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  1. [Battle in Another World] Trunks (Xeno)
  2. Xeno Trunks offers little more than support. His Super Attack increases the ATK of all allies by 20% for 1 turn, which can allow for other AoE characters to hit a touch harder. However, Trunks himself will not be dealing much damage. He gains +4 Ki and +5000 ATK when HP is 80% or below, which does give him decent consistency, but the ATK boost of a mere 5000 severely hurts him, along with only having a mass modifier rather than supreme.
  4. [Explosive Gamble] Chiaoman
  5. Behold, the worst AoE attacker in the entire game. His Passive Skill gives him +8 Ki and +3000 ATK when HP is 50% or below, giving him more consistency but less damage than Xeno Trunks. However, this also is significantly riskier to activate than that of Trunks, and this only activates once, preventing Chiaoman from having any true use. His Super Attack only has a mass modifier, and to make matters worse, it sacrifices a massive 20% of your HP, severely limiting your defensive ability.
  7. [Devastating Power] Arale Norimaki
  8. Arale is okay. She gains +70% ATK & DEF when HP is 30% or above, which is a pretty solid boost. However, she is hurt by having only a mass modifier on her Super Attack, limiting her effectiveness at higher levels. Arale is essentially an inferior STR Broly thanks to this.
  10. [Ruthless Invader] Raditz
  11. Raditz is undoubtedly the most easily accessible AoE character thanks to being the only AoE F2P card in existence at the moment. This gives him a fair amount of popularity. He gains an unconditional ATK +50% at the start of the turn, however gains an additional ATK & DEF +30% and +6 Ki when 2 or more enemies are present. This will almost always be active, giving him excellent consistency and nearly guaranteeing a Super Attack. His Super also lowers the DEF of those hit, making him a bit of a supporter. However, despite the fantastic passive skill, his Super Attack limits his damage due to possessing a mass modifier, causing him to become somewhat ineffective at higher levels.
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