Natalia Redtail SEA, swinging for the fucking fences

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  1. Key: Keiko Mystere
  3. Name: Natalia Redtail
  5. Skill: Sacred Energy Armor
  7. tl;dr: Go big or go home. Preparation and tactics can only get you so far in the long run, and it's coming time that Nat can't keep up with the threats Oasis faces. She was given a second chance at life and granted youth through the hard work of her husband before he went crazy, and she doesn't want to waste it. Since her physical body is failing her without continued rejuvenation treatments, she opts to dive deeper into her study of Spirit Energy...
  9. Reasoning: Nat's had a pretty rough go of it these past couple of weeks, to put it lightly. Being butchered by Rym after coming SO CLOSE to defeating him, coming back to life thanks to Injala's efforts only to find out that her body was damaged in such a way that hampered her fighting style massively, finding out her husband had gone insane, being deployed on a hopeless mission where she was almost ripped apart again by a cyborg tiger, and finally narrowly escaping the new and improved Zero, clinging tightly to a deceased friend's scissor blade and what little money she has to pay for her treatments.
  11. To put it bluntly, the level of threats that they face now is too much for her, and given she was spared forced reincarnation *and* was granted more time prior to that, she'd rather not waste it, and she'd rather not continue to fail Oasis... because, as much as she's grown to hate the public shouting her down, constantly disapproving of her, this is all she really knows how to do, and she knows it.
  13. So. What's someone to do when their physical body is in a somewhat crippled state that can only be healed with tens of thousands in cold, hard shekels? Master the Spirit. First she created her spirit gun, then she made her body a catalyst for her spirit energy... now she seeks to reach the zenith of mastery: using the principles of her favorite Mage Armor spell, Natalia works on forging the armor with spirit energy as opposed to mana, and when the armor is formed around her body, she would link her own spirit energy to the sacred energy the armor is constructed out of, in order to make her a fighting machine and Oasis hero once again.
  15. OOC Footnote: Of course, this is a big ask. It is understood that SEA is fucking insane, but conceptually I love the idea of Nat progressing her Spirit to this point, and should she get this and survive 'til Modern, perhaps her path of the Spirit Soldier can become a path others can walk down. That being said, if you have other ideas/inputs if this doesn't go through, I would greatly appreciate them.
  17. Thank you for tolerating my bullshit!
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