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  1. Snuffing Scarlett
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  4. Sometimes as a Mistress you have to make hard decisions. Otherwise those in your charge will not take you seriously. Oh, sometimes they’ll try to please you when they think it’s to their benefit. But you have to continually show them who’s boss or they’ll take advantage of you as often as possible.
  6. Take Scarlett for instance. I loved her red hair. She had lovely breasts and was a favorite of mine. But she quickly discovered my fondness for her and tried to make the most of it.
  8. Oh, she was adequate when it came to pleasing me. But I had others who put forth a more concerted effort to get on my good side. Scarlett seemed to think that wasn’t wholly necessary.
  10. I finally came to the conclusion she could no longer be my favorite if she gave less than one hundred percent to please me. I decided she would have to go. And because of her stubbornness, I deduced there was only one way of dealing with the situation.
  12. I summoned her to the dungeon which was reserved for the times I wanted to reveal my more sadistic side to my charges. Scarlett gave me a look of defiance after I instructed her to strip down to her underwear. For a moment I thought she would actually disobey me. But she finally came around, further cementing the decision I’d already come to.
  14. After she was undressed I bid her to sit in the chair. She gave me a look that again made me question whether or not she would comply. But she finally did as she was told.
  16. I began to secure her to the chair, starting with her wrists and then moving up to her elbows. I sighed as I told her, “We’ve been having some differences of opinion lately. Are you dissatisfied submitting to me?”
  18. “No, Mistress,” she told me sullenly.
  20. “Your attitude says otherwise. I’ve been seriously considering giving you to Kahn.”
  22. She looked up at me in alarm. Kahn was notorious for using, abusing and then cruelly snuffing his bitches. A transfer to Kahn usually meant a drastic shortening of one’s life.
  24. “You misunderstand, Mistress. I’m perfectly happy serving in your employ!” She certainly acted like she wanted me to put Kahn out of my head.
  26. “Is that so?”
  28. “Yes, Mistress.”
  30. “I’m afraid I’ll need a little more confirmation than your word. Can I expect that from you?”
  32. Her posture sagged submissively as she lowered her head. “Yes, Mistress,” she replied demurely. “I am yours to command… yours to enjoy.”
  34. “Is that so?”
  36. “Yes, Mistress.”
  38. “We shall see.”
  40. I picked up a plastic bag and brought it over. Her eyes flew open in alarm as she stiffened in the chair. “Mine to enjoy?” I repeated dubiously.
  42. She swallowed hard as she nodded, “Yes, Mistress.” Then she lowered her head.
  44. “We shall see if I will enjoy this,” I told her with skepticism in my voice.
  46. I began pulling the bag down over her head. Again she stiffened. But she did not resist me… not that she was in any position to put up a struggle.
  48. “Let’s see how submissive you are,” I told her as I pulled the bag all the way down. Then I went over and got the black “submission collar”. Normally it was worn whenever we went out. This time it was designed to close up much of the bag over her head.
  50. I snugged it in place and sealed it up. If she was getting any air, she certainly wasn’t getting much. I told her, “Now we shall see just how submissive you are.”
  52. Instinctively she tried to breathe shallow. I’ve seen it many times before whenever I’ve used the bag to restrict one’s breath. Seeing her reaction as she became more and more alarmed was quite erotic.
  54. “Are we being submissive now?” I purred as I allowed a hand to caress her breasts through her bra. She nodded, even as her eyes widened in growing panic. Her chest started to rise and fall with greater urgency.
  56. “I have my doubts, Scarlett. Are you sure you’re submissive?”
  58. She nodded anxiously as the bag began to inflate and deflate from her panicked breathing. I moaned as I leaned closer. “I must know for sure my pretty playthings are submissive.”
  60. She rapidly inhaled and exhaled as though her lungs were trying to catch up. The bag was apparently getting a little air. But it was not nearly enough.
  62. She began to shudder in the chair. I leaned closer and breathed into her ear, “That’s not very submissive, Scarlett.” Then she tried to cry out through the plastic. But she could not force any air past her vocal cords to make a sound.
  64. She kept trying to gasp as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her arms stiffened as she jerked against her secured wrists. Her legs kicked deliciously.
  66. She suddenly went still save for an occasional muscle twitch in her arms and legs. Her chest heaved a couple more times. Then she was lifeless.
  68. I brought my lips quite close as I caressed her face. “Now you’re being submissive, Scarlett. That’s a good girl. I think from now on we’re going to get along just fine. Don’t you?”
  70. There was the faintest flutter in her eyelids. Otherwise she did not move… did not even breathe. The bag her head was encased in did not crinkle or make a single, solitary sound.
  72. Her head finally lolled forward as I rose to my feet. Scarlett had become completely submissive. But alas, I no longer had need of her services.
  74. So remember that when you are dealing with your charges. Sometimes you have to make a hard decision just to find out who is indeed submissive. You may even have to take action to know for sure which ones are truly obedient. In the end Scarlett made up for her mischief by being truly subservient to my desires.
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