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  1. Ignore the tags.
  3. I know what the tag says, and there was a lot of angry internal drama at 4DE over the 2 factories they had not making them to the same standard.
  5. Both toys should have had a 2012 tag, but 4DE demanded the factory that flubbed the noses to go back and fix the ones they did, and then send several dozen cases of the fixed toys as proof.
  7. The new shipment, being pushed into 2013, caused 4DE to update the tag. Then, when the shipment showed up in 2013, after 4DE did the inspection of several dozen good boxes, they found that a good 30% of the toys were far from fixed, and they had to hand inspect all 5,000 toys in the production run and pick out the ones that did not meet their standard, but sadly some ones not up to 4DE standards did slip through, chiefly due to a drop ship issue where a chunk of cases went to distribution before 4DE locked them down for detailed inspection. So that is the deal with that.
  9. The CEO of 4DE, from what I hear, is leaving for China any day now to personally inspect the new toys featured in that Diamond ad at the start of the thread and make sure they are up to 4DE standards, and that 4DE also got an amazing new factory that is apparently known for making high end collectibles.
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