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  1. We need to challenge anti-French narratives in The Heathen World. I have heard in numerous occasions that the French don't have a genetic connection to the Franks(of course being a Frankish Heathen has nothing to do with genes or ethnicity, it's about custom, but that's another story). I will explain why the idea French are not Franks is wrong in a sec but I have noticed when pressed on the matter these Heathens start complaining about Charlemagne. If you look at medieval maps and genes the assertion that French are not significantly Frank makes no sense, French clearly are significantly Frank. Medieval maps and chronicles make it clear that the Franks had a significant presence in France, Franks being mainly peasants. Neustria and Austrasia were clear Frankish kingdoms.
  2. So these other Germanic Heathens will start blaming the Christianization of Europe and loss of Heathen identity on Charlemagne. Now I don't like the term I am about to use but what's really going on is these people are "butt-hurt" about the thing involving Charlemagne at Verden. And because of that they want to try to exile French people from the Germanic world. They want to deny the French a connection to their Frankish roots, they are literally trying to rob French people of their Frankish identity in retaliation for Charlemagne. But lets talk about what happened at Verden.
  3. Saxon leaders had made a peace treaty with Charlemagne but then they betrayed that treaty(they also betrayed Vortigern!). So that's why he took harsh measures against them. I don't necessarily like the fact Charlemagne christianized West Europe but Charlemagne is one of our kings, and ultimately he was a good king so I stand by him and even though I oppose capital punishment, I have to say I do support the actions Charlemagne took against the rebels, because I am loyal to the ruler of my people. Charlemagne did nothing wrong. If the Saxons didn't want their Irminsul destroyed they shouldn't have betrayed our king.
  4. We Franks are clearly a Germanic people however the term German is a Roman imposition, one could say we are Frankish people and by extension these so called Germanic people could be called Frankish people as well. much of Germany was ruled by Franks, Germany used to be called Francia Germany literally used to be called France. Many French surnames are Germanic, look up: Roger, Leger, Goguen, Herbert, etc.
  5. The word German was put upon the German tribes by the Romans so the term Frank is more of a "Germanic" term for Germanic people than the term German. Charnay Fibula was discovered in Bergundy France where the Germanic(Frankish!) tribe the Bergundians had lived in France Charnay Fibula was a object with runes on it. Our people used runes(Bergundians were assimilated).
  6. So basically we can have all these stories about Germanic tribes in France but people still deny France their Germanic identity because some of these Germanic tribes may have mated with Gauls, Bretons, or Romans. But this is a ridiculous standard because if you read Geoffrey of Monmouth's history of the kings of Britain you see the Saxons invading and Saxon men mass reproducing with the native Briton women of England(they mass slaughtered the men and took the women as wives), and yet English people can still call themselves Anglo-Saxon even though genetically they are about 20% of that. Also the Icelanders are half Irish, and the Norse took all sorts of Irish people back to mate with in Scandinavia. So if your going to have some sort of Germanic purity test placed upon French people that could easily be focused back on any of these other Germanic nations. Germany itself had so many Romans march through there, and there were all sorts of Celtic settlements there. People have no right to try to deny French people their Frankish identity because the standards they are using upon the French would disqualify Germany and Scandinavia from being Germanic. On DNA tests France and Germany are so close genetically they don't distinguish between the two of them, on 23andMe there is a category called French/German.
  7. So again I don't claim Germanic identity for myself. But I will say that I am a Frank. And I am not going to let someone who is butt-hurt about Charlemagne take that from me. I have Frankish identity. I am a Frank. Charlemagne was a king of my people and I don't renounce him, although I do claim that I am reverting to my Frankish pagan heathen roots. I am reverting to the Frankish customs and religion of my pre-christian Frankish ancestors. I have reverted and returned to the ways of my ancestors. But I renounce none of my ancestors and none of the kings and queens and I renounce none of the witans of my people regardless of what religion they practiced and regardless of who they went to war with. I stand by my kindred.
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