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  1. <color=#008000ff>Hello There And Welcome to O5 Specialized <color=#000000ff>[REDACTED]</color> <color=#008000ff>For </color> <color=#ff0000ff>!Keter Class!</color> <color=#008000ff> Item Testing and Neighboring Facility Management Please Follow This Regulations</color>
  3. <color=#ffa500ff>1) No Cheaters/Exploiters (No Exceptions)
  4. 2) No Teamkilling {(unless you got permission from the person) Check Below For Teams}
  5. 3)No Aggressive Hostility Outputted On Other Players (Jokes Allowed as Long As You Clarify)  
  6. 4)If a Admin is Abusing, Report It Immediately. (They Will be Temp. Demoted)  
  7. 5)We Have Event Rounds So Don't Complain
  8. 6)Cross-Teaming Are Allowed (Look Below For Exceptions)
  9. 7)Do not Disrespect the Staff Under Any Circumstances (Even If they are Admin Abusing)  
  10. 8)And Have Fun At Our <color=#000000ff>[REDACTED]</color> And Behave
  12. Exceptions Rule 5) Class-D can Team With Scientist,  Chaos,  SCPs, And Facility Guards (No Mtf)
  13. Scientist can Team With  Class-D, Chaos ,MTF , And Facility Guards
  14. Facility guards can Team With Everyone
  15. MTF can team with Scientist, Class-D(if they Are Planning to disarm them) , And Facility Guards
  16. Chaos can Team with Class-D , SCPs,  Scientists(if they Are Planning to disarm them) And Facility Guards
  17. SCPS Can Team with Chaos, Class-D,  and Facility Guards
  19. Teams:
  20. Facility Guards can't be TK
  21. SCPS Are Their own Team
  22. MTFUNIT: Scientists and MTF
  23. Unknown Unit: Chaos And Class-D</color>
  25. <color=#800080ff>(Join Our Discord At</color>
  27. <color=#ffff00ff>[Join Our Pateron At {UNAVAILABLE AT THIS MOMENT}</color>
  29. Note:<color=#ff0000ff>Staff are allowed to Abuse each other</color>
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