Angelic Pizza

Jul 22nd, 2020
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  1. Romantic adaptation. Your bride becomes your perfect lover while you become her's. Sounds like a pretty good deal, you get your big tiddy cow gf, you become the greek god for whom she has always thirsted.
  3. At least it's nice when she thirsts for a greek god. I look at my penis, hoping to feel like a man again. It certainly helps to have one that goes down to the ankles flaccid, but I still wind up looking in a mirror and seeing what lay beyond my manhood, a plump, juicy booty that would be more at home on a Brazilian succubus than any man. It isn't so bad when I'm with her, those brownies, cookies, and pizzas cover many sins, plus hers matches mine, so at least I can focus on something else.
  5. I look at my butt reflection, and my boner rises. Am I now getting hard at this? Why can't my angel be a little less weird kink and not, say, lust after huge butts as I do? Yes, we have the same booty, but with it, she looks like a normal, sexy girl with wings, and I look like... like some bizarre gay fantasy! I'd take being a fat neckbeard over this.
  7. The kitchen timer dings, and my beloved removes her latest creation from the oven. The smell was intoxicating. Instead of a confused boner centering around my extra-wide wide tush, it was more concerned with the aroma of pepperoni and bacon. In the air, a voice unmatched in the land sang an operatic song who's language could not be in worse shape if it were subject to the mafia's ministrations. The sound grew closer with the sound of fat brushing past a piece of wood. The beautiful gibberish opera song continued as an enormous pair of sexy cheeks eclipsed the 105-inch TV screen. Wings incorporating the power of an eagle and the beauty of a turtledove separated the ginormous rump from an arm carrying an 18-inch pizza pan that matched her hips, delicious dough over the edge of both. "Would you a-like-a a slice-a of my-a pizza," the sing-song voice said.
  9. "yes, please, my love," I replied.
  11. My tongue was alight in pleasure as she lowered another slice of the best pizza I ever had into my mouth. As I finished my slice, I eyed those perfect F-cup breasts as she lowered herself onto my penis,
  13. "I know you don't feel comfortable going out in public with me..."
  15. "I don't feel comfortable going out at all, going out with you makes it bearable."
  17. "oh, you are so sweet!" her wings fluttered as she put the pan down on a nearby table. She grabbed another slice and lowered it into my mouth like it was James Bond. "anyway, my... fetishes may have been a bit of a contributing factor, so I got a polymorph potion for you."
  19. I couldn't tell what was in more pleasure, my taste buds, or my cock. I felt the walls hug my manhood as I finally swallowed the slice and asked, "don't those only work on monster girls?"
  21. "This one's special. It will make you look more normal when you drink it. as much as I like this booty," my wife slapped the top of my right hip. "It makes no sense for my king to be uncomfortable with his throne when I'm not around to enjoy it."
  23. This angel thinks of everything, "I love you."
  25. "I love you more."
  27. As we moved in for the kiss, the couch broke beneath us, sending me into orgasm just as I hit the ground. The hit od Spirit energy caused her to follow.
  29. "It looks like you were too much man fo the sofa."
  31. I managed to get a hand on her rear "are you sure you didn't contribute to that?"
  33. I don't exactly remember when we stopped laughing.
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