My Klothing Kain't Be This Krabby

Sep 17th, 2012
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  1. [12:06:23] <Kain> LASTIME. KAINGAME. things. Today, more things.
  2. [12:06:50] <Natalie> I kain't wait to see what happens next!
  3. [12:07:15] <Kain> The party is still at the inn
  4. [12:07:25] <Kain> Lights, camera, action!
  5. [12:08:52] <Theta> Through narroration conformation he could find no signs this imposter is still in town, so seems quiet ready to say his goodbyes to this place for the time being.
  6. [12:09:13] <Natalie> Is it the next day?
  7. [12:10:33] * @Amaryllis unfolds her map and scrutinizes it. "I believe after this next trip we will have tracked down all the crystal shards we can on this continent for the time being. We shall have to charter an airship upon our return."
  8. [12:11:37] <Celina> "To Lindblum, right?"
  9. [12:11:46] * Celina stumbles over, rubbing at her eyes.
  10. [12:12:01] <Kain> :Let's say yes for the purpose of facilitating TRAVEL probably
  11. [12:12:35] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps yes, it is the next stop if we are to undermine the Glutton. Are you feeling well Lady Celina?"
  12. [12:12:47] * Natalie is, then, CURLED THE FUCK UP on one of the not-enough beds and muttering 'nnnnnnnnnnn"s instead of waking up at a reasonable time like a normal person.
  13. [12:13:27] * @Lenore is already dressed and everything, but still a little groggy and not all there. She's trying to have a conversation with Natty in nnnnn speak. "Nnnnnnnnn?"
  14. [12:14:04] <Natalie> "Nnnn~"
  15. [12:14:09] * Natalie rolls over.
  16. [12:14:23] <Celina> "Better."
  17. [12:15:16] <@Lenore> "Nnnn!"
  18. [12:15:28] * @Amaryllis nods. "Good to hear. The day is still young. If there is anything left for you in this town, there is still time for it." She picks up her Tantarian book and begins thumbing through it. "After all, not everyone is yet ready to travel."
  19. [12:15:31] <Natalie> "Nnnnnooaammgff."
  20. [12:15:49] * Natalie RISES and gives a massive streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch!
  21. [12:16:48] <Theta> "Let us just hope others weren't heading to this local as well. Feel they would have beaten us to the crystal by now."
  22. [12:17:19] <Celina> "I would like to quickly stop by the synthesis shop - I'd like to use this vine before it rots."
  23. [12:18:25] <@Lenore> "Nnnnn..." She wipes her eyes a bit and stands up. "I'll go with Celly..."
  24. [12:18:29] <Natalie> "Ohhhhnnnn. Good mooooor... neeen... nnn..."
  25. [12:18:32] * Natalie flops back down.
  26. [12:18:38] * Celina dangles the Ochu Vine in Natalie's face.
  27. [12:18:39] <@Amaryllis> "Of course. I shall prepare breakfast then." Ammy closes her book with a fumpf.
  28. [12:18:44] <Natalie> "NNNF"
  29. [12:19:13] * @Lenore tries to help Natalie up.
  30. [12:19:15] <@Amaryllis> "Milady, it is time to wake. We must make good time if we are to travel to Oeilvert and back in the span of a day."
  31. [12:19:31] <Celina> "Perhaps I should go while you're getting her ready?"
  32. [12:19:32] * Natalie hops up on her own. "Okay! Okay, I'm up."
  33. [12:19:50] * @Amaryllis nods.
  34. [12:19:59] * @Lenore is a little startled by Natty hopping up like that so suddenly. But only a little.
  35. [12:20:40] * Celina heads out!
  36. [12:20:53] <Kain> The synthesis shop
  37. [12:20:59] <Kain> hmm, did I already make mention of it?
  38. [12:21:07] <@Amaryllis> (I don't think so)
  39. [12:21:08] <Kain> Oh well, fuck it, it's in Chocobo's Grocery now
  40. [12:21:16] <@Amaryllis> (whoo)
  41. [12:21:20] * Theta shurg. He goes to help Ammy or something, being he's ready to leave.
  42. [12:21:36] * Natalie tags along with the not-Ammy crew just to be obnoxious!
  43. [12:22:00] <Kain> You quickly stop by CHOCOBO'S GROCERY, and the cute little chocobo is still behind the counter. A sign reads "Synthesis available".
  44. [12:22:08] * @Amaryllis goes downstairs to use the kitchen? Do they have that? She makes eggs in a hole, making them as modest-looking as she can manage so as not to attract too much attention from the townsfolk.
  45. [12:22:55] <Kain> Yes there is a perfectly servicable kitchen in the flowering cactuar
  46. [12:23:11] * @Lenore pulls out her Raincoat and old Robe. "Anyone got anything they could mix with these, maybe?"
  47. [12:23:26] <Celina> "Excuse me, is there something I can make with this?" Celina continues dangling the ochu vine, this time in the chocobo's face.
  48. [12:24:01] <Kain> The chocobo staaares at the ochu vine and then pecks the counter, indicating you lay it there.
  49. [12:24:09] * Celina sets it down.
  50. [12:24:21] <Natalie> "Well!" Nat flicks her hair in a haughty rich bitch style toward Lenny, "I DO have only the finest threads with the best magic protection there is! OOOOOhohohoho!"
  51. [12:24:43] <Natalie> "... Nnnn, but even if this is easier to move around in I dunno if I'd wanna give that away."
  52. [12:24:57] <Kain> "Oh, are you trying to do synthesis, kupo?" a voice calls out.
  53. [12:25:03] <Kain> And it sure ain't Mogcid
  54. [12:25:04] <Celina> "M-maybe?"
  55. [12:25:09] <@Lenore> (SYNTHESIS TUTORIAL)
  56. [12:25:15] <Celina> (oh boy here it comes)
  57. [12:25:17] <Kain> Moggy flies in.
  58. [12:25:19] <Natalie> (get hype)
  59. [12:25:39] <Kain> Moggy: "Me again, kupo! Let me teach you about synthesis!"
  60. [12:25:50] <Celina> "Oh, um. Sure."
  61. [12:26:41] <@Amaryllis> "What do you make of the Glutton's guest?" Ammy slides an egg in a hole onto a plate for Theta.
  62. [12:27:19] <Kain> Moggy: "It's really simple! To use an item in fusion synthesis, bring any two items to a Synthesis Expert, kupo! You've got the Ochu Vine there, kupo, but I don't see a second ingredient for the synthesis expert to use! Have you got anything that might be interesting, kupo?"
  63. [12:27:40] * Celina holds up her lashknife?
  64. [12:27:57] <Celina> "How's this?"
  65. [12:29:00] <@Lenore> (Dammit Ammy has like allll the synth materials ;_;)
  66. [12:29:44] <Celina> (that's because no one ever shares anything :I)
  67. [12:29:57] <Natalie> (oh yeah, I have that t1 bracer, HMMM)
  68. [12:30:03] <@Lenore> (GUYS WE HAVE TO SHARE MORE)
  69. [12:30:16] <Natalie> (you could always ask, you gooves)
  70. [12:31:09] <@Lenore> "U-um...would anyone have anything they could lend me for synthesis?"
  71. [12:31:18] <@Amaryllis> (yeah uh, let's not start this. I asked when taking the items I have now and I'd rather not have a repeat of the crafting drama from Mana. Being observer to that was bad enough)
  72. [12:31:38] <Celina> (yeah that's the problem with crafting)
  73. [12:31:47] <Celina> (especially if you don't know what you need for recipes)
  74. [12:31:56] <Celina> (anyway I've still got that moonstone too I guess)
  75. [12:32:02] * Natalie pauses before reaching into a pocket and fishes out a cute pink ribbon in the form of a bracelet. "Welllll, I don't think I'll wear this old thing again."
  76. [12:32:04] <@Amaryllis> (Dragon's Mane is the only thing Ammy is very attached to. Take whatever else. Though I don't know what you'd do with crab meat and a dress.)
  77. [12:32:04] <Kain> Moggy: "Not a bad start, kupo, I bet he could make something out of that, but it might not be entirely what you expect, kupo... it could be a poisonous lashknife, or it could be a super duper long whip that's really hard to use, kupo."
  78. [12:32:47] <@Amaryllis> (mmmm delicious party effect foods :V)
  79. [12:32:48] <@Lenore> (...actually reading up on the wiki rules you can synth any two equips together)
  80. [12:32:56] <Natalie> (Mana's crafting drama is something that should never ever ever be repeated- so I recommend just sharing an inventory for crafting shit)
  81. [12:32:57] <Theta_> (sorry went to pick up the pizza when the tutorial hit not ignoring you ammy)
  82. [12:32:59] <@Lenore> (So I actually could just synth my old armors)
  83. [12:33:05] <Natalie> (because WOW why is "x took y so I can't use it" even a thing, jesus)
  84. [12:33:08] <@Amaryllis> (I figured zoof)
  85. [12:33:21] <Kain> (Feel free to start an synthesis pool page)
  86. [12:33:31] <@Lenore> (aaaaaaaaaah nooooo I'm not trying to make drama I'm sorry ;_;)
  87. [12:33:50] <Celina> (yeah having a pool is a good idea)
  88. [12:34:25] <Celina> "Hmm, so there's no way to tell, Moogle?"
  89. [12:34:32] <Theta_> (i dont think i have any synthesis stuff? i dont really know how to even apply my crafting tbh)
  90. [12:34:33] <Natalie> (Yeah, I'll actually put both my unused equipments in there, though justifying the starting armor would be fun)
  91. [12:35:34] <Kain> Moggy: "Typically the new item is some sort of amalgam of the previous two items, kupo! - material from one might be used to enhance the other, or two short blade weapons may have their handles lengthened and fixed together to form a Swallow. The new piece of equipment usually doesn't have the exact same properties as its materials, so be careful. A single Component may be used as a third
  92. [12:35:34] <Kain> ingredient at the shops of particularly skilled synthesists to help influence the final product, but a slightly higher fee is required, kupo. Fusion Synthesists usually have a list of favorites they usually make, as well as what items go into them and what properties result - but you can't find out the properties of an unlisted combination until you try it! That's just the breaks, kupo. And
  93. [12:35:35] <Kain> my name's Moggy! We met at Daguerreo!"
  94. [12:36:06] <Celina> "Oh, right. I, uh. I remember that."
  95. [12:36:08] <@Lenore> "I remember Moggy!" :>
  96. [12:36:18] <Natalie> "Nnnn... did we?" Tilt.
  97. [12:36:43] <Kain> Moggy: "Me and my bro Mogster are traveling the world now like Stiltzkin, kupo! We'll probably see a lot of each other if things keep up!"
  98. [12:36:45] <Celina> "...Is this one of those particularly skilled shops?"
  99. [12:36:49] * Celina eyes the chocobo.
  100. [12:36:53] <Kain> Moggy: "Well..."
  101. [12:36:58] <@Lenore> "He's the guy who kept telling us how to do things! Like how hitting someone with lightning when they're standing in a puddle will reeeeally hurt them!"
  102. [12:36:59] <Kain> Chocobo: "Kweh!"
  103. [12:37:26] <Kain> Moggy: "Looks like he'd be willing to try!"
  104. [12:38:09] <Celina> (anyone mind if I try for a third item in the fusion?)
  105. [12:38:23] <@Lenore> (Not at all~)
  106. [12:38:24] <Natalie> (you can take my crappy t1 bracer =^-^=)
  107. [12:38:52] <@Amaryllis> (zooooof is Theta replying?)
  108. [12:39:05] <Celina> (=^-^= well it's a ribbon so that's sort of like a whip)
  109. [12:39:17] <Celina> (let's go with that :D)
  110. [12:39:21] <Theta_> (sorry the order is slow coming out i will when i get back physically)
  111. [12:39:33] <@Amaryllis> (ah alright)
  112. [12:39:46] <@Lenore> (...oh it IS a ribbon. for some reason I kept thinkign it was underwear. I'm dumb.)
  113. [12:40:06] <Natalie> (1,1I totally didn't decide fluff on it until JUST NOW)
  114. [12:40:22] <@Lenore> (:3)
  115. [12:41:23] <Kain> Alright so what are your item combinations?
  116. [12:42:44] <@Lenore> Cheerful Yellow Raincoat + Practical Robe + Crabmeat
  117. [12:42:55] <Natalie> (inb4 crabsuit)
  118. [12:43:04] <@Amaryllis> (wait srsly? crabmeat clothing? This is eldritch as shit man)
  119. [12:43:13] * Kain scratch head
  120. [12:43:18] <@Lenore> (IT HAS TO BE THE BEST)
  121. [12:43:18] <Kain> and for the lady mouse?
  122. [12:43:35] <Natalie> (Don't worry, I'll wear it and be Boston)
  123. [12:43:44] <@Lenore> (<3)
  124. [12:43:47] <Natalie> (<3)
  125. [12:44:29] <Celina> Beginner's Lashknife + A Maiden's Secret~ + Ochu Tentacle
  126. [12:44:38] <Kain> welp
  127. [12:44:45] <Kain> Okay, Celina's first
  128. [12:44:53] <Kain> What are the properties on the Ochu Tentacle?
  129. [12:45:01] <Celina> you never told me
  130. [12:45:07] <Celina> just 'this might make a good lashknife'
  131. [12:45:26] <Theta> "I am quite unsure what to make of it. All we know suggests he perished, and without a doubt Kuja was a male."
  132. [12:45:32] <Natalie> (I like to think it was some kind of Heart Aino-style wrist-ribbon, so the only reason it's secret is because it didn't MATCH)
  133. [12:45:35] <Theta> "Honestly I am left having to assume it is an imposter."
  134. [12:45:45] <Celina> (that's how I saw it too, nats)
  135. [12:45:58] <Kain> oh uh
  136. [12:46:16] <Kain> IN THAT CASE
  137. [12:47:22] <@Amaryllis> "What of Walt then? The Waltz mages all perished as well, yet he persists. And then we are told of the return of Chaos, the first Eidolon." Ammy is speaking in hushed tones. "It is as if those who have left an indelible mark on the world are set to return to its stage, and those who have not yet left the mark written to them have not been allowed to leave that stage."
  138. [12:47:46] <Kain> The chocobo taps the weird little not-cash register with its beak, totaling up a weapon that costs 1800 gil
  139. [12:47:52] <@Amaryllis> "Breakfast." Ammy hands the plate to Theta. "Simple, so not to stand out."
  140. [12:48:11] * Celina hands over the cashmonies!
  141. [12:48:42] <Celina> (I'm pretty sure I have enough to cover it at this point)
  142. [12:48:51] <Natalie> "Hmmmnnn, where did I get that again anyway?" Tilt 2.0: Electric Tiltgaloo.
  143. [12:49:02] <Theta> "Walt's case is a curiousity that we have admittedly seen before, but he is the only known surviving prototype, barring Vivi's children."
  144. [12:49:22] <Kain> Beginner's Lashknife - Gemini - A Maiden's Secret - ribbony - Ochu Tentacle -flexible-
  145. [12:49:26] <Theta> "I don't believe there is much I could theorize from it at the current."
  146. [12:49:44] <@Amaryllis> "Not merely his natural lifespan. He stated himself he was killed by a thief but failed to perish and return to the crystal."
  147. [12:49:57] <Kain> The chocobo takes the materials into the back and you hear much metal banging and sawing/hammering noises
  148. [12:50:01] * Celina watches with rapt attention.
  149. [12:50:13] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps similar happened to Kuja."
  150. [12:50:54] <Kain> What is Celina's favorite color?
  151. [12:51:04] <Celina> Green
  152. [12:51:13] <@Lenore> (Green is not a creative color)
  153. [12:51:16] <Natalie> (^)
  154. [12:51:17] <Celina> green and gold
  155. [12:51:25] <Celina> (shut up it's her favorite color though)
  156. [12:51:28] <Celina> (;_;)
  157. [12:51:36] <Theta> "I...would find that very unlikely given what he did. I can only pray the higher powers would not give such an individual a second chance."
  158. [12:54:23] <@Amaryllis> "Does the crystal have a singular consciousness as such? It is woven of tales, and the will of a tale is not always beholden to the society's morality."
  159. [12:55:23] <Kain> Aaaand the Chocobo comes out with... quite a different looking product. It has a solid metal handle, and it seems the plant fibers were broken down and rewoven and- you're not sure how the fuck the Chocobo got this out of the materials you gave him but it's a green Dancer's Ribbontinged with gold edges. Tier 3 Flexible Reach weapon with +2 Perform on it. Flexible Reach is like Reach, except
  160. [12:55:23] <Kain> it uses Dex so there's no need for gemini. On the other hand you don't get backstab with it.
  161. [12:55:37] <Celina> (yessssssssssssssssssssss)
  162. [12:55:41] <Celina> (yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss)
  163. [12:55:52] <@Lenore> To make things easier on Kainy, Cheerful Yellow Raincoat is Tier 2 Light Armor with Water Ward, Practical Robe is Tier 1 Armor, and Crabmeat has HP Restore, MP Restore, Aquan-eater, and Waterstrike on it.
  164. [12:56:11] <Theta> "I would only hope it has a self of self preservance, but I suppose we shall see."
  165. [12:56:19] <Natalie> Nat's EYES LIGHT UP.
  166. [12:56:21] <Kain> Didn't I say crabmeat also has auto-delicious
  167. [12:56:25] <Theta> "I still doubt this Kuja is anything but a fake."
  168. [12:56:40] <Kain> don't forget important details like that
  169. [12:56:42] <Celina> no, it was the clams that were auto-delicious
  170. [12:56:45] <Celina> and I think we ate them
  171. [12:56:45] <Kain> Ohhh
  172. [12:56:46] <Kain> Ok
  173. [12:56:52] <@Lenore> Yeah we did.
  174. [12:56:57] <Natalie> (clam IS pretty fucking delicious)
  175. [12:57:42] <@Amaryllis> (it was an oyster)
  176. [12:57:43] <Kain> Chocobo rings up a potential price of 1200 on this armor
  177. [12:57:50] <@Amaryllis> (and we fed it to the angry rocs)
  178. [12:58:08] * @Lenore pays up~
  179. [12:58:25] <Celina> (oyster, clam, same difference)
  180. [12:58:27] <@Lenore> (That's like, half her money)
  181. [13:00:27] <@Amaryllis> "Stories are written to end, Theta. It was the folly of the Terrans to attempt to extend theirs past its natural ending." (Kain let me know if this is assuming too much knowledge of stuffs)
  182. [13:01:17] <Kain> (I think we went over that in the cavern)
  183. [13:02:49] <Kain> Cheerful Yellow Raincoat - Water Ward - Practical Robe - practicality - Crabmeat - crabmeat
  184. [13:02:57] <Kain> The chocobo takes your things into the back.
  185. [13:03:13] <Natalie> (>not crabby)
  186. [13:03:17] <Kain> Bangbang, sawthunkthunkthunk
  187. [13:03:30] <Kain> ...nomnomnom?
  188. [13:03:44] <@Lenore> ""
  189. [13:03:44] <Kain> And the chocobo returns wiiiith
  190. [13:04:23] <Kain> Waterproof Kimono - tier 3 Light Armor. Water-Proof. Very practical. Very boring, in a way.
  191. [13:04:47] <Natalie> (I'm picking up my tablet right this second)
  192. [13:05:04] <Theta> Thinks on that a bit with a slight frown. "I have been meaning to ask, because I find your outlook on this puzzling, do you believe our actions are predetermined in this affair or some sort?"
  193. [13:05:25] * @Lenore 's eyes go wide and thumps down the money and grabs, stars going in her eyes as she runs off to change~
  194. [13:06:02] <Kain> Chocobo: "Kweh!"
  195. [13:06:11] <Natalie> "Nnnn. If they could always make ribbons like that, I wonder why I never tried it before?"
  196. [13:06:13] <Natalie> "Oh well~"
  197. [13:06:15] <Kain> Moggy: "And that's about how it goes! Like what you got, kupo?"
  198. [13:06:23] <@Amaryllis> "An actor can improvise their scenes and lines in a play, but in the end the play concludes the same way, does it not?"
  199. [13:06:35] <Celina> "It's pretty nice."
  200. [13:06:38] * Celina pats the chocobo.
  201. [13:06:43] <Kain> Moggy: "It's not always so nice or predictable, kupo, but it's a pleasant surprise in cases like this!"
  202. [13:06:48] <Theta> "So rather, you believe our fates are determined but the path to them is up to us."
  203. [13:06:49] <Kain> Chocobo: "Kweh!"
  204. [13:06:56] * Natalie is already stroking the ribbon without having asked permission, anyway! With an almost-drool.
  205. [13:08:24] * Celina eyes Natalie with some worry.
  206. [13:08:35] <Celina> "Miss Natalie..."
  207. [13:08:49] <Natalie> "Oh, uh, n-nevermind it's nothing!"
  208. [13:09:01] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps. I have much to consider, and much of what I thought is not as I originally imagined." Ammy frowns as she takes a small bite of her own food. "I am told 'the strong write their own stories'. I do not yet know what that means for me, or for us."
  209. [13:09:10] * Natalie stops and turns around, eyes filled with envy.
  210. [13:09:41] * @Lenore comes back shortly wearing the ADORABLE KIMONO. And her hat, of course. Somehow it still matches, although it throws the look the kimono has going a bit off. "I-I almost wish I didn't have to wear my hat all the time..."
  211. [13:10:49] <Celina> "Perhaps we shall go ochu hunting sometime and find ingredients for a ribbon for you, as well?"
  212. [13:11:18] <Theta> "I don't see the positives in such an outlook at all. If you feel how this concludes is already settled why not just lay down and let it happen? And what qualifies a person as 'strong?' And in a sense, isn't it just...symantical? Who is to say your fate was predisposed or you found it."
  213. [13:11:35] <Kain> Moggy: "Glad you guys are such quick learners, kupo! Well, guess my work here's done! See you next time, kupo!"
  214. [13:11:40] <Kain> time?
  215. [13:11:41] <Kain> OFF HE GOES
  216. [13:11:43] <Theta> He leans back. "Human philosophy is simply confounding."
  217. [13:11:43] <Natalie> "Yeah!" Nat's eyes light back up again. "I'd love that! ... I have a lot but they're not GOOD enough."
  218. [13:11:46] <Celina> "Can't you make your hat into a hair ornament or something?"
  219. [13:11:53] <Celina> "It's magic, right?"
  220. [13:12:26] <@Lenore> "Mmmmm...lemme'...uh..."
  221. [13:12:27] * Natalie turns to 'nore. "Nnn, it looks good... but isn't it hard to move in?"
  222. [13:13:30] * @Lenore focuses a bit, and there's a POP before her hat turns into a cute little crab ornament that matches the dress. "I have to turn it back into a hat to actually USE it as I would a hat, though."
  223. [13:13:40] <Celina> (craaaaaab :3)
  224. [13:13:45] <@Amaryllis> "It is the conclusion experience has led me to." Ammy takes another bite and chews slowly before continuing. "As a storyteller, one who knows a great many stories, the patterns are apparent and the ending a seeming forgone conclusion. You could say I am bound by story, in a sense." Another bite, finishing off her breakfast. "Shall we find the others and take the rest of the food to them?"
  225. [13:14:05] * Celina tries not to fawn over adorable crabhat too much.
  226. [13:14:19] <Celina> "How clever!"
  227. [13:14:31] <Kain> The player has equipped
  228. [13:14:46] <Kain> the Lenore crab-mono dlc set
  229. [13:14:48] <Theta> "I suppose, I do wonder what is keeping them so long."
  230. [13:14:53] <Natalie> (oh god damnit)
  231. [13:15:04] <@Lenore> (fuck. yes.)
  232. [13:15:08] <Kain> only all of your monies as square enix bleeds you like a stuck pig with micro transactions
  233. [13:15:43] <Kain> infinitely better than mass effect armor though
  234. [13:16:06] <Natalie> (at least it has equipment stats instead of just being costume titles)
  235. [13:16:10] <@Amaryllis> (sounds like someone is bitter about their spaceman games)
  236. [13:16:18] <Celina> "Well, are we ready to go, or does anyone else have someting they wish to make?"
  237. [13:16:34] <Natalie> "I probably can't make anything yet. Nnnnmmmaybe later."
  238. [13:16:36] <Kain> No Cast
  239. [13:16:38] <Kain> FF13-2
  240. [13:16:42] <Kain> literally had mass effect armor dlc
  241. [13:16:45] <Kain> for the main characters
  242. [13:16:51] <@Amaryllis> (hahaha I thought they only did that for Dragon Age)
  243. [13:17:00] * @Amaryllis heads for the inn door with a swish of her cloak.
  244. [13:17:11] <Kain>
  245. [13:17:13] * Natalie spins around and marches out, shooting one last envious look at the ribbon.
  246. [13:17:30] * @Lenore follows Natty along~
  247. [13:18:03] * Celina does too~
  248. [13:18:11] * Natalie heads back to the friggin' inn!
  249. [13:18:41] * @Amaryllis and Theta probably bump into the others in the middle of town or something given all this.
  250. [13:18:52] <Theta> (In the mean time did you see my questions about item crafting at all, Kain? In pokeymans))
  251. [13:20:03] * Natalie is at least courteous enough to give the others a big wave before they literally bump or something... unless there're a lot of QiB around, anyway.
  252. [13:21:49] <Kain> IN ANY CASE YOU ALL REUNITE AND THEN
  253. [13:23:55] <@Amaryllis> "And what do you think Theta? What philosophy has risen from your village's isolation? The meeting of stories is always an interesting event."
  254. [13:24:19] <Natalie> "Ammyyyyyy!"
  255. [13:24:39] * @Lenore waves to Ammy and Theta in her crab-mono
  256. [13:25:53] <@Amaryllis> "Milady." Ammy nods, then furtively looks around to see if there are Qus giving odd glances. I mean, a kimono is bound to stand out in POORTOWN.
  257. [13:26:27] <Theta> "I don't know what to think! Things have been very...confusing to me thus far. We of the village don't really know what to believe of the outsid world much, or such topics as philosophy given...well, what we are."
  258. [13:26:31] <Theta> He waves back at crab-loli :D
  259. [13:26:49] <@Lenore> (L-Lenore is not a loli ;_;)
  260. [13:26:50] <Kain> There are qu around and there are glances, but nothing more than you've already gotten so far - to your knowledge.
  261. [13:26:56] <Natalie> 'Who cares?,' says Nat's face. Like it's one of those really huge carefree smiles. "So is it done yet?"
  262. [13:27:44] <Natalie> (Terrifyingly, she's probably slightly closer to loli than Nat is despite being barely taller. Weird, huh?)
  263. [13:27:57] <Celina> (natalie is pretty loli)
  264. [13:28:31] <Theta> (She might as well be with how uguu she is >:V)
  265. [13:28:38] <Natalie> (They're both up there)
  266. [13:28:52] <Celina> "Have you made your preparations?
  267. [13:28:53] <Celina> "
  268. [13:30:34] * @Amaryllis nods and unwraps some parchment paper, handing out eggs in a hole for everyone. "I believe we are ready to leave, once we return to the inn to retrieve the rest of our supplies."
  269. [13:31:02] * Celina munches on eggs in holes.
  270. [13:31:23] * Theta simply nods, having been ready all along.
  271. [13:31:59] <Kain> OKAY
  272. [13:32:10] <Kain> You return, you get your shit, you leave
  273. [13:32:15] * Natalie takes one and munches with HYPE!
  274. [13:32:28] <Kain> WORLD MAP MOTHERFUCKERS
  275. [13:32:55] <@Amaryllis> (can we summon the save moogle over and over and tell them to leave until they get pissed?)
  276. [13:33:02] <Kain> SEARCHING THROUGH THE DARK ETC
  277. [13:33:15] <Celina> if that's not blue fields I'm gonna ragequit
  278. [13:33:25] * Celina ( has left #kaingame
  279. [13:33:25] * Celina ( has joined #kaingame
  280. [13:33:27] <Celina> okay done
  281. [13:33:35] <Kain> After quite a bit of walking and getting lost in the seaways canyon
  282. [13:33:36] <Natalie> (If it's not Crossing thosoe Hills then I'M- oh it is okay)
  283. [13:33:42] <Kain> suddenly oeilvert
  284. [13:33:43] <@Amaryllis> Dude we're playing FFIX-2 not VIII-2. Silly androgynous genomes, not emo child soldiers.
  285. [13:33:51] <Natalie> actually uhhh
  286. [13:33:55] <Celina> (but blue fields ;~;)
  287. [13:34:04] <Natalie> Are those snake trails still there?
  288. [13:34:32] <Kain> no :D
  289. [13:34:39] * Kain lays down the railroad tracks
  290. [13:34:51] <Kain> getting shit done today
  291. [13:35:00] <@Lenore> (CHUGGA CHUGGA CHOO CHOO)
  292. [13:35:02] <Natalie> (LE GROAN- well okay it's fine today I guess)
  293. [13:35:10] <@Lenore> (Fuck now I wanna' listen to trainsong)
  294. [13:35:20] <Theta> (just
  295. [13:35:24] <Theta> (Get it over and link it)
  296. [13:35:27] <Theta> (FOr all our sakes)
  297. [13:35:30] <Celina> (we can go take care of snake when we go ochu hunting :D)
  298. [13:35:31] * Natalie only follows these railroad tracks with EXTREME WORRY.
  299. [13:35:41] <Kain> You guys arrive at this run down looking ruin in the midst of the canyons. As you approach, a tingling hits your teeth, and half of you can almost feel the magic drain out of you instantly, like a deflating balloon.
  300. [13:35:45] <@Amaryllis> (you are now imagining the cast of this game as traingirls)
  301. [13:35:48] <@Lenore> ( )
  302. [13:35:52] <Natalie> (k I'll do that too)
  303. [13:35:54] <@Amaryllis> (yes even Theta you are androgynous get over it)
  304. [13:35:55] <Natalie> (after crabnore)
  305. [13:36:12] <Theta> (which # am I)
  306. [13:36:14] <Kain> Surprisingly though
  307. [13:36:18] <Kain> You're not alone here.
  308. [13:36:31] <Natalie> (well I know what I just started blasting)
  309. [13:36:35] * @Lenore shivers uncontrollably for a few seconds.
  310. [13:36:43] <Kain> There's actually a campsite set up out front of the ruins, with about four medium-sized tents pitched.
  311. [13:37:12] <Natalie> "Nnng, that isn't good..."
  312. [13:37:15] * @Amaryllis reaches for her knife and experimentally shoots a sliver of shadow through it. She seems satisfied that at least that much works, even if her proper spells don't.
  313. [13:37:18] <Natalie> "Well, I guess we have to go back!"
  314. [13:37:21] * Natalie spins around.
  315. [13:37:41] * @Lenore spins around too. "Y-yeah
  316. [13:37:47] <@Lenore> !"
  317. [13:37:49] * @Amaryllis examines the tents from afar. Do they seem finely made, or are they rough and well-worn?
  318. [13:38:00] <Kain> A rough-looking ne'erdowell sits in front of one of the tents, peeling an apple with a knife. He glances up as you approach, but doesn't say anything, going back to his apple. Generic humansort, untidy brown hair and beard, doesn't look particularly important.
  319. [13:38:11] <Kain> Rough and well worn
  320. [13:39:14] <Theta> "Good day! I see we are not the only exploreres here today?"
  321. [13:39:16] <@Amaryllis> Must be travelers like us, rather than someone like the Glutton's guest, Ammy reasons to herself. "Greetings." She nods slightly as she comes into view of the camp, stopping.
  322. [13:39:55] <@Amaryllis> (I'll save everyone the time of searching for Oeilvert's music:
  323. [13:40:04] <Kain> "Explorers. Sure."
  324. [13:40:22] <Kain> He doesn't look back up at Theta.
  325. [13:41:39] <Kain> Peelpeelpeel. He finally gets it all peeled, and then cuts up pieces, dropping them into a pot.
  326. [13:41:58] <Celina> "You sound like you don't believe us."
  327. [13:42:08] <Celina> (also: update fancy dinner is gonna be around five)
  328. [13:42:20] <Natalie> (oh, in that case I'll just continue ditching mine then)
  329. [13:43:03] <Kain> "No, I don't particularly think you're lyin', it's the other way around. We ain't explorers exactly."
  330. [13:43:58] <Celina> "...Hiding from something, then?"
  331. [13:45:32] <Celina> "In this place where magic is drained?"
  332. [13:46:03] <@Amaryllis> "This place would make quite the hideaway from a mage's ire, to be sure." Ammy muses to herself.
  333. [13:46:49] <Kain> "Could say that, though it ain't exactly the case. The law don't exactly like us, in the Gusty Valley or the mine town neither." He starts peeling another apple. "Most call us brigands." He glances up. "Yeah, and? Qu liketa rely on their blue magic, and the dragon knights don't like coming all the way out from town without a healer, so it's safer than most places. That'n we do other work
  334. [13:46:49] <Kain> too."
  335. [13:48:08] * @Lenore whisperwhisper to Natty from whatever hiding place they ended up in. "Do you think those guys are bad?"
  336. [13:48:25] <Celina> "...As long as you're not causing problems for Lesetira, it's none of my concern."
  337. [13:48:47] * Natalie whispers back, "Nah, I could probably beat 'em up if they were anyway, they just LOOK tough."
  338. [13:50:03] <@Amaryllis> "We should move on."
  339. [13:50:37] <Kain> "That depends on who you ask, really. But I ain't out to make trouble with anyone my employers don't want trouble with. You want to know more, find Riese, my boss. She's around here somewhere."
  340. [13:50:46] <Celina> (>riese)
  341. [13:50:49] <Celina> (really now)
  342. [13:50:52] <Celina> "...Perhaps we shall."
  343. [13:50:58] * Theta nods and pretends he knows the full extent of things.
  344. [13:50:58] <Kain> (What)
  345. [13:51:03] <Kain> (Is that an odd name)
  346. [13:51:43] <Natalie> "Nnnn... it's probably okay. I'm sure I can just look later," Natty headshakes and gets up, rousing Lenny in.
  347. [13:53:14] <Celina> (nothing, nothing)
  348. [13:53:23] <Kain> Proceeding?
  349. [13:53:39] <Natalie> y
  350. [13:53:43] <@Lenore> "All right..." She gets up wtih Natty and moves along. Feeling pretty uguu.
  351. [13:53:48] * @Amaryllis takes a cursory glance around for other signs of life before proceeding.
  352. [13:54:26] <Kain> You see a few similarly shady-looking characters hanging around, and the occasional monster slithers into view in the shadowy corners.
  353. [13:55:00] <Natalie> The two of them progress slowly enough, Nacchan trying to teach Lenore some facekicking techniques probably to little avail.
  354. [13:55:01] <@Amaryllis> (I think I've been OCDseenman in Academy for too long. My first instinct was to think "what are they I must catalog them")
  355. [13:55:22] <Kain> (Ahahhaa)
  356. [13:55:25] * @Lenore kicks like a girl.
  357. [13:55:43] * Celina follows after Natalie, expounding on the finer points of jump checks.
  358. [13:55:49] <@Lenore> ...and not one that knows kung-fu, either.
  359. [13:55:50] * Natalie kicks like a TIGER. ... Wait, is that how that works?
  360. [13:55:55] <Kain> (I don't actually remember what Oeilvert looks like in specifics so bear with my odd descriptions :V)
  361. [13:56:06] <Natalie> (it looked really ruiny)
  362. [13:56:39] <Kain> You all approach the front of the ruins, a massive sort of entranceway with spiral patterns here and there. You notice quite a few old stained glass windows. The doorway's already open.
  363. [13:57:22] * @Amaryllis looks if there's a film of dust over everything with a handprint missing or some other way to tell if someone's been by.
  364. [13:57:30] <Natalie> "... And then when they get close you give them a big ROUNDHOUSE like one of these! See?"
  365. [13:57:54] <Natalie> "And you have to give it a name that you think sounds cool! A move without a name is only half as effective, you know!"
  366. [13:58:12] <Kain> You see footprints in the dust, but not much else to go off of.
  367. [13:58:14] * Theta looks up at the tall door and stained glass.
  368. [13:58:23] <@Lenore> "A-ah, okay! Blitz kic- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" She attempts the roundhouse kick Nat showed her and...falls over on her back.
  369. [13:58:28] <Theta> "I must say it is a very impressive building."
  370. [13:58:32] <Theta> "Much more so than the castle."
  371. [13:58:36] <Celina> "Here's hoping the, uh, brigands, haven't taken everythi-"
  372. [13:58:43] * Celina steps to one side as Lenore falls over.
  373. [13:58:46] * Natalie helps the adorable mage up. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it!"
  374. [13:58:49] <@Amaryllis> "We're not alone." Ammy says simply, before stepping in.
  375. [14:00:12] <Theta> "Well, yes of course, the briagands. And whatever lives here."
  376. [14:00:48] <Kain> As you step inside, you're greeted with an open room that splits towards doors on your left and right, with a balcony above you on the left side. Funny machinery litters the area in places, sparking occasionally and flickering, or pulsing on and off with light.
  377. [14:01:17] * Natalie moves back to the others, with an occasional sniff or such. "You don't think those brigand guys might've taken the crystal, do you?"
  378. [14:01:59] * @Lenore brushes all the dust off of herself and gets up, slightly watery-eyed but not going to cry. NOPE.
  379. [14:02:25] <Theta> "It's a possibility, at the least."
  380. [14:02:30] <@Amaryllis> "Let us hope not."
  381. [14:02:38] <Celina> "So, where to start?"
  382. [14:02:51] * Natalie starts swirling a finger around, then faster and faster until she finally realizes what's wrong and makes a D: at the magic-less empty space.
  383. [14:03:07] <@Amaryllis> "Left?"
  384. [14:03:19] <Theta> "Good as any other guess."
  385. [14:03:23] <Celina> "Indeed."
  386. [14:03:28] <@Lenore> "Okay!"
  387. [14:03:28] * Celina heads left!
  388. [14:03:28] * Natalie nods along. "Right!"
  389. [14:03:41] <Natalie> "As... in... right, left."
  390. [14:04:00] * Natalie shoots a weird glance to the right and then starts heading left.
  391. [14:04:54] <@Amaryllis> "The machinery yet functions. Curious." Ammy passes by the sparking with a glance but continues on to the left.
  392. [14:06:05] <Kain> You head right to the left, into the next room. Here, the room curves around a small circular divet in the floor where some kind of console rests, and leads to two doors in the back. Little creatures are in here, fiddling with some of the machinery, ripping it out and taking shit apart. These curious creatures are two feet tall with yellow skin, roughly humanoid, with bright red hair and
  393. [14:06:05] <Kain> beards, and dressed all in green with large brown sacks almost filled to bursting with something, but not what they're taking presumably.
  394. [14:06:54] <Celina> "...We should probably stop them."
  395. [14:06:59] <Natalie> "Hnnn. What if THEY'VE seen it? Y'know, the crystal."
  396. [14:07:13] <Kain> They look up and one of them hisses something and they draw tiny daggers.
  397. [14:07:14] <Theta> "Thaaat does not look like it helps our progress, yes."
  398. [14:07:24] <Theta> "Ah, makes matters much easier," draws his blade.
  399. [14:07:24] <@Lenore> "Oh, hello, um...why are you ripping apart the eeee"
  400. [14:07:26] <Kain> One whistles, and a basilisk crawls down the wall from the ceiling.
  401. [14:07:42] <Natalie> "Oh, hello!"
  402. [14:07:43] <@Amaryllis> "I suppose parlay is not an option."
  403. [14:07:44] * Natalie waves at it.
  404. [14:07:48] * @Lenore takes off her ornament, and...
  405. [14:07:57] <@Lenore> "Ah! I can't access my items..."
  406. [14:08:16] <@Lenore> "...good thing I turned it into an ornament though, if it was still a hat it would've all dumped out."
  407. [14:08:19] <Kain> One of them shouts at you in an odd language you don't understand.
  408. [14:09:09] <@Lenore> "And that would've been a biiiig mess."
  409. [14:09:10] <Natalie> "Mmhmm! Hey, you haven't seen a crystal around here, have you? It glows and it's about this big..."
  410. [14:09:26] <Celina> "Miss Natalie, ask questions after they've been dealt with."
  411. [14:09:45] <Natalie> "Welll...."
  412. [14:09:46] <@Lenore> 2d6 language for the hell of it. Watch my double 1s
  413. [14:09:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, language for the hell of it. Watch my double 1s: 8 [2d6=4,4]
  414. [14:09:48] <Natalie> "Okay!"
  415. [14:09:51] * Natalie battlestance.
  416. [14:09:55] <Kain> wrong doubles
  417. [14:10:03] <@Lenore> Indeed.
  418. [14:10:04] <Kain> COMBAT
  419. [14:10:23] <Kain> 3x Hobgoblin, 1x Basilisk
  420. [14:10:23] * @Lenore just sort of...shrinks away behind the others. "L-let me know if you need me to use items!"
  421. [14:10:54] <@Amaryllis> "You have a weapon still, do you not?" Ammy draws her sword.
  422. [14:11:08] <Natalie> "Ammy! Should we?"
  423. [14:11:31] <@Amaryllis> "The basilisk first." Ammy nods.
  424. [14:11:32] <@Lenore> "It's in my hat. I forgot to take it out before we went in..."
  425. [14:11:40] <@Amaryllis> "I'll lead."
  426. [14:12:07] * Natalie nods. "Hold on, boost me first!"
  427. [14:12:11] <Theta> (Can black mages use reach weapons?)
  428. [14:12:15] <Natalie> Aaaand then jumps at Ammy, how moe!
  429. [14:12:33] <@Lenore> (Only Arcane)
  430. [14:12:43] <Theta> (oh zut, was gonna hand you my t1 sword :C)
  431. [14:13:18] <Natalie> (Yeah, too bad I never used arcane stuff)
  432. [14:13:40] <Celina> "I'll take care of the lizard!"
  433. [14:13:44] * Celina leaps into the air!
  434. [14:14:20] * @Amaryllis boosts Nat into the air. Holding action til Nat's initiative tick for teamwork.
  435. [14:14:41] * Natalie spends the waiting-time doing a bunch of cool flips!
  436. [14:15:11] <Natalie> (So is Lenny like, not doing ANYTHING?)
  437. [14:15:30] <@Lenore> (Items! And Guarding.)
  438. [14:15:40] <Natalie> (okay that's me then)
  439. [14:15:55] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+3 teamwork sord
  440. [14:15:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, teamwork sord: 8 [2d6=2,3]
  441. [14:16:12] * Natalie lands behind the basilisk and flip kicks it! Hopefully getting it a bit into the air for a nice stab. "Stab, the Sword..."
  442. [14:16:13] <@Amaryllis> (well, PROBABLY rerolling something there, but let's see how Tree's roll goes?)
  443. [14:16:14] <Natalie> 2d6+2 GO
  444. [14:16:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, GO: 6 [2d6=2,2]
  445. [14:16:25] * Theta flicks his blade and makes a bolt of lightning from its tip, firing it at the Basilisk. What is he a mesmer or somethng?
  446. [14:16:26] <Natalie> (I... I think I'll take the reroll)
  447. [14:16:36] <Theta> (oops didn't mean to hit enter yet lol)
  448. [14:16:41] <@Amaryllis> (well, see if an 8 even hits?)
  449. [14:16:50] <Natalie> (yeah, let's do that, I kinda doubt 6 does)
  450. [14:17:01] <Kain> An 8 does hit
  451. [14:17:06] <Natalie> 1d6 OKAY
  452. [14:17:06] <Kain> 6 does not
  453. [14:17:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, OKAY: 2 [1d6=2]
  454. [14:17:12] <Natalie> why
  455. [14:17:16] <Kain> I am the 2st
  456. [14:17:16] <@Amaryllis> (areyoukiddingme)
  457. [14:17:26] <Natalie> (... I DO have all this destiny I won't use)
  458. [14:17:31] <@Amaryllis> (go for it?)
  459. [14:17:34] <Natalie> 1d6 FINE ADD THIS
  460. [14:17:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, FINE ADD THIS: 4 [1d6=4]
  461. [14:17:39] <Kain> HIT
  462. [14:17:51] * @Amaryllis stabs the basilisk and slings it into the air for Nat to hit!
  463. [14:17:52] <Natalie> Damage is a measly 16, ho, ho!
  464. [14:18:10] <@Amaryllis> 34 damage
  465. [14:18:18] <Kain> And noted.
  466. [14:18:20] <Kain> Theta?
  467. [14:18:20] <@Amaryllis> er 32
  468. [14:18:21] * Natalie kicks it back down, then! "... of Justice!"
  469. [14:18:31] <Natalie> +!
  470. [14:18:32] <@Amaryllis> wait 31 damnit I'm bad at this math thing ;-;
  471. [14:18:34] <Theta> 2d2+2 on the basilisk as well
  472. [14:18:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, on the basilisk as well: 4 [2d2=1,1]
  473. [14:18:35] <Natalie> always gotta have 2 exclamation points
  474. [14:18:38] <Theta> 2d6+2 oops
  475. [14:18:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, oops: 11 [2d6=5,4]
  476. [14:19:02] <Theta> (31 if that hits, lightning arms)
  477. [14:19:02] <Kain> yes
  478. [14:19:34] * @Lenore Guards. "M-mr. Prickles, I hope you can pick up my slack..."
  479. [14:19:47] <Kain> Two of the hobgobbos reach into their pouches and attempt to toss handfuls of dark power at Ammy and Theta!
  480. [14:19:54] <Kain> *powder
  481. [14:20:07] <Kain> Opposed force from both of you
  482. [14:20:10] <Kain> 2d6+4
  483. [14:20:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=3,3]
  484. [14:20:12] <Kain> 2d6+4
  485. [14:20:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+4: 15 [2d6=5,6]
  486. [14:20:16] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+6
  487. [14:20:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=5,3]
  488. [14:20:45] <Theta> 2d6+4
  489. [14:20:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+4: 11 [2d6=2,5]
  490. [14:20:51] <Kain> Theeeeta is Blinded
  491. [14:21:05] <Theta> (Laughingzoofman)
  492. [14:21:24] <Theta> Theta's Third Eye allows no such things, he is immune to blind.
  493. [14:21:26] * @Amaryllis easily deflects the powder with a swish of her sword. It almost seems like she's getting the hang of this weapon.
  494. [14:21:30] <Kain> oh-ho
  495. [14:21:52] <Kain> The third hobgobbo leaps for nat with his dirk
  496. [14:22:05] <@Amaryllis> (totally misread that :V)
  497. [14:22:15] <Kain> 2d6+3
  498. [14:22:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 11 [2d6=6,2]
  499. [14:22:32] * Natalie spins around smugly but ends up taking it like a bitch.
  500. [14:22:43] <Kain> 18 arm
  501. [14:22:55] <Natalie> "Nnk!"
  502. [14:23:19] <Kain> And actually I should have been making Counterattack rolls for the basilisk
  503. [14:23:21] <Kain> TOO LATE NOW
  504. [14:23:35] <Kain> 2d6+1 at Theta
  505. [14:23:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, at Theta: 10 [2d6=4,5]
  506. [14:23:50] <Natalie> (Don't worry, I think I have counterattack I've been forgetting to use too! ... Or maybe not, I forget if Brawler counts that if not.)
  507. [14:23:53] <Natalie> (-if +or)
  508. [14:24:10] <Kain> 22 arm damage if that hit
  509. [14:24:21] <Kain> 1d4 and stone touch?
  510. [14:24:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, and stone touch?: 4 [1d4=4]
  511. [14:25:01] <Kain> Opposed Force Theta
  512. [14:25:05] <Kain> 2d6+6
  513. [14:25:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 15 [2d6=3,6]
  514. [14:25:16] <@Amaryllis> (oww)
  515. [14:25:20] <Theta> 2d6+4 olol
  516. [14:25:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, olol: 10 [2d6=5,1]
  517. [14:25:26] <Theta> He's so stoned
  518. [14:25:46] <@Amaryllis> "Theta!" Ammy and her player both wonder who has that god damned soft. :V
  519. [14:25:52] <Kain> Theta turns to solid stone!
  520. [14:26:03] <Kain> Celina!
  521. [14:26:06] <Celina> (didn't we all get one)
  522. [14:26:16] <@Amaryllis> (oh did we?)
  523. [14:26:17] <Theta> (I bet they used it on a baby behemoth or something)
  524. [14:26:19] <Celina> (also are all the hobgoblins within a short range of each other)
  525. [14:26:26] <Theta> (OH, I KNOW. IT'S ON THETA. har har)
  526. [14:26:38] <Theta> (oh wait no it isn't thats eye drops)
  527. [14:26:44] <Theta> (why do I have eye drops I'm immune to blind)
  528. [14:26:54] <Natalie> (it's a condition)
  529. [14:27:21] <@Lenore> (Everyone has 1 soft? Okay...)
  530. [14:27:47] <@Lenore> (I'd say Lenore uses hers but her inventory's gone.)
  531. [14:27:56] <Kain> Note, this form of petrify wears off in 4 rounds
  532. [14:28:09] <Kain> if you're willing to wait
  533. [14:28:16] <Kain> in any case
  534. [14:28:18] <Kain> ratfeet
  535. [14:28:26] <Celina> (also are all the hobgoblins within a short range of each other)
  536. [14:28:47] <Kain> yep
  537. [14:28:56] <@Amaryllis> "Again?" Ammy readies her sword and looks to Nat.
  538. [14:29:10] <Celina> 2d6+3 RAT-SHAPED AIR STRIKE on them then
  539. [14:29:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, RAT-SHAPED AIR STRIKE on them then: 14 [2d6=5,6]
  540. [14:29:16] <@Amaryllis> (CRIT)
  541. [14:29:21] <Celina> and that would be a crit if jump was capable of crits
  542. [14:29:22] <Celina> but no
  543. [14:29:22] <@Lenore> (AWWWW YEAH)
  544. [14:29:27] <@Amaryllis> (ffffff)
  545. [14:29:28] <Natalie> "Sure! I'm..." She stomps the ground and takes a breath, "Ready for this one!"
  546. [14:29:30] <@Amaryllis> (lame)
  547. [14:29:31] <@Lenore> (ffff)
  548. [14:29:44] <Natalie> BOOST since lol instant action
  549. [14:29:53] <Celina> anyway 44 arm damage to the hobbos
  550. [14:30:04] <Kain> (Yeah, I felt that pain when morty got a 'crit' jump the other day)
  551. [14:30:08] <Kain> (Ouch)
  552. [14:30:28] <Kain> (Wait, how 44)
  553. [14:30:30] * Celina flips back, brandishing the ribbon!
  554. [14:30:37] <Kain> (dex * tier 3)
  555. [14:30:42] <Celina> (dex * 3 = 33 + 5+6)
  556. [14:30:46] <Kain> (Ohhh right)
  557. [14:30:50] <Kain> (I derp)
  558. [14:30:54] <Theta> (I'm still not sure how I feel w/ crits being as infrequent as they are in this system tbh, specially considering just HOW much a reach weapon ups the odds)
  559. [14:30:59] <Celina> (is okay we like you anyway)
  560. [14:31:21] <Kain> (I know, zoof, dragoon is critically underpowered and its abilities fucking suck and don't work with each other :V)
  561. [14:31:22] <@Amaryllis> (pssst Kain shouldn't teamwork attack cancel out status touch?)
  562. [14:31:37] <Natalie> (page 153 for reference)
  563. [14:31:41] <@Amaryllis> (or other combat ablities etc)
  564. [14:31:56] <Kain> Well the basilisk is the same type you guys fought before
  565. [14:32:11] <Kain> you should have remembered it had status touch like I should have remembered it had counterattack :V
  566. [14:32:19] <Kain> we'll call it even
  567. [14:32:33] <Natalie> (pssst teamwork gets rid of counterattack too)
  568. [14:32:38] <@Amaryllis> (well, teamwork attack cancels out counter too)
  569. [14:32:47] <Kain> that -is- true
  571. [14:33:00] <Natalie> (~)
  572. [14:33:03] <Kain> Did this guy's game just glitch or what
  573. [14:33:23] <Kain> next celina will probably do an infinite attack loop while turned into an imp or something
  574. [14:33:25] <@Amaryllis> (/me blows on the cartridge/wipes down the CD/etc etc)
  575. [14:33:25] <Kain> in any case
  577. [14:33:46] <Kain> Someone else now
  578. [14:33:53] <@Lenore> "M-Mr. Prickles..."
  579. [14:33:55] <Celina> (I would be the cutest imp)
  580. [14:33:55] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+3 teamworkan?
  581. [14:33:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, teamworkan?: 8 [2d6=1,4]
  582. [14:33:59] * Natalie takes a brief moment to do a silent kyaaaaaaa at the ribbon.
  583. [14:34:02] <Natalie> 2d6+3 GO!
  584. [14:34:02] <Kain> Prickles: "I... I am sorry!"
  585. [14:34:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, GO!: 11 [2d6=5,3]
  586. [14:34:03] <@Amaryllis> "Your lead, milady."
  587. [14:34:05] <Celina> (crabmono would be second cutest)
  588. [14:34:10] <@Amaryllis> 1d6 reroll the 1
  589. [14:34:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, reroll the 1: 1 [1d6=1]
  590. [14:34:14] <Natalie> "Alright!"
  591. [14:34:16] <Natalie> (oh that feel)
  592. [14:34:18] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+3 reroll the weapon reliable
  593. [14:34:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, reroll the weapon reliable: 7 [2d6=2,2]
  594. [14:34:22] <@Amaryllis> (that. feel.)
  595. [14:34:27] <Natalie> (the feel of feels)
  596. [14:34:46] * @Amaryllis fumbles with her sword and swings wild! guess she's not getting the hang after all.
  597. [14:34:47] * Natalie backflips and lifts a leg. "Uhh... what did I name it again?"
  598. [14:34:53] <Kain> well what are you targeting
  599. [14:35:05] <Kain> 6 doesn't hit but 7 does
  600. [14:35:05] <Natalie> (doesn't matter since our numbers don't match)
  601. [14:35:08] <@Amaryllis> (the basilisk, but we didn't get a match so it auto-fails)
  602. [14:35:09] <Kain> on basilisk
  603. [14:35:11] <Kain> oh right
  604. [14:35:12] <Kain> ok
  605. [14:35:20] <Kain> fail then
  606. [14:35:24] <@Lenore> "I know I'm not all that strong but...let's fight together, okay?"
  607. [14:35:37] <@Lenore> (fun fact: I just realized Lenore does more damage unarmed than with her staff)
  608. [14:35:41] <Theta> Moooore lasers at the basilisk then.
  609. [14:35:48] <Theta> 2d6+2 pew pew pew
  610. [14:35:48] <Kain> Prickles: "I'm... not very good at this, but I will try my best!"
  611. [14:35:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, pew pew pew: 12 [2d6=4,6]
  612. [14:35:55] <Theta> 32 damage
  613. [14:35:55] <Kain> WHAM
  614. [14:36:11] <Kain> Not down yet, these lizards are made of tough and mean.
  615. [14:36:13] <Kain> 1d4 counter?
  616. [14:36:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, counter?: 2 [1d4=2]
  617. [14:36:16] <Kain> no counter
  618. [14:36:30] <Theta> It's rather odd to actually watch, just seemingly swinging his sword from a distance as a bolt of energy flies out
  619. [14:36:30] <@Lenore> 2d6+1 Teamworkan with Mr. Prickles? :>
  620. [14:36:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Teamworkan with Mr. Prickles? :>: 9 [2d6=3,5]
  621. [14:36:53] <Kain> 2d6+2
  622. [14:36:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+2: 8 [2d6=1,5]
  623. [14:36:57] <@Lenore> Targetting the basilisk
  624. [14:37:31] <Kain> Prickles leans forward and starts tossing needles at the Basilisk! What do to team up?
  625. [14:37:32] <@Lenore> "BLITZ KICK!" She runs up and kicks the basilisk, nearly falling over!
  626. [14:37:47] <@Lenore> She kicks it into the needles for extra impact!
  627. [14:37:48] <Natalie> "I told you you could do it~!"
  628. [14:38:02] <Kain> He doooes
  629. [14:38:05] <Kain> 14 arm damage
  630. [14:38:39] <@Lenore> 19 Arm damage
  631. [14:38:42] <Kain> and disables counter/status touch
  632. [14:38:59] <Kain> Aaand it's down!
  633. [14:39:17] <@Lenore> "D-did I do good, Natty?"
  634. [14:39:28] * Natalie gives a THUMBS-UP. ... Do those even exist?
  635. [14:39:33] <Kain> Prickles seems flabbergasted himself. "G-good show!"
  636. [14:39:44] <Natalie> The player recalls doing a shitty scribble of Lenny doing a thumbs-up in cosplay so it's probably okay!
  637. [14:39:58] <@Lenore> (I remember that~)
  638. [14:40:05] <@Amaryllis> "We are not yet done." Ammy drags her sword along the ground in an arc before slinging it over one shoulder, eyes on the hobgoblins.
  639. [14:40:15] <Kain> did anyone not go
  640. [14:40:35] <@Amaryllis> (I think we all went!)
  641. [14:40:37] <Kain> ENEMIES
  642. [14:40:46] <Kain> One hobbo tosses powder at Celina!
  643. [14:41:02] <Kain> 2d6+4 opposed force
  644. [14:41:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, opposed force: 13 [2d6=6,3]
  645. [14:42:18] <Celina> 2d6+2 I don't think I can evade :c
  646. [14:42:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, I don't think I can evade :c: 10 [2d6=3,5]
  647. [14:42:23] * Celina can't see aaa
  648. [14:42:24] <Kain> AGH it's in your eyes oh fuck can't see ;_;
  649. [14:42:29] <Kain> This shit stings.
  650. [14:42:34] <Kain> Blinded
  651. [14:42:43] <Kain> Another follows up with a dagger attack!
  652. [14:42:48] <Kain> 2d6+3
  653. [14:42:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 12 [2d6=3,6]
  654. [14:43:02] <Kain> 19 arm damage
  655. [14:43:25] <Kain> The third pulls out a glowy stone that probably came from one of the machines around here and tosses it at Ammy!
  656. [14:43:30] <Kain> 2d6+3
  657. [14:43:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=6,1]
  658. [14:43:37] <Natalie> (inb4 it's the crystal)
  659. [14:43:59] <Kain> It explodes in a decidedly nonmagical m.arm explosion of 17 damage
  660. [14:44:21] <@Amaryllis> (ow m. arm ;-;)
  662. [14:46:04] * @Amaryllis recoils back. She takes her sword in both hands and points it at her attacker much as Theta was. Night Sword!
  663. [14:46:07] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  664. [14:46:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 12 [2d6=4,5]
  665. [14:46:18] <Kain> yep
  666. [14:46:37] <@Amaryllis> 35 arm damage, regains half damage in HP
  667. [14:47:34] <Kain> aaand down
  668. [14:47:40] <Kain> Next!
  669. [14:48:00] * Celina hisses, dropping her weapon to claw at her eyes
  670. [14:48:01] <Kain> (15 recovered)
  671. [14:48:04] <Celina> (hint wink nudge)
  672. [14:48:08] <Natalie> (~~~~~)
  673. [14:48:12] <Natalie> (Kainy is that okay?)
  674. [14:48:36] <Kain> (Yes yes)
  675. [14:48:37] <Natalie> (Or would it like, take a STANDARD ACTION or something to pick up?)
  676. [14:48:48] <Kain> (Just pick it up you goof)
  677. [14:49:08] * Natalie speeds by like a NINJA, winking while picking that glorious thing up.
  678. [14:50:11] <Natalie> And while admiring it, turns to one of the hobgobs and does another flip-kick! As the ribbon waves, some kind of... turquoise energy blast briefly shoots out?
  679. [14:50:16] <Natalie> 2d6+3 "Cutting Edge of Notion!"
  680. [14:50:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, "Cutting Edge of Notion!": 6 [2d6=2,1]
  681. [14:50:22] <Natalie> ... Oh.
  682. [14:50:30] <Celina> (:C)
  683. [14:50:46] * Kain checks\
  684. [14:51:04] <Kain> Yeah, misses
  685. [14:51:25] <Kain> The gobbos are unimpressed and step to the side casually.
  686. [14:51:40] * Natalie flails a few snap-kicks idly in the air. "Huh, why'd it go off-course? I swear I practiced!"
  687. [14:51:44] <Theta> Theta chucks a bolt of energy at one of them.
  688. [14:51:46] <Theta> 2d6+2
  689. [14:51:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+2: 14 [2d6=6,6]
  690. [14:51:50] <Theta> (hahahahha)
  691. [14:51:54] <Celina> (oh my is that a malestrom)
  692. [14:51:56] <Natalie> (DICEMAID YOU SCANDALOUS WHORE)
  693. [14:52:02] <Kain> how much crit
  694. [14:52:05] <Theta> spirit flame
  695. [14:52:11] <Kain> could a thetamancer chuck
  696. [14:52:25] <Kain> okay what does that do
  697. [14:52:26] <@Amaryllis> (>pwr x twice level)
  698. [14:52:29] <@Amaryllis> (hory shit)
  699. [14:52:32] <Natalie> (gg)
  700. [14:52:36] <Natalie> (no re)
  701. [14:52:39] <Theta> A wall of ivory fire rushes at the Goblins
  702. [14:52:49] <Theta> 56 damage.
  703. [14:52:54] <Kain> "Waaaaaagh!"
  704. [14:53:01] <Kain> The hobgoblins are obliterated!
  705. [14:53:21] * Celina continues stumbling around until her vision clears.
  706. [14:53:22] <Natalie> DODODODO DO DO DOO doDOOOOOOOOOOOO
  707. [14:53:29] <Kain> 2 exp!
  708. [14:53:33] <Theta> "Right, then," he sheaths his blade casually, looking to the control panel. "Hopefully they did not wreck it beyond disrepair."
  709. [14:53:35] <@Amaryllis> "A frightful power. Truly it is not magic you say?"
  710. [14:53:36] <Kain> Which should be enough to level up
  711. [14:53:46] * Natalie walks up and hands the ribbon back to the rat. "H-Here."
  712. [14:53:51] <Natalie> (not for me ;~;)
  713. [14:54:00] <Kain> you all have the same exp totals
  714. [14:54:06] <Natalie> (r-really?)
  715. [14:54:18] <Natalie> (well I guess I didn't ask earlier 1,1even though I told castie I would)
  716. [14:54:30] <Kain> and change your exp to 0/5 after we're dumb using my bullshit houserules here we're doing this right
  717. [14:54:37] <Kain> dumb?
  718. [14:54:39] <Kain> done
  719. [14:54:58] <Celina> (so we level up)
  720. [14:55:03] <Celina> (?)
  721. [14:55:10] <Kain> (I believe so)
  722. [14:55:15] <Celina> (:Dc)
  723. [14:55:18] * @Lenore gives a fistpump~
  724. [14:55:21] <Kain> (I think you guys were at 8/10)
  725. [14:55:27] <@Amaryllis> (should we level ourselves up now, or will it not be needed later this session?)
  726. [14:55:51] <@Lenore> (We were, at 8/10, yeah)
  727. [14:56:29] <Kain> Found 1 Strange Machinery component (Special Ability: ????)! Found 200 gil each. Found 1 tier 1 Imp Knife (Concealed)
  728. [14:56:50] <Kain> (I was thinking about calling it early because I am getting tired as shit. ;_; Completely my fault)
  729. [14:56:53] * Theta thinks for a bit. "I really do not know exactly how to describe it."
  730. [14:57:02] <Theta> "I didn't really have a teacher for it. It"
  731. [14:57:35] <Kain> The control panel hums to life as you touch it. Odd runes appear, which are indecipherable to others, but Theta finds he can read them.
  732. [14:57:35] <Natalie> "Oh!" A few more idle snap-kicks. "Just like me!"
  733. [14:57:40] <Natalie> "... Except when it doesn't work."
  734. [14:57:43] <Celina> (there we go, leveled)
  735. [14:57:46] <@Amaryllis> "Its meaning shall reveal itself when the time is right then."
  736. [14:57:46] <@Lenore> "It mustn't be magic, if you can use it here..."
  737. [14:58:02] <Kain> "EN-TER COMMAND" the words say.
  738. [14:58:48] <Celina> "Command?"
  739. [14:58:55] <Celina> "Find the crystal!"
  740. [14:59:03] <Kain> "Odd runes appear, which are indecipherable to others, but Theta finds he can read them."
  741. [14:59:08] <Celina> (oh I'm sorry)
  742. [14:59:11] <Celina> (disregar)
  743. [14:59:13] <Kain> (:<)
  744. [15:00:24] * @Amaryllis stares at the runes before attempting to replicate them in a drawing in her journal.
  745. [15:00:39] <Celina> (sorry stop madfacing at me)
  746. [15:00:58] * Celina examines the machine. "I wonder if..."
  747. [15:01:09] <Kain_> (T-that wasn't a mad face)
  748. [15:01:34] <Kain_> <Kain> The terran alphabet is strangely familiar, despite your direct memories of your home world being blurred.
  749. [15:01:58] <Natalie> "If the crystal's inside it? Maybe!"
  750. [15:02:01] * Natalie reels a kick up.
  751. [15:02:25] * Kain ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  752. [15:02:29] * Theta seems a bit perplexed at first. "Hrm..."
  753. [15:02:29] <Celina> "If I could..."
  754. [15:02:32] <Celina> "Hm."
  755. [15:02:36] <@Amaryllis> "Milady, you shall hurt yourself." Ammy warns.
  756. [15:02:40] * Theta reads over what's on the display at the moment.
  757. [15:02:49] <Theta> "I would not advise it, it SEEMS functional...just...what do we have here."
  758. [15:02:53] <Natalie> "Oh, you're right, I can't magic it here."
  759. [15:02:59] <Theta> (Do we gain a point of accuracy at 3?)
  760. [15:03:01] * Natalie stands up straight and 'nyeh's at the machine a little.
  761. [15:03:05] <Natalie> (you don't, I checkeD)
  762. [15:03:05] <Celina> (nope)
  763. [15:03:09] <Celina> (not until four)
  764. [15:03:14] <@Lenore> "I can't either, or I would've tried jumpstarting it..."
  765. [15:03:17] <Kain_> (FFD6 contradicts itself)
  766. [15:03:22] <Kain_> (But yeah)
  767. [15:03:26] <Celina> (film at 11)
  768. [15:03:34] <Kain_> (I don't think you get a point at 3)
  769. [15:03:36] <Celina> "Here, let me try something."
  770. [15:03:41] <Theta> (Pretty boring level up then :C)
  771. [15:03:53] * Celina heads over and starts poking at the machine at random.
  772. [15:03:54] <Kain_> Theta - All it says is Enter Command
  773. [15:03:55] <Natalie> (odd numbers generally are)
  774. [15:04:04] <Celina> 2d6+6 TINKERING WHAT COULD GO WRONG
  775. [15:04:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, TINKERING WHAT COULD GO WRONG: 10 [2d6=2,2]
  776. [15:04:26] <Theta> "Uhm."
  777. [15:04:33] <Theta> He just waits for this to be done first
  778. [15:04:46] <Celina> "And then maybe it'll fix it so it's not displaying gibberish."
  779. [15:04:46] <Kain_> pokepokepoke
  780. [15:04:47] <@Amaryllis> "Are you sure that is wise?
  781. [15:04:50] <@Amaryllis> "
  782. [15:04:52] <Kain_> pokepokepoke
  783. [15:04:59] * Natalie wanders off.
  784. [15:05:00] <Theta> "I can read it, you know,"
  785. [15:05:10] <Celina> "If it withstood those things, then-"
  786. [15:05:11] <Celina> "Wait, what?"
  787. [15:05:23] <Kain_> The words Theta sees change from "Enter Command" to "Jukebox Canteloupe Invincible"
  788. [15:05:35] <Theta> "Oh for heaven's sake what have you DONE"
  789. [15:05:39] <Celina> (oh god it has a jukebox mode? the best the best)
  790. [15:05:43] <Celina> "...What?"
  791. [15:05:46] <Natalie> (oh shit the invincible got rebuilt as a jukebox canteloupe)
  792. [15:05:52] <Theta> He looks for anything that would resemble 'backing up'
  793. [15:05:57] <Theta> or undoing actions
  794. [15:06:10] * Celina stops poking with her gigantic rat hands, thank god
  795. [15:06:12] <Theta> And then tries 'find crystal.'
  796. [15:06:12] <@Amaryllis> "These ruins are from Terra, are they not? It makes sense."
  797. [15:06:42] <Kain_> "SEARCHING DATABASE"
  798. [15:06:42] <@Amaryllis> (I forget, do you have to put skill points into two different skills at level up?)
  799. [15:06:54] <Celina> (nope, but you have to obey skill caps)
  800. [15:06:54] <Theta> (not sure.)
  801. [15:07:09] <Celina> (it's just when you level to an even level, you have to put the stat points into two different skills)
  803. [15:07:29] <Natalie> (you mean stats)
  804. [15:07:39] <Theta> " 'Find Crystal' is not specific enough, it seems."
  805. [15:07:39] <Celina> (hush tree)
  806. [15:07:53] <Celina> "...Maybe wave the one we have in its face and see if that works."
  807. [15:08:11] <Kain_> How does computer
  808. [15:08:29] <Theta> He tries 'Scan item' just to confirm this first, then pauses.
  809. [15:09:04] <Theta> Are the doors in front of us locked or shut? "Maybe this wouldn't be entirely helpful for locating the crystal as oppose to navigating this place."
  810. [15:09:06] <Kain_> SCANNERS ONLINE
  811. [15:09:11] * @Amaryllis takes out the crystal and puts it in front of the thingy.
  812. [15:09:14] <Kain_> They're shut, but unlocked.
  813. [15:09:20] <Kain_> SCANNING
  814. [15:09:29] <Theta> "Oh, so it can do that."
  815. [15:09:37] <Celina> "Told you."
  817. [15:10:17] <@Amaryllis> "Well thought." Ammy waits, watching the curious runes.
  818. [15:10:54] <Theta> "Hahahaha."
  819. [15:10:56] <Theta> "Haha...ha"
  820. [15:10:59] <Theta> "...Something ate it."
  821. [15:11:14] <Theta> He tries 'identify species?'
  822. [15:11:33] <@Amaryllis> "In a way, that is reassuring. It has not been taken from the premises."
  824. [15:11:57] <Celina> "...In another way, Miss Amaryliss, we're going to need to cut something open to get to it."
  825. [15:12:00] <@Amaryllis> (inb4 Kuja)
  826. [15:12:10] <Kain_>
  827. [15:12:11] <@Amaryllis> "We are good at that."
  828. [15:12:29] <@Amaryllis> "Are we not? It has been how we have solved most problems in our path thus far."
  829. [15:12:51] <Theta> "Alright..."
  830. [15:12:56] * Natalie waaaaanders back in, clearly bored.
  831. [15:12:58] <Celina> "I haven't cut anything open." Frownfrown.
  832. [15:13:03] <Celina> "Oh, hello, Miss Natalie."
  833. [15:13:16] <Theta> 2d6+3 he thinks about what he knows monster lore wise on this thing before using any other commands
  834. [15:13:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, he thinks about what he knows monster lore wise on this thing before using any other commands: 7 [2d6=3,1]
  835. [15:13:23] <Natalie> "Nnnn. This place is boring. So was the crystal in there?"
  836. [15:13:27] <Kain_> You've vaguely -heard- of Ogres
  837. [15:13:30] <Celina> "Sir Theta was able to extract all manner of interesting information from the - no, it's been eaten."
  838. [15:13:36] <Kain_> but don't know much
  839. [15:13:38] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  840. [15:14:21] <Theta> "I...suppose this is an Ogre."
  841. [15:14:23] * Celina squints at the screen.
  842. [15:14:28] <Celina> 2d6 WHO'S THAT POKEMON
  843. [15:14:28] <Theta> "I do not know much of them however,"
  844. [15:14:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Celina, WHO'S THAT POKEMON: 10 [2d6=6,4]
  845. [15:14:57] <@Lenore> 2d6 IT'S PIKACHU
  846. [15:14:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, IT'S PIKACHU: 8 [2d6=2,6]
  847. [15:14:58] <@Amaryllis> (I will blame you if this thing just screams "OGRE! OGRE! OG OG OGRE!" the whole time we fight it)
  848. [15:15:16] <@Amaryllis> ("OGRESAUR")
  849. [15:15:18] <Theta> ('vod vod comrad voda')
  850. [15:15:36] <Natalie> (he ends all his sentences with "oni")
  851. [15:15:42] <Celina> (if you do that you should blame me for like half the shit that happens in this campaign)
  852. [15:15:45] <Celina> (just sayin')
  853. [15:15:56] <Kain_> sure is an ogre
  854. [15:16:01] <Theta> (FFFFFFF)
  855. [15:16:02] <Natalie> (NOT HERE TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
  856. [15:16:03] <Theta> (ITS CATCHING ON)
  857. [15:16:08] <Celina> (what)
  858. [15:16:13] <@Amaryllis> (who's taking the component btw? I assume zoof?)
  859. [15:16:13] <@Lenore> (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)
  861. [15:16:22] <@Amaryllis> (and the imp knife)
  862. [15:16:27] <Kain_> (They're commenting on 'sure is a ____')
  863. [15:16:34] <Celina> (?? ok)
  864. [15:16:38] <Kain_> (And I'm doing it on purpose just to tease them)
  865. [15:16:41] <Theta> (Didn't someone mention a group loot page? Just toss it on one for now)
  866. [15:16:47] <@Lenore> (^)
  867. [15:16:51] <Celina> (yeah that)
  868. [15:16:52] <@Amaryllis> (Mons does it all the time in Academy to a sort of aggravating degree)
  869. [15:16:55] <@Amaryllis> (ah, right)
  870. [15:16:56] <Natalie> (yeah, that'd be coolhip)
  871. [15:17:24] <Theta> "Alright, then, this simplifies our search a bit."
  872. [15:17:30] <Theta> "I suppose we should just keep an eye out for ogres."
  873. [15:17:42] <@Amaryllis> "Perhaps you could ask the machine to locate ogres?"
  874. [15:17:43] <Celina> "Can you get it to find the specific ogre?"
  875. [15:17:45] <Kain_> "...hello? Is someone in there?" a distinctly female voice calls out from one of the rooms.
  876. [15:17:46] <Celina> "I mean-"
  877. [15:17:46] <Natalie> (I'VE GOT AN OGRE-SLAYING KNIFE)
  878. [15:17:48] <@Lenore> "That thing looks scary..."
  879. [15:17:53] <@Lenore> "Hm?"
  880. [15:17:53] <Natalie> (IT'S GOT +1 AGAINST OGRES)
  881. [15:17:58] <Celina> (YOU'RE IN THE OTHER ROOM BEING KAWAII)
  882. [15:18:02] * Celina tenses.
  883. [15:18:07] <@Amaryllis> (I cast magic missile on Tree)
  884. [15:18:19] <Natalie> "Nn?"
  885. [15:18:23] <Theta> "Good day!" He calls back.
  886. [15:18:24] * Natalie walks casually toward the voice.
  887. [15:18:27] <@Lenore> (WHAT A BUNCH OF KAWAII DONKEYS)
  888. [15:18:36] * @Amaryllis shushes everyone and then silently facepalms at Theta.
  889. [15:18:55] <Theta> Only other thing he looks for on the machine is 'find ogres.' to see if they can pinpoint its location in here some, before looking to the door.
  890. [15:18:56] <Kain_> The door opens, and a deep brown-furred Burmecian peeks out, crossbow at the ready. She blinks when she sees all of you, and lowers the contraption. "My apologies, these ruins are full of monsters still."
  891. [15:19:03] <Celina> "Oh."
  892. [15:19:07] <Natalie> "Oh!"
  893. [15:19:10] <@Lenore> "Hi!"
  894. [15:19:10] * Celina instantly relaxes.
  895. [15:19:31] <@Amaryllis> "We have noticed." Ammy gestures to the remains of the hobgoblins and basilisk.
  896. [15:19:36] <Kain_> Woman: "Are you adventurers? I'm Lieutenant Riese, of the Returners."
  897. [15:19:47] <@Lenore> (>Returners)
  898. [15:19:49] <@Amaryllis> (aaaaaaaaaaaa)
  899. [15:19:50] <@Lenore> (fuck yeah)
  900. [15:19:57] <Natalie> (well there's the shameless 6 reference I was calling earlier)
  901. [15:20:37] <@Lenore> "Returners...? Do they find lost things and return them?"
  902. [15:20:38] <Natalie> "At least they weren't tough!" Nat streeeeetches. "That's kinda right. We're here looking for something."
  903. [15:20:41] * @Amaryllis nods and steps forward. "We met one of yours encamped out front."
  904. [15:21:54] * @Lenore headtilts.
  905. [15:22:17] <Celina> "Somehow, I doubt it, if they call themselves brigands."
  906. [15:23:45] <Kain_> Riese: "Probably Avery. I hope he didn't leave a bad impression on you, some people don't have a high opinion of us, because they have the wrong idea. The Returners are a mostly-Nezumi organization that seek to strengthen Burmecian colonies and prevent Alexandria from becoming a dominant military superpower, so no more tragedies like Alexander's War happen again."
  907. [15:24:05] * Celina raises an eyebrow.
  908. [15:24:14] <@Amaryllis> "...I see." Ammy steps back and watches Celina's reaction.
  909. [15:24:20] <Celina> "Fascinating."
  910. [15:24:27] <Celina> "And how do you plan on accomplishing that?"
  911. [15:24:56] * Natalie skips over to Ammy's side and puts hands at her hips, clearly preparing for their inevitable introductions by putting on the 'I'm rich' grin.
  912. [15:26:00] <Kain_> Riese: "We have various methods. Scouts in Alexandria, watching for signs of an upcoming war. Researchers working with figures like Oracle Kildea on various projects, clandestine teams like ours skimming ruins like these for anything salvagable."
  913. [15:26:05] * Theta listens quietly but just continues fiddling with this machine a bit, "I believe I will need to suggest to the others to send a...larger team here to evaluate such technology. Hrrrm," he muses to himself.
  914. [15:26:36] <Kain_> Riese: "I could go on but I'm afraid I can't reveal all of our operations to outsiders freely."
  915. [15:26:42] <Celina> "Of course."
  916. [15:26:44] <Kain_> Riese: "No offense meant, you must understand."
  917. [15:26:53] <Celina> "Would you be willing for a trade of information?"
  918. [15:27:12] <Kain_> She looks a bit surprised. "That would depend. What kind of information are you offering?"
  919. [15:27:55] <Celina> "Information on the possible resurfacing of one of the major causes of Alexander's War."
  920. [15:28:00] * Celina glances over at Natalie.
  921. [15:28:13] * Natalie sighs a little.
  922. [15:28:17] * @Amaryllis gives Celina a cautious look. "Introductions first, I believe would be in order. I am Amaryllis Middleton, servant to Lindblum's House Aitchison."
  923. [15:28:22] * @Lenore nods along as she listens to this conversation. Hmmm.
  924. [15:28:35] <@Lenore> "I'm Lenore Denagere, nice to meet you!"
  925. [15:28:46] <Natalie> "Right! And I'm Natalie Ellis Floruna Lazuli Annette-Maria Cynthia Cathaoir Aitchison III, obviously, of house Aitchison itself. Call me 'Nat' if you want!"
  926. [15:28:52] <Kain_> Riese nods at you all, having already introduced herself. She frowns a bit at Celina's statement. "What do you mean?"
  927. [15:29:13] <Kain_> Theta - roll me systems, out of curiosity
  928. [15:29:22] <Celina> (brb discreet checking of logs)
  929. [15:29:28] <Theta> 2d6 LOL
  930. [15:29:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, LOL: 7 [2d6=3,4]
  931. [15:29:37] <Kain_> Well you don't break it at least
  932. [15:29:58] <Theta> (You know, looking at my skills, has anyone here used Scavange yet?)
  933. [15:30:01] <Theta> (I always forget it)
  934. [15:30:02] <Kain_> it does start playing a tune though.
  935. [15:30:05] <Kain_>
  936. [15:30:22] <Kain_> (I was waiting for someone to ask if they could Scavenge the machinery lying around)
  937. [15:30:49] <Natalie> (I actually was thinking of that so I looked it up, apparently scavenge is only for bosses and notorious monsters)
  938. [15:31:32] <Celina> (oh good, she did get named Kuja)
  939. [15:31:49] <Celina> "...A person calling themselves Kuja wishes to attack Lindblum."
  940. [15:31:51] <Theta> ( is?)
  941. [15:31:59] <Theta> (That sounds extremely specific. hrm)
  942. [15:31:59] <Natalie> (yeah, I found that kinda weird too)
  943. [15:32:08] <@Amaryllis> (that sounds dumb :V)
  944. [15:32:10] <Natalie> (I thought it was any monsters but apparently nope)
  945. [15:32:20] <Theta> (Yeah I thought it was for monsters too)
  946. [15:32:21] <Kain_> (Forget that line)
  947. [15:32:25] <@Amaryllis> (you can't just...scavenge something?)
  948. [15:32:30] <Kain_> (You can use scavenge anywhere in kaingame)
  949. [15:32:32] <Kain_> (I so decree it)
  950. [15:32:37] <Kain_> (As long as it's not disruptive)
  951. [15:32:43] <Natalie> (OHCOOL I would've been doing that during the 'wandering off' then)
  952. [15:32:43] <Celina> (the god-kain has spoken)
  953. [15:32:45] <Natalie> (Oh well!)
  955. [15:32:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, WELL THEN THETA GETS CURIOUS WHAT'S UNDER THE HOOD.: 11 [2d6=6,2]
  956. [15:32:56] * Celina jumps a little as the jukebox canteloupe starts playing.
  957. [15:33:03] <Kain_> " all means, the actual Kuja from a decade ago should be dead. Are you certain of this?"
  958. [15:33:16] <Kain_> Riese: "An imitator, perhaps?"
  959. [15:33:17] <Theta> He starts digging around inside, trying not to break it but seeing what's all in here.
  960. [15:33:27] * Natalie steps up with a nod. "Mm-hmm! They definitely called themselves 'Kuja.'"
  961. [15:33:37] <Theta> "I must agree that it is an impersonator," he calls out. "But none the less they claim to be Kuja."
  962. [15:33:42] <Celina> "Probable - but it did look similiar. Just, ah, more feminine."
  963. [15:33:52] <Natalie> "And dressed REALLY... uh... light."
  964. [15:34:05] <Natalie> "And had a tail..."
  965. [15:34:09] <Kain_> Theta - what am silicon. Well, you dig around, the interior of the machinery glowing with a slight blue light. You don't see any moving parts though.
  966. [15:34:22] <@Amaryllis> "Imitator or not, dragging Lindblum into war is not in the world's best interests."
  967. [15:34:33] <Theta> "This is waaaaay beyond my current comprehension."
  968. [15:34:54] <Natalie> "Silver hair..."
  969. [15:35:04] <Kain_> Riese: "Mm, I don't believe I ever heard mention of the original Kuja having a tail, actually?"
  970. [15:35:18] <Natalie> "... Huh."
  971. [15:35:29] <Celina> "And in any case, they seek to make a deal with the Qu, supplying them (or at least one of them) with power."
  972. [15:35:37] * Theta thinks for a bit on how to approach this. "Hrrrrm."
  973. [15:35:38] <Kain_> Riese: "That does strike me as curious though. It could be very serious news. Thank you. I'll write a letter to our leader, Shannon, when I can. What did you want to know, exactly?"
  974. [15:36:37] <Celina> "In any case, that's our side. As for myself..."
  975. [15:36:41] * Celina glances at everyone.
  976. [15:36:45] <Celina> "Perhaps I will ask you later."
  977. [15:37:20] <Kain_> Riese: "As you like..." she sighs. "Our team is having a bit of trouble finding and extracting an artifact here in the ruins. Could I perhaps ask you to keep an eye out for it?"
  978. [15:37:31] <Celina> "Of course."
  979. [15:37:36] * Natalie ponders and lightbulbs. "Ooh, by the way, are there any ogres here?"
  980. [15:38:13] <Kain_> Riese: "It's supposedly a chest, around three by three by five, called the Covenant of the Ark, with ties to an ancient creature spotted here that takes the form of an airship."
  981. [15:38:21] <Kain_> Riese looks over at Nat. "Yes, plenty. Why?"
  982. [15:38:31] <@Lenore> (
  983. [15:38:39] <Celina> (youuuuuu)
  984. [15:38:44] <@Lenore> (I want to shake your hand.)
  985. [15:38:49] <Natalie> "Oh, nothing! We just probably need to beat some up."
  986. [15:39:02] <Celina> "Any changes in their behavior recently?"
  987. [15:40:34] <Kain_> Riese: "Now that you mention it, one's gotten a lot bigger and nastier recently, and the others have taken to following it around like a chieftain, which is a bit unusual."
  988. [15:40:36] <@Amaryllis> "An ancient creature with the form of an airship? Tell us more."
  989. [15:41:11] <Celina> "...That sounds like our target."
  990. [15:41:14] <Natalie> "Oh! That's our guy then," scribblescribble. "... But stories are definitely important."
  991. [15:41:17] <Kain_> Riese: "I'm not exactly sure of the details myself. It seems like an oxymoron, since airships aren't that old of an invention, but it has been spotted from time to time."
  992. [15:41:29] <Theta> He looks to the parts the goblins already ripped out, "Well those didn't break it so..."
  993. [15:41:32] <Kain_> Riese: "Both here, and around Esto Gaza to the north."
  994. [15:42:53] <Celina> (I should be going for meal sometime in the next twenty minutes or so)
  995. [15:42:54] <@Amaryllis> "We are in need of an airship ourselves." Ammy glances back at Theta then returns her gaze to Riese. "What would you do with this artifact?"
  996. [15:42:57] <Celina> (just fyi)
  997. [15:43:03] <Kain_> (We'll be wrapping up soon enough)
  998. [15:43:45] <Kain_> Riese: "Lady Shannon's the one with that information. And even if I did know it'd probably be classified. I'm sorry. All I can assure you of is that we would use it for the betterment of our people."
  999. [15:43:57] <Theta> "I just wish to better UNDERSTAND it."
  1000. [15:44:43] <Theta> "But I don't want to break it, so maybe there's something here of merit they already removed," he continues to look over what they were ripping out.
  1001. [15:44:55] <Kain_> Theta - you're not entirely sure if the hobgoblins ripped parts out of this particular console or not
  1002. [15:45:15] <Kain_> When you came in they were fiddling with the broken projector machines lying around
  1003. [15:45:35] <Kain_> But in any case
  1004. [15:45:37] <Kain_> roll scavenge
  1005. [15:46:02] <Theta> (Oh, guess that's what confused me, either way...)
  1006. [15:46:03] <Theta> 2d6+3
  1007. [15:46:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=1,6]
  1008. [15:46:24] <Kain_> You find a removed projector that seems to be mostly intact.
  1009. [15:46:39] <@Amaryllis> "I see." Ammy turns to have a better look around the ruins, pacing to run through her thoughts.
  1010. [15:47:24] <Celina> "We'll keep an eye out for it."
  1011. [15:47:29] <Theta> "I suppose this would do for a test"
  1012. [15:47:44] <Theta> He bags it.
  1013. [15:47:49] <@Lenore> "...should we open it up if we find it?"
  1014. [15:48:15] <Kain_> Obtained Projector Parts (Spellburst: Homing Laser component)
  1015. [15:48:49] <Kain_> Riese: "Do not open it, please."
  1016. [15:49:03] <@Lenore> "Why not?"
  1017. [15:49:45] <Kain_> Riese: "We'll need a crack team of specialists on it just to make sure it's even safe to open. The artifact is supposedly very powerful, and we wouldn't want to put you in possible danger."
  1018. [15:50:14] <@Lenore> "...oh..."
  1019. [15:50:57] <Kain_> Riese: "It's been kept in Oeilvert's anti-magic field, after all."
  1020. [15:51:46] <Kain_> Riese: "Now, unless you have any more questions I should probably resume the search. Be careful here, alright?"
  1021. [15:51:54] <Celina> "All right, Miss Riese."
  1022. [15:52:58] <Kain_> "I... don't think I caught your name?"
  1023. [15:53:44] <Kain_> The question is a bit awkward, I think Celina left herself out of introductions earlier
  1024. [15:56:28] <Kain_> (I think anise is fooding now so)
  1025. [15:56:34] <Kain_> (Let's assume she introduces herself)
  1026. [15:56:54] <Kain_> Riese: "Very well, Miss Celina. Good luck with your Ogre hunt." she leaves the room.
  1027. [15:57:14] <Kain_> aaaand probably /session for now unless you wanted to talk amongst yourselves more
  1028. [15:57:48] <Kain_> nuuuh so tired
  1029. [15:57:50] <Kain_> sorry for shortgame
  1030. [15:57:55] <Celina> go to bed kainface
  1031. [15:57:56] <@Amaryllis> s'alright
  1032. [15:58:02] <Theta> Well, one last thing.
  1033. [15:58:08] <Celina> Yeah I purposely didn't introduce myself
  1034. [15:58:14] <Natalie> oh let's do proper order this time
  1035. [15:58:18] <Kain_> Oh, she doesn't say that then
  1036. [15:58:56] <Theta> As they go to leave the room, Theta tries one last search on impulse. "Artificial Life."
  1037. [15:59:12] * @Amaryllis watches Theta mess with this machine.
  1038. [15:59:26] <Kain_> TWO MATCHES FOUND. ERR-OR
  1039. [15:59:27] * Natalie totally wanders off again during this too.
  1040. [15:59:36] <Kain_> and it suddenly shuts down
  1041. [16:00:47] <@Amaryllis> "Curious." Ammy notes the sudden halt of machine operations. "What did you ask it?"
  1042. [16:00:49] <Kain_> It reboots again after a moment, but does the same thing if you try it again
  1043. [16:01:07] <Kain_> Seems like it's 'blue screening' for lack of a better term
  1044. [16:02:01] <Celina> "What are you doing to that poor machine?"
  1045. [16:02:34] <Theta> "I tried to search for anything it has on artificial life. Two results, but it...seems to be blocking me from it. Hrm." he walks away.
  1046. [16:03:07] <Celina> "Want me to try and fix it?"
  1047. [16:03:09] <@Amaryllis> "Two...?" Ammy follows, lagging a bit behind.
  1048. [16:03:21] <Celina> (didn't you know, ammy)
  1049. [16:03:27] <Celina> (celina is a robot beep boop)
  1050. [16:05:21] <Theta> "I do not imagine you'll have much luck, whatever technology is behind this is...well...way beyond my own comprehension."
  1051. [16:05:58] <Theta> "I guess there is not much point to dwelling on it," he shrugs, looking to move onward.
  1052. [16:06:36] <Kain_> (Hungrrrryyyyy)
  1053. [16:06:51] <Kain_> </session proper> Gonna go grab something then powercoma
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