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Directorial Debate #2

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Jan 5th, 2012
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  1. 02:02:06: <SMB> `set entrymsg Welcome to The 'Shroom's 2012 Director Election's second Directorial Debate! Please remain silent, as the candidates are answering questions. After they are finished, the candidates will ask for any more questions - if you have a question, submit it at this point. Enjoy!
  2. 02:02:09: <HockeyBrock> Or his topic did.
  3. 02:02:16: <mg1> HockeyBrock: <3
  4. 02:02:20: <HockeyBrock> <3
  5. 02:02:32: <SMB> Alright, so now we can begin.
  6. 02:02:42: <SMB> this is the second debate between MG1 and me.
  7. 02:03:46: <SMB> If you have any questions, just call that you have a question and we'll let you ask a question for whichever candidate.
  8. 02:04:26: <SMB> If this ends up being disorderly, we will use some other methods to ensure that everybody may have a chance to ask a question (if you do have one).
  9. 02:04:39: <mg1> So, does anyone have questions?
  10. 02:04:42: <mg1> (I know one person does)
  11. 02:05:08: <Fi> 10I guess I'll go first. Is that alright?
  12. 02:05:26: <SMB> Sure!
  13. 02:05:39: <SMB> To which candidate will you pose a question?
  14. 02:05:50: <Fi> 10Okay, this is for SMB.
  15. 02:06:52: <Fi> 10Many of the sections today have scarce writers in them. Do you plan on making any changes – such as new sections, deleting sections, etc. – to bring more writers?
  16. 02:07:34: <SMB> Yes, I do have plans that should be able to bring in more writers.
  17. 02:07:49: <SMB> As I stated in my employment plan in my campaign,
  18. 02:08:05: <SMB> My main focus will be to bring in writers this year.
  19. 02:08:31: <Crocodile_Dippy> *good writers, he means
  20. 02:08:39: <SMB> :P
  21. 02:08:42: <SMB> Yes.
  22. 02:08:58: <SMB> In order to do that, I propose that we promote the bimonthly writing plan more (one way of doing so is including a question in the application form on such a topic).
  23. 02:09:04: <SMB> In addition,
  24. 02:09:35: <SMB> I will employ an idea that the Music & Artwork and Fake News teams did: volunteer writers.
  25. 02:10:12: <SMB> Users may submit an application for a one-time submission for any open position.
  26. 02:10:54: <BEARS> whys no one talking
  27. 02:10:59: <BEARS> thats my question
  28. 02:11:11: <Crocodile_Dippy> wait your turn
  29. 02:11:18: <Crocodile_Dippy> honestly, nate; you have no patience
  30. 02:11:28: <SMB> There are various other plans, which can be viewed in my employment plan on my campaign.
  31. 02:11:41: <SMB>'Shroom:Issue_LVII/Director_Election#What_would_I_do_to_improve_the_current_employment_situation_of_The_'Shroom?
  32. 02:12:12: <BEARS> i thought discussion was going on but ok
  33. 02:14:01: <Crocodile_Dippy> those links never work for me
  34. 02:14:02: <Crocodile_Dippy> ever
  35. 02:14:08: <SMB>'Shroom:Issue_LVII/Director_Election#What_would_I_do_to_improve_the_current_employment_situation_of_The_'Shroom?
  36. 02:14:16: <mg1> So Fi
  37. 02:14:28: <mg1> Does that answer your question, or do you want to follow-up with another related question?
  38. 02:14:43: <Fi> 10Actually, I do have a follow up question to that.
  39. 02:14:51: <ralphfan> Dippy, add a question mark to the end of the URL if it doesn't copy/paste properly
  40. 02:15:22: <SMB> Alright, go ahead Fi.
  41. 02:16:15: <Fi> 10Your section does include lots about employment, even a bolded "jobs" in there; can you tell me how you plan to do it compared to your last year’s effort?
  42. 02:16:50: <SMB> Well, pretty much exactly how I carried out my plans last year: I carried them out.
  43. 02:18:16: <SMB> I did my best to accomplish my plans all throughout the past year. I plan to do the same this year, to try my best and to work with the Core Staff to plan precisely on how and when to make these changes.
  44. 02:19:53: <mg1> Thank you!
  45. 02:20:00: <mg1> So Fi, does this answer your question?
  46. 02:20:14: <Fi> 10For the most part, yes.
  47. 02:20:36: <mg1> OK, then I think you have another question; would you like to ask that now?
  48. 02:21:14: <Crocodile_Dippy> I have a question
  49. 02:21:20: <Ambush_Bug> I do to
  50. 02:21:20: <Crocodile_Dippy> is it ok for me to drink beer during a debate
  51. 02:21:28: <Crocodile_Dippy> it seems irresponsible but I'm just checking
  52. 02:23:36: <Fi> 10Well MG1, sorry for the wait, but I have multiple questions, but I would like to ask you a question.
  53. 02:23:39: <Fi> 10Is that alright?
  54. 02:24:01: <mg1> Sure, go ahead
  55. 02:25:07: <Fi> 10This is your second year in this director election. You didn't win last year. The election this year is very similar to the election last year, to the exact point with the same candidates. What qualities/reasons do you have to make it different this year?
  56. 02:25:59: <mg1> Well, last year my candidacy focused on introducing new features to The 'Shroom
  57. 02:26:27: <mg1> I, of course with SMB, introduced all of those (or almost all) into The 'Shroom over the past year
  58. 02:27:01: <mg1> Now The 'Shroom faces new issues that popped up while introducing those features, so my candidacy this year is focusing on solving those issues
  59. 02:27:41: <mg1> So while it is an election with the same people, and it is for the same position, the election is still very different than last year's election
  60. 02:28:40: <mg1> So I think I have the qualities and the ideas to go solve the issues that this election requires I solve, where in the last election, SMB may have had the better qualities and ideas
  61. 02:29:18: <mg1> More of these qualities can be found in my campaign speech
  62. 02:29:42: <SMB> So does that answer your question, BMB, or do you have a follow-up for MG1?
  63. 02:29:51: <Crocodile_Dippy> don't trust mg1
  64. 02:29:58: <Crocodile_Dippy> he's a robot, he's been programmed to say these things
  65. 02:30:04: <Fi> 10Hold on...
  66. 02:30:05: <Crocodile_Dippy> just like real politicians !!
  67. 02:30:23: <Ambush_Bug> ...
  68. 02:31:29: <SMB> (He's just kidding by the way; go ahead Fi if you have a follow-up)
  69. 02:35:12: <Crocodile_Dippy> it's a scatman
  70. 02:35:27: <Fi> 10I have read your campaign speech, and have seen those points, but can you please expand on them so I can have a better understanding on how you would be a worthy director?
  71. 02:36:16: <mg1> Ummm, well are there any points in particular you would like me to expand on? I made a lot of them in my campaign
  72. 02:38:06: <Fi> 10I'm mostly talking about the key main ones that under the "present" header - Activity, being a long-standing core staff member, and knowing codes. You briefly explain them, but I want to know why they help you out as Director a little better.
  73. 02:39:03: <mg1> Well, activity is always a necessity for a director
  74. 02:39:28: <mg1> For obvious reasons (putting up issues, sending out warnings, responding to applications or questions, helping the core staff, among others)
  75. 02:39:51: <mg1> Being a long-standing core staff member is a great help, first-off, when trying to figure out how things work around The 'Shroom
  76. 02:40:22: <mg1> In my two years' tenure here, I think I've pretty much figured out how The 'Shroom works best and as director, I can bring it to that stage
  77. 02:41:31: <mg1> And finally knowing codes is a very handy boon in any situation, if there's a technical malfunction in a section, if The 'Shroom ever goes through another update stage, and even just for adding on aesthetic things like I did for the Pipe Plaza
  78. 02:42:03: <Fassad> damn did i miss it?
  79. 02:42:11: <Ambush_Bug> No
  80. 02:42:26: <Fi> 10MG1 is in a middle of one of my questions.
  81. 02:42:41: <SMB> No, he is done.
  82. 02:42:51: <SMB> That said, do you haveany follow-ups?
  83. 02:42:56: <Fi> 10Yes I do.
  84. 02:43:00: <SMB> (Unless that is what you meant. :P)
  85. 02:43:07: <SMB> Alright, in that case, go ahead.
  86. 02:44:20: <Fi> 10I feel like your still dancing around the main question - what makes you good enough to be director when the current director is running against you? What chance do you put up against SMB?
  87. 02:46:25: <mg1> Well I said in the first part of the question that I believe my ideas are better-suited for the current situation The 'Shroom is facing, as in solving the issues posted in my campaign
  88. 02:46:50: <mg1> And then as I pointed out in your first follow-up, I have all the skills necessary to perform excellently as director
  89. 02:47:32: <SMB> Okay Fi, do you have any follow-ups, or are you done?
  90. 02:47:40: <Fi> 10I think I'll settle on that.
  91. 02:48:33: <SMB> Alright.
  92. 02:48:52: <SMB> In that case, does anybody have a question to pose for either of the candidates?
  93. 02:49:00: <Ambush_Bug> I have one
  94. 02:49:04: <Ambush_Bug> for MG1
  95. 02:49:10: <SMB> Alright, go ahead Ambush_Bug.
  96. 02:49:53: <Ambush_Bug> MG1 you mention in your campaign that have several ways to fix the lack of writers what are those ideas?
  97. 02:50:53: <mg1> Well there are a few ideas that I have, obviously, but the main idea behind them all is that we have to be more proactive about getting writers
  98. 02:51:14: <mg1> In the past we just had a sign-up page and made requests in our director's notes, but obviously that has had limited success
  99. 02:51:47: <mg1> A strategy I have found more effective is actually getting involved with the users, trying to get them to sign up with more personal communication
  100. 02:52:06: <mg1> Like what I did with the Community Report section in December; I showed users how easy it was and appealed to several directly about it
  101. 02:52:15: <mg1> I got two expressions of interest, and now the section is filled
  102. 02:52:31: <mg1> If we work like that, we can fill a lot more sections
  103. 02:53:18: <SMB> Alright Ambush_Bug, does that answer your question, or do you have a follow-up for the candidate?
  104. 02:53:39: <Ambush_Bug> 3I have a question for both of you
  105. 02:53:48: <SMB> Wait
  106. 02:54:24: <SMB> I meant, are you satisfied by MG1's response to your first, or would you like to have him clarify further (and on what should he clarify if he needs to)?
  107. 02:54:36: <Ambush_Bug> 3I'm satisfied
  108. 02:54:57: <SMB> In that case, another question?
  109. 02:55:40: <Ambush_Bug> 3Yeah i noticed the Shroom Section the spotlight is very inactive are there any plans to restart it?
  110. 02:56:16: <SMB> The question is for both of us, you mentioned?
  111. 02:56:21: <Ambush_Bug> Yeah
  112. 02:56:23: <SMB> If so, who would you like to see go first?
  113. 02:56:41: <Crocodile_Dippy> I thought that spotlight section was on hold because Xzelion has a life now
  114. 02:56:52: <Ambush_Bug> You go first i guess
  115. 02:57:42: <SMB> Alright.
  116. 02:58:17: <SMB> I have two solutions, honestly. They can either be alternative to each other, or go in the order that I list them:
  117. 02:58:41: <SMB> 1.) Ask Xzelion to step down and allow the Core Staff to go ahead and appoint a successor.
  118. 02:58:49: <SMB> 2.) Cancel the project.
  119. 02:59:47: <SMB> Completely alternative to the above two points, I could ask Xzelion if he wants Core Staff access if that would help him, or if he wants to perhaps just continue forward and try to have him fix it without any special accommodations.
  120. 03:00:09: <SMB> It really depends on what the Core Staff and the writers would suggest.
  121. 03:01:55: <SMB> Anywho, I am done, so MG1 could respond now.
  122. 03:02:04: <mg1> OK, well, The 'Shroom Spotlight was actually the reason for one of the points in my campaign
  123. 03:02:14: <mg1> I expanded it farther than just that, to include all monthly projects, but I think The 'Shroom needs to focus more on these lesser-known things
  124. 03:02:51: <mg1> To aid in doing so, I will possibly manage the sections myself and, if we get enough sections, I will actually form a new core Staff position based solely on managing these lesser-known, yet very important, positions
  125. 03:03:13: <mg1> So Ambush_Bug, do you have a follow-up for either of us?
  126. 03:03:35: <SMB> (If Ambush_Bug does not, I would like to pose my own follow-up to MG1 if that is fine.)
  127. 03:03:44: <Ambush_Bug> Im good
  128. 03:04:31: <SMB> In that case, I would like to ask you this, MG1: please clarify upon "these lesser-known, yet very important, positions". What exactly falls under this terminology?
  129. 03:05:31: <Guest> Is this still going?
  130. 03:05:34: <mg1> Originally the idea spawned when I was looking for problems with activity
  131. 03:05:35: <SMB> Yes.
  132. 03:05:37: <mg1> Guest: Yes it is
  133. 03:06:06: <mg1> I noticed that the sections were having problems, but also that the 'Shroom Spotlight was suffering from inactivity
  134. 03:06:29: <Crocodile_Dippy> tucayo
  135. 03:06:30: <Crocodile_Dippy> a
  136. 03:06:48: <SMB> Dippy
  137. 03:06:53: <SMB> MG1 is responding.
  138. 03:07:04: <SMB> Please let him finish without any interruptions.
  139. 03:07:19: <mg1> So thinking of solutions for that problem, I got the idea of making a core staff position, like we originally thought of doing for xzelion, then I thought of more things for that core staff position to do
  140. 03:08:05: <mg1> The 'Shroom has several inter-monthly things, like the poll chairperson election, the aforementioned 'shroom spotlight and even the various games/events we have on the forums/wiki
  141. 03:08:49: <mg1> Depending on if I can think of any more, or if those several things require a lot of work, I might create the position to work on that burden
  142. 03:08:56: <mg1> Otherwise I will do it myself
  143. 03:09:39: <SMB> `op Tucayo
  144. 03:09:50: <SMB> Alright, thank you for responding MG1.
  145. 03:10:17: <SMB> Does anybody have any questions for the candidates?
  146. 03:10:22: <Fi> 10Yes.
  147. 03:10:45: <Fi> 10If you don't mind.
  148. 03:10:50: <SMB> Alright, for which one?
  149. 03:11:00: <Fi> 10I'll start with SMB - you - again.
  150. 03:11:05: <Tucayo> I do h--
  151. 03:11:55: <SMB> Alright Fi.
  152. 03:11:58: <Fi> 10Your competitor – Marioguy1 – has plans to increase the number of special events to bring popularity to the ‘Shroom and allow one-time writers to be a part of the ‘Shroom more often. If you get another term, do you plan on incorporating that in it?
  153. 03:14:58: <tucky> /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Tucayo bpuplcplkrtl
  154. 03:14:58: <SMB> I would first like to say that I do not intend on having more than two Special Issues. Having directed The 'Shroom for the past year, I will say that planning these projects and everything that goes into it-- well, it's quite a bit of time and effort-- and I personally do not think that it would be in the best interest to do these too many times.
  155. 03:16:20: <SMB> Secondly, I also allow for one-time submissions to be made year-round.
  156. 03:18:05: <mg1> OK SMB!
  157. 03:18:11: <mg1> Fi, is that all, or do you have a follow-up?
  158. 03:18:30: <Fi> 10Nope, I got what I was looking for.
  159. 03:19:36: <SMB> Alright, in that case, does anybody have a question for the candidates?
  160. 03:19:40: <Tucayo> QUESTION
  161. 03:19:42: <mg1> OK, does anyone else have question...s?
  162. 03:19:52: <Tucayo> *RAISES HAND INTO THE AIR*
  163. 03:19:53: <mg1> Shoot, Tucayo
  164. 03:20:03: <Fi> 10I have a question for MG1, but I've been hogging too much.
  165. 03:20:06: <Tucayo> I have many, but I'll start with this one for SMB
  166. 03:20:25: <Tucayo> You have mentioned you'll accept bi-monthly sections. My question is, would someone be able to fill in the months the regular writer doesn't send a section?
  167. 03:21:18: <SMB> Yes, people will be able to fill for the months that the other writer does not send their section in.
  168. 03:22:06: <mg1> OK, so any follow-up Tucky?
  169. 03:22:23: <Tucayo> Yes.
  170. 03:22:34: <Tucayo> Wouldn't that possibly confuse readers? To change writer every issue?
  171. 03:23:38: <SMB> Nah, I don't think so. If it's that much of an issue to the writers, we could add a notice to the section that it is bimonthly. But I don't think it would really be that confusing to the readers.
  172. 03:23:56: <SMB> *Nah, I don't think so. If it's that much of an issue to the readers, we could add a notice to the section that it is bimonthly. But I don't think it would really be that confusing to the readers.
  173. 03:24:25: <Tucayo> Ok, thansk for the answer.
  174. 03:24:30: <Tucayo> ¨thanks
  175. 03:24:32: <Tucayo> **
  176. 03:24:36: <mg1> Any more questions?
  177. 03:24:43: <mg1> Anyone?
  178. 03:24:50: <Fi> 10Yes.
  179. 03:24:51: <Tucayo> ME
  180. 03:25:07: <mg1> OK BMB
  181. 03:25:09: <mg1> Go ahead
  182. 03:25:14: <Fi> 10Alright, to MG1.
  183. 03:27:33: <Fi> 10Now I know that you stated that you want to get more on a personal level, like with that December section preview. What other ideas are you going to use to get involved with the writers? What benefits do you see doing this?
  184. 03:27:46: <Chris_Helper> Where can I watch the debate?
  185. 03:27:55: <SMB> Chris_Helper: right in here.
  186. 03:28:11: <Chris_Helper> Where's the voting booth?
  187. 03:28:18: <Tucayo> Right here
  188. 03:28:24: <Chris_Helper> Thank you.
  189. 03:28:51: <mg1> I have a few possibilities in mind
  190. 03:29:15: <Chris_Helper> I'm on the page. How do I vote?
  191. 03:29:16: <mg1> That would actually reward writers for writing, which is something we haven't done a lot
  192. 03:29:34: <Chris_Helper> I think there's someone I want to vote for...
  193. 03:30:08: <mg1> For one thing, I will much more heavily publicize the end-of-year awards as I said in my campaign
  194. 03:30:52: <mg1> And the standards for the awards will raise, so they will be even more impressive than they were last year (and I have to say, they were impressive last year)
  195. 03:31:32: <mg1> And I have an idea for something this Spring
  196. 03:31:36: <mg1> Which will be a surprise
  197. 03:33:38: <SMB> Alright Fi, does that answer your question?
  198. 03:33:44: <SMB> Or would you like to follow up?
  199. 03:33:49: <Fi> 10I just have something to follow up on that.
  200. 03:34:02: <SMB> Sure.
  201. 03:35:59: <Fi> 10You are very oriented to bringing users closer to the 'Shroom with more personal connections and more events to help it. Although beneficial in many ways, doesn't that deter away at the main focus of the 'Shroom?
  202. 03:37:39: <mg1>, not really, making The 'Shroom into a fun, thriving, community is a very important part of The 'Shroom's focus
  203. 03:37:55: <mg1> It is something the core staff always focuses on when making decisions, we strive to make users happy
  204. 03:40:17: <SMB> Alright Fi, does that answer your question, or do you want to follow up?
  205. 03:40:53: <Fi> 10I just in a second to word it correctly.
  206. 03:42:22: <Fi> 10Now I know that you plan on doing many fun, exciting activities for the 'Shroom; how do you plan on doing it all? SMB - past director - has also had much difficulty planning. What hopes do you have of accomplishing them if SMB had difficulty with the current setting?
  207. 03:44:09: <mg1> Well, SMB accomplished everything he hoped to accomplish that year, despite the difficulty, it was possible
  208. 03:44:22: <mg1> So I think I can accomplish everything I hope to accomplish this year, despite the difficulty
  209. 03:45:16: <Fi> 10But my point is he had trouble with everything now. Wouldn't adding more make it less possible to accomplish?
  210. 03:47:48: <SMB> Now, excuse me for interrupting your question,
  211. 03:48:14: <SMB> But I said it was "difficult," not "troublesome." There is a difference.
  212. 03:48:47: <SMB> If it is "troublesome," then it is problematic.
  213. 03:49:16: <SMB> Whereas if it is "difficult," it is possible, but would take a great amount of effort, time, and work.
  214. 03:49:24: <SMB> I thought I should clarify that.
  215. 03:49:53: <Fi> 10I am sorry if I was unclear with that, but yes, I meant what SMB is stating.
  216. 03:50:44: <mg1> Yeah, so, no, not really
  217. 03:51:13: <Fi> 10And your solution to making it less difficult is?
  218. 03:51:30: <mg1> Like I said in the last debate, I think the special activities will be sparse enough that they don't conflict eachother's range of interests
  219. 03:51:57: <mg1> And if I create a position dedicated to handling these activities, like I said I might, then it will become even less of a burden
  220. 03:52:29: <mg1> So I think that with the new positions, as well as the diversity of the sections, we will be able to pull through with excelence
  221. 03:53:26: <Fi> 10So correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying that you'll have a group of people to help lessen the burden?
  222. 03:54:10: <mg1> That's what the core staff is, yes
  223. 03:54:47: <SMB> Alright, so does that answer your question completely, BMB?
  224. 03:54:56: <Fi> 10Not quite.
  225. 03:54:57: <Tucayo> Something difficult is more rewarding (sorry=
  226. 03:55:47: <Fi> 10I agree with Tucayo, the greater potential, the greater outcome.
  227. 03:56:42: <Fi> 10Are the Core Staff willing to do this?
  228. 03:58:17: <mg1> Um, yes, they are, that is the reason they are the core staff
  229. 04:00:30: <Tucayo> May I go ahead and ask a question?
  230. 04:01:09: <Fi> 10...Alright.
  231. 04:01:32: <Tucayo> For MG1
  232. 04:01:42: <Tucayo> MG, what are your plans for the Shroom Awards III if you win?
  233. 04:02:19: <mg1> Well, I think I mentioned in this campaign, but I plan to make everything we do this year at least as good as last year
  234. 04:02:35: <mg1> So last year we had 10 'Shroom Awards, this year I plan to retain that amount
  235. 04:02:56: <mg1> Of course, SMB has more influence than I do in that position as he is the sub-director of the Awards Committee
  236. 04:03:13: <mg1> But I will work with him and ralphfan to try to optimize the 'Shroom Awards with at least 10 awards
  237. 04:03:27: <mg1> (we will discuss having more when the time comes)
  238. 04:03:48: <Tucayo> So, should they remain 10, there will be no changes?
  239. 04:05:28: <mg1> Probably not, if I recall correctly, those ten are perfect
  240. 04:05:56: <mg1> But once again, I will discuss this with SMB and ralph during the awards times
  241. 04:06:08: <mg1> The only thing I can promise now is that the count will not go down
  242. 04:06:58: <SMB> I would like to comment on what MG1 said, if that's okay?
  243. 04:07:28: <Tucayo> Sure, go ahead
  244. 04:09:42: <SMB> Basically, I would like to say that the matter of my being Sub-director of the Awards is not exactly too relevant in this case: if MG1 wins, I will do my best to assist him in ensuring that there are at least 10 'Shroom Awards next year (just as Tucayo, one of my predecessors, did for me last year).
  245. 04:10:29: <SMB> I am of the same opinion- that in next year's awards, The 'Shroom cannot accept being downgraded in this process.
  246. 04:11:28: <ralphfan> Well, we'll see how that goes
  247. 04:11:35: <SMB> It's good that we have a tough vetting process- otherwise, we end up with bad awards and nominees- but the challenge is to overcome the difficulties and to ensure that we can deliver on making great nominees.
  248. 04:11:58: <SMB> That said,
  249. 04:12:57: <SMB> I will work with MG1 and Ralph, should MG1 be the next Director, to ensure that at least 10 good awards with good nominees are listed for next year's awards.
  250. 04:13:45: <mg1> Yes SMB, I know you will and I think you for that :)
  251. 04:16:05: <SMB> Alright, so does anybody else have any questions?
  252. 04:16:26: <Tucayo> I do
  253. 04:16:54: <Fi> 10I do.
  254. 04:16:56: <SMB> Alright, well then go ahead Tucky.
  255. 04:17:02: <SMB> Oh, erm...
  256. 04:17:04: <Fi> 10But I think I'm done for the night.
  257. 04:17:07: <Tucayo> Ok, for SMB.
  258. 04:17:19: <SMB> Well, if we have more questions, we might have a third debate.
  259. 04:17:25: <Crocodile_Dippy> huh
  260. 04:17:36: <Tucayo> Will the End-Of-Year Awards (or Golden Shrooms) affect the Shroom Awards III in any way?
  261. 04:17:41: <SMB> That said, Tucky's question will be the last for tonight.
  262. 04:17:45: <Crocodile_Dippy> nooooooo
  263. 04:17:47: <ralphfan> That could be arranged
  264. 04:17:48: <Crocodile_Dippy> shit
  265. 04:19:26: <SMB> Well, what do you mean Tucky?
  266. 04:19:39: <SMB> Golden 'Shroom is a specific award in the End-of-Year ceremony
  267. 04:19:55: <SMB> Do you mean that, or the End-of-the-Year Awards in general?
  268. 04:20:14: <Tucayo> In general, sorry
  269. 04:20:30: <SMB> That's fine, no worries. :)
  270. 04:21:44: <SMB> Basically, I would like to try my best to have them not affect each other- simply put, the 'Shroom Awards III are an all-community opinion process. The End-of-the-Year Awards are a Core Staff-opinion process.
  271. 04:22:11: <SMB> 'Shroom Awards II would likely include the entire history, writer-base, and such for The 'Shroom.
  272. 04:22:33: <SMB> Whereas the End-of-the-Year Awards are exclusively for the next year.
  273. 04:24:45: <mg1> So Tucky, do you have any follow-up?
  274. 04:25:29: <Tucayo> I do not
  275. 04:25:43: <mg1> k, great, SMB?
  276. 04:25:48: <Crocodile_Dippy> nooooo
  277. 04:25:57: <SMB> Alright.
  278. 04:26:19: <Crocodile_Dippy> actually my question might not be good after all herr derr
  279. 04:26:20: <SMB> In that case, we will be wrapping up tonight's debate.
  280. 04:26:44: <Fi> 10I believe we need another debate.
  281. 04:26:49: <SMB> Thank you for coming everybody, and MG1 and I will discuss the possibility of a third debate.
  282. 04:26:56: <Tucayo> EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED
  283. 04:26:58: Tucayo fades into oblivion
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