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YK 05 part02

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Nov 24th, 2013
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  1. Assassin YK ch05 (end) pt2
  3. Page08
  4. B: That child,
  5. why don't you just take her with you?
  6. Y: HUH?!
  7. B: Isn't she able to do jutsushiki?
  8. In that case it's okay, isn't it?
  9. Y: ...You
  10. do know what I'm doing for a living, right?
  11. B: that's what's bothering you?
  12. Y: Of course it bothers me!!!
  13. Y: ...I'm an assassin.
  14. To be with such a person...
  15. B: Well...
  16. Since you're bothered by this
  17. R: H-hey, shouldn't someone go after her?
  18. If it's like this, uhm
  19. I'll go after her?
  20. ...Are you guys listening?
  21. B: why don't you
  22. stop accepting every job you're offered.
  23. B: Try to choose your jobs depending on what they entail.
  24. Y: ...huh?
  25. B: ...I'm just like you, I don't believe in any deities.
  26. However, I'm starting to believe in fated encounters and human relationships.
  27. B: To tell the truth,
  28. ever since I met Rainer, a lot of good and bad things have happened...
  29. A lot of things have changed.
  30. But I don't regret anything. That's why...
  32. Page09
  33. Y: Who'd have thought that one day, I'd get lectured by Bertholdt-san. (Sigh~~)
  34. B: Ahaha
  35. you're so mean.
  36. Y: ...Hm. I'll go talk to her...
  37. B: Ah, but, you're also welcome to stay! (of course!!)
  38. Y: Ah.
  39. Y: Then...
  40. B: Ah, that's right
  41. Ymir!
  42. Y: Hm?
  43. B: ...Just wondering
  44. B: Have you seen Annie lately?
  45. Y: I haven't
  46. seen her at all...
  47. B: You haven't...
  48. Y: I haven't.
  49. B: Is that so...
  50. Sorry, that was a strange question.
  51. Y: ...I'm leaving.
  52. Sorry for the intrusion.
  54. P10
  55. C: ...Heh
  56. it's beautiful...
  57. ...I said something selfish...
  58. but
  59. I really don't want to be separated...
  60. I wish we could be together
  61. Y: Seriously. Why do you have to do something unnecessary like that.
  62. Weren't you an obedient little lady before?
  64. P11
  65. Y: ...Hey
  66. If you're going with me, you might have to face life-threatening situations. Not just once, but countless times.
  67. Even I
  68. cannot guarantee your safety.
  69. I might even die before you.
  70. You know that, right?
  71. Y: You said it once
  72. you said you didn't want to die.
  73. That's why I took you here.
  74. This place is more or less safe.
  75. The people you've just met are also stronger than I am.
  76. Y: In spite of this, you still want to be with me?
  77. Y: ...Is that correct?
  78. [It's probably]
  79. [no use to ask]
  80. [these questions]
  81. C: ...Yes.
  83. P12
  84. C: I absolutely
  85. want to go with you.
  86. [I knew it]
  87. Y: the way
  88. I haven't told you my name yet, have I
  89. C: Eh
  90. Y: My name.
  91. Y: The two guys over there already said it, so you must know it by now...
  92. it's Ymir
  93. C: Ymir...san
  94. Y: (Ahhh~) That gives me the creeps. Ymir's enough.
  95. C: O-okay...
  96. Y: Tell me
  97. your name
  98. [Relinquish your name. How can you possibly be allowed to use it.]
  99. C: ...I
  100. am
  102. P13
  103. C: ...Christa
  104. Christa Renz...
  105. Y: Is that so...
  106. Please take good care of me,
  107. Christa.
  108. Y: Okay,
  109. then
  110. let's go.
  112. P14
  113. Our journey has just begun!!
  114. (END)
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