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  1. Floor 6(Short Story 2nd Draft)
  4.     Blood kept flowing down my face as I was sprinting through the corridor. The mixture of tears and blood tasted salty. The black object kept scratching its blade connecting its hand while chasing me. Its blades were penetrating into my skin and my blood was leaving my body with my energy. I finally saw my hope of escaping, stairs. My brain told me to run down the stairs so I ran down and down. After a minute, I found out the stairs are keep going. A big red 6 was drawn on the wall. Immediately, I ran into terror. I’d been running for a minute and I’m still on the 6th floor. A moment of hesitation put my life into danger, when the creepy smile of that object bursted beside my ears, I knew I’m in trouble. My whole body collapsed as I saw my limbs got ripped off, a huge pain came and I passed out. A shadow flew across me, is this a dream…?
  5.     I’m a university student living alone on the sixth floor in a thirteen-storey house, everyday is a boring day. Wake up, go to school, eat dinner, sleep. My life is like a printer, copying the same thing everyday. I had a sister but she left home when my parents are dead. They are dead because of me, playing at the stove when I was small then burnt down the home, my parents had a stomach disease therefore they are always lying on bed, they don’t have enough time to leave home. It has been 13 years since 2003 and I am still very regretful of it. It is one of my worst memories.
  6.     Today should be a normal day, I packed up my stuff and ready to leave home. I closed the door and walked through the corridor, echo of my footsteps filled the whole hallway. I have a very bad feeling now but I can do nothing to it. When I arrived to lift lobby, I saw that the whole building is covered by barbed wire. The elevator floor indicator shows three words, “Welcome to HELL”. Total shocks immediately fills my body, I immediately rushed to the roof and shouted for help, the sound is absorbed by a thick layer of cloud. I want to climb down but the wall is full of spikes. My only way now is head back home and seek for help. I tried to dial 999 but the phone is just keep repeating “This is 999, did your home caught fire?” These words stung my heart hardly because my parents were dead in a fire which is one of my worst memories. I threw the phone hardly on the floor, the phone is broken but those words keep staying in my brain. I feel extremely uncomfortable, so I would like to find something to do to distract my pain. I started to walk around the building to see is there anyone in it. When I am on the fifth floor, I heard a scream from a girl on the fourth floor. I started to wonder should I go down to save her. Hers screaming becomes louder and louder and it makes me feel regretful for not saving her. I took a toilet pump and a crowbar from the janitor’s room and stepped down the stairs. The screaming gets louder as I step down. Suddenly, a black object rushed towards me. It is a ball with spikes and have two elastic hands which could transform to literally everything. Its hand transformed into a blade and started its offensive. I dodged almost all of its attacks but got hit on the chest. My body is leaning downwards and the girl shouted, “Stomach! Hit its stomach!” That object immediately defend its stomach by transforming one of its hand into a shield but I am faster. I put the toilet pump within its hand while it is transforming, then used the crowbar to strike through its flesh. Purple liquid burst out from its body. That object shouted with a very eerie voice then cut down one of my legs then that object disappeared. My leg is covered with blood and the pain makes me cannot speak. That girl torn down a part of hers jacket and clean my leg.
  7.     “Your leg will regrow very soon.” That girl said.
  8.     “Why you will know about it?.” I asked, since the pain had reduced.
  9.     “Because I’d experience it.” She answered, “I got a hand and a leg cut off just now and it regrown within 15 minutes.”
  10.     After 15 minutes, my leg regrew magically. I then asked that girl, “Why are you here? Who are you?”
  11.     “I live on the fourth floor, when I woke up today, I saw the tower being binded with wire and the lift indicator shows welcome to hell. I then try to walk up then this creature rushed and attacked me without a reason. I got a hand and leg chopped off, but then it regrew. Then I kicked the creature’s stomach and it clearly got hurt. I don’t have a weapon so I can’t do a lot of damage to that. It strangled my neck with its elastic hand so I kept screaming. Then you came and it put me down and rush towards you.” She said, “Also, my name is Mary.”
  12.     “Mary... Sounds like my sister’s name.” I replied, “But she left home already in a long time ago…”
  13.     “Don’t be trapped in the past, look toward the future.” Mary said, “We now need to figure out what should we do now.”
  14.     “Sure.” I replied, “Would you like to go to my flat to discuss what should we do next?”
  15.     “Okay.” Mary responded.
  16.     Then, we went up to sixth floor to my flat. While we were walking up, I saw that the 2-block building had their bridge being locked, and iron bars and barbed wire covered by black cloud, the creepy building makes me feel unwell. When we arrived, Mary pointed at two portraits of two people and asked, “Are they your parents?”
  17.     “Yes…” I replied, “But they are dead…”
  18.     “I’m sorry.” Mary apologized.
  19.     We gone into awkward silence. Suddenly, there are some sound of footsteps in the corridor, and the bell rang. Mary and I looked at each other with a sense of horror. I walked slowly to the door, look at the spyhole. I then opened the door immediately and shouted, “Mum! Dad!” Then I rushed towards them and hugged them. They both smiled in a creepy way but I didn’t notice it. Mary shouted, “Be carefu…” My “parents” laughed very loudly, black liquid covered them and their shape started to change… They became “black objects”! one snatched Mary and bumped through the house. Another one chased me through the hallway. I rushed through the corridor while shouting. After running in the infinite stairs, my limbs got cut off and I fainted, I saw a shadow hovering pass my eyesight before I completely passed out.
  20.     I woke up in my own flat with a man beside me. That man has a tattoo of a blackgoat on his arm. “Are you fine?” He asked in a soft tone.
  21.     “Who are you!” I shouted, “Why you will save me?”
  22.     “Saving a person doesn’t need a reason.” He replied, “Or you want me to throw you back to the hell outside?”
  23.     “Of course no!” I replied, “Thank you!”
  24.     “Is that girl called Mary? She is in the room beside, I saw her being caught so I saved her too.” He said, “Want to see her?”
  25.     “Yes!” I said, “Can you bring me there?”
  26.     “Sure.” He replied.
  27.     Therefore, we left my flat and arriver the flat beside, the lock isn’t locked so we can just walk straight in.
  28.     “Brother!” Mary ran towards me as I stepped in the flat, “You are my brother! I am your lost sister!”
  29.     “Mary, is that really you!” I shouted excitedly, “I miss you so much!”
  30.     “Yes!” Mary then cried, “But why will we be here?”
  31.     That man popped a sentence out, saying, “I don’t know why you two are here, but I know how to leave this hell.”
  32.     “Why should we trust you?” said Mary.
  33.     “You can choose to not to, but you will be stuck here.” That man said calmly.
  34.     We all went into silence, after a while, I said, “We will trust you, but tell us your name.”
  35.     “Lucifer.”, He said. “My name is Lucifer.”
  36.     Lucifer then lead us to the ground floor, he then muttered a sentence we couldn’t understand, then, the thick cloud which originally covered from the sky to the floor started to become thinner and there’s a road allow us to go through, we can finally get outside!
  37.     “Thank you!” We shouted towards Lucifer and ran through the road. Without a warning, two black shadows hover toward us. The clouds became denser and denser. We both got stung by a blade of those two creatures.
  38.     “Good job.” Lucifer floated up and said towards the creatures.
  39.     “WHO ARE YOU!!!” We shouted towards Lucifer, “What are you trying to do!”
  40.     “I am Satan.” He said, “Let me tell you what happened.” He then continued, “In 2003, your whole family died in a fire, your parents sold their soul to me to extend their lives for 13 years, but to exchange, you two will suffer here eternally. Those objects are your parents’ souls.
  41.     “WHY???WHY YOU NEED TO DO THIS TO US!!!” We shouted.
  42.     “I love to see people having hope but then losing everything in a short period of time.” Satan said, “NOW DIE!!!”
  43.     We both got our heads cut off by the creatures, I see a tender and soft white light, am I dying…
  44.     I realized that I woke up in a hospital inside an MRI, a person with a white cloth which I believed is a doctor told me a shocking truth, “Thanks for participating our experiment, you just experienced a virtual dream which looks realistic.” “But why?”I asked, “Why I will be chosen?”
  45.     The doctor then slowly explained, “It is 2096 now and depression became a highly infectious fatal disease. We try to research how to prevent this disease so we have chosen two experiment subjects to run a list of depressed events to try to find a cure, you are in the virtual dream with the girl beside you.” I gazed around the room and just realized Mary is lying beside me in an MRI. I feel confused since that “dream” is still tackling my mind so I started to comfort myself by saying everything is just a dream to myself.
  46.     The doctor then said, “Feel free to wander around, but just don’t leave this room, the infection rate of this disease is very strong.” The doctor left but then I found out that there is a black goat tattooed on his arm. On a table there is a newspaper with a title saying “Level 4 fire kills two children, parents survived miraculously. Date: 2003/06/25” Looking at the black clouds outside the hospital, I started to feel something unusual...
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