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  1. UrielCopyElite: you are fat and you are disgusting
  2. UrielCopyElite: go fuicking run and lose some pounds u piece of shit
  3. Saturday 1:43:09 PM
  4. Stropheum: ?
  5. Stropheum: why did you feel the need to send me that
  6. UrielCopyElite: does that really matter? why do you want to know how feel, its totally irrelevant.. you fucking suck, you are a loser and you are fat
  7. Stropheum: what does anything about me matter to you thouh
  8. Stropheum: so much that you have to randomly pm me to bully me
  9. UrielCopyElite: i hate people like you who are obese and fat, you are fucking disgusting
  10. Stropheum: so you get gratification by trying to hurt my feelings about my weight?
  11. Stropheum: are you a rando that stalked neuro mods after he got front page?
  12. UrielCopyElite: no i dont get any gratification
  13. UrielCopyElite: no its not me
  14. UrielCopyElite: i never stalk anybody
  15. UrielCopyElite: anyways, i said what i had to say
  16. UrielCopyElite: bye
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