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  1. Spawn In Lore
  2. (Blackout Screen) 200 Years Ago… Augustine was one a peaceful land until…
  3. (Open up to the spawn in fire with people running around from Wyverns Minions) The land was invaded by a Wyvern, a beast many travellers have feared of for years until this very day.
  4. (Picture of Wyvern) It is your task to prepare and be ready to battle this beast and leave the lands of Aysteria in peace. Good Luck!
  6. Tutorial
  8. (Spawns at spawn-point + Given some tools + Given a quest book) Head to the farming area and grow some crops. Have a waypoint directing to the farm
  10. (Farms Crops) once you finish growing the crops your hoe or whatever tool you used to do the crops levels up one and the information for that is stated below at the bottom, as soon as that person leaves a big giant comes up and they have to like battle them to achieve the quest and move on to the next one.
  12. Head to the mining place (Have a waypoint directing to the mining area)
  13. Mine some ores to be able to build weapons and tools that will help you on your journey!
  14. (Mines Ores) Your pickaxe upgrades up a level When they go to leave, they will fight a goblin to be able to leave and go to the next quest.
  16. Head to the weapon smith (Have a waypoint directing to the weapon smith)
  17. Build a sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel and bow and arrows to complete. Once you’ve done that you can get given an opportunity to enchant and you can enchant up levels on them from certain amount of exp you get.
  19. Head to the town hall (Have a waypoint directing to the town hall)
  20. This is where you will start your journey! Good luck traveller!
  23. Inside the kingdom will be the only safe place but as soon you step foot out there are different monsters that stay at different biomes, you have to venture out to do quests and help yourself and the people of Augustine to be able to venture into the darkness to be able to attain the orb of light which will give light to the lands of Aysteria again.
  26. At the end of each mini quest you level up like on level and it opens up a gui and says Good Job! You are now Level (levelname/100) Please pick what you would like to choose it on Efficiency (+1), Strength (+1) or Resistence (+1) but every 5th level you get a weapon upgrade Life Steal (+1), Mana Steal (+1), Critical Hit (+1), Holy Resistance (+1) and every 10 levels your whole tool upgrades to a new one for example Bronze-Silver, Diamond-Titanium and so on.
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