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  1. Mangachu: hey hi
  2. Loris: Hey!
  3. Loris: I'm iarenobody :)
  4. Mangachu: i bet you're not a girl
  5. Loris: What makes you say that?
  6. Mangachu: i don't know
  7. Loris: My name is Larua haha
  8. Mangachu: i have girl gamer fans then
  9. Mangachu: holy shit i did it
  10. Loris:
  11. Loris:
  12. Loris: the other one is gross
  13. Loris: I don't want to show it
  14. Mangachu: i think i have to quit now
  15. Mangachu: first acknowledged girl gamer fan confirmed
  16. Loris: I watch your stream sometimes
  17. Mangachu: i'm also really bored of tf2
  18. Mangachu: so i don't know what to do
  19. Loris: ):
  20. Loris: I guess you could play LOL like slin
  21. Loris: but that didn't really work out for him
  22. Mangachu: league is literally the worst
  23. Mangachu: i had an account at 30
  24. Mangachu: but back when the banned you for leaving to many games (I don't know if they still do that)
  25. Mangachu: i got perma banned
  26. Mangachu: have another account at like
  27. Mangachu: 17
  28. Mangachu: but im bored with it
  29. Loris: I don't play LOL
  30. Loris: It is kind of too much for me
  31. Loris: haha
  32. Mangachu: do you play dota?
  33. Mangachu: or any moba in general
  34. Loris: nope  ):
  35. Loris: I watch them though :o
  36. Mangachu: apperantly blizzard is making one
  37. Loris: Really ? :o
  38. Mangachu: yeah its suppose to have all of the main characters from all of their games
  39. Mangachu: like thrall from wow
  40. Loris: Will it be the next big thing?
  41. Mangachu: eh
  42. Mangachu: depends on how many people will hop on the blizz bandwagon
  43. Mangachu: its f2p
  44. Mangachu: its not in a beta yet but people played it at blizzcon
  45. Loris: How old are you btw?
  46. Mangachu: 17
  47. Loris: :o great!
  48. Loris: I'm not jail bait to you haha
  49. Mangachu: lol
  50. Mangachu: i think im going to be the youngest person to go to lan
  51. Mangachu: tlr/lansky's first lan was 17
  52. Mangachu: all depends on the birthday
  53. Loris: I'm going to lan! :)
  54. Mangachu: have you been to any other esea lans?
  55. Loris: Yeah!
  56. Loris: I went to the last one!
  57. Mangachu: that lan went well
  58. Mangachu: go quickfix
  59. Loris: I was high so it was great haha
  60. Mangachu: drugs are illegal
  61. Loris: Yeah ):
  62. Loris: Peer pressure
  63. Loris: I don't normally do anything
  64. Mangachu: im guessing it was weed you smoked
  65. Mangachu: if it wasn't god damn it why pls no
  66. Loris: It was!
  67. Loris: and meth
  68. Loris: and crack
  69. Loris: haha jk
  70. Mangachu: dude i fucking love crack
  71. Loris: reallllly :o!
  72. Mangachu: no
  73. Loris: oh
  74. Loris: :/
  75. Loris: Hahaha drugs are badddd
  76. Loris: I'm glad you added me!!
  77. Loris: thanks :D
  78. Mangachu: np
  79. Mangachu: i add everyone on my friends and if the first thing they ask doesn't involve a hud question i keep them
  80. Mangachu: ask/say
  81. Mangachu: so you passed the simple test
  82. Loris: Yesh!!
  83. Mangachu: udabes
  84. Loris: :o
  85. Loris: <345666
  86. Loris: You guys going to lan?
  87. Mangachu: if we don't lose to 6cuties yeah
  88. Mangachu: b4nny said we were gona win 5-2
  89. Loris: I believe in you!!!
  90. Mangachu: ty
  91. Loris: If it's streamed you have to give me a shout out :D!
  92. Mangachu: its on granary so sniping isn't viable
  93. Mangachu: which means i won't be bad
  94. Mangachu: i'm like 80% sure its going to be casted
  95. Mangachu: so i will if we win
  96. Loris: by who? :o
  97. Mangachu: tftv
  98. Loris: like the casters?
  99. Mangachu: im guessing
  100. Loris: Who will be casting ?
  101. Loris: Ruwin?
  102. Mangachu: probably not
  103. Loris: awww ):
  104. Loris: I love his lesbian hair
  105. Mangachu: LOL
  106. Mangachu: his hair is pretty fabulous
  107. Loris: I'm thinking about dying my hair :)
  108. Loris: either like
  109. Loris: reallllllyyyy blonde
  110. Loris: or realalllly dark
  111. Loris: or burgundy or red
  112. Mangachu: by realallly dark you mean like black hair right
  113. Loris: yesh
  114. Loris: What do you think would look the best :o?
  115. Loris: I'm cold. :(
  116. Mangachu: get a sweater
  117. Mangachu: and i'd say either blonde or keep it
  118. Loris: I wish I had a cat sweater
  119. Mangachu is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  120. Mangachu: why not get one
  121. Loris: I should get one
  122. Loris: :o
  123. Loris: btw I main medic
  124. Loris: :)
  125. Mangachu is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  126. Mangachu: cool
  127. Loris: I'm on a team with my friend timmy
  128. Loris: :DD
  129. Mangachu is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  130. Mangachu: does timmy watch a lot of streams as well
  131. Mangachu is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  132. Loris: I don't think he does as much
  133. Mangachu: what div are you playing in?
  134. Loris: IM
  135. Mangachu: oh shit
  136. Mangachu: what team?
  137. Loris: LinkAy and the Meows
  138. Mangachu: oh no way you play with crux
  139. Loris: Yeah :o
  140. Loris: I'm backup right now
  141. Mangachu: yeah when i was on chill 2 good
  142. Mangachu: that team is friends with like
  143. Mangachu: half of them
  144. Mangachu: crux
  145. Mangachu: linkay
  146. Loris: They are great :D
  147. Mangachu: djinn
  148. Loris: I love peypey and zhivago
  149. Mangachu: yeah i zhivago is amazing
  150. Loris: Did you like creep up on my esea haha
  151. Mangachu: just searched "iarenobody"
  152. Loris: oh haha
  153. Mangachu: im logged out you have no proof
  154. Loris: D:
  155. Loris: I'm not very famous in the tf2 community :/
  156. Loris: No one visits me
  157. Mangachu: its hard to get your name out
  158. Loris: Yeah
  159. Loris: I play a lot of highlander
  160. Loris: That's why
  161. Loris: haha
  162. Mangachu: i was thinking about getting involved with hl again
  163. Loris: really :o!
  164. Mangachu: yea
  165. Loris: I actually have a new team :)
  166. Mangachu: as long as i don't get on a team with vhalin
  167. Loris: well
  168. Loris: I can't main because I have a job
  169. Loris: ):
  170. Loris: It's sad
  171. Loris: I know
  172. Mangachu: rip
  173. Mangachu: where do you work?
  174. Loris: Cookout ):
  175. Loris: I'm only 16
  176. Mangachu: wait
  177. Mangachu: how old did you think i was
  178. Loris: 17
  179. Mangachu: oh jail bait to you
  180. Mangachu: misread that woops
  181. Loris: oh :o
  182. Loris: Yeah!
  183. Loris: I was making sure you weren't like 20
  184. Loris: because then it would be illegal for you :o!!
  185. Mangachu: illegal for what
  186. Loris: The D of course :o
  187. Mangachu: LOL
  188. Loris: What else did you think >.>
  189. Mangachu: i don't know honestly
  190. Mangachu: thats really obvious actually
  191. Loris: Well I will talk with you later fine sir! I have to get some rest!
  192. Mangachu: alright, gnight
  193. Loris: night :)
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