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  2. Certain weapons become subweapons bound to altfire for the other weapons, which can be swapped with reload and zoom, weapons and features inspired by Kid Icarus, Zelda 1 and 2, ALttP, and Zelda Classic
  4. Chainsaw: Boomerang upgrades, does low damage, stuns monsters and always flinches bigger monsters, upgrades increase range, speed, damage, AND recharge. Starts as wooden boomerang, then goes to magical, before finally red fire boomerang
  6. Fist: Wooden sword and shield, can shoot sword beams at 100% or higher health, passively block shit. Berserk packs upgrade the sword, permanently raising damage and lowering the threshhold for sword beams (White sword -> Magical Sword -> magic shield that bounces projectiles away)
  7. >Candle: Traditional LoZ candle
  8. >Boomerang: Classic boomerang throw
  9. >Bomb: toss out a bomb, explodes after a few moments
  11. Shotgun: Bow. Use shells to shoot arrows
  12. >Candle: Fire a zig-zagging fireball a short range arrow, depletes the candle slightly
  13. >Boomerang: Ladder arrow, when the arrow hits a wall, floor, or ceiling, a stepladder is deployed that you can climb by tapping the use key. Hitting monsters with it will trap them in a cage.
  14. >Bomb: Bomb arrows
  16. SSG:  candle (secondary item): Cast out a ball of fire that slides along the ground, has a cooldown between uses, and picking up a second candle will upgrade it to the Red Candle, lowering the down time between casting fire, also behaves differently depending on your weapon
  18. Chaingun: Crysword straight from the LoZ cartoon, uses bullets to rapid fire sword beams
  19. >candle: Mario fireballs, only uses candle charge, fireballs bounce along the ground, can fire off two shots with a blue candle, up to four with a red
  20. >Boomerang:
  21. >bomb: (possibly a 360 blast of swordbeams)
  23. Rocket launcher: bomb bag (secondary item). Bombs, blow crap up! Uses rockets
  25. Plasma gun: Magic rod, use cells to fire magic waves at monsters, magic waves inflict knockback and have a greater chance of flinch than crysword beams
  26. >candle: TLoZ style magic wave when paired with bible, leaves a burst of strong lingering flames, completely uses up a blue candle from one shot, two with a red
  27. >boomerang: Cane of Somaria block, blocks enemies and projectiles. can be picked up and thrown by all classes with the use key. With magic boomerang, block fires projectiles upon breaking. Fire boomerang leaves fire behind on break
  28. >Bomb: hitscan explosion spell, uses cells and a rocket with each cast
  30. Berserk: Sword upgrades
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