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  1. Ratt - Dr. Rock Lyrics
  3. Uploaded by LOVE4LYRICS at
  5. You wanna take a break
  6. We'd like to take you there
  7. You wanna travel the world
  8. I know about these things
  9. It's only one of those games
  10. You know you need to rock
  11. Don't need to break your leg
  12. Call your Dr. Rock
  14. Don't need no headache
  15. Don't need to move so slow
  16. Don't need no heartache
  17. Just let the good times roll
  18. It's only one of those things
  19. You know ya need to stop
  20. Don't need to break your leg
  21. Call your Dr. Rock
  23. You know in your way
  24. There's no other way
  25. You'll need your time
  26. There's no other way
  27. Call your Dr. Rock
  29. A runway in L.A.
  30. The engines soothe my soul
  31. No monkey on my back
  32. I'm finally on the track
  33. It's easy when the world is my home
  35. Ya know in your way
  36. There's no other way
  37. You'll need your time
  38. There's no other way
  39. There's no other way
  40. No other way, no other way
  41. No other way, no other way, there's no other way
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