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Jan 20th, 2016
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  1. Carbon Games responds to being blocked by a Portuguese government agency for reasons unknown.
  3. BELLEVUE, USA, Jan 20 2016 – Carbon Games was dismayed today to learn through support requests that access to our domain was restricted to any person, player, or consumer for major ISPs in the country of Portugal. Any attempt to reach our site resulted in a message that "the site that you’re trying to reach was blocked due to an order from the Regulator Agency” as seen here:
  5. This all happened without any legal proceedings or warning from the Portuguese Regulating bodies. Whether by confusion or incompetence, a normal business and paying customers were affected by an overreaching regulation program limiting access to websites deemed 'wrongful'. Carbon Games supports an open and free internet.
  7. "Our currently released game AirMech is free for everyone to play, and as we are the original creators it's super confusing why we would be blocked," said James Green, Game Director at Carbon Games. "I expect this is just a cause of an automated system going out of control, and I hope this serves as an example of why automated systems to block people's access to information can be so dangerous. It's a shame that Portugal is going down the same path as some other countries who try to restrict what their citizens can see online."
  9. As a gesture of good will, Carbon Games is gifting everyone who logs in to AirMech today with a free Soccer Ball Pet. "We're all big fans of Portugal's national team, so this seems like a nice thing to do," said Green. "They can block our website, but cannot block our love of football."
  11. Up to the minute information is being gathered and shared on Reddit:
  13. About Carbon Games
  15. Carbon Games is an independent developer based in Bellevue, WA. Founded by the core team of Titan Studios who created Fat Princess, Carbon Games believes in creating games that are a mix of classic game mechanics with a unique and polished visual style. AirMech ( is their first published game, and they are currently focused on AirMech VR (virtual reality) The developers regularly discuss their progress and thoughts on game development on their website at
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