Xenos Hunters Session 6

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  1. Session Start: Mon Apr 11 21:14:06 2011
  2. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
  3. 03[21:14] * Now talking in #XenosHunters
  4. 03[21:14] * Topic is 'Arkias, Sinbad, Omniel, Cadmus, Decimus, Antoine'
  5. 03[21:14] * Set by Antoine on Tue Mar 15 00:42:29
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  14. [21:52] <~antoine> You sit in a Aquila lander with your fellow marines as a Navy pilot flies you low over the vast plains of Rahas, the world's valuable crops growing beneath the beast of metal and glass. Over the vox you hear the pilot, "5 Minutes until we reach the outskirts of Weinestadt."
  15. [21:54] <~antoine> The day is warm, the summer light and heat entering through the half dome of glass that sits atop the lander, filling the cargo hold with a serene glow.
  16. 03[21:57] * Sinbad_AFK is now known as Sinbad
  17. [21:57] <~antoine> The engines whine as they power down to bring the Aquila lander down upon the open ground near Weinestadt, the ramp lowering to allow the Kill Team to exit.
  18. 10[21:58] * Cadmus finishes going over the info he's learned about the Tyranids from conversing with the Inquisitor before standing up and readying his heavy bolter, saying "Here we shall show these foul xenos how badly the've erred in drawing the wrath of the Emperor's Chonse!"
  19. [21:59] <Damaskan> "Agreed, Brother.  Let us illuminate them."
  20. [22:00] <Cadmus> *chosen
  21. 10[22:00] * Omniel unfastens his restraints with practices ease, standing to his full height and brandishing his heavy flamer in one cyclopean hand. "This will serve to illuminate them."
  22. 10[22:00] * Cadmus nods and descends the ramp, ready for anything.
  23. 10[22:01] * Omniel exits the lander as well, expecting everything up to and including the unexpected, as befits a noble Astartes.
  24. 10[22:03] * Damaskan grins behind his Mark IV helm, and follows his brothers with a chainsword in each hand.
  25. [22:06] <~antoine> You see before you as you exit a small rural village set around a mighty cave entrance, the lower half obscured by the low lying buildings between you and it. The area is studded with randomly placed hand made hamlets, manufactured hab buildings and nearby you see a shut down and rusted train sitting on tracks headed towards the main city you left from.
  26. [22:08] <~antoine> Red dirt covers the road, no signs of life are present as the Aquila lander takes off, the pilot unwilling to hang around in a kill zone.
  27. 10[22:10] * Omniel frowns inside his helmet, retrieving his auspex. "I was anticipating a rather warmer welcome. Shall we investigate further?"
  28. 03[22:10] * Seraph is now known as Engel
  29. [22:12] <Cadmus> "The villagers may have been killed by the xenos. Let us proceed, and remember to watch your fire around the promethium equipment."
  30. [22:13] <Damaskan> "Acknowledged, Brother-Apothecary."
  31. 01[22:13] <Omniel> "Understood."
  32. 10[22:14] * Engel who until now had been rather quiet in meditation finally steps out, his chainsword gripped tight. He stares around in silence before speaking up. "Understood, let us proceed."
  33. [22:16] <Cadmus> "Defensive pattern 12e Brothers." Cadmus says as they advance, moving into the center of their formation to cover everyone with his heavy weapon.
  34. 10[22:17] * Omniel stows the heavy flamer on this open ground, forming up with boltgun in one hand and auspex gripped tightly in the other hand.
  35. [22:19] <~antoine> As you advance you spot off to your right you see a rustle in some fields followed by a ping, your visor rune denoting Sinbad has gone yellow with specks of red, a sign of possible enemy contact.
  36. [22:19] <Sinbad> ++Brothers! We have spotted possible enemy marks. Going to investigate.++
  37. 10[22:20] * Damaskan whispers the ancient Chogori word for "Preysight", and begins to scan the area.
  38. [22:21] <Damaskan> ++Acknowledged, Brother.++
  39. [22:22] <Cadmus> ++Let us move to back him up if need be.++
  40. 10[22:24] * Sinbad spots the party from their front right, and rides his doop over to them
  41. [22:24] <Sinbad> "Hail, Brothers.  We chased something too here, but it was amazingly fast."
  42. [22:24] <Sinbad> "Too fast to be human, I feel."
  43. 10[22:25] * Engel heads towards Sinbad, sword at the ready. "Then I fear we might yet get some sort of welcome from the xenos."
  44. [22:26] <Cadmus> "Some Tyranid types are rather stealthy, so i'm sure they're waiting ahead."
  45. [22:26] <~antoine> You make it to the edge of the village, Sinbad returns upon a mighty beast, his serf riding with him. The grizzled commissar has carapace armour and is wielding a plasma gun of all things, the man looks both serious and very pleased at the moment. Doors and windows swing helplessly on hinges as a soft wind blows between the buildings. If you were lesser men an ominous feeling would flow...
  46. [22:26] <~antoine> ...through you.
  47. 01[22:28] <Omniel> ++House to house? They could be hiding anywhere. A thorough search is the only way to root them out.++
  48. [22:29] <Sinbad> "We are much too large...they would hide as well as they like, knowing we come."
  49. [22:29] <Damaskan> ++Be alert, Brothers.  The xenos love to lay ambushes.++
  50. 03[22:29] * Mark|StudyBuddy is now known as Bellerophon
  51. [22:29] <Cadmus> ++That would be good, so we know there won't be any xenos that could attack us from behind before we enter the facility.++
  52. [22:30] <Engel> ++Treacherous xenos. They know they would not stand before us in a fair fight.++
  53. 10[22:31] * Damaskan cracks a grin
  54. [22:32] <Damaskan> ++Not exactly, Brother.  Suprise is one of the deadliest weapons in a warrior's arsenal, and these xenos use it well.++
  55. 01[22:32] <Omniel> ++There may yet be survivors. I feel that securing the town would serve our mission well, Brother.++
  56. [22:37] <Sinbad> ++Brothers...there's evidence of struggle.  There is human blood on the walls, and scratch marks. Long ones.++
  57. [22:38] <Damaskan> +Signs of a xenos committed slaughter.++
  58. [22:40] <Cadmus> ++Agreed, i've located some xenos markings in a warehouse leading to a closed section that smells most foul. Form up on me and we shall investigate.++
  59. 10[22:41] * Sinbad navigates the doop over to Cadmus, flame pistol in one hand
  60. 10[22:42] * Cadmus stays back and covers his flamer-equipped brothers.
  61. 10[22:42] * Omniel unslings his heavy flamer once more, in preparation of close quarters fighting.
  62. 10[22:43] * Engel looks skims around the surroundings not finding anything of note, before turning back to Cadmus.
  63. [22:44] <~antoine> The closed off section is covered by a large metal door that sits of rollers, the warehouse and this door sit 8 meters high at least. The surrounding floor near you is covered in the usual red dust. The sick smell emanates from the edges of the door when it does not seal.
  64. [22:45] <Cadmus> ++Proceed in standard clearing pattern brothers, i have you covered.++
  65. [22:45] <Sinbad> "What is this absurd smell?  How are you handling it, Patriclus? You have not the benefit of an enclosed helm."
  66. [22:46] <Sinbad> "What is this absurd smell?  It pervades even our helmets."
  67. [22:47] <~antoine> You hear the mans slight wheazing as the less efficient respirators on his carapace helm struggle to match your own, you suspect he is getting an even worse time of it. "I will survive my Lord Sinbad."
  68. [22:47] <Engel> "The stench of the xeno belies its taint. We should hurry and cleanse the area."
  69. 10[22:47] * Omniel approaches the door, keeping his heavy flamer at the ready while using his servo-arm to manipulate the door. ++On your mark, Brothers.++
  70. [22:48] <Damaskan> The stench of the area also masks their approach.  Be cautious, Brothers.
  71. [22:48] <Cadmus> ++Go go go!++ Cadmus calls, readying his weapon.
  72. 10[22:48] * Omniel slides the door open all at once, raising the nozzle of his flamer.
  73. 10[22:49] * Sinbad stands in the center of the open door and looks around
  74. [22:49] <~antoine> As you slide back the door on rusted hinges the scene before you horrifies you, a gigantic pod of green and yellow sits before you, tentacles protruding from its flanks, its think carapace slick with slime.
  75. [22:50] <Sinbad> "Holy Throne, some sort of demon!"
  76. 10[22:50] * Engel at command steps quickly inside, its chainsaw roaring to life only to stop as he makes out the shape of whatever lied inside. "What is...this?"
  77. [22:53] <Cadmus> ++Caution Brothers, that's a mycetic spore, a transportation pod for tyranid vanguard elements.++
  78. [22:54] <~antoine> Two of the tentacles from the 7 meter tall monster lash out, the first deftly dodged by Omniel, the second scoring a hit across his left arm
  79. 10[22:56] * Omniel grits his teeth as the tentacle lashes his armour, but its attacks seem to be no match for his strengthened frame.
  80. 03[22:58] * antoine changes topic to 'Engel, Damaskan, Sinbad, Cadmus, Ominiel, Antoine'
  81. [22:59] <Cadmus> ++Keep back Brothers, let the flamers do their job!++
  82. 10[23:05] * Engel rushes at the spore, its chainblade roaring to life once more. "I'll take that xeno scumb down! For the emperor!"
  83. [23:07] <~antoine> Engel's weapons scores a light groove in the tough chitinous hide that surrounds the monstrosity.
  84. [23:08] <Sinbad> "This monstrosity was meant to survive the Void and planetfall...  Elder Brother, our blades may be ineffective!"
  85. [23:08] <Engel> "Curses, it seems so! It's hide is sturdier than I thought!"
  86. [23:10] <Cadmus> ++Hmm, this is stranger Brothers. These spores usually decompose soon after they land. It lasting this long is strange.++
  87. [23:11] <Sinbad> "It dies, either way, now!"
  88. 10[23:16] * Damaskan charges the pod, his two chainswords increasing from a quiet hum to a eagle's scream
  89. [23:18] <~antoine> Damaskan's lightning strikes penetrate the thick chitin, expelling vicious fluids that bubble on the concrete floor. The thing writhes as it's lifeblood is taken by the zealous Kill Team member.
  90. 10[23:19] * Sinbad draws his chainsword with his free hand, and fires his flame pistol into the spore
  91. [23:19] <Damaskan> "Taste my blade and your doom, Xenos!"
  93. 10[23:22] * Cadmus makes sure to keep an eye on the wharehouse entrance in case the xenos try to flank them.
  94. 10[23:23] * Bellerophon finally placates his heavy bolter's machine spirits. It kept spitting out his bolter shells like a dick. "My apologies, brothers. Heavy bolters can be so...tempermental."
  95. 03[23:23] * Anonymous ( has joined #XenosHunters
  96. 03[23:23] * Anonymous is now known as Arkias
  97. 10[23:23] * Bellerophon reconnects his backpack's ammo lines to the weapon, and racks the slide, loading in the first of many shells
  98. [23:24] <Bellerophon> "Where may I reconvene with the Killteam?"
  99. 03[23:27] * antoine changes topic to 'Engel, Damaskan, Sinbad, Cadmus, Ominiel, Bellerophon, Antoine'
  100. 10[23:28] * Cadmus opens up on the pod with his bolter, the roar deafening in the warehouse.
  101. [23:29] <~antoine> Cadmus' weapon opens huge holes in the Gargantuan beast, the explosive bolts tearing open the still writhing beast to reveal its interior, a pool of liquid filled with the corpses of humans half decomposed.
  102. [23:30] <Damaskan> ++We are located at the warehouse, Brother!  A Mycetic Spore crashed inside!  Follow the sounds of battle!"
  103. [23:30] <Cadmus> ++..Dead humans?++
  104. [23:30] <Arkias> "Such a foul thing."
  105. [23:30] <Bellerophon> "With haste, brothers!"
  106. 10[23:30] * Bellerophon clomps along, tuning his autosenses for the freqeuncy spectrum of bolter reports and murder
  107. [23:31] <Engel> "...The nerve! Might the emperor have mercy on their souls."
  108. [23:31] <Sinbad> "Brothers, all!! Let this abomination know Holy Fire!"
  109. [23:32] <Sinbad> "It has tasted of Mankind's flesh for it's own sustenance!"
  110. 10[23:32] * Omniel stoically does not vomit in his helmet, even though that vagina thing is really, really disgusting. Raising his heavy flamer, he lets loose on the thing, dousing the general area with fire.
  111. [23:33] <~antoine> The promethium licks at the Tyranid's wounds, a strange squelching sound followed by a fluttering of its tentacles in a display of automatic response to pain.
  112. 03[23:33] * antoine changes topic to 'Engel, Damaskan, Sinbad, Cadmus, Ominiel, Bellerophon, Arkias, Antoine'
  113. [23:35] <~antoine> As Omniel's flame burst subsides a warehouse wall nearby is torn to tatters as Arkias and Bellerophon charge through.
  114. [23:35] <~antoine> as a warehouse*
  115. [23:35] <Cadmus> ++Nice entrance Brothers.++
  116. [23:36] <Arkias> ++Yes.++
  117. 10[23:36] * Sinbad cheers
  118. [23:36] <Bellerophon> "OHHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAHHH!"
  119. 10[23:36] * Arkias flips the flick selector on his boltgun with a clack.
  120. [23:36] <Sinbad> "Lay into the beast, brothers!"
  121. 10[23:37] * Bellerophon crashes through the rather flimsy plasta-wood planks of the wall as he leads with his shoulder. He stops with a skid, pushes the safety button on his Heavy Bolter from "Safer" to "Terminator," and unloads on the spore
  122. 02[23:42] * Damaskan (Anonymous@A284C19C.C998A4BE.371F57FF.IP) Quit (Ping timeout)
  123. 10[23:44] * Bellerophon rocks the fucking house down, creeping all 10 of his hits onto the spore, literally blowing it apart
  124. 10[23:44] * Arkias is showered in bits of...stuff
  125. 03[23:44] * Damaskan (Anonymous@A284C19C.C998A4BE.371F57FF.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  126. [23:45] <Arkias> ++Not the most subtle approach, Brother, but it seems to have worked.++
  127. [23:46] <~antoine> Bellerophon's Heavy Bolter roars like an angry god of ancient myth, blasting away huge portions of the beast.
  128. 10[23:49] * Bellerophon thumbs up
  129. [23:52] <Arkias> "This. Thing. BURRRRRNNS!"
  130. 10[23:52] * Arkias roars
  131. 10[23:53] * Arkias holds his psy focus high, the skull's sockets staring blankly.
  132. 10[23:56] * Arkias stiffens, energy crackling through the wires of their hood.
  133. Session Time: Tue Apr 12 00:00:00 2011
  134. 10[00:00] * Arkias reaches out, and flames gush into and THROUGH the pod
  135. [00:01] <Sinbad> "STEEL YOURSELVES, BROTHERS!"
  136. 10[00:01] * Sinbad attempts to shield Patriclus' mortal flesh from the psychic flood
  137. 10[00:04] * Cadmus stands firm in the face of a momentary glimpse of the warp. ++Brother Arkias, again??++ Cadmus says in annoyance.
  138. [00:04] <Sinbad> "Purity check, Brothers!"
  139. 10[00:04] * Sinbad renavigates the doop around the party
  140. [00:05] <Sinbad> "Who is our Lord Most High? Tell me!"
  141. 10[00:05] * Arkias shudders, hands dropping to his side.
  142. [00:05] <Cadmus> "The Holy Emperor of course."
  143. [00:05] <Arkias> "The...Emperor. He is our father... and protector."
  144. [00:05] <~antoine> Arkias' warp flame engulfs the beast, working with the promethium already spilled upon it to dissolve and collapse the spore. As the flames retract back to Arkias' hands the warp rushes through him blanketing the Kill Team with visions of worlds wrought of impossible angles, ancient beasts that prowl the immaterium and a hollow laugh echos through your thoughts.
  145. 10[00:06] * Engel graps his head tightly before letting out a moan "Argh...Warp Trickery...Behind my eyes"
  146. 10[00:06] * Sinbad rushes to doop over to Engel
  147. [00:06] <Sinbad> "Elder Brother, tell me, how pure are you still?"
  148. [00:06] <Arkias> "Begone, beast!"
  149. [00:06] <Sinbad> "Wrestle the demons' lies!"
  150. [00:07] <Sinbad> "Patriclus, how fare you?!"
  151. 10[00:07] * Sinbad whirls around at the waist, surveying the physical and mental damage around him
  152. [00:08] <~antoine> Patriculus falls to his knees screaming, before reciting the litanies he learnt at the schola "God Emperor our shield, praise his holy word, fear is the mind killer, fear is the path of damnation, show no fear and stand tall as he commands." He slowly rises to his feet, he looks at Arkias with a sense of disgust.
  153. 10[00:08] * Sinbad pulls Patriclus back up onto the doop
  154. 10[00:08] * Arkias is standing there, completely still.
  155. [00:08] <Sinbad> "Good...good.  Your faith, let the Litanies re-affirm it...  'Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.'"
  156. [00:09] <Sinbad> "Brothers, once again, your purity! Whom do we serve?!"
  157. 01[00:09] <Omniel> ++THE EMPEROR!++
  158. [00:09] <Engel> "God Emperor shield me from this lies! I hear those damnable whispers! I serve the Emperor of mankind!"
  159. 10[00:09] * Sinbad circles the party once-over
  160. [00:10] <Damaskan> "The Emperor on Terra, Praised be His name!"\
  161. [00:10] <Arkias> "The Golden Throne. May it stand until the end of all things."
  162. 10[00:10] * Damaskan falls to his knees
  163. [00:10] <Sinbad> "Good, good!  ...Brother Leader, we are still whole!  Our next orders!"
  164. 10[00:10] * Cadmus checks the pod to see if it was a pure xenos strain.
  165. 10[00:10] * Arkias shudders again. "Ready and willing."
  166. [00:10] <Cadmus> ++One moment, let me check the pod's remains.++
  167. [00:10] <~antoine> The visions retreat from your minds as your pious words fill the empty warehouse.
  168. [00:10] <Damaskan> "Emperor, preserve me, I see him.  I see see the Tyrant."
  169. 10[00:11] * Engel staggers slightly, gripping his chainsword. His stare fixed on the psyker before taking a deep breath.
  170. [00:11] <Arkias> "There is no xenos beast here."
  171. 10[00:11] * Omniel moves deeper into the warehouse, prepared in case of more Tyranids.
  172. [00:13] <Cadmus> ++No luck with this. Let us continue clearing the village brothers.++ Cadmus says, standing from his crouch.
  173. [00:14] <Damaskan> "He beckons me to join him and his company of the Damned!"
  174. 10[00:14] * Damaskan stands up warily
  175. 10[00:14] * Sinbad moves over to Damaskan
  176. [00:14] <Cadmus> "Calm yourself Brother!"
  177. [00:14] <Sinbad> ++Are you whole in mind, Brother? ++
  178. [00:14] <Arkias> "The Warp offers only lies and trickery! Know it for what it is."
  179. 10[00:15] * Arkias says shakily but firmly.
  180. [00:15] <Sinbad> "The witc--...Brother Psyker says the truth.  Deny the Lies, and Re-Affirm your wholeness."
  181. [00:17] <Damaskan> "Worry not, brothers.  The lies of the Tyrant of Badab do not sway me from the Emperor's Light.  Not now, not ever!"
  182. [00:17] <Arkias> "Badab?"
  183. 10[00:17] * Arkias says in surprise.
  184. 01[00:17] <Omniel> ++How many were inside that thing? There may yet be survivors elsewhere...++
  185. [00:18] <Sinbad> "Who knows, Brother Techmarine...but I dislike it.  Something was obviously feeding it....  It could not move on its own to sustain itself on manflesh."
  186. 10[00:18] * Engel walks next Damaskan, still clutching his head in one hand. "That is right remember what you stand for brother, let your faith remain unshaken..." He finally glares at the psyker probably interrupting him "Those who play with the forces of the warp can only offer corruption and chaos."
  187. [00:19] <Arkias> "I misjudged the currents, and reached too far. I know where my loyalties lie. It will not happen again. "
  188. [00:20] <Sinbad> "It was purged.  That is what is important.  Know your place, Psyker, as you have in the past.  Elder Brother, he has aided us before, despite his warp-play.  Judge not while he still fights uncorrupted."
  189. 10[00:21] * Sinbad continues to circle the tense situation on the slick movement of the doop
  190. [00:21] <Cadmus> "Let us continue on brothers, our minds are strong and the mission calls."
  191. [00:21] <Damaskan> "Yes.  Lets."
  192. [00:21] <Engel> "...Very well. I shall save my judgment for now. Until the xeno is scourged and we put the souls of those lost at rest"
  193. [00:21] <Arkias> "I will report myself for purity sweeping upon the conclusion of this mission. Until then, we have xenos to kill."
  194. [00:22] <Sinbad> ++Brother Cadmus, permission to go to the entrance and guard?++
  195. [00:23] <Cadmus> ++We'll be moving out shortly, but go and scout ahead. Not too far though.++
  196. 10[00:23] * Sinbad nods
  197. 10[00:24] * Sinbad holsters his flame pistol and mag-sheathes his chainsword, and drives his doop outside
  198. 01[00:25] <Omniel> ++Let us hope that not every building contains one of those, Brothers.++
  199. [00:25] <Cadmus> ++Agreed.++
  200. 10[00:26] * Cadmus moves out shortly after Sinbad.
  201. 10[00:26] * Sinbad is outside stationary, scanning the area with his mind-auger
  202. 10[00:27] * Omniel follows Cadmus out of the warehouse, once again readying his bolter.
  203. 10[00:28] * Arkias frowns under the helmet, boltgun in hand.
  204. [00:28] <Sinbad> "Village is empty, at least from auspex augury..."
  205. [00:28] <Damaskan> ++Then the tunnels await us.++
  206. 10[00:28] * Engel walks outside of the warehouse taking a deep breath.
  207. [00:28] <Engel> ++I am ready brothers++
  208. [00:29] <Cadmus> ++Let's go. The xenos are asshured to be waiting for us Brothers, be ready for ambushes at all times once we're inside.++
  209. [00:30] <Arkias> ++Understood, Team-Leader.++
  210. 01[00:30] <Omniel> ++Acknowledged.++
  211. [00:30] <Damaskan> ++Acknowledged, Brother-Apothecary.++
  212. [00:30] <Arkias> ++Team-Leader...there is something directly beneath us.++
  213. [00:31] <Cadmus> ++Something alive?++
  214. 10[00:31] * Sinbad whirls around to stare at Arkias in incredulity
  215. [00:31] <Sinbad> "Throne, what?"
  216. [00:31] <Arkias> is deep below.++
  217. [00:32] <Arkias> ++It's...clicking?++
  218. [00:32] <Engel> ++Explain yourself, witch. What is this you speak about?++
  219. 01[00:32] <Omniel> ++Are there tunnels beneath us?++
  220. [00:32] <Cadmus> ++Easy, Brother Engel. Arkias is probably hearing the xenos creature that is controlling the lesser ones.++
  221. 10[00:34] * Arkias shakes his head. ++I sense a presence directly beneath us, some distance down. For it to register so readily..++
  222. [00:36] <Cadmus> ++It must be something powerful, i guess. Fix it's position in your mind, and we will go show it how loyal servants of the Emperor welcome invaders.++
  223. 10[00:36] * Arkias straightens. "Suffer not the xenos."
  224. [00:36] <~antoine> Patriclus looks incredulously at the psyker's claims.
  225. [00:37] <Sinbad> " find the thing beneath us...we should find a tunnel or cave of some sort?  Or does securing the refinery take precedence?"
  226. 10[00:37] * Sinbad says for Patriclus' benefit
  227. [00:37] <Damaskan> "One follows the other, Brother."
  228. [00:38] <Cadmus> "Agreed. We aren't leaving until both are accomplished."
  229. 10[00:38] * Sinbad nods in understanding
  230. [00:38] <Sinbad> "Well, then...Where next?  His Highness desires his Work be Done."
  231. [00:38] <Damaskan> "We cannot fully secure the refinery without elimnating whatever higher intellegence seized it in the first place."
  232. [00:39] <Bellerophon> "If we were to retake the refinery, perhaps we could prompt a response."
  233. [00:39] <Cadmus> "Agreed, into the tunnels we go." Cadmus says, starting for the main entrance.
  234. [00:39] <Bellerophon> "A counterattack would expose the true breadth of the infestation."
  235. [00:39] <Arkias> "This may be of little consolation...but the presence I sense is too spread out, too...sporatic to be a single intelligence."
  236. [00:39] <Engel> "Then let us proceed and wipe them out. The emperor wills our success...Least the xeno corrupts His worlds away."
  237. [00:40] <Cadmus> "Multiple controllers then."
  238. [00:41] <Bellerophon> "Perhaps.  Let us not tarry, then.  Every moment they could be closer to uniting."
  239. 10[00:42] * Sinbad nods
  240. [00:42] <Sinbad> "Brother Cadmus, where shall we scout?"
  241. [00:43] <Cadmus> ++The main tunnel entrance, Cadmus.++
  242. [00:43] <~antoine> The massive mouth of the tunnel looms in the other end of the village, its dark entrance sucking the warm summer's day light inside of itself.
  243. [00:45] <Cadmus> *i meant Sinbad of course
  244. [00:45] <Arkias> (lol)
  245. [00:46] <Bellerophon> "Into the breach, brothers?"
  246. [00:47] <Sinbad> "Into the Hellmouth, that His Will be done."
  247. [00:47] <Cadmus> "Agreed, let's move." Cadmus says before starting in.
  248. [00:47] <Arkias> "By your command."
  249. [00:47] <Engel> "Indeed, we fear no shadow,for His light shines in all things. Let's move"
  250. 01[00:47] <Omniel> ++Understood.++
  251. [00:48] <Damaskan> "Onwards into the shadows.  Let them hide us as they hide our enemies."
  252. [00:49] <Bellerophon> "I will take point, brothers.  The heavy bolter will protect just as it rains fire upon the tyranid menace."
  253. [00:49] <~antoine> As you approach the entrance you see discarded equipment, lascutters, hand-held drills and the like. Two small tracks for a ore cart run out of the entrance, going to the nearby rusty cargo train. Your visors shift to a hazy green to provide an accurate view of the interior.
  254. 10[00:49] * Bellerophon turns on his helmet-torch and moves in
  255. [00:49] <Cadmus> ++Let our brothers with flamers preceed you, Brother.++
  256. [00:50] <Damaskan> ++...Brothers, this town has been dead for some time.++
  257. 10[00:50] * Sinbad moves to the front of the group with the Commissar, flame pistol in one hand, at Cadmus' mention
  258. 10[00:50] * Bellerophon let's them pass. No need to have the purging flame cleanse him
  259. [00:50] <Sinbad> ++What of it?++
  260. [00:50] <~antoine> The tunnel breaks off into 4 different directions but the one in front stops abruptly, a massive shaft for a elevator visible but lacking an elevator to transport you.
  261. [00:50] <Sinbad> "No elevatus..."
  262. [00:51] <Damaskan> ++If this mine fed into that train, that means that the train has been inoperative for months.++
  263. [00:51] <Damaskan> ++Thus, the Xenos may have had much time to entrench themselves.  Be on guard."
  264. [00:51] <Cadmus> ++Or the equipment was poorly maintained.++
  265. [00:51] <Arkias> ++Aye.++
  266. [00:52] <Arkias> ++No corpses.++
  267. 10[00:52] * Cadmus pulls out his cartograph and consults his maps of the mine.
  268. 10[00:53] * Omniel approaches the elevator shaft. ++This is our way down, according to the tunnel plans.++
  269. 10[00:54] * Omniel inspects the mechanisms, readying his combi-tool in anticipation of some much-needed maintenance.
  270. [00:54] <Arkias> ++And there is no other mode of access?++
  271. 10[00:55] * Omniel naturally performs the holy rite of button-pressing first.
  272. [00:55] <Cadmus> ++Brothers, spread out and cover Omniel while we works.++
  273. [00:55] <Cadmus> *he
  274. [00:55] <Engel> ++At once++
  275. 10[00:55] * Sinbad turns the doop about, and watches the pervading darkness
  276. 10[00:56] * Cadmus moves to cover the elevatus pit incase something comes up with the car.
  277. [00:56] <Damaskan> ++Acknowledged++
  278. 10[00:56] * Damaskan starts scanning between the tunnels, watching for movement
  279. 10[00:56] * Bellerophon turns and plants himself in the ground, weapon at the ready
  280. [00:56] <~antoine> The button causes no reaction from the holy equipment.
  281. 01[00:57] <Omniel> ++Maintenance may be required. Have patience, Brothers.++
  282. 02[00:57] * Sinbad ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
  283. [00:57] <Cadmus> ++Understood.++
  284. 10[00:59] * Omniel is a flurry of clanking machinery, his bionically-augmented hands making sweet sweet love to the elevator's most tender and secret of mechanisms. His combi-tool works in and out, lubricated with holy machine oil as he whispers hot, husky litanies of faith into the machine spirit's ear.
  285. [01:00] <Arkias> ++Your devotion to your task does you credit, Techmarine.++
  286. [01:00] <~antoine> After a lot of work, Omniel pulls some cables from a nearby box, sifting through them before reattaching them and giving a short power boost from his own backpack, bringing the elevator to life.
  287. [01:00] <Engel> ++It...does indeed.++
  288. 10[01:00] * Engel says as he stares in awe as the elevatus goes up.
  289. 10[01:00] * Omniel dusts his hands off, sighing in a satisfied fashion. ++My apologies for the wait, Brothers. We may embark now.++
  290. [01:00] <Cadmus> ++Well done Brother.++
  291. [01:01] <Damaskan> ++Impressive.  Most impressive.++
  292. 10[01:02] * Arkias freezes for a moment, then turns.
  293. [01:02] <~antoine> After a long wait the elevatus arrives with a clank, its doors open to invite you in.
  294. [01:03] <Arkias> ++Clear.++
  295. [01:03] <Cadmus> ++Does the car look sturdy, Omniel?++
  296. 10[01:03] * Damaskan gently tests the strength of the elevatus' deck
  297. 10[01:03] * Bellerophon looks at the elevatus with hesitation
  298. 10[01:04] * Omniel peers into the elevatus car curiously.
  299. [01:04] <~antoine> It holds your weight easily, clearly designed to hold large amount of heavy cargo
  300. 10[01:04] * Omniel enters the elevatus, motioning for the others to follow. ++It will do, Brothers.++
  301. [01:04] <Arkias> there another entrance?++
  302. 10[01:04] * Bellerophon steps into the elevatus
  303. 10[01:04] * Cadmus moves onto the car and stands in the center.
  304. 10[01:05] * Arkias follows, boltgun held in both hands with the barrel pointed at the ground.
  305. 10[01:05] * Damaskan waits until his brothers have entered the elevator, covering them until they do so
  306. 01[01:05] <Omniel> ++None, Brother-Librarian. This elevatus is the only way down.++
  307. [01:05] <Cadmus> ++Arkias, do you have a rough idea of how deep those contacts were?++
  308. 10[01:06] * Omniel adds after a moment. ++Well, It is not unthinkable that Xenos might have created an alternate way down. By tunnelling, perhaps.++
  309. 10[01:07] * Engel steps into the Elevatus and looks remains akwardly silent.
  310. [01:07] <Arkias> ++I would not risk another probe so soon, Team-leader, but they were scattered across 300 and 500 units.++
  311. 10[01:08] * Damaskan sees that they have entered the elevatus, and backs in to join them.
  312. [01:08] <Cadmus> ++How deep is the promethium refinery Omniel?++
  313. 01[01:09] <Omniel> ++452.5671 meters, precisely.++
  314. [01:10] <Cadmus> ++I wouldn't be surprised if they're guarding the refinery then. Let's not keep them waiting.++
  315. [01:10] <Arkias> ++Idle hands do the work of heretics.++
  316. 10[01:10] * Arkias quotes.
  317. [01:11] <~antoine> As you engage the elevator you descend slowly, the meters slowly clicking by
  318. [01:12] <Cadmus> ++I hear clicking Brothers, expect company.++
  319. [01:12] <Arkias> ++Confirm contact, Team-Leader?++
  320. [01:13] <Cadmus> ++Nothing yet, just noises.++
  321. 10[01:13] * Arkias turns from side to side, boltgun raised.
  322. 01[01:13] <Omniel> ++I believe that is the elevatus. Its moving parts require additional lubrication.++
  323. 10[01:13] * Cadmus is cool as a cucumber waiting for the inevitable attack.
  324. [01:14] <Arkias> ++Have we no way to placate its machine spirit?++
  325. 01[01:14] <Omniel> ++Brothers, can you hear that? I am detecting another noise.++
  326. [01:14] <Arkias> ++The noise would shield any am-++
  327. 10[01:14] * Omniel readies his auspex.
  328. 10[01:14] * Bellerophon listens in
  329. [01:15] <Engel> ++Huh...I could swear I hear...++
  330. [01:15] <Arkias> ++There.++
  331. 10[01:15] * Engel slowly gets on one knee, trying to listen to something below
  332. [01:16] <Arkias> ++Marking the probable source on the auto-display.++
  333. 10[01:16] * Arkias is looking straight down.
  334. 10[01:17] * Omniel calmly places the auspex away and readies his heavy flamer, servo-arm uncurling.
  335. [01:17] <~antoine> The Elevator nears its destination, slowing down to begin its halting procedure.
  336. [01:17] <Damaskan> ++I hear a blade.  It is being dragged on something, and it keeps skipping....
  337. [01:17] <Arkias> ++Nay, brother. It is as the anvils of the Chapter forge...++
  338. 10[01:17] * Arkias shakes his head.
  339. [01:18] <Arkias> ++Prepare for resistance.++
  340. [01:18] <Engel> ++Ready++
  341. 10[01:18] * Cadmus has his weapons at the ready.
  342. 10[01:18] * Engel readies his chainsword
  343. [01:18] <Arkias> ++Suffer not the alien to live.++
  344. [01:19] <~antoine> The Elevator comes to a halt the chain fence style door sliding up to allow you to exit.
  345. [01:19] <Cadmus> ++A code my chapter lives by Arkias.++ Cadus says as he disembarks.
  346. 01[01:19] <Omniel> ++Remember, we are nearing the facility now. Discipline.++
  347. [01:19] <~antoine> A wide tunnel opens up before you, pitch black but illuminated by your visors and lamps
  348. 10[01:19] * Damaskan cautiously disembarks
  349. [01:19] <Engel> ++I...Believe I saw something brothers. We should thread with care.++
  350. 10[01:19] * Omniel follows Damaskan, covering him with the heavy flamer.
  351. 10[01:20] * Bellerophon scans the tunnel before stepping out
  352. 10[01:20] * Bellerophon shines his torchlight to its best effect
  353. 10[01:20] * Arkias follows, boltgun raised.
  354. [01:20] <Cadmus> ++Understood, be wary of attacks from behind.++ Cadmus says as they proceed.
  355. 10[01:21] * Bellerophon follows the three, ready to protect the flanks
  356. [01:21] <~antoine> Its... empty, the lamps plays across the walls, long marks of blades that run across them are revealed but no Tyranids are in visual range.
  357. [01:21] <Arkias> ++This is not the work of miners.++
  358. [01:22] <Cadmus> ++Agreed. They've been altering the tunnels.++
  359. [01:22] <Engel> what end?++
  360. [01:22] <Bellerophon> "Making it more hospitable to their foul biology?"
  361. 10[01:23] * Arkias graps the gilded, carved skull in one hand.
  362. [01:23] <Engel> ++That we cannot allow. For them to twist and corrupt that which belongs to man++
  363. [01:23] <Arkias> ++Their spoor...clouds these depths.++
  364. 10[01:24] * Omniel points down the tunnel. ++The generator is this way, Brothers. We should make haste. The less time spent down here, the better.++
  365. [01:24] <Bellerophon> "Verily."
  366. [01:24] <Damaskan> ++Acknowledged.++
  367. [01:25] <Cadmus> ++Agreed, the faster we clear this facility, they quicker we can move to hit the xenos elsewhere.++
  368. 10[01:25] * Omniel takes point, leading at a measured pace down the tunnel.
  369. 10[01:25] * Arkias tightens his grip on the psy focus, straining the reinforced bone token.
  370. [01:26] <~antoine> 2 tunnels open up the the right, 1 on the left and one....from above....
  371. [01:26] <Arkias> ++These thing are beyond foul...++
  372. [01:26] <Cadmus> ++True of all xenos.++
  373. [01:26] <Bellerophon> ++Above us, brothers.++
  374. 10[01:26] * Cadmus trains his gun upwards.
  375. 10[01:27] * Bellerophon twists his body and bolter upwards, just in case
  376. 10[01:27] * Bellerophon lets the light shine through the tunnel
  377. 01[01:27] <Omniel> ++I expected as much...++
  378. [01:27] <Arkias> ++Even by the ways of their ilk...+
  379. 10[01:27] * Arkias murmurs.
  380. [01:27] <~antoine> A substance drips from the lip of the above tunnel, falling to the floor in a repeating cadence.
  381. 10[01:27] * Arkias looks upwards, boltgun raised.
  382. [01:27] <Damaskan> ++Brother, which way to the generator?++
  383. [01:27] <Bellerophon> ++What is this foul substance?++
  384. 10[01:28] * Omniel points to the first right turn. ++Here.++
  385. [01:28] <Damaskan> Hm...
  386. 10[01:28] * Cadmus carefully moves to take a quick scan of the substance.
  387. 10[01:30] * Bellerophon covers the Apothecary while he works
  388. [01:30] <~antoine> Suddenly, Engel is pulled 5 meters behind to the left, dragged through the air in the space of a second.
  389. [01:30] <Damaskan> ++Brother!++
  390. [01:30] <Bellerophon> ++Brothers!++
  391. [01:30] <Arkias> "Brother Engel!"
  392. [01:31] <Cadmus> ++After him brothers!++ Cadmus says moving after him on constant guard.
  393. [01:31] <Engel> ++Argh! What trickery is this?! The
  394. 10[01:31] * Arkias breaks into a run, boltgun raised.
  395. [01:31] <~antoine> Engel feels the rush of air as something flies past his head, embedding in the ground to no effect upon him.
  396. [01:32] <Arkias> ++After it!++
  397. [01:32] <Engel> ++Argh, what the..++
  398. [01:32] <Arkias> ++Brother Engel. Come in!++
  399. 10[01:32] * Arkias hisses as he runs.
  400. 10[01:32] * Bellerophon looks for the source
  401. [01:32] <~antoine> In a flash the presence vanishes from his side
  402. 01[01:33] <Omniel> ++Brothers, remain calm. Do not leave visual contact.++
  403. [01:33] <Arkias> ++Understood.++
  404. 10[01:33] * Arkias is near the front of the kill-team now.
  405. [01:34] <~antoine> Bellerophon plays his light across the tunnel, seeing a hazy outline of something that quickly leaves his field of view.
  406. 10[01:34] * Engel tries to get on his knees, grasping still his chainsword. "Where did...Show yourself filthy xeno!"
  407. 10[01:34] * Bellerophon scans the room with autosenses and torch
  408. [01:34] <Bellerophon> ++There, brothers!++
  409. [01:34] <~antoine> You are left surrounding Engel, two huge dents in the ground next to him.
  410. 10[01:34] * Bellerophon tries to track the outline as it skitters in view
  411. 10[01:34] * Arkias swivels around, boltgun raised.
  412. 10[01:34] * Bellerophon tries to track the outline as it skitters in and out view
  413. 10[01:34] * Omniel raises his heavy flamer. ++Brother-Leader, what are your orders?++
  414. [01:34] <Arkias> "You will not have him, xeno scum!"
  415. [01:35] <Cadmus> ++Everyone cover one another, the xenos are here, we just can't see them well.++
  416. 10[01:35] * Bellerophon flicks a switch on his heavy bolter, changing the feedlines from regular bolter shell to blessed Hellfire rounds
  417. 10[01:35] * Arkias raises his boltgun in both hands.
  418. [01:35] <Engel> ++I am...I am fine brothers. But I fear the xeno has returned to the shadows.++
  419. [01:36] <Arkias> ++It will return.++
  420. 10[01:36] * Arkias says grimly.
  421. [01:36] <Arkias> ++And the enemy is aware of our presence, if it was not before.++
  422. 01[01:36] <Omniel> ++We will be ready for it next time.++
  423. [01:36] <Cadmus> ++Form up and let's move on.++
  424. [01:37] <Engel> ++Yes...That was the last foul play that xeno ever did.++
  425. [01:38] <Arkias> ++That remains to be seen. These creatures are cunning.++
  426. [01:38] <~antoine> The sound of its skittering soon fades down the winding tunnel.
  427. 01[01:38] <Omniel> ++We've seen these Tyranids bleed before. If they bleed, we can kill them.++
  428. [01:39] <Arkias> ++Where the Tyranids are concerned, nuclear cleansing is the only way to be certain.++
  429. [01:39] <Arkias> ++We await your command, Team-leader.++
  430. [01:39] <Cadmus> (i said to form up and move on)
  431. [01:40] <Arkias> (Meh, generic response is generic... :P)
  432. 01[01:41] <Omniel> ++Understood.++
  433. 10[01:41] * Omniel takes point again, re-orienting himself to the first rightwards tunnel towards the generator once more.
  434. [01:41] <~antoine> Moving on, you approach the second tunnel to the right and follow it onwards.
  435. [01:43] <~antoine> retcon above (first tunnel)
  436. 02[01:43] * Damaskan (Anonymous@A284C19C.C998A4BE.371F57FF.IP) Quit (Quit: Damaskan)
  437. [01:44] <~antoine> Before moving on Cadmus inspects the substance falling from the ceiling, it bubbles on the floor, hissing and letting off a slight trail of vapor off it itself as it eats into the ground.
  438. [01:45] <Cadmus> ++Acid of some kind.++ Cadmus says, not touching it.
  439. [01:45] <Arkias> ++Of Tyranid origin?++
  440. [01:45] <Cadmus> +Naturally.++
  441. [01:45] <Arkias> ++The infestation spreads.++
  442. [01:45] <Engel> ++Then let's proceed, we got some Tyranids to kill++
  443. [01:46] <Arkias> ++Vigilance is the zeal of the wise.++
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