Super 089 - The Strike Team

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  1. > Roy, Jayden, and the Kitten chill. it's another two-ish hours before something breaks the silence.
  3. >knock knock
  4. >you hear two gentle knocks, and then muttering behind the door
  5. ??? 1: You are too gentle. Zey vill never respond to zat.
  7. ??? 2: Please Hydra... it’s a sensitive and delicate situation. Any harder and we will risk escalating the situation.
  9. ??? 1: If zat’s vat you zink. I don’t zink H- ....... -Fallout is going to wait zat long.
  11. ??? 3: If I weren’t contractually obligated to, I wouldn’t.
  13. ??? 4: C’mon guys, listen to the team leader. He’s got experience whit this kind of stuff.
  15. ??? 2: ............
  17. >You can feel ??? 2’s blush through the door.
  19. >all voices but ??? 4 have various thick accents. You can at least identify one as sounding German (you think?), and Roy knows for certain from previous experiences that ??? 1’s accent is Russian.
  21. Roy: . . .
  23. > Look to Jayden and hold a hand out as if to say "wait there", before heading over to the door. You're still a little wary and suspicious, so you stand to the side of the door and call back out at a reasonable volume.
  25. Roy: So, this the part where I say "who's there"?
  27. Jayden > Obey
  29. ??? 1 > Perception 3
  31. >catching on, but nope.
  33. ??? 2: Ah, yes...... the number you called from is [Roy/Jayden’s number], and the number you connected to was [Wither’s Personal Line]... You requested a “spa service.”
  35. ??? 2: An....... ”extraction”......?
  37. >This older sounding German man is being very cautious.
  39. > Btw it's now like-6:30am
  40. > The rain has stopped, but it's still very cloudy
  42. Roy: . . .
  44. > Spa service what the fuck
  46. > They do have your number but also Wither's personal number so
  48. Roy: ...well, if by spa service you mean someone's severely burned and needs hydration and treatment, then yeah. Come on in.
  50. > Carefully open up the door. Peep your now silver-and-red dyed head out the door and check who it is.
  52. >You are met with a wall of a braid mullet pointing a shotgun at your snozz and two clones made of an unidentified metal moving to take the door from you.
  53. >that’s
  54. >There are so many things that make that Yuliya
  59. > Wait
  61. > How close are those clones because for old time's sake can we make a check to hop up and balance on one of the clones' heads
  63. >you’re like 5 inches away from them make that check
  65. Roy:
  66. Athletics > 6
  67. Clone > Athletics lolno
  69. > Friendly reminder that Roy's clothing is currently a towel around his waist
  71. > . . .
  72. > i forgot about that
  74. >You jump up on that monster-looking clone and balance perfectly. Instantly you are hit with a rush of nostalgia and emotion. This is truly little Yuliya.
  76. >The other part-bear clone and big Yuliya are looking up at you now, perplexed. Yuliya pulls off the big bulletproof googles and the cloth on her face to get a better look.
  77. Yuliya: ...
  78. Yuliya: ...Roy.
  79. >It’s as deadpan as ever, but at the same time... knowing Yuliya you know that that is in part a question.
  81. Roy:
  82. > First of all holy shit you opened the door and there was a shotgun and metal people.
  84. > You kind of auto piloted and jumped, and the clone seemed stable enough so you hopped on that and...
  86. > ...suddenly you realize that there is some immense deja vu going on here.
  88. > She looks very, very different. Holy shit she looks different. She's...older? Like, a lot older? Buff? Old?
  90. > But it's her, no doubt about it.
  92. Roy: ...holy shit. Yuliya...? you''re old?
  94. > He laughs just a little, he sounds...relieved.
  96. Roy: Actually fuck that, it's just good to see you. Holy shit...y'know we've gotta stop meeting like this, shotgun out, standing on your clone, Nick passed out in the background...
  98. Yuliya: ...........AH
  100. >she relaxes too. Seems like she realized something. She kinda leans back on her heels and throws the shotgun over her shoulder.
  102. Yuliya: If you say so. It is good to see you as vell; especially alive. I’ve been told I look older, but I don’t look in ze mirror much so I’m not sure what exactly zat refers to.
  104. >along with Yuliya there are 3 other people: An older looking man, presumably a girl with asymmetrical pink hair, and a guy with black hair and fantastic hair styling technique. You can’t see their faces; they have the same bulletproof goggles and cloth that Yuliya has. Everyone has white text printed on their pants in large letters:
  106. Yuliya > HYDRA
  107. Older Man > GEISTERAUGE
  108. Pinky > FALLOUT
  109. Fab Hair > KELVIN
  111. Roy: Yeah, well...
  113. > Glance over at the other three people for a moment.
  115. > they have their names on their pants? Is that a mandatory part of the uniform?
  117. > Look back to Yuliya and hop down from her clone. Readjust your towel and make sure that thing's firmly stuck there.
  119. Roy:'s nice to see you too. We'll have to catch up sometime, but...well, you should all come in. There's people who need attention, and we've probably got some shit to talk about.
  121. > Turn back around for a moment, call out.
  123. Roy: Jun, and everyone else I guess, we've got good people coming in, so don't worry or anything.
  125. > You don't hear this but for records sake
  126. Jayden: [mumbling] So you name the croco-dog and not me aight then.
  128. Yuliya > Enter
  130. All else > hesitate
  132. Yuliya > .......?
  134. Yuliya: ...Oh right.
  136. >Yuliya’s clones go in with you as well and they begin a through search of the room.
  138. Yuliya: clear, clear, clear...... kitten. All clear.
  140. >everybody proceeds inside and shut the door. The older man moves to cover any windows with what appear to be two-way curtains, which work the same as the mirrors of the same name. You can see out, but people on the street can’t see in.
  141. >Fab hair seems interested in the kitten.
  143. Kelvin: Awwww.... hey little guy. What’s your name? Did these nice guys save you?
  145. Kitten > Meow
  147. >Once Geisterauge finishes with those curtains, he turns around and removes his goggles and mask. Suddenly you realize- you thought that was a smudge on his goggles, but it was his iris. His off-colored iris was literally showing through that blacked-out bulletproof glass.
  148. Geisterauge: You’re all clear to remove your gear... please, Hydra, let’s wait until I’ve secured the room next time....
  150. Yuliya: Sorry. I needed to to see better, I vas struggling to remember on my own.
  152. Geisterauge: I know.
  153. >The other two remove their gear.
  158. Roy:
  159. > You had a few ideas of what to say, like addressing that the kitten doesn't have a name yet because you're horrible with names, or Geistman's weird eyes, but with that last bit of talking that's all out the window.
  161. Roy: ...what? What do you mean, struggling to remember? I mean, it hasn't been that long, has it...?
  163. Yuliya:
  164. Fallout: Y- Hydra, didn’t Noir give you that thing from LifeLine?
  166. Yuliya: -oh, right.
  168. >Yuliya produces a modest stack of paper for you.
  170. Yuliya: Here. Tze flying prostitute said tzis should help clear zings up. I have... some kind of memory condition.
  172. >this doesn’t seem to phase her much.
  173. Fallout> snuuuuuuuurk
  174. Kelvin: ........Why do you call her that...?
  176. Yuliya: .............It feels right?
  178. >while the others are talking, Geisterauge begins to examine Nick
  180. Roy:
  181. > Accept the papers with some concern.
  183. Roy: Oh...shit, well, alright. I'll take a look at them...
  185. > Wait is that someone checking Nick out.
  187. > Immediately go head over there and get involved in that shit.
  189. Roy:, how's he look? I've got water and stuff if he needs anything, but that's kind of it.
  191. Geisterauge: -Oh, hello. I’ve just gotten started so I’m not sure... Hydra please bring the supplies.
  192. >Yuliya unloads about 3 kits reminiscent of Wither’s off of her back. As she does, you notice there’s an actual frikking railgun on her back.
  193. >looks like she has approximently 3 rounds for it.
  194. >At the same time, though... it’s got all kinds of mechanical locks securing it, deactivating it. It has a LCD screen that is currently red and reads in white letters:
  198. >You get the sense that this thing is literally not going to come off of her back.
  200. Roy:
  201. > Note, the railgun.
  203. Roy: Wow, okay you got some upgrades...
  205. > Look around the rest of the room while you wait for Geist to get to work.
  207. Roy:, what. Do you guys need me to tell you, like, what happened? Or shit like that? Do we need to do introductions or something?
  209. Yuliya: Eh?
  211. Fallout: Think he’s talking about big Bertha, Y- H y d r a. And according to my 5 minutes of briefing, all of the above.
  213. Kelvin: Yeah... I think we’d all be more comfortable if we started with introductions though? If you’re cool with that.
  215. Yuliya: Oh, I suppose. Not much of an upgrade if tzere’s only a 5% chance of me using it...
  217. > Also forgot to mention, Jun's far more interested in that radiator than these strangers currently. Roy heard a low growl, but that was about it.
  219. >The strangers seem relatively unphased by Jun, as if they had been expecting something like this. Yuliya especially. Yuliya just seems to not be phased by anything strange, as usual.
  221. Roy: Oh. Alright, sure. Introductions.
  223. > Take a breath. Point at the people you introduce as you mention them. Including yourself.
  225. Roy: So, I'm Roy. Don't really have a codename or alias or anything yet. That's Jayden, he could probably use some better medical attention for that bullet wound he has when anyone has the time. Pretty sure he doesn't have an alias either. That's Jun. He also doesn't really have an alias. This is Nick over here. And that kitten doesn't have a name yet because I'm horrible with names and we just picked it up off the street a day ago or so when it got abandoned by some cats.
  227. Roy: Also I'm pretty sure Del is still floating by a dresser.
  229. Del: Processing...acknowledged. Correct.
  231. > The sword slowly floats out from by the dresser and heads over by Roy.
  233. Fallout: Oh holy shit it’s Lilarcor.
  235. Kelvin: Rad
  237. >They both seem pretty enthused with the floating talking sword. Yuliya looks perturbed, but not scared.
  238. Kelvin: ....Well, we gotta go by our registered names until we get to a safe area, for protocol reasons. But uh.... I’m Kelvin, I’m the ice guy.
  240. Kelvin: I’m also
  242. Kelvin: the nice guy.
  244. >Fallout rolls her eyes and gags.
  246. Fallout: I hate you.
  248. Kelvin: No you don’t, Arachnos exists.
  250. Fallout: God. Damn it. You’re right.
  252. Roy: ...what, you can't hate more than one person?
  254. Fallout: No, it’s just that whenever I think of him nothing else seems so bad. And when I think of Guía, Arachnos doesn’t seem so bad.
  256. Kelvin: Oh fuck, smoked him.
  258. Fallout: There’s always one worse.
  260. Fallout: ...Well, they call me Fallout. Pretty original. My powers are only nuclear, after all.
  261. Fallout: ...Don’t worry, the implants are off right now.
  263. Roy: You just said a lot of things I find simultaneously cool and concerning, but I'll take your word for it that everything's good.
  265. Fallout: >ironic sarcastic finger guns while looking completely disinterested in the gesture< I excel at that. And I take from the context clues that you already know Hydra.
  267. Roy:
  268. > Shoot some half-assed finger guns back.
  270. Roy: Yeah, it's a long and complicated story but we've got a history. Guess I should get used to calling her Hydra, then.
  272. Geist: That would be best.
  274. Fallout: Psssht does it even matter at this point? You might as well call her like you know her.
  276. Geist: Perhaps, but the one thing Hydra has is that she’s not easily recognizable given her altering appearance...
  278. Fallout: Dude Sephiroy over here got it in like one try.
  280. Geist: ...I get the sense that’s not due to natural causes.
  282. Roy:
  284. > You're half appalled and half impressed at that one from Fallout.
  286. Roy: The clone pincer attack strat paired with the shotgun is a familiar thing to me, but it's kind of a friendly thing at this point. Also I'm gonna go One Winged Angel over here if Sephiroy actually sticks.
  288. > You laugh just a little bit, and look at Geist. Waiting.
  290. Fallout: Man I can think of somebody else who’s used to friendly acts of violence.
  292. Kelvin: ...You?
  294. Fallout: .........shit both of us I guess.
  296. Geist: My name is Lieutenant Geisterauge. I’m a psychologist, but I have field certification in nursing.
  298. Fallout: Awwwwwww dad that’s adorable.
  300. Geist: Please do not.
  301. Fallout: There’s also Viper. She’s outside having a merry old time in her illusion patch guarding the place. If anything comes close, we’re gonna know.
  303. Roy:
  304. > Psychologist
  306. > Nick is not gonna like this
  308. Roy: Oh. That's cool. Right.
  310. Roy:, is that all for introductions then?
  312. Kelvin: Yep!
  314. Fallout: I guess.
  316. Yuliya: I cannot tzink of anyone else.
  317. >roll perception
  319. Roy: Alright then. this the part where I tell you all about the fuckin' prison island executing and chipping supers? Or does that come later?
  321. Geist: the looks of this man here, we have time. I’m going to have to sample under his skin to determine the severity of his burns.
  323. >he’s prepping something that looks electronic and an array of thin scalpels that look tailored to lifting skin without doing excessive damage. He’s mostly focusing on the electronic reader though.
  325. Roy: Uh...alright. That's not gonna hurt him, is it? Going under the skin sounds kinda painful.
  327. Geist: I’m only going to physically need to do that if the readings come back severe. This machine can read epidermal trauma based on cellular damage.
  329. Roy: . . .
  331. Roy: If this follows our general track record you're probably going to want to have those ready.
  333. > There's a little black comedy for you, though there's some definite concern in the comment.
  335. Geist: ...Don’t worry. This is a treatable condition even in severe forms.
  337. >Geist is going to begin working on Nick
  339. Fallout: ......So, you wanna go ahead?
  341. Roy: ...
  343. > Well, that makes you feel a little better, hearing that from Geist. You space out just a little until Fallout gets your attention.
  345. Roy: Oh, right. Sorry. Yeah, it's a little hard to think of a place to start, but I'll try and work with the essentials.
  347. Roy: We all got down here probably, like, less than a week ago. Maybe a week ago. The timescale's a little fuzzy but it was recent...
  349. > Remember.
  351. Roy:, Long Beach, I mean. We got to Long Beach. Turns out, people really don't take kindly to supers down here. We found out they've got this kind of secret police thing going on, badgeless police officers hunting down people with powers. Turns out it's been an issue for the people with abilities around here.
  353. > Turn away from Nick, and begin gathering up the papers you took from the place, along with the vials.
  355. Roy: That was about all we knew about it, until Nick got abducted. I ran off to find him, and long story short, I got drugged and dragged all the way up here to Eureka from Long Beach and thrown into some kind of prison cell on an island. Probably ranks up there as one of the worst places I've woken up in.
  357. Roy: I still don't really know why, but...someone let me and another prisoner out, said something like it was our last chance, or the only chance we'd get. There was a lot of other shit going down too, some ice ghost monster thing was attacking the place. Turns out it wasn't just a prison, but like, a training facility too. We, uh..."talked" to one of the guys who worked there, he said they captured supers, and they chipped the worthwhile ones to make them work for them. We ran into a couple of them, they weren't exactly friendly. The ones who apparently weren't seen as worthwhile got executed. We found an electric chair while we were wandering around.
  359. Fallout: ...Wow and I thought where I was was bad.
  361. Kelvin: Didn’t you... live on a militarized border...?
  363. Fallout: Yes. It like that saying, “the grass is always greener”? Only it works in reverse because the grass is always deader on the other side of the fence.
  365. >Kelvin seems to be taking notes by the by. He’s using a weird tablet that is strapped to the same place on his belt that Wither’s tablet was strapped to hers.
  366. >come to think of it
  367. >that looks a lot like her tablet...
  369. Roy:
  370. > Wow a militarized border doesn't exactly sound good. You frankly feel like that would have to be worse than this but then again you don't know much about living on militarized borders.
  372. Roy: Well, I sto-borrowed some papers from their archives. I couldn't make a lot of sense from them, Jayden made some better sense of them, but maybe you guys might be able to figure out more from them. It's a lot of science stuff. One of those papers seems kind of old, though. I dunno how long this has been going on.
  374. Roy: I've also got some vials of shit they were working on, dunno what any of it is really. The only things I know for sure they had is they had some sort of sedative that apparently kept people unconscious but also provided nutrients for them, and they had a serum that wakes people up from it, but I'm not sure if any of these vials are either of those.
  376. Roy: All that aside, we've got another problem - one of us is still the-. . .
  378. > Wait a second that tablet looks familiar what the fuck
  380. Roy: that Wi-Life Alert's tablet?
  382. Yuliya: I knew tzere vas a reason I loved you.
  384. >Fallout pulls on some gloves to handle the things you brought.
  386. Fallout: Yeah, man, that took some balls... your fingerprints are probably all over this shit so I’ll have to take them so we can filter them out. ‘Scool, though.
  388. Kelvin: ........gotcha, I gotcha so far. Man, that’s messed. So they captured supers and trained them... Did they have any “hallmark coercion tactics”, whatever that means...?
  390. Fallout: Not a clue.
  392. Geist: Methods of forcing people to obey them, essentially.
  394. Kelvin: Ah.
  396. Fallout: Gotcha.
  398. >Kelvin blinks.
  400. Kelvin: Uuuuuuh no, this is my tablet...? They’re standard issue.
  401. >Looking around, you see that every member of the strike team indeed has a tablet.
  403. Roy: Oh.
  405. > Dumbass.
  407. Roy: Right. I guess that kind of makes sense. Man, you guys get equipment and shit...
  409. > Maybe you should've gone to Glasgow.
  411. Roy: Methods of forcing them, though...the chip, I think. Havel said it went in the brain and kept them from "misusing" their powers. Dunno much more than that, but I think the chip's the factor that forces them to obey.
  413. Roy: Before I got distracted, though, I was gonna say. We all got out, except one of us. She's probably still there. Her name's Abi, she's...well, she's technically an AI, but she's super advanced. She's basically a full-fledged person, and she stayed behind to take care of some things, but she's not responding anymore.
  415. Fallout: Oh, so she’s like Enigma. That’s cool.
  417. Yuliya: >standing< Let’s go get her.
  419. Geist: Waitwaitwait...
  420. Kelvin: Brain chip..... no-no punishment functions... got it.
  422. Roy: Enigma?
  424. Fallout: Enigma’s the AI in charge of security and regulation on campus. Doesn’t really talk much, but you can message them and they’ll respond.
  426. Roy: Oh...huh. That's pretty cool...there's another AI these guys have we're trying to help too. His name is Embed, they made some sort of robot body that they trapped him in and they use him for stuff like hunting down supers or other things. I think. Apparently they can trap other AIs, but I guess not Abi. Apparently they were going to use Nick to try and make the chips and the AI trapping thing stronger, but I don't think they got the chance...hopefully.
  428. Kelvin: ...Hoooo boy.
  430. Fallout: ...So wait, we can’t send Hydra, right? She has the gun, that thing’s connected to Enigma.
  432. Geist: Enigma can’t be reached remotely though normal means... it’s connection to secondary ports like the gun are one-way, meaning the gun doesn’t send anything to Enigma.
  434. Fallout: Oh.
  436. Geist: Granted, I’m not a tech engineer. I only know what I’ve been told. I think you, Hydra, and Viper will be the best scouting party for this, but we can’t make any hasty moves. An entire facility is beyond three people.
  438. Fallout: Right.
  439. >That sounded sarcastic.
  441. Roy: I think you're forgetting someone for the scouting party.
  443. Fallout: Eh?
  445. Roy:
  446. > Point at yourself.
  448. Roy: How about someone who was just there? Someone that was running around that place for a pretty good amount of time? Someone that knows the general layout and what to expect?
  450. Kelvin: ....uuuuh....
  452. Fallout: Oh god no not one of these
  454. Geist: Inadvisable.
  456. Yuliya: Vhy do you vant to die?
  458. Roy:
  459. > Look over at Yuliya.
  461. Roy: I'm appalled that you think I could die that easily.
  463. > Look back to the others.
  465. Roy: Look, I'm fine, and I know my way around there. Why go in blind when you've got someone right here that can help?
  467. > By the way that towel around his waist probably has a nice red splotch from that bloody side of his.
  469. >Yea i was about to say
  471. >Fallout immediately points at that /SHOT
  472. Yuliya: I never said it vould be easy. From vhat I heard it vould be slow and painful.
  474. Roy: I don't do anything slowly, but I won't argue painfully. Look...
  476. > Look down at your side for a second.
  478. Roy: This is, like...nothing. It'll be fine, I'm pretty sure it's stopped bleeding anyways. I think. I can take care of myself too, it's not like anyone's gonna have to look out for me. And what happens if you run into Abi and she doesn't trust you enough to go with you?
  480. Fallout: That mentality is how good people get blown up. Speaking from experience.
  482. Kelvin: .........We pull out our identification cards? And licenses?
  484. >they all produce valid licenses
  486. Yuliya: ...I don’t know, I’m convinced.
  488. Kelvin: Hydra pls
  490. Roy: And what if that isn't enough? Who knows if she even knows what those are supposed to look like? If you can't fully guarantee that you're with us, you can't fully guarantee she'll come back with you, and I doubt you'll be able to force her to if she decides not to.
  492. Fallout: ...Did you say she’s an AI? Like. Access to computers AI? Direct connection to the biggest collection of knowledge in existence AI?
  494. Roy: Yeah, and I'm sure she'll just casually take 5 to look up and verify that information while she's back there with all that other shit being around. If she even has an internet connection currently.
  496. > Sarcasm.
  498. Fallout: ...Why are you so insistent about going back to a place that is looking for you and will capture you if given the chance?? What would you do if you did go back and the bad odds panned out??
  500. Kelvin: I mean... I think I get where you’re coming from. But we’re outfitted for this. This is our job, coming here and keeping you and your friends out of further danger. You’d actually be doing better by letting us handle this, and you don’t have to risk everything that’s important to you to do it.
  502. Roy: ...if any one of you guys had to leave someone from your team behind to make sure everyone else got out fine, would you be completely alright putting them in some other group's hands? No matter how capable, or official?
  504. Roy: She told me to take everyone and go without her, and I did. I got them back here, and now there's people who know a whole lot better than I do how to take care of them.
  506. > Gesture to Geist.
  508. Roy: But now she needs help, and I can't just sit back and hope everything goes alright. You're not the only ones who are outfitted for this. I survived in Australia while that place was fucked up, and I escaped this place drugged, locked up, and without having any of my shit to start with. You let me go back there prepared this time and I'll be just fine.
  510. Fallout: ...whatever. Suit yourself then.
  512. >Kelvin gives her a frustrated look.
  514. Kelvin: ...I mean... We’re not trying to offend you here... a lot of us here are coming from the same place, with people needing help and not a lot of resources to do it. Things might be different if we could guarantee your life, but we can’t. We can’t even guarantee ours. Would you want to bring you in our position...?
  516. Roy: No. I wouldn't. But I'd probably note that leaving someone this stubborn behind, they might not give it up, and I might have to do something about that so they don't run off and try to do something on their own. So. What are you gonna do?
  518. > This doesn't exactly seem like a rhetorical question, it seems more genuine actually.
  520. >You’ve made Kelvin visibly sad. You’ve made Fallout visibly disappointed. Yuliya shrugs.
  522. Yuliya: I vill take you.
  524. Geist: Hydra, protocol...
  526. Yuliya: Vat is protocol.
  528. Roy: ...
  530. > Well, that's not the answer you were looking for, but it's not the answer you weren't looking for either. You look disappointed as well.
  532. Roy: I appreciate it, but no. I'm not going. Last time I left him alone like this, he woke up, freaked out and did some rash shit. Can't leave that guy alone for a minute.
  534. > Gesture to Nick, half-joking, before looking back to Kelvin and Fallout.
  536. Roy: You know I'm not asking you to, like, physically hold me down or restrain me to keep me from going, right? We have a lot of people after us. I mean, a lot. Madmen, scientists, maybe a mob, these guys, a psychic. I might even go as far to say we're being hunted. When you guys go in there, if you even find Abi, you're not gonna find a victim of some crisis just looking to throw herself into the arms of her rescuer. You're probably gonna find someone who's very cautious about who they trust. Licenses can be faked, maybe that's unlikely, but still. If that's your one trick to get her to come with you and it doesn't work, then...
  538. Roy: ...look, I know I'm being an ass. I'll cooperate with you, but I need to know you've got a back-up just in case she doesn't just trust the license. And whether that's me going too, or you guys start asking the right questions and you ask me if there's anything you can say to her, or any information you can tell her that has to have come from me...I just need you to convince me that you're gonna be able to help her.
  540. Roy:, really, I need you to because I don't need a repeat of the hospital with Nick if I'm not here.
  542. Fallout: She could talk to Enigma.
  544. >everybody on the strike team stares into the abyss for a moment, as if simultaneously experiencing a nam flashback.
  546. Kelvin: That’s... true.......... Enigma could validate our credentials..........
  548. >his voice is the sound of eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh
  550. Fallout: Besides, you’re being a bit patronizing about this. Even if she’s a difficult person, we’re just as capable of doing what we need to do. Why do you think we’re less than you, we have badges and we weren’t trained on the streets???
  552. Kelvin: Pretty sure that’s not what he said, Fall.
  554. Fallout: Its not a direct quote but it’s the message I’m getting. And it’s wrong. This world is full of terrible people doing terrible things to more people; these five or so people aren’t the only ones being persecuted.
  556. Weiß: Do you need do go outside and take five? This isn’t the kind of place to bring those thoughts up.
  558. >Fallout sighs heavily.
  560. Fallout: No. Maybe, yes. I dunno. I just don’t get why people think that because I’m wearing a badge suddenly I’m not capable of doing anything. It should be the opposite!!!
  562. Weiß: We’re also strangers in a strange place.
  564. Fallout: ...yeah I guess.
  566. Roy:
  567. > Well, looks like Doc Giggles is handling things and calming things down. All is well.
  569. Willpower > 1
  571. > Except you haven't gotten any sleep in the past day, and you've had Jayden poking and prodding you all night.
  573. Roy: Wow. Okay. Cool. Good to know that when you go on these kinds of mission, your second instinct is to pull the "There's children starving in Africa" card on people who are just trying to make sure you have the best possible chance of saving their friend, your first instinct being to get into a dick measuring contest on why you're better than us and why we should fuck off and do nothing. Yeah, like we don't know there's plenty of other people out there in the world being persecuted. I could name an entire gang worth of suffering people we've met here in California, let alone anyone else we haven't met yet that's being persecuted somewhere else in the world. Thing is, you could actually help one or more of those people who's still in trouble now, or y'know, we can just keep wasting time going on about how much better you are than someone who got trained on the streets. Y'know, hey. If it means anything, I think you should go outside and take five, but that's just me, so you can take that with a grain of salt like you've taken pretty much anything else I've said so far.
  575. > All of this is specifically said to and directed at Fallout, you're kind of ignoring the rest of the team right now.
  577. Fallout > Pause
  579. > Engage blood pressure
  581. >You don’t really know what you’re doing here at this point, and everything’s going red and white. It wasn’t supposed to be like that. It wasn’t supposed to be a bad thing. You’re just tired of everything being so complicated. You’re sick of being under people’s control, you’re sick of people not understanding, you’re sick of everybody being shitty to each other. You are also aware of the intense irony of you being sick of all these things, when your attitude clearly promotes it.
  583. >You... you didn’t come here to be like this. Yet here you are.
  585. >No matter what you do, your fighting is futile, futile, futile. You’ve never once been able to save yourself.
  587. >Guess you’ll give up. You gave up when your home was attacked, you gave up when people tried to cut you open over and over again, why wouldn’t you give up now? At least now it’s the big thing to do. At least now... you could actually be doing something by giving up.
  589. Fallout: .......I would, but. I can’t.
  591. Yuliya > adjust your attention immediately to your new friend, who’s head is looking fit to pop.
  593. Yuliya: I vill take you.
  595. Fallout: No, it’s a bad idea for that many of us to break off. I’ll just stop talking.
  597. Yuliya >That makes sense.
  599. Yuliya: Okay.
  600. Weiß: ...When I’m done here, we could talk privately.
  602. Fallout: No.
  604. Fallout: ...Maybe. Okay.
  606. >Better than not doing anything about it, you guess.
  608. Roy: ...
  610. > Well, shit. You were kind of hoping she'd go step out and take five because you feel like you kind of need that five, but if she's gonna shut up you guess that works too.
  612. Roy: ...well, whatever then. I guess I don't really have anything else to say, unless anyone's got questions.
  614. > Consider.
  616. Roy: ...well, actually I could probably give you some specifics on what to expect at that place as far as dangerous shit goes. Weaponry, chipped supers I saw and their abilities, that stuff.
  618. > Tension in the room appears to be pretty high. As things in the room got heated, your irritated voices leaked through the walls. While unintelligible to the outside, they’ve definitely grabbed attention. Roy makes his offer, but before anybody has the opportunity to respond three swift knocks sound from the door. <
  620. Roy: . . .
  622. > Fuck. That's not pizza. At least you don't think.
  624. > Be conscientious to keep your voice low.
  626. Roy: ...well if that's not any of the team, then me and Jayden should probably get that excuse us please.
  628. Weiß: Hold on... I’m getting a message from our lookout post.
  629. Weiß: They said... there’s a police officer approaching. Perhaps we got a noise complaint...?
  630. Weiß: Are there any identifying marks of trouble I should tell them to look out for?
  632. Roy: . . .
  634. > Fuck x2
  636. Roy: Can they check for a badge? There's these badgeless officers that've been working for the asshats on that island, bringing people in for them.
  638. Weiß: ......They confirmed a badge and sent a scan. ...The seal on the badge matches the Eureka Police’s most recent seal on file. It’s legitimate.
  639. Weiß: They said there was no trouble on the officer’s entry, either.
  641. Roy: Alright...that's good, but also we probably shouldn't get too involved with Police because we might have stirred up a little trouble and also we just escaped the other guys. Also Long Beach was pretty unfriendly to supers in general, but I dunno about Eureka.
  643. Roy: That said we should probably do something about the door.
  645. Weiß: I can’t answer while I’m working, unfortunately...
  647. Kelvin: I could. I’ve been told I’m pretty normal-looking.
  648. > The door sounds once more with a harder knock <
  650. Kelvin: And by that I mean Venemous told me I’m as plain as milk.
  652. Roy: I don't know if that's a compliment or not but go for it, sure.
  654. Kelvin: I like to think it’s her own kind of compliment.
  656. >Kelvin goes to the door and opens it just enough to peek his head out.
  658. Kelvin: Hello, sorry for the delay. I wasn’t expecting visitors. Can I help you?
  660. > You open the door ever so slightly to peek out at the officer. A blonde woman stands at the door with a pair of shades on, she appears to be chewing gum.  It doesn't take a perception check to know she's armed with tasers, a gun, a walkie talkie, and so on. If you wish to try to look her over for anything else, make a perception check along with a stealth check to avoid her noticing you. <
  662. Officer: Hello sir, why don't you open the door a little more and step outside for a moment so we can speak?
  665. > If you step outside and open the door any more you're going to need to make a stealth check
  667. Kelvin: Sure thing.
  669. >He opens the door enough to let himself out, and then pulls it shut a little with his his fingers as he goes out. Not all the way, just enough to mask the dying guy on the bed. Fallout is visible. With his gear off, he’s just wearing a plain white t-shirt and some grey jogging pants.
  671. > You can notice that she's leaning to try to see around you. You're not sure what she saw, but her demeanor doesn't change.
  673. Officer: Alright sir, I'm Officer King with the EPD, who might you be?
  675. Kelvin: My codename is Cadet Kelvin, I’m a private investigator with the Royal Marines. Glasgow 3rd Batallion. I’m here on a diplomatic visa.
  677. >He produces his ID, hero ID, and a visa with the seal of the Royal Marines. All check out to be valid
  679. > Officer King seems to be a bit surprised by the response. She glances down at the identification then looks back up to you. She was relaxed before, but this seems to have sparked something that makes her look a little more interested in you in particular. <
  681. King: A private investigator...
  682. > she nods as she speaks and checks the ID. She doesn't bother verifying the information.
  683. King: What exactly is someone like you doing with three drunkards who had a little too much over night then?
  685. Kelvin > p r o c e s s
  687. Kelvin: Pardon... who are you referring to?
  689. King: . . .
  690. King: Mind telling me what's going on here?
  692. Kelvin: My colleagues and I just arrived to meet up with a few contacts in this area. Maybe they’re who you’re referring to? They’re a bit... uh, well. Eccentric. One of them is passed out on the bed now; our medic is tending to him.
  694. King: Uh-huh...a medic huh? If someone's in danger, wouldn't it be better to take them to a hospital?
  696. Kelvin: It’s a sensitive situation; bringing them to a public hospital would further compromise their safety at this time. I’m not permitted to breach their privacy unless they give consent, and he did not consent. Our medic is outfitted with emergency medical gear equivalent to that you’d find in a standard emergency room, so providing the care he needs is well within our abilities.
  697. Kelvin: It’s a sensitive situation; bringing them to a public hospital would further compromise their safety at this time. I’m not permitted to breach their privacy unless they give consent, and he did not consent. Our medic is outfitted with emergency medical gear equivalent to that you’d find in a standard emergency room, so providing the care he needs is well within our abilities.
  698. Kelvin: It’s a sensitive situation; bringing them to a public hospital would further compromise their safety at this time. I’m not permitted to breach their privacy unless they give consent, and he did not consent. Our medic is outfitted with emergency medical gear equivalent to that you’d find in a standard emergency room, so providing the care he needs is well within our abilities.
  700. King: And what exactly is that situation? We can have guards posted around them if something's really wrong.  I'm going to need you to be nice and clear with me here and stop leading me around. What's going on and why are you here? The manager only accepted payment for three adults and I'm getting the idea here that there's far more than that...
  701. > Noah as she's speaking, you're getting the idea that she doesn't really mean some of what she's saying. Her talk of guards being posted seemed a bit off, as if she didn't actually intend to do that.
  703. Kelvin: All due respect, officer. I’ve disclosed all I can. My superiors dispatched myself and my team of 3 to meet up with our contacts here. I apologize for not paying the room fee, we weren’t planning to be here much longer than a few hours. There are three other adults with me currently.
  705. King: Well, can I speak with one of your contacts?
  707. Kelvin: Let me ask them.
  709. >He turns around and peaks back in.
  711. Kelvin: Any takers? >to Roy and Jayden<
  713. Jayden: Fuck no
  715. Roy > Maybe this says more about you but you're mortified by Kelvin's honesty. Then again, maybe this is the power of actually having the authority to be places.
  717. > Also something about an Officer King seems familiar to you. Like, you're pretty sure it's on the tip of your tongue.
  719. Roy: Uh...fuck, sure. I'll be right out...does anyone have a shirt...?
  721. Jayden: Not me.
  722. > Absolutely has a shirt on
  724. Roy > Stare at Jayden's clothed and with-shirt-on body
  725. Roy: ...okay fine I'm just coming over.
  727. > Head for the door.
  729. > If you open the door any further you're going to need a stealth check.
  731. Roy > You'll try and pretty much mimic Kelvin, open the door just enough to step out, and try to shut it a little.
  732. Stealth > 2
  734. > King once again attempts to get a look inside by leaning, you still don't know if she saw anything. She looks to Kelvin, as if she expects him to leave Roy alone with her <
  735. >he does not kek
  737. King: ....Alone?
  739. >Kelvin regards Roy
  741. Kelvin: Are you alright with that?
  743. Roy: . . .
  745. > Are you?
  747. > Test the waters before you give an answer.
  749. Roy: You're officer...king, right?
  751. King: Correct.
  752. > She seems to have looked at Roy strangely, but that's to be expected when you walk out of a room with nothing but a bloody towel
  754. Roy > The bullet wounds, skin grafts and silver dyed hair probably aren't helping.
  756. Roy: ...yeah okay sure, I'm fine with it.
  758. > Regard Kelvin
  760. Roy: Just, ah...keep an ear out if I'm getting horrifically murdered or something, right?
  762. King > Visible confusion and offense
  764. >He nods back in response.
  766. Kelvin: Alright then. My ears are attached to my head, but I’ll do my best on that last one.
  768. >he nudges Roy discretely as he leaves them.
  770. Roy: A'ight, cool. I'll just be out here.
  772. > Look back to Officer King. Stare. Wait for conversation.
  774. > Continue to forget that your clothes are with your belongings inside.
  776. King: . . .
  777. > King speaks at a much quieter volume
  778. King: How about we go talk over that way?
  779. > She refers to farther down the isle of doors with a nod of her head, closer to the lobby.
  781. Roy:
  782. > That's suspicious. You feel like forces beyond your knowledge would agree with you.
  784. > Also speak quieter.
  786. Roy: Why?
  788. King: A little privacy.
  789. > Roll perception
  791. Roy:
  792. Perception > 2
  794. King: They'll still hear you if you want to call out for help, but I would rather we speak over there.
  796. Roy:
  797. > Okay I believe you
  799. > Jk
  801. Roy: Alright, uh. Look. It's been a long day for me. So I'm gonna have to ask again on that why because that doesn't sound like a reason we have to talk away from everyone.
  803. King: If I told you then it'd defeat the purpose. If you feel like I'm a threat then what can I do to help that?
  805. Roy: ...can I have your taser?
  807. Roy: Kidding. Kidding. You know what, sure. This is fine. We can talk over there.
  809. King: Real funny.
  810. > She doesn't laugh.
  812. King: Alright, come on.
  813. > She starts off leading the way
  815. Roy:
  816. > Follow.
  818. Roy: I just want you to know that even though I'm doing this, this is still like really shady and suspicious. Just, like, if you end up tasing me or something I just want you to know I called it.
  820. King: holy shit I'm n o t tasing you.
  821. > Her tone gives off exasperation, as if she's answered this question a thousand times.
  822. > the Strike Team can no longer hear Roy/King at a normal speaking volume unless they do something
  824. >the lookout post is in the hall
  826. > in that case only that specific one can
  828. Roy: Well alright, fine, what do you want then?
  830. King: I wanted to know if those people were giving you some fuckin' problems
  832. Roy: What
  834. King: You don't just ASK victims if someone's giving them problems in front of the suspect, that's asking to be lied to.
  836. Roy:
  838. > You appear dumbfounded
  840. Roy: What
  842. King: What do you mean "What"?
  843. > Her tone contains a lot more emotion to it than when she was speaking to Kelvin, mostly annoyance
  845. Roy: Well...I mean...shit, I dunno. That just kind of caught me by surprise. Uh, no though, I'm not a victim or anything.
  847. King: So what's with the bloody towel?
  849. Roy: I accidentally fell on some broken glass and stabbed myself. Well, it wasn't broken before I fell but I mean it was broken after.
  850. Charm > 2
  852. King: Alright, then what's the deal with the medic situation?
  854. Roy: Someone else got hurt worse and needed more help.
  856. King: Why not go to a hospital?
  858. Roy: They have a lot of burns and I didn't have a way to move them without agitating them?
  860. King: Ambulence?
  862. Roy: That costs money?
  864. King: . . . How'd you both get hurt?
  866. Roy: ...that's classified intelligence?
  868. King: What's your name?
  870. Roy: David Chumly?
  872. King: . . .
  874. King: You're absolutely sure?
  876. Roy: Are you asking me if I'm sure about my own name?
  878. King: You framed it like a question. If I run your fingerprints, are they going to come back "David Chumly"
  880. Roy: Why are you running my fingerprints?
  882. King: That's classified intelligence.
  884. Roy: You know if you let me hold the taser you could have gotten my fingerprints.
  886. King: That's a good way to lose my badge
  888. Roy: They take your badge away for letting someone hold your taser under your supervision?
  890. King: You don't just hand out equipment to people.
  891. > Her tone shifts to a more defensive one. You get the idea there's more to it than that.
  893. Roy: Uh-huh. Right. What's your name again? Last name King, but what's the first name?
  895. King: Sherry, Sherry King.  Okay, look, "David", I have reason to believe you're involved in some pretty serious stuff. I'm trying to help you here. I just need you to be a little honest with me in return.
  897. Roy: ...alright, and how exactly are you looking to "help" me?
  899. King: I haven't gotten that far.
  900. King: But I'll get there if I can find out what's going on
  902. Roy: You're saying you think I'm involved in serious stuff, but you don't know what's going on? What do you think is going on?
  904. King: I can't just go around making accusations or telling random people without some concrete evidence.  I just know you might be involved and I need to confirm whether you are or not so I can get some answers.
  906. Roy: Well I don't know what I am or am not involved in, so I can't really answer that?
  908. King: ...Do you have short term memory loss or something???
  910. Roy: No? Look, it's like...I'm not about to run off every single little detail about my day to see if any of that has to do with what you're looking for. How about you let me know what you're looking for, and I'll let you know if I'm involved?
  911. Charm > 4 + 2 > 6 (resolve)
  913. Sherry > She seems hesitant and frustrated, but ultimately she seem to give a little.
  914. Sherry: Alright, do I describe this...there's-something sketchy going on with the PD and I'm trying to investigate it.  I don't know what, but I know you and your friends have had some kind of interaction that's caused things to go on high alert. I'm technically supposed to be arresting you right now just for seeing you, but I'm a generous person so I decided to hear what you had to say.
  916. Roy:
  917. Perception > 4
  918. Roy: ...something sketchy with the PD. Isn't it supposed to be dangerous for people to investigate their own dirty PD or something?
  920. Sherry > Shrug
  921. Sherry: That doesn't stop a King.
  923. Roy: business, huh?
  924. Charm > 4
  926. Sherry: Kinda. You going to answer me or not?
  928. Roy: Well, deal's a deal I guess. Yeah. There's something sketchy with the PD.
  930. Sherry > Appears to be waiting for you to elaborate
  932. Roy: What? There's a whole group of badgeless police officers hunting down people with powers? Bringing them to a facility to test on them? Executing them? I don't know what to tell you.
  934. Sherry: Hold up what now?
  936. Roy: Okay so I'm guessing you really had no clue where to start before.
  938. Sherry: That's...quite a big accusation.
  940. Roy: Yep.
  941. Roy: I was at one of their facilities and I grabbed some weird vials and papers and shit, but they're not in my non-existent towel pockets.
  943. Sherry: ...and what you want me to go with you into a room full of who knows how many people to go look at them?
  945. Roy: Nah. I mean, I kind of already handed them off, but I could go ask for them to show you...gonna be honest, though. You're either lying to me and you're involved and trying to figure out how much I know, in which case, this is nothing new. Or you're telling the truth, and frankly, you might want to sit this one out if that's the case. Let other people handle it.
  947. Sherry: . . .
  948. > She looks at you in utter disbelief, as if you just suggested the answer was to kill the president.
  950. Sherry: If this is all true there's no way in hell I could just sit aside and twiddle my thumbs like a damn child.
  951. > Hello that seemed to strike a nerve with her. She's becoming even more irritated.
  953. Roy:
  954. > Be aware of the irony that you're trying to argue that someone should sit something out.
  956. Roy: Look...there's a lot going on here, alright? I'll go back and ask for the stuff to show you, but I'm telling you now, you should keep your involvement to a minimum. Don't, like...twiddle your thumbs, but don't Rambo this shit.
  958. Sherry: What the hell do you take me for?
  960. Roy: I don't like to assume anymore.
  962. Sherry: Feels kinda like you're making assumptions right about now
  964. Roy: Okay, fair. Just don't want you getting hurt is all.
  966. Sherry: I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.
  968. Roy: ...alright I'll be right back.
  970. > Time to head back to the room.
  972. Sherry > Is going to follow you close to the door, but is sure to keep a distance.
  974. Roy: ...are you following me from an attempted reasonable distance?
  976. Sherry: Is that bothering you?
  978. Roy: Isn't it supposed to?
  980. Sherry: If I'm stalking you, yes.
  982. Roy: Are you stalking me now?
  984. Sherry: Well not anymore now that I'm talking to you
  986. Roy: Is this your first time stalking or is this how your stalking usually go?
  988. Sherry: Are you going to go get the supposed evidence or is there going to be a problem here?
  990. Roy: Y'know I'm not 100% sure on how this works but I'm pretty sure this is out of your jurisdiction, and besides, you're kind of going up against your own PD here. I'm not sure bringing me in would help you much at this point.
  992. Roy: But yes, I'm gonna go get it.
  994. Sherry: Oh yes let me just make wild accusations to higher authorities without solid evidence. That'll go GREAT.
  996. Roy: Okay, that's fair but I didn't say I was letting you keep this evidence. It's already these guys' stuff now.
  998. Sherry: Are you just stalling or what?
  1000. Roy > Enter the motel room once more.
  1002. Roy:
  1003. > Begin addressing the room.
  1005. Roy: ...uh, so. Long story short, police officer that's trying to check out corruption in her department wants to see the evidence I nabbed from that island and is probably gonna get herself super involved. Mind if I see that evidence back for a little bit so she can take a look?
  1007. allout: ......uh
  1009. Weiß: Alright, but in the interest of privacy and safety, I’ve got to ask that you look at it in a closed room. Preferably in here, so that she can’t easily leave with it.
  1011. Roy > Consider this for a moment: Nick never actually told you what happened to Darren King. He kind of just stopped after talking about the other two and the highway accident and never got around to that one. What are the odds that this person thinks Nick would be in on it and would recognize him?
  1013. Roy: ...hmmmm. Right. That's awkward. Okay.
  1015. > C'mon think of something.
  1017. Roy: ...I'll be right back.
  1019. > Exit the motel room.
  1020. Roy > Locate Sherry. Is she just standing where he left her or has she moved?
  1022. Sherry > Is right where she was. She's looking at you and your empty hands with intense disapproval.
  1024. Roy: Okay, so we've got a slight complication. They said that if you're gonna look at it, you've gotta do it in there.
  1026. Sherry > She raises an eyebrow at you behind the shades and says nothing. You don't need a perception check to know she's not happy with that.
  1028. Roy: What, do you want me to go pick-pocket it from the people taking care of me and my friends or something? I don't know what to tell you.
  1030. Sherry: I don't know what to tell you either, it's damn stupid for me to go in there. In fact, it's stupid of me to even BE here right now, yet here I fuckin' am, but even I have a limit on my idiocy.
  1032. Roy: I'm not saying you're wrong, but it does put us at kind of a stand-still. I'm really not trying to brush you off, I'd love to see the right people get their hands on this evidence and stop this shit from going on, but this whole being organized and going through the right channels thing is a lot harder than I thought it'd be.
  1034. Sherry: Yes because giving important documents and evidence to a foreign P.I.s is absolutely the right channels go through. Unless you've got the FBI in there, I'm going to need to confiscate those documents.
  1036. Roy: ...doesn't that involve going in the room anyways?
  1038. Sherry: Who says I'd be the one to go in?
  1040. Roy:
  1041. Perception > 3 + 2 > 5 (resolve)
  1043. > This woman bluffing
  1045. Roy: ...riiiiight. You and the department you're currently looking into? I mean, look, I don't imagine you'd be here in the first place if you didn't already have your own suspicions, evidence or not. So whether you believe me or not, I think we both know something's up.
  1047. Sherry: I'm sorry, since when did I say I was working alone? I have friends too y'know. The PD isn't the only place I can have friends that do things.
  1049. Roy: I'm pretty sure you're working alone right now.
  1051. Sherry: What makes you say that?
  1053. Roy: It's just a hunch, I kind of feel like it goes with the kind of rogue thing you've got going on here. Anyways, look. I can't show you the evidence without you going in there, but I still want to help you out here. What else can I do? Maybe I can try and point you towards some leads to look into?
  1055. > She pauses for a moment to consider your offer. She seems incredibly frustrated at this point, but she speaks up.
  1057. Sherry: Alright Fine. What do you got?
  1059. Roy: ...well, it's not gonna be easy. I think a lot of the people that got picked up by them are vagrants, people that wouldn't really have missing persons reports filed for them, that kind of stuff. But, one of the guys that escaped with me and went his separate ways is named Danny, from San Diego I guess. Didn't get a last name that I recall. Theodore's involved, that guy that...I think he sponsored some old science labs? Ran them maybe? I know the facility had a Dr.Havel working there, you could look into that guy. Oh, and reports or rumors of a weird robot cat-like thing seen around the area. They've been using it to hunt down people with powers.
  1061. Sherry > Picks out a notebook and starts writing this down. As she finishes, she speaks up.
  1063. Sherry: Alright. I'll look into that...but if I get attacked it's your ass i'm coming for.
  1065. Roy: Excuse me? Yeah, you start poking your nose into this stuff and messing with the wrong people, you're probably gonna get attacked. That's why I was saying you shouldn't.
  1066. Roy: But apparently a King never backs down or some shit, whatever.
  1068. Sherry: Kings also get revenge against anyone who sends them into a damn trap. So if I find out you're fucking with me, imma fucks with you.
  1070. Roy:
  1071. Perception > 3
  1072. Roy: Do Kings have an entire written code? And anyways, how are you even gonna know that it's a trap? What if you just get attacked for looking into shit and I didn't know?
  1074. Sherry:  Yes, and I'll know it's a trap when I get one of the fucks who do it to squeal. So if you're not sending me into a trap then you've got nothing to worry about.
  1076. Roy: I still think this is a horrible idea for you to just run off on your own to go check this shit out, isn't there like another King on the police force you can call up to help or something?
  1078. Sherry: No, but I'll be fine.
  1079. > She's getting irritated again, then again at this point she just seems to be 90% angry.
  1081. Roy: ...well alright, but what if you worked together with us or something?
  1082. Charm > 0
  1084. Sherry:  Until I can verify ANY of these claims, I can only assume innocent until proven guilty.  I don't know who or what you are, but if I'm going to find out what's going on, i'm going to do it reliably without even a hint of potential bias affected the case.
  1086. Roy: Uh, the what I am part might be a little unnecessary but alright, cool, cool. You want a way to contact me if you find anything or have any questions or whatever?
  1088. Sherry: What's your phone number...and your real name?
  1090. Roy: Alright, fair enough. My real name's Roy, and my number is...
  1092. > Insert number here
  1094. Sherry: Last name?
  1096. Roy:
  1098. > Fuck how do you get out of this, what would you say if you were some edgy loner type trying to not give out personal information?
  1100. Roy: That's classified intelligence. Last thing I need is to put anyone back home in danger. Be safe, be careful, g'day.
  1102. > Turn and head back for the motel door.
  1104. > You can briefly see a look of disbelief and annoyance before you leave, but she doesn't pursue. Congratulations, you managed to get her to leave.
  1106. Roy:
  1107. > Re-enter the motel room, stretch out.
  1109. Roy: Alright well she's gone now.
  1111. > as a note, Nick has awakened, but not said anything/done anything to attract attention as he's still out of it if you want to do anything with that.
  1112. > Roy's probably just entering the room and sitting down somewhere until something happens or anyone asks him anything, maybe go hang out with the kitten, check his phone
  1113. > The kitten will remember this
  1115. Roy:
  1116. > Also go retrieve your clothes you completely forgot about and put them on
  1118. > Things settle down a little as you wait for...well, whatever you’re waiting for. Jayden keeps to himself, the kitten enjoys the attention, the Strike Team does whatever they do. I can only presume that some of them went off to investigate the island or look for Abi? Either way. Nothing has occurred in the hotel. Nick’s awoken, but he hasn’t said a word to anybody. He stares off into the ceiling without even a peep or reaction. Tiberus would have definitely noticed given he’s working on Nick, but every one else is free to decide whether or not they do.
  1120. > Roy you haven’t received a response from Hisae for a while. The meme-war has ceased with you as the last shot. Either Hisae has accepted defeat or they got a little busy with something. Getting food perhaps? It’s around 11am to 12am, so as far as you know they should be there at any minute.
  1122. > It’s been a few hours since Sherry dropped by, but nobody’s really bothered you since she came. Not even the manager who supposedly complained about the extra bodies in the room. One thing’s for certain though, you’ve probably been bored out of your god damn mind with all of this nothing going on.
  1124. > Then, suddenly, a miracle! A text!
  1126. Unknown Number
  1127. Hey numbnut, you didn’t give me last names so it’s taking me forever and a half. I’ve found like-four different fkin Dannys in San Diego's system alone. You gonna give me a hand here or am I going to have to come back and gut it out of you? ;D
  1129. Roy:
  1130. > Oh fuck a text. It's an unknown number, but from context clues you're pretty sure it's Sherry.
  1132. Roy Text:
  1133. Oh hey. Sorry to burst your bubble but gutting me's not gonna give you anything there. I never actually got Danny's last name, things were complicated, but I'll try and give you some better context. He was doing some party tricks involving smoke rings and somebody called the police on him claiming it was some sort of super power or magic. Then the cops came in and scooped him up. Any records on a Danny from San Diego with that sort of description?
  1135. Sherry Text:
  1136. Lmao sorry, habit. I can't get into specific case reports without proper reason, but I can look at the system for any missing persons or warrants. Any of these fit the bill?
  1138. Danny Wixx - Missing Person - 35 year old African American reported over a month ago. Last seen being dragged into a white van with no license plate. Brown hair and brown eyes.
  1140. Danny Winslow - Warrant for homicide - 22 year old Caucasian filed over 24 hours ago.  Blonde hair and blue eyes. Information is still being processed, there is no last seen info.
  1142. Danny Bryant - Warrant for indecent exposure and suspected prostitution - 24 year old Caucasian filed less than a week ago. Bald with blue eyes. Last seen on the corner of Front St. holding a sign "Looking for a good time"
  1144. Danny Moretti - Missing Person - 9 years old Caucasian blonde with blue eyes filed 13 years ago. Last seen during house fire on 1751 47th St, fled from authorities on the scene and potential suspect of arson.
  1146. Roy Text:
  1147. Do you work with people like me and threaten to gut them often?
  1150. Anyways, I'm gonna say it should be Moretti, but I won't lie, it could be Winslow. Should check Moretti first. He's a blonde, he's a drifter, and he didn't seem the murdery-type to me. He was more of a flighter than a fighter. Then again, that could be falsified, but still. His "thing" is bending smoke, and like I said, he's a drifter, so Moretti seems like it fits best.
  1152. Sherry Text:
  1153. Usually they need it so yea lmao
  1155. Really? Moretti's a cold case. I only included him for the sake of being thorough 'bout it. I'll give it a look, but I don't know if I'll be able to find shit about a kid that went missing 13 years ago.
  1157. Roy Text:
  1158. Guess you should be thankful I'm one of the easier ones to work with then. That's convenient, though. If he's a cold case it'd make it much easier to take him in and ship him off to some bullshit island to be studied or executed. They deemed him to be useless so I think he was slated for execution. Anyways, I'd also look for anyone of a similar description in the area who got picked up. I doubt they'd have left any records easily findable but hey maybe you'll find something.
  1160. Sherry Text:
  1161. Yeah i think i'll save the whole 'be thankful' thing for when this mess is cleaned up and i'm still breathing. For now u can have a thumb.
  1162. [thumb up emoji]
  1164. Roy Text:
  1165. I'll accept it. Just make sure you focus on that keep breathing part, it'd suck if anything happened. By the way, I don't think I mentioned it before, but the Dr.Havel dude we found on that island mentioned CISCO. That's probably something else to look into.
  1167. Sherry Text
  1168. Only one thing ever stands in between me and "keep breathing" so dw
  1170. Roy Text:
  1171. What's the thing that stands between you and "keep breathing"
  1173. Sherry Text:
  1174. What I want.
  1176. So like-Cisco Systems or is it a different CISCO?
  1178. Roy Text:
  1179. That's deep, dude. I dunno for sure though, he just said CISCO. What's Cisco Systems?
  1181. Sherry:
  1182. fk u i'm a badass and I know it.
  1184. afaik "an American multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San Jose, California, in the center of Silicon Valley. Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. "
  1186. Just google'd it to see what'd come up. I'm assuming no but you never know with this kind of bs
  1188. Roy Text:
  1189. Unless they experiment on people with special abilities in their spare time, no. Though, they do a lot of robotics and AI work. The CISCO guys on that island I mean. The robot-cat thing I mentioned was something I think they made, and that Theodore guy is involved I'm pretty sure but I can't say for certain if he's involved or just affiliated and with some other group. I'd give it a maybe on them.
  1190. Roy Text:
  1191. By the way I want to clarify. I say robot-cat but not like a house cat. I mean like, big cat.
  1193. Sherry:
  1194. You got any better descriptions other than "Cat"?
  1196. Roy Text:
  1197. You know Blade Wolf from that game Metal Gear Rising, the Beholder, and the cyberdemons from Doom? Think like a mix of all three with the Beholder as the head, the body of Blade Wolf and the aesthetic of a cyberdemon.
  1200. Also I swear I'm not a nerd don't push me in a locker
  1202. Sherry:
  1203. Nerds don't push nerds into lockers, nerd.
  1205. I'll have a look around, but I doubt i'm going to find anything on that that's reliable-otherwise I would have heard something about it by now.
  1207. Roy Text:
  1208. Hah, nerd
  1211. Yeah I think that thing's a big secret. They've probably got it on lockdown. I'd save that for last to look into, or see if you stumble on it in any records of missing people that might have ended up on that island.
  1213. Sherry:
  1214. Nerds with Jock-Friends might though :)
  1216. Anything else you forgot to mention?
  1218. Roy Text:
  1219. Bold of you to assume I don't have jock-friends too
  1222. > You're pretty sure you don't, there are some close ones but you're not sure if you'd describe any friends as a jock.
  1224. Well, if you find any "missing" or detained people who vanished with teleportation abilities, or one that's a fuckin' brick-shit-house giant, they had two people like that there who were chipped to help them. I'll text you if anything else comes to mind.
  1226. Sherry Text:
  1227. Gotchya. Don't fckin' die or vanish on me or something, you're the only decent fuckin' lead i've gotten in weeks.
  1229. Roy Text:
  1230. That's the plan, not dying horrifically or vanishing. You don't die either, you're like the only friendly cop I've worked with in like months
  1232. Sherry Text:
  1233. I've threatened you like-three times in less than 24 hours.
  1235. Roy Text:
  1236. Yeah but you're not a badgeless cop that tried to kill me or a regular cop that threw me in super prison to rot with like no trial or anything because I was trying to give a witness testimony
  1239. > You don't have to mention the part that you were also trying to get Nick into their system to find info.
  1241. Sherry Text:
  1242. Oh so you ARE in the systems :)
  1244. Roy Text:
  1245. Irrelevant
  1247. Sherry Text:
  1248. Not to me, Nerd. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got work to do.
  1250. Roy Text:
  1251. Hey good luck have fun
  1253. Sherry Text:
  1254. Keep the luck, you looked like you need it. Besides, who needs Luck when i'm me? :)  Will take all the fun though.
  1256. Roy Text:
  1257. God you've got the confidence of my sister
  1259. Sherry Text:
  1260. She sounds like a fun woman, what's her name? Maybe we could hang out some time.
  1262. Roy Text:
  1263. Hahahahaha nice try
  1265. Sherry Text:
  1266. S a d
  1268. Roy Text:
  1269. Maybe I'll tell you after this whole situation is taken care of
  1271. Sherry Text:
  1272. Don't dangle food in front of a hungry dog, they just might not wait.
  1274. Roy Text:
  1275. Sit
  1277. Sherry Text:
  1278. Do that again and I'll bite your fingers off along with it.
  1279. [Dog Emoji]
  1281. Roy Text:
  1282. That's fair I'm sorry but you dangled food in front of a hungry dog
  1284. Sherry Text:
  1285. That's because I saw the risk, I calculated it, accepted it, and found out I was bad at math.
  1287. Roy Text:
  1288. Aren't we all
  1290. Sherry Text:
  1291. but no for real, gotta go do the things now before the coffee wears off.
  1293. Roy Text:
  1294. Alright good luck
  1296. > Sherry has stopped responding
  1298. Roy:
  1299. > You feel like you've made a friend but you can't tell for sure
  1301. > I need a status update on what Strike Team's plan is, what they're doing, and for Sandcastle group to catch up before I can proceed any further.
  1303. >Weeb, Kelvin, and no one else will stay with Nick and Roy if they don’t go to the remains of CiscoTM. Their top priority is probly gonna be reuniting Nick and Roy with the rest of their group. Yuliya, Fallout and Viper (the lookout) will take a boat out to the coordinates to try and retrieve ABI. Both teams will be making the necessary preparations until then, with Weeb’s top priority being tending to the injured. He’ll likely have Nick awake again by the time they split up.
  1305. > Another twenty minutes later, Roy receives another Text Message. Contents shall remain classified unless he wishes to share.
  1307. > If there are any conversations/interactions either of you two would like to do between NPCs/Characters then please speak now, otherwise it will be assumed that no major conversations were permitted to occur.
  1308. > Soon after the previous text, he receives another from Aiyana
  1309. we're fine but we got trapped in a sandcastle for a few days apparently long story and are you okay
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