Point of No Return verses

Yuzura Aug 31st, 2014 19 Never
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  1. [Verse 1]
  2. I'm gonna slide you're black ass to the back of the rap track
  3. Flip your ass around since you're a fag until you land backwards
  4. Repeat the process since you say my bars are nonsense
  5. My lyrics are simple odyssies filled with narcissism since I'm typical artist
  6. I'm the hardest of all people who enter contests and hope to process some confidence
  7. Isn't it obvious that I'm the opposite of these prodominant niggas blacker than dark chocolate
  8. It's uncommon with good artists when they make progress in the rap game
  9. It's insane how negativity can boost one's self esteem and soon they gleam in fame
  11. Caught in the hotline, the flames rise, I remind myself why rappers tell lies
  12. Oh right, to make themselves mainstream, a cliche artist until the day they die
  13. Blood red hair, you've already died (dyed), wheat-ass hater, you aren't pure bread (bred)
  14. Instead of hating, maybe you should be like a horny knife and SPREAD
  15. Like I've already said, you're fake, and you were a mistake
  16. Ask your mother, if you admit I'm right, it'll stop the beef with our high steaks (stakes)
  17. I'm wide awake with the truth, you're in bed rapping even though you aren't ILL
  18. I'm a poltergeist possessing everything, you don't even possess skill
  20. The intensity rises, but are you surprised, Slim's compilation comes out soon
  21. The world went nuts with the Marshall Mathers LP 2
  22. But real artists making real shit don't get famous, to where they're neglected
  23. It's as if fakeness is an infection that's more common than your mama's leg hair
  24. Get what I said there? Puns can be so punny, I'm on one
  25. No, I don't steal lines from Hopsin so stop lying, come on son
  26. I Charmeleons of bad rappers and you can't even de-Scyther these puns
  27. Sorry I can't Seel these away, there's no Shaymin making this a little fun
  29. [Verse 3]
  30. Shut your Meowth and suck my Diglett since I don't give a Wormadam
  31. I'm eating away at MCs and I don't even have to use my hands
  32. I stop fake rappers from telling anything that isn't the truth, they're just starting shit
  33. But how can I be surprised with current hip hop being narcissistic?
  34. Once you get so far in rapping, you have no way to even go back
  35. Maybe you'll have a future if you stop tryna act black when your pants sag
  36. You've gotta understand that once you reach a point in hip hop
  37. You can't stop, you keep writing and improving until you drop
  39. The weak ones never flop, we stand tall 'til the day we die
  40. We make changes and pray that these bad rappers fade away who just don't try
  41. And to this day, real rap just fades and I'm amazed at how it's gone downhill
  42. It's at a standstill, if Kasinova, Shady, and Hop can't revive it, then who will?
  43. The few rappers who stay committed and don't go back once they reach a point
  44. Are the few that are the bit of life hip hop has anymore, most ones just exploit
  45. The fact that there is no position where you can go back from rap
  46. Not true, a black man doesn't have the strength to ignore that
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