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  1. With weapons drawn we claim the future
  2. And then seep out through every storm
  3. Bring in the foe to be defeated
  4. To pulverize from dusk to dawn
  5. Firepower
  6. Petrifies
  7. Firepower
  8. The die is cast, make no exceptions
  9. We're forged by evil to compel
  10. Come rally 'round this lack of freedom
  11. Our unions rise so go to hell
  12. Firepower
  13. Taking lives
  14. Firepower
  15. Neutralize
  16. Empty the chamber
  17. Lock and reload
  18. This world thrives on danger
  19. It's bound to explode
  20. Aim for the target
  21. With laser and lights
  22. Releasing the trigger
  23. Puts victory in sight
  24. No time to pray or ask forgiveness
  25. Those blessed souls are now deceased
  26. There is no sense in this contrition
  27. With open arms we fight for peace
  28. We fight this firepower
  29. Petrifies
  30. Firepower
  31. Between the eyes
  32. Firepower
  33. Mortifies
  34. Firepower
  35. Man's demise
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