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  1. Hello!
  2. We are very happy that we have been able to regain your trust and dispel doubts about the bright future of our project. As you have probably read in our changelog, we don't want you to have to wait the time it would take for Megapatch III to be ready, so we have decided to return to the previous schedule of updates on a more regular basis. You probably have a lot of questions, but we hope to explain everything in this post. However, if you notice that we forgot about something or you still have any questions or doubts, please feel free to put them in the comment section below, or in the #patreon-sneakpeak-comments channel at our Discord server. We're also going to make a devlog soon, which will publicly answer your most frequently asked questions.
  4. What's next?
  5. As we have mentioned previously, Megapatch II definitely took too much time to produce, so we have decided to suspend the Megapatch update format and instead release a few smaller patches over the upcoming year, as we have done in the past. Our goal will be to release at least one medium-sized update every 2-3 months, an interval that will be allocated as follows:
  6. - First month dedicated to implementing as many features as we can
  7. - Second month designated for testing, bug fixing, and other small improvements
  8. - Third month as a fail-safe, in case we find any major issues
  10. Going forward, we are working on preparing to release two new patches — one minor, one major:
  12. Version 9.1.0 will be called "Megapatch Minipatch" — it will include a number of bug fixes and, most importantly, procedural decorations for this year's Christmas event. You will have to forgive us for not giving any more details, but we want it to be a surprise!
  14. Version 10.0.0 will be our next major update, which we hope to start working on later this month. This update is still in the planning stage, but we'll be giving you more details and screenshots in upcoming posts. For now, though, we can share that we're planning to expand our player effects system — including more than 10 new status effects (e.g. bleeding, poisoned, panicking, blinded, etc.). The update will also include the long-awaited stamina system, a rework of one of our playable SCPs, changes to checkpoint mechanics, an MVP-nomination system, a scoreboard at the end of the match, and more.
  16. What about features planned in Megapatch III?
  17. Megapatch III is still under development, but as a separate project, rather than as our primary focus. It's going to contain a lot of model changes (including the Surface Zone rework), so our artists are going to be very busy for the next few months! Once all the graphical assets are finished, we'll resume working on Megapatch III, which will be the final appearance of the Megapatch format.
  19. Thank you for staying with us <3
  21. Just a reminder, in ~17 hours (8PM UTC), we're going to make a public Q&A stream on our Twitch channel during which we will cover a few things that we've said in this post.
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