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  1. <Mysticode> i was going back up my elevator to grab my buddy's iphone (he left it in my apartment), and on the elevator was a group of korean adults, all dressed nicely, with one older gentleman in a nice suit. He was talking to his group, and then turned to me and said hello (after he released I pressed for a floor right above his)
  3. <Mysticode> I turned to him and said hello, and replied when he commented that i lived near to him. He made a shocked face, and said "Your voice is so deep, do you sing?"
  5. <Mysticode> I said "No, I don't sing, and don't know how to actually". He responded "Oh your voice is perfect for singing, not many people have such a deep voice". His korean female friends were all giggling and stuff.
  7. <Mysticode> So he and his group start getting out at their floor, and he turns to me and said "I will probably see you again, you're my neighbour!". So being polite, I asked if he had a business card or something, He said he didn't but then invited me to his apartment so he could give me his name and email.
  9. <Mysticode> I was relunctant, and told him that I had a friend waiting for me downstairs. He assured it wouldn't take long, so I thought why not, and following his group to his apartment. He explained that he lived there with his wife, and the other ladies were all his singers in his church choir, and that he was the pastor.
  11. <Mysticode> So he passed me a piece of paper and pencil, and asked for my name and email, and then wrote his on another piece of paper, and we exchanged it.
  13. <Mysticode> Next thing I knew his wife had brought to the table a tray of korean sesame snack thingies, and asked me to try one.
  15. <Mysticode> I said again that I really had to go, and he shook my hand while I began to get up from the chair (of course I was very polite and smiling, as I am Canadian afterall..)
  17. <Mysticode> I backed over to the door to put on my shoes, and one of his singer ladies is passing me a full handful of the sesame snacks. I laughed because it was literally like a dozen of them and I carrying them all would have been very awkward as I had my keys in my hand and everything...
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