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Session 10

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  1. (2:36:24 PM) ApricotCordial: == Session #10 ==
  2. (2:38:00 PM) ApricotCordial: Having uncovered evidence of at least two weapon caches, as well as their protective security measures, the trio of mares remains in the camp HQ deciding on a course of action.  One smaller armory is located somewhere in the building, while the other is a seperate building across the installation.
  3. (2:38:42 PM) You are now known as AC[GM]
  4. (2:40:16 PM) ***Necessary_Force seems to think it prudent to look inside the HQ first, for the cache there is the most likely to be untouched.
  5. (2:41:22 PM) ***Arcadia flutters her wings. "I'm all for going anywhere that it's less cold."
  6. (2:41:37 PM) Necessary_Force: "No promises there," Nessa says.
  7. (2:42:33 PM) ***Arcadia grumbles
  8. (2:43:15 PM) ***Necessary_Force turns to look at the ways that lead deeper into the building.
  9. (2:44:47 PM) AC[GM]: To the side of the counter is a hallway leading deeper into the building.  There are signs on the walls indicating that it leads towards 'GUARD ROOM', 'OFFICER OF THE DAY', and 'DIVISION HQ'.
  10. (2:45:28 PM) ***Necessary_Force motions with her head that this is the way to go, then proceeds.
  11. (2:45:45 PM) ***Necessary_Force takes out her Pulse Pistol as she goes, though...
  12. (2:47:13 PM) Arcadia: "I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach... Or heartburn. Not sure."
  13. (2:47:32 PM) Necessary_Force: "No pain, no gain," Nessa mutters.
  14. (2:49:35 PM) Shimmer: "I'd have such feelings...if there were any room for something that wasn't cold." shimmer says a littel grumpily
  15. (2:50:21 PM) AC[GM]: It definitely /is/ cold.  The longer they've all stood still, the deeper the cold seems to sink in.
  16. (2:50:54 PM) AC[GM]: The hall, like the lobby, is painted a drab institutional cream that has been peeling off for some time if the chips scattered about the floor are any indication.
  17. (2:51:21 PM) ***Arcadia snorts steam and ruffles her wings some more. "I have a big stomach, plenty of room for feelings."
  18. (2:52:34 PM) ***Necessary_Force wishes she could wear earmuffs without making it more likely that she'd get ambushed by deathbots...
  19. (2:53:01 PM) ***Necessary_Force leads the group methodically onwards.
  20. (2:53:39 PM) Necessary_Force: "Stay close. My tags might make the security think twice before opening fire," Nessa says. "You can use that to your advantage."
  21. (2:55:13 PM) ***Arcadia nods. "I wish I could've kept my cloud..."
  22. (2:58:23 PM) AC[GM]: There's no sign of any security turrets or the like at least in this intro hall.  It forks ahead, however, with the tell-tale hump of a security turret in the ceiling.
  23. (2:59:21 PM) Necessary_Force: "Mm. Look sharp," Nessa says. "Got a ceiling gun."
  24. (2:59:53 PM) Arcadia: "Want me to shred it?"
  25. (3:00:17 PM) Necessary_Force: "No. That'd probably piss the rest of the place off," Nessa says.
  26. (3:00:24 PM) Necessary_Force: "Let's see if my tags work..."
  27. (3:00:43 PM) Arcadia: "Not if it happens fast enough, maybe?"
  28. (3:01:15 PM) Necessary_Force: "That's really not how automated security works, Arcadia," Nessa says as she moves ahead towards the turret.
  29. (3:01:34 PM) Arcadia: "This is why I prefer arcana..."
  30. (3:02:02 PM) Necessary_Force: "You should probably stay back while I try this. Though, maybe you could get ready to shield me if this goes bad..."
  31. (3:02:48 PM) ***Arcadia nods. "I'll have it readied."
  32. (3:03:35 PM) Arcadia: "Just make sure I have room to jump in front of you, okay? It only covers me..."
  33. (3:04:13 PM) Shimmer: "and I guess...I'll be...staying...way back there..." Shimmer says. "since it'll be hard to shield us both..."
  34. (3:05:54 PM) ***Necessary_Force takes a deep breath, then begins her approach to the turret, eyeing warily.
  35. (3:07:43 PM) Arcadia: "I'm big enough, maybe, but I'd rather not attempt it."
  36. (3:07:53 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa creeps into range and.....
  37. (3:07:59 PM) AC[GM]: ...the turret does nothing.
  38. (3:08:17 PM) ***Necessary_Force breathes a sigh of relief.
  39. (3:08:30 PM) Necessary_Force: "Well, either the tags worked, or it doesn't have power."
  40. (3:08:42 PM) ***Necessary_Force eyes both lanes of the fork.
  41. (3:09:37 PM) Shimmer: "woo! you're okay!"
  42. (3:09:47 PM) ***Shimmer lets out a quiet but pleased cheer
  43. (3:10:54 PM) AC[GM]: GUARD ROOM and OFFICER OF THE DAY are to the left, while DIVISION HQ is to the right.  Ahead is signed for PROVOST MARSHAL.
  44. (3:11:23 PM) Necessary_Force: "Let's try... Division HQ," Nessa says, walking towards the right.
  45. (3:11:39 PM) ***Arcadia steps forward. "I'd like to check this marshal thing, if we have the extra time on the way back..."
  46. (3:12:19 PM) ***Necessary_Force thinks on her what she knows of PRE-WAR STUFF.
  47. (3:12:25 PM) Necessary_Force: on what she knows*
  48. (3:15:36 PM) Necessary_Force: "Yeah. That's the office of the base's head of military police. Might be some good stuff in there, but... possibly difficult to access," Nessa says.
  49. (3:17:38 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa finds another nearly identical hall with doors on either side with letters and numbers above them.  If Arcadia goes ahead she finds herself in a relatively open room full of a handful of desks, cell cages along the back wall with basic benches and toilets, and an office with PM over it to the left.
  50. (3:19:19 PM) Arcadia: "I'd still like to try..." She says, stepping into the room with a duck of her head to keep the long spire of her horn from clicking against the frame
  51. (3:22:12 PM) Necessary_Force: "Soooo... we're splitting-up, then?" Nessa asks.
  52. (3:23:20 PM) Arcadia: "I'll keep in touch. I know the feel of your minds now, and we'll easily stay in range."
  53. (3:23:20 PM) ***Necessary_Force guesses so as she heads on and none follow.
  54. (3:23:44 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa finds more doors.  And the end of the hall, with a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall.
  55. (3:25:04 PM) ***Necessary_Force inspects each door, checking to see what's locked and what isn't.
  56. (3:26:11 PM) AC[GM]: They're all unlocked.  The doors marked G-3 and G-8 above are left standing open.
  57. (3:27:03 PM) AC[GM]: Everything else, including the CHIEF OF STAFF and CG doors are locked.
  58. (3:27:35 PM) ***Necessary_Force peeks into each one, looking around for anything that points towards the armory...
  59. (3:28:10 PM) AC[GM]: Arcadia finds a lot of papers scattered around the floor and over desks.  Quite a few of them are locked, but she also finds three pairs of handcuffs and a 10mm pistol.  Some of the open drawers reward her with 10mm magazines and a few boxes of 10mm rounds.
  60. (3:29:09 PM) AC[GM]: There's also four VISITOR badges with ID chips in them on one desk under a note reminding 'Clover' to make sure their guests from the local constabulary have their passes, 'so we don't have any more bad PR'.
  61. (3:29:57 PM) ***Arcadia giggles like a school filly, tucking her finds into pack, fixing a visitor tag to her cloak, and then floats up the pistol to examine it.
  62. (3:31:24 PM) AC[GM]: It has wood grips and is engraved on the side 'BATFL WHINNYAPOLIS OFFICE
  63. (3:33:26 PM) ***Arcadia whistles. "Well, this is a nice piece."
  64. (3:33:28 PM) Necessary_Force left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
  65. (3:34:02 PM) Necessary_Force [Mibbit@Pony-g70pjj.dsl.coastside.net] entered the room.
  66. (3:41:12 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa sees a lot of desks and terminals!
  67. (3:41:24 PM) AC[GM]: A few safes.
  68. (3:42:46 PM) ***Arcadia trots happily back into the hall, a happy tune-whistle following her.
  69. (3:42:47 PM) ***Necessary_Force hrms and checks the safes out, wondering if they've got standard mechanical locks, or if they're linked to nearby terminals...
  70. (3:43:45 PM) AC[GM]: In the rooms she can actually enter, the G-8 has a heavy, substantially built safe.  The papers stacked neatly on the desk seems to indicate this was the division's paymaster's office.  The G-3 office seems to have a whole wall of map drawers, something she might have seen in the chapter archives.
  71. (3:44:05 PM) AC[GM]: All the safe locks are mechanical, of fairly standard commercial designs.
  72. (3:44:38 PM) ***Necessary_Force lights-up when she spies the map drawers~
  73. (3:45:15 PM) ***Necessary_Force tries those first, checking to see if they're unlocked... and if not, she immediately begins scheming how to subvert their security measures.
  74. (3:46:23 PM) AC[GM]: They aren't!  Every REGS ordnance map for the state of Whinnysota, and quite a few of key areas of the country, seems to be carefully filed away.  The top drawer, however, is and is marked 'Operational Maps'
  75. (3:46:57 PM) ***Necessary_Force collects GLORIOUS INFORMATION~
  76. (3:48:25 PM) ***Necessary_Force also tries the lock on the Operational Maps drawer. The stuff within is long defunct, no doubt, but any reading material is good material...
  77. (3:53:59 PM) AC[GM]: The drawer springs open with a pop, revealing more folded maps with pasted on labels.  They seem to show the positions of every military unit in Whinnysota, along with several pages that inventories the equipment and weapons of every police department in the state.
  78. (3:54:40 PM) ***Necessary_Force whistles...
  79. (3:56:02 PM) ***Necessary_Force carefully cleans out the map drawers, gingerly storing them in her pack.
  80. (3:59:07 PM) ***Necessary_Force then goes to check out the lesser safes before getting to the G-8 room safe.
  81. (4:04:33 PM) AC[GM]: The floor safe is fairly sparse.  Nessa finds a wooden case with a 9mm pistol, a few boxes of ammunition, some savings bonds, and a ring of keys.
  82. (4:05:00 PM) ***Necessary_Force hmms, then takes only the keys.
  83. (4:05:16 PM) ***Necessary_Force checks them for any identifying marks she might be able to make sense of.
  84. (4:06:32 PM) AC[GM]: There's a metal ID tag numbered '15'.
  85. (4:06:47 PM) ***Necessary_Force hms.
  86. (4:06:52 PM) ***Necessary_Force pockets them and moves on.
  87. (4:09:46 PM) AC[GM]: Arcadia has found quite the haul as well, although the Provost's office proper remains untouched.  Shimmer is still standing under the ominously quiet machine gun turret.
  88. (4:09:58 PM) ***Necessary_Force checks-out the safe in G-8.
  89. (4:10:17 PM) ***Necessary_Force ... if there aren't any lesser safes to check-out yet.
  90. (4:10:23 PM) Necessary_Force: check-out anymore.*
  91. (4:11:05 PM) ***Arcadia shifts her attractive to the office door, horn aglow with magic as she examines the lock... Could she force it with her telekinesis?
  92. (4:11:36 PM) ***Shimmer gets away from said gun and starts heading f.0000000
  93. (4:11:41 PM) Shimmer: "I'd have such feelings...if there were any room for something that wasn't cold." shimmer says a littel grumpily
  94. (4:11:54 PM) Shimmer: (cat jumped on keyboard(
  95. (4:11:55 PM) AC[GM]: Arcadia could... Possibly.  She could just as easily blow the door off with the force of her magic.
  96. (4:11:59 PM) Shimmer: (ommit that)
  97. (4:15:19 PM) ***Shimmer decides the best thing to do would be follow Arcadia since being left here along would be the worst idea
  98. (4:17:54 PM) ***Arcadia isn't one for being subtle about these things, so off go the hinges as she tries to pull the entire door out of the frame!
  99. (4:18:09 PM) ***Shimmer gets exploring!
  100. (4:20:23 PM) AC[GM]: The door cracks and creaks, ultimately, however, it rips off the hinges and exposes... Two machine gun turrets that swiftly swing her direction.  They hesitate for a moment.
  101. (4:20:59 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa finds the G-8 safe is more substantially constructed; it's heavily built with an excellent lock.
  102. (4:21:55 PM) Shimmer: .me immediately freezes as she hears the guns move. "umm...don't...go...doing that...the guns don't like that..."
  103. (4:24:15 PM) ***Arcadia blinks a bit, before slowly putting the door back. "Sorry, sorry... I was looking for the bathroom..." She mutters, while praying that her visitor pass would keep them from attacking. "Shimmer, get behind me..."
  104. (4:25:07 PM) ***Necessary_Force is looking around the area for keys or something that might let her get past this thing without the (likely) loss of some of her precious tools...
  105. (4:25:07 PM) ***Shimmer nods and quickly scuttles behind her!
  107. (4:28:59 PM) Shimmer: "oh...dear...well umm....do...you think it'll time out...after the officer doesn't show up?"
  108. (4:29:14 PM) ***Arcadia flicks her ears back, holding a hoof out to keep the door from falling backwards again while her magic switches to her powerful shield spell. Then she waits... She'll give them two minutes, then act.
  109. (4:30:55 PM) Shimmer: "I...will uhh...try and stay out of your way...there isn't really anything at all I can do here..." She says frowning
  110. (4:32:02 PM) Arcadia: "You can't do anything about the guns?"
  111. (4:33:22 PM) Shimmer: "Afraid not...unless they're able to identify officers by sight..."
  112. (4:33:34 PM) AC[GM]: From deep within, Arcadia recalls a lecture on security from when she was a filly!  She remembers the Proctor telling the assembled colts and fillies that pre-war ponies, in their ocassional unbelievable moments of stupidity, usually wrote vital passwords down and taped them under objects in the room with the safe.
  113. (4:34:21 PM) AC[GM]: The gun motors chug, still focused on Arcadia; they seem to be waiting patiently.
  114. (4:34:52 PM) ***Necessary_Force looks for one such weakness, muttering, "Convenience is the enemy of security."
  116. (4:37:02 PM) Shimmer: "uhh...that happened...I didn't do anything but I'll gladly take credit for it." She laughs a bit nervously
  117. (4:37:34 PM) ***Arcadia just... blinks, slowly peeking around the door-shield. "Can... We go in now? I'd rather not have bullets in my rump..."
  118. (4:38:02 PM) Shimmer: "Lets...find out..." She says slipping inside since she was already behind the bubble shield
  119. (4:41:35 PM) ***Arcadia keeps a hold on the freed door, utilizing her TK to keep it ahead of her and Shimmer.
  120. (4:44:32 PM) ***Shimmer slips inside the room and looks around.
  121. (4:46:03 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer doesn't even get the courtesy of a pleasant warning!  The guns are out again, pointed at her with a loud shrill siren sounding.  "WARNING, UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ARE FORBIDDEN FROM THIS AREA.  KNEEL AND PREPARE TO BE TAKEN INTO CUSTODY.  FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DEATH."
  122. (4:47:48 PM) ***Arcadia lets out a shrill scream and launches the door at the turrets width all the force she could muster!
  123. (4:48:59 PM) AC[GM]: Nessa hears distant screeching and a lot of loud mettalic bangs.
  124. (4:49:29 PM) AC[GM]: Either their alicorn is caught in a washing machine or something distinctly bad is happening.
  125. (4:49:46 PM) Shimmer: "Eep!"
  126. (4:49:50 PM) Necessary_Force: "... fuck," Nessa mutters. She had a feeling something like this would happen.
  127. (4:50:36 PM) ***Shimmer almost completely reflexively shifts into invisibility using her magic at that point
  128. (4:50:38 PM) ***Necessary_Force canters out of the money room and towards the sounds...
  130. (4:54:01 PM) AC[GM]: The door smashes through the desk in front of them as the door clatters to the floor.
  131. (4:55:37 PM) ***Arcadia screams again, her horn sparking as several spells rush through her mind before she finally settles on trying to cast her Knives. "Fuck... fuck... FUCK!"
  132. (4:55:41 PM) ***Shimmer curses. "bad ida bad idea!"
  133. (5:02:26 PM) AC[GM]: The two turrets promptly fill the room with bullets, casings raining down on the two mares!  One of them promptly jams, having not been oiled or maintained in two-hundred years neither are apparently in very good shape.
  134. (5:07:22 PM) AC[GM]: Bullets strike different bits of room furnishings and richochet back past them to no effect.
  135. (5:09:12 PM) ***Arcadia flinches and ducks into the room, filling it with her bulk while those phantom knives begin to form around her. As for words, she was spitting so many obscenities that raiders could learn things from her!
  136. (5:09:33 PM) ***Shimmer was thankful she was invisible...because she definitely would be climbing somewhere the bullets weren't likely to be seen...
  137. (5:14:05 PM) AC[GM]: More bullets chop through the air.
  138. (5:17:21 PM) AC[GM]: It actually doesn't hurt very much at all!  Arcadia is struck in her barrel by a richocheting bullet.
  139. (5:25:06 PM) ***Arcadia lets out a shout as several rounds bite into her chest, the large alicorn swinging her horn to point at the gun. "Eat this, you luna-damned machine!" She practically screams, while red-glowing knives cut through the air
  140. (5:27:42 PM) AC[GM]: The remaining turret explodes, showering the room in sparks and hot metal shards.
  141. (5:29:10 PM) ***Shimmer falls from where she was hiding. "Oh thank goodness..."
  142. (5:29:31 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer and Arcadia are left standing in the drifting, ozone zap scented office that is now well ventilated by the holes punched through just about every surface.
  143. (5:29:38 PM) ***Shimmer ceases being invisible as well
  144. (5:29:38 PM) ***Arcadia stands there, eyes and horn blazing furiously while her sides heave with each heavy breath. Her chest wounds still bleed, though they don't look too serious
  145. (5:30:25 PM) ***Necessary_Force cautiously peeks in from the doorway, her magenta tresses bobbing...
  146. (5:32:17 PM) Necessary_Force: "... everypony alright?" she asks.
  147. (5:33:07 PM) Shimmer: "I...think Arcadia got shot..."
  148. (5:33:53 PM) ***Necessary_Force looks to Shimmer, then up to where she fell from, then back to Shimmer.
  149. (5:34:13 PM) Necessary_Force: "You get shot?" Nessa asks Arcadia.
  150. (5:35:35 PM) ***Arcadia is slightly bloodied, yes... Though considering the tension that's seeming to emminate from the mare, it might be best to wait a moment for her to calm down... Though Nessa's question makes her stir a bit, before suddenly tossing her head back and screaming a  long series of obscenities to all the known powers that be.
  151. (5:36:23 PM) Necessary_Force: "That sounds like a 'yes'," Nessa mutters, refraining from approaching.
  152. (5:37:04 PM) Necessary_Force: "So what the hell happened here?" she asks, looking around the room, taking-in the fact that the MP's door has been completely ripped off its hinges and that the turrets were located within...
  153. (5:37:17 PM) Shimmer: "Well..."
  154. (5:37:44 PM) Shimmer: "to ake a long story short. Tresspasser will be shot?"
  155. (5:37:47 PM) Necessary_Force: "Oh, Princesses... was this some kind of botched scavenging attempt!" she asks, somewhat angrily.
  156. (5:40:04 PM) ***Arcadia takes a couple deep breaths and nods. "I got bored and tore a door free."
  157. (5:40:50 PM) ***Necessary_Force groans...
  158. (5:40:59 PM) Necessary_Force: "Didn't I caution you against this sort of thing?" she asks, frowning.
  159. (5:40:59 PM) ***Necessary_Force approaches Arcadia to see how serious her wounds are.
  160. (5:41:06 PM) Shimmer: "That...didn't actually trigger the guns..."
  161. (5:41:15 PM) Shimmer: "They told us to wait and then a few moments later let us go."
  162. (5:41:18 PM) Necessary_Force left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
  163. (5:42:16 PM) Damnfool [Mibbit@Pony-g70pjj.dsl.coastside.net] entered the room.
  164. (5:42:28 PM) Damnfool is now known as Necessary_Force
  165. (5:42:35 PM) Shimmer: "That...didn't actually trigger the guns..."
  166. (5:42:37 PM) Shimmer: "They told us to wait and then a few moments later let us go."
  167. (5:43:04 PM) Shimmer: "So...when I entered the room they reactivated..and I paniced and went invisibile and it mistook me for a zebra."
  168. (5:43:22 PM) ***Arcadia snorts. "We are fine, it's naught but a minor flesh wound, barely a scratch."
  169. (5:43:38 PM) ***Necessary_Force just stares incredulously at the both of them.
  170. (5:43:53 PM) ***Necessary_Force looks to the wrecked desk of the PM.
  171. (5:44:08 PM) ***Necessary_Force goes back to looking incredulously at Shimmer and Arcadia.
  172. (5:46:06 PM) Arcadia: "... What?"
  173. (5:46:28 PM) ***Shimmer goes back to investigating the room once it seems that it's time for a lecture
  174. (5:46:51 PM) Necessary_Force: "I am just dumbfounded by how you got into that situation /twice/, and managed to get out with /literally/ only a scratch," Nessa says.
  175. (5:48:31 PM) Necessary_Force: "I... guess I'll go back to safecracking, then," Nessa says.
  176. (5:50:45 PM) Arcadia: "Trust me, you're not the only one who's surprised... I found hoofcuffs!" She says with a suddenly bright smile
  177. (6:43:46 PM) ***Necessary_Force heads back to the G-8 room and its giant, excellently crafted safe.
  178. (7:00:37 PM) ***Arcadia grumbles. "I thought they were a good find..." She mutters to herself, before getting to work exploring the room
  179. (7:01:56 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer finds the whole room has been pretty much shot to pieces by even a few seconds of sustained machine gun fire.  The floor, broken desk, and other surfaces are covered in paper confetti.
  180. (7:02:34 PM) ***Shimmer searches the desk for any other places for anything NOT thoroughly wrecked
  181. (7:07:16 PM) ***Necessary_Force searches the room for an indirect way into the safe. A password or hidden spare key...
  182. (7:11:09 PM) AC[GM]: Shimmer finds a hoofull of bits, a few caps, and a box of .45 ACP ammuniton.
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