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  1. Sweet and sour curry with rice. Beef stew with vegetables. Meatbuns by the dozen. Rich fish fillets from cod to salmon. Homemade triple chocolate brownies. In other words, an average meal time at the Ibarazaki household.
  3. Like any good daughter, Emi tried to visit her mother often. She'd go down once in a while, stay a while, enjoy a nice homecooked meal which were always to be enjoyed given the opportunity. In recent memory however, it seemed like it was becoming a more common occurrence. The portions were getting bigger, and what would usually just be a standard meal seemed closer to a proper belt buster.
  5. "Oogh, that filled a hole. Phew, thanks mom."
  7. Emi leaned back in her chair, feeling the weight of eating three whole courses along with seconds. A gentle curve overtook her stomach, a showcase of her fullness. It was a day with her mom, that was usually always going to be a cheat day to her. Moms always had a tendency to spoil their kids, and this was no exception with Emi feeling like she was carrying a bowling ball in her gut. Rubbing her belly in a haze of fullness, she couldn't deny the food tasted great.
  9. "If you liked that, you'll love what I'm making next time. Why not come around tomorrow, I'll whip it up specially~"
  11. That's what would become the norm. Every day, Emi would make the trip over just to try out a new special dish. Each one satisfied the tastebuds, and each one made Emi feel like a complete fatass. Slurping up hearty soups and downing mouthfuls of pasta was becoming as commonplace as running, pushing aside any concerns of eating too much with the thought she was eating proper meals instead of eating whatever fried crap or chocolate calorie bombs she might be tempted with.
  13. "Won't you come around tommorrow?"
  14. "Next time I'll be making something wonderful~"
  15. "You sure you wouldn't want a sample?"
  17. One week Emi would start to struggle pulling down her shirt, noticing the peek of her midsection making itself known to the world. The next week saw her fiddling about with the waistband, trying to make it more comfortable on her wider figure. By the following week she did her best to hide the fact she was getting breathless a whole lot faster, not helped by the familiar feeling of something delicious sloshing about in her gut.
  19. In the present day, those thoughts were blotted out by food. Enjoying mega mouthfuls of curry without regard, Emi let eating control her mind. The runner's figure suffered, a jiggling mass of gut flab that pooled over newly chunked up thighs, making her prosthetics look hilariously undersized given how large her legs were by comparison. The widened porky rear end barely fit itself onto her chair, hanging plumped cheeks bubbling over the edges and into the sides and back of the chair, all while confined in far too small shorts, unbuttoned and straining at every seam. The shirt stood no chance at containing anything, from letting her folds flop out ungracefully to hugging at her small flabby boobs, sleeves smooshing down onto her pillowy soft arms that showed no trace of muscle, only pork. Chewing vigorously, she smacked her lips a few times, enough to make her rounded face jiggle softly, both cheeks and chins bouncing with every chew and gulp she took.
  21. "Mmpphh...dis shish shooo ghoof...."
  22. "I'm delighted you think so!~ How about another helping?"
  24. Creaking splinters ominously filled the room, bubble butt flab pushing the chair to it's limits whilst her tidal wave of pudge smothered into the edges of the table, but Emi was too locked into the joys of cramming all kinds of meats past her lips. With another greedy forkful, the chair jolted in place, stunning her as she felt herself jiggle in place, one of the legs giving way but not entirely. It still put up a fight, but Emi was left a little shocked by the feeling, getting a chance to see her gut flopping about heavily, slapping into her porky figure and giving a showcase of just how heavy she felt.
  26. " know what, I think I might skip on that extra helpin-Mmmpghh?!?"
  28. The moment the words left her lips, she was right there, hand clasped onto her thick chins with her other hand stuffing an overloaded meatbun right into her open mouth. She could see her mom smiling away, pushing the bun deep enough in so that the insides spilled onto her tongue, letting Emi taste just how divine it was. Just like that, she was back into her gluttony, chewing down and grabbing the bun off her hands, eating away again.
  30. "That's a good girl~"
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