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  2. You are a solver in the discord of CCC.  You are solving the evil WSJ Apr 04,
  3.  2014 which has been terrorizing the discord.   You select clue 1 down.
  5. "The first letter of each word is a different color".
  7. This one seems easy enough.  The first letter of each word is red
  8. > Solve clue one down
  10. You take your time and work out all the letters that make up the word "red".
  11.   You start with the first letter of each word.
  12. "Red"
  13. You look at the clues again and see that you have solved it.  You select clue
  14.  2 down
  15. > Solve clue 2 across
  16. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  17.  prevent that.
  18. > try out clue 10
  20. "The second letter of each word is a different color"
  21. You think about what to do next.  There are two choices here.  One is to go back
  22.  to the beginning and try the clue again or to try out clue 10.
  23. > do clue 10 as elephant
  25. You select clue 10 and then press enter.  The game now shows you that the clue
  26.  was correct.  You select clue 1 down.
  27. > Go to a tavern
  29. You head to the nearest tavern and ask for a drink.  You order a pint of ale
  30.  and sit in the corner of the pub.  As you wait, you notice that the bartender
  31.  looks like an elf.  He has a long beard and wears a blue tunic over his brown
  32.  robes
  33. > Ask the bartender if he is an elf
  35. You say "Hello sir, I am looking for a dwarf named Red who lives on the other
  36.  side of town".
  37. He says
  38. > I think I found red.  He was 1 down.
  40. You think about how you got this information and wonder why you didn't find him
  41.  earlier.  Then you remember that you could have been more thorough.  If you
  42.  had gone further into the inn, you might have found another dwarf named Red
  43. > tell the bartender to look at 1 down.
  45. You tell the bartender to look at 1 down and tells him that he should be able
  46.  to find him there.  He looks at 1 down and says "Yes, he is right there".
  47. > AAsk the dwarf what business he has with the bartender.
  49. You ask the bartender "What business does the dwarf Red have with the barman?"
  50. The bartender replies "I am just a simple man trying to earn my keep.  My name
  51.  is John Smith and I live in the house across from you".
  52. > Ask the barkeeper for another ale.
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