT-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  358. before moving on, go back to the oni merchant next to the military tent
  360. also, make sure to raise both lampas and empuse affection before starting the next act to unlock the next girl.
  361. IMPORTANT-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  365. you're trapped, struggle till all your limbs are free, then untangle the web, use evasive posture till the battle ends
  367. TIP:if empuse doesn't come when the 3 spider spawn(akonitum) attack you, you fucked up, select another chapter and raise her affection (lampas too) or you aren't getting spider girl.
  369. Archeny boss fight
  370. cool calm is obligatory
  371. painkillers are obligatory
  372. drinking tea in resting room is obligatory
  373. cat bell collar accessory is recommended
  374. calico gun is recommended
  375. just like the first fight, struggle then untangle if she throws her web, then evasive posture till she change to combat stance
  376. she will try to inflict "afraid" status to you, both cool calm and painkillers prevent this.
  378. unlocking archeny
  379. defeat her in battle, spare her, both empuse and lampas will appear to convince her. (if they don't come, you lost archeny forever, because she kill herself)
  383. almost there, sadly titanoboa was waiting for you, the only thing you can do is to delay the inevitable, use defensive posture.
  384. read the note on the new bottomless pit created by the now obliterated oni merchant (and titanoboa)
  385. move on, finish the chapter.
  387. unlocking titanoboa
  388. remember that spare save i told you before?
  389. a new option should appear when talking with oni merchant, a strange device for only $1000, buy it
  390. proceed normally through act 1 & 2, battle titanoboa with the oni's assistance.
  392. [Chapter 4]
  393. ACT 1 "REGRET"
  395. unlocking Camazots
  397. beat the act, that's it
  399. tip: there's no penalty on fucking micah
  401. ACT 2 "SHRIFT"
  403. buy many edge pills before the battle
  405. Daiji boss battle
  406. Recommended gear:
  407. >weapon Calico with stock or Million dollar
  408. >Accesory: tanuki's magical leaf, barghest collar (with calico), soul repose gem, yomi's feathers (for magic users)
  409. >Spells: Hell break is obligatory (requires Maxlvl limit break and Psi fire magic), Sylph Storm, Psi Tornado, Cool Calm
  410. >Consumables: Lampas Drop(1), dispel flute(1), morphine(5), adrenaline(8), Painkiller(+10), ice beast's egg (6 ~ 8), lightning drums (6 ~ 8)
  412. General tips:
  413. keep hell break active during the entire fight
  414. if you can't afford the throwing elemental items, make sure to spend some SP on ice and lightning magic
  415. don't use edge pills unless you really need it
  417. First Phase:
  418. Strong againts magic, little physical resistance
  419. she will use attacks similar to mukuro's time stop, use defensive posture and violent struggle afterwards.
  420. if she expose her breast, evasive posture works BUT using wind magic will stun her and will receive more damage.
  421. don't mind the legs bind, struggle only if she binds your arms.
  423. Second Phase:
  424. Strong againts physical, weak againts almost every element (specially fire)
  425. her mouth bind can and will make you lose the battle if left unchecked, UNLESS you drank a lampas drop before her mouth gag, a special dialogue will trigger and she will no longer use pollen attacks and mouth gag for the rest of the phase making this phase pretty easy
  426. don't mind the legs bind.
  428. third phase: (hardest phase)
  429. weak againts ice, minimal physical resistance
  430. keep sylph storm on
  431. just like phase 1 she will use mukuro's time stop, use defensive posture and violent struggle afterwards.
  432. also, in similar fashion to mother rabbit, she will prepare her legs to jump on you, use evasive posture to avoid it
  433. use morphine or concentration to reduce lust
  434. use ice beast's egg to inflict heavy damage
  436. fourth phase:
  437. almost invulnerable to physical damage, weak againts magic specially lightning
  438. use wind magic to get rid of her binding just like echo
  439. lust increases gradually, use morphine
  440. she will try to inflict afraid twice, get rid of it with painkillers
  441. use lightning drums to inflict heavy damage
  443. Daiji second boss battle (endurance)
  444. Recommended gear:
  445. >weapon Linear Cannon
  446. >Accesory: tanuki's magical leaf
  447. >Spells: Hell break is obligatory
  448. >Consumables: Edge Pill (+2)
  450. you can't escape from being fucked, use defensive posture.
  451. the moment you get free, use edge pill, then hell break.
  452. rinse and repeat
  453. on last phase you can't escape her kiss, just recive it you kissless virgin, on the next turn you can struggle, once free, aim you linear cannon at her.
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