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  1. The most common reasons for getting in trouble on the NSFW Rabbit Rooms discord is **not** reading the rules. Take a moment to review the rules below and once you have finished, you may gain access to the server.
  4. ```
  5. css Bannable Offenses```
  7. **All bannable offenses do not require warnings first. If you are found guilty of any of the below, you will be immediately banned.**
  9. =-> #1 You **must** be 18 years or older to be a part of this discord.
  10.     *- Age jokes will not be tolerated as well.*
  11. =-> #2 The following types of porn are **not** accepted here, either per Discord rules or ours: Gore, Guro, Vore, Zoophilia, Beastiality, Necrophilia, Scat, Child Pornography, Loli, Shota, and Pettanko.
  12. =-> #3 DM advertising is **prohibited**. DM advertising is classified as private messaging members and trying to promote your server, selling your nudes, or selling other goods.
  13. =-> #4 While trolling can be in all good fun, any user harassment will not be tolerated.
  14.     *- If you are being harassed, please use the report function. #report-a-member.*
  16. ```
  17. css Warnable Offenses```
  19. **All warnable offenses may result in bannable outcome. Each outcome is case by case.**
  21. =-> #1 You may not post self nudes unless you are a Verified member.
  22.     *- To find out more about verification, see #verify-by-age.*
  23. =-> #2 Before DMing, it is advise to check member tags. If someone has the Ask to DM tag, you must ask them in #dm-requests.
  24.     *- Any "DM for ___" should go in the #dm-request channel as well.*
  25.     *- Friend Requests are considered "DMing".* (It is possible to turn this feature off)
  26. =-> #3 All bot interaction *must* bein #bot-spam.
  27. =-> #4 When on voice chat, please be respectful of those on mic.
  28.     *- Channels will be pinned in #voice-chat when spots are opened. Most of the time, we will not want to go over 26 people at a time so our cammers can cam.*
  29. =-> #5 All advertising should be posted in #self-promotion, and if it is a rabbit room, the corresponding channel.
  30.     *- Your safe bet for sharing your rabbit room is posting in #public-rooms.
  31. =-> #6 You may only share your room in one channel. Any duplicate posting will be deleted.
  32. =-> #7 Downloadable files may only be shared in #nsfw-dump.
  33. =-> #8 Extreme trolling, drama, and spam will not be tolerated.
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