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Apr 22nd, 2019
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  2. OriginalGamersToday at 10:57 PM
  3. Please stop mentioning the "server" that doesnt exist until further notice
  4. please let me know you understand
  5. KensonPlaysToday at 10:59 PM
  6. Talking about Cretaceous Carnage or another? I'm confused.
  7. OriginalGamersToday at 10:59 PM
  8. i guess thats the name of it
  9. KensonPlaysToday at 10:59 PM
  10. I haven't specifically mentioned it elsewhere besides a couple friends who were originally interested?
  11. OriginalGamersToday at 11:00 PM
  12. i know you have, if you wanna talk about it do not mention our involvement or "partner" anything
  13. KensonPlaysToday at 11:00 PM
  14. Wait, is this raven typing or so? I'm still confused.
  15. OriginalGamersToday at 11:00 PM
  16. no this is OG
  17. KensonPlaysToday at 11:01 PM
  18. All I said on yours was basically 'coming soon' 'details tbd'
  19. OriginalGamersToday at 11:01 PM
  20. well thats too much info
  21. KensonPlaysToday at 11:01 PM
  22. I can find and remove the msg
  23. OriginalGamersToday at 11:02 PM
  24. on our discord thats fine im talking about to others, live on stream, and to TheJaguarGod
  25. is not okay
  26. KensonPlaysToday at 11:02 PM
  27. I already removed it, but Jag did originally want to partner with Tim and I, before Raven was interested.
  28. OriginalGamersToday at 11:03 PM
  29. the word "partner" was specifically thrown around thats my problem
  30. KensonPlaysToday at 11:03 PM
  31. That's the term I use on my discord, would affiliate work better or?
  32. OriginalGamersToday at 11:03 PM
  33. there is no affiliate discord and/or affiliate servers?
  34. im confused
  35. KensonPlaysToday at 11:04 PM
  36. I have Eden Isle (other server) set as a "Partner" on my discord.
  37. with links to both discords
  38. OriginalGamersToday at 11:05 PM
  39. "once we get the server partnered, @ToxicRaven, I'll send Devilspike an invite so its a perma easy to remember invite"
  40. KensonPlaysToday at 11:05 PM
  41. that's referring to raven and the extra discord partner spot that she said she has
  42. not to partner with another server
  43. spike was another streamer who is interested in it as well.
  44. OriginalGamersToday at 11:09 PM
  45. spike is one of our community members i know who he is
  46. KensonPlaysToday at 11:09 PM
  47. I think we're both a bit confused now.
  48. I mean, its in the DM, and I haven't given spike any invite or anything for it yet
  49. KensonPlaysToday at 11:24 PM
  50. I mean, it was in the private DM with only a few people in it that were from the start interested, so nobody knows any specific details about it except for those in the DM and 2 others who we mentioned it to in a VC
  51. OriginalGamersToday at 11:25 PM
  52. you mentioned it more than once in the co stream too
  53. KensonPlaysToday at 11:25 PM
  54. I honestly don't see the issue myself really, I've removed the messages on your server about it so nobody else should know about it.
  55. not many know the specifics, just 'something is coming'
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