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May 2nd, 2014
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  1. /*
  3. This script automatically dismisses the 'visibleBounds issue' dialog box when it appears
  5. note 1:
  6. because of a bug in illustrator, that dialog box was added on purpose to the MultiExporter
  7. script to give illustrator time to work around the issue; so it's important not to enable
  8. the 'ignore warning' checkbox when running the MultiExporter script; instead run this
  9. in addition to it to dismiss the dialog box automatically
  11. to run this script in windows:
  13. - install autohotkey from
  14. - paste this in a text file saved as 'dismiss alert.ahk' or whatever you want to name it
  15. - double-click on the 'dismiss alert.ahk' file which will continuously monitor for the dialog box in the background
  16. - run MultiExporter & relax
  18. note 2:
  19. if you want this script to survive a reboot, put the 'dismiss alert.ahk' file in your startup folder
  21. */
  23. win_title := "Script Alert"
  24. win_msg := "Illustrator visibleBounds issue workaround"
  25. win_button := "Button1"
  27. loop{
  28. ;Waits until the specified window exists.
  29. ;WinWait [, WinTitle, WinText, Seconds, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText]
  30. WinWait, %win_title%, %win_msg%
  32. ;ControlClick
  33. ;Sends a mouse button or mouse wheel event to a control.
  34. ;ControlClick [, Control-or-Pos, WinTitle, WinText, WhichButton, ;ClickCount, Options, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText]
  35. ControlClick, %win_button%, %win_title%, %win_msg%
  36. }
  38. esc::exitapp
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