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  1. Well that depends on how far you want to take it.... I mean a worse case scenario could be something along the lines of:
  3. You inhale the smoke, it sends you into an intense coughing fit. You drop the burning herb and it falls into the gap between the sofa cushions. The sofa is some cheap Chinese shit, and the burning herbs cause deadly fumes to be released from the chemicals in fabric dyes. You are still coughing your lungs up so you inhale great gulps of poisonous gas which cause you to fall unconscious.
  5. Meanwhile the smouldering herbs and chemicals cause the 'Fire Safety' label to catch fire. The flames spread quickly. You are unconscious on the sofa as the flames take you. You die. The fat from your burning body starts to melt, adding a good source of fuel to the fire. It doesn't take long for the fire to rip through your apartment. The other residents in the building are asleep in bed. The landlord never bothered to get the fire alarm system fixed. Deadly fumes seep throughout the building. By now the fire is roaring and has burned through the door to your apartment. It spreads up the stairwell and corridors. There is now no escape for anyone.
  7. A passer by sees the smoke and flame engulfed building and calls emergency services. By the time they arrive the flames have spread to the adjoining buildings, an old peoples home and an orphanage. The firemen and women battle desperately to bring the fire under control. They risk their lives and enter the burning buildings to try to save the children. Sadly whilst inside the building collapses and everyone dies.
  9. Despite the huge efforts of the fire brigade, the fire spreads along the street. Soon the whole block is on fire. The emergency services are overwhelmed by growing fire, the number of injured people and chaos rules. Soon unruly mobs start to form, the police try to disperse the crowd. Someone fires a gun and then the crowds kick off. The emergency service teams are attacked, looting, brawls start and more fires are started. Soon the whole city is on fire and many thousands of people have died or been injured.
  11. By the time the sun comes up, the city is unrecognisable. It looks like a war zone. Burning and burnt out shells of buildings litter the skyline. The air is acrid and the sky is black.
  13. A national enquiry into the events takes place. They establish the starting point of the fire; your apartment. They investigate you and they check your Internet history. They find this reddit post where you ask what bad could happen from smoking gingko....
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