Ally 2

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  1.         She pulled some keys out of her backpack and unlocked the deadbolt. I watched as her fingers fiddled with the metal rings. Her hand turned and the lock clicked. We walked inside and were hit by a blast of cool air. We both sighed and went straight up stairs. It was a hot, humid day. The sky was dark, storm clouds looming in the distance. We had stayed a few minutes after school, hoping the rain would stop falling. Fortunately, it did, but it threatened to fall once more.
  3.         We dropped our stuff on her bedroom floor. I took a seat at the foot of her bed as she walked to her dresser and bended over. I couldn’t help but stare at her perfectly formed bottom; her body leisurely swaying as she sifted through the clothing.  I quickly looked away when she closed the drawer and turned around to face me. I noticed some type of black cloth balled in her hands.
  5. “I’ll be out in a second!” She smiled, her cheeks red, her voice just a little too excited.
  7.         When she entered her bathroom, I headed to what was informally decreed to be ‘my side’ of the bed. I climbed on top of the sky-blue comforter, an audible sigh of pleasure escaping my lips. It was not long until the bathroom door opened and she walked out.
  9. “Leo,” she sung, trying to be teasing and sexy. She stood in the door way, slightly awkward, cheeks burning, too nervous to attempt any sort of pose. But it didn’t matter, seeing her standing there, a black bra clinging wonderfully to her chest, black panties covering her most sensitive parts, a shy smile creeping up on her lips as she desperately awaited my approval; it was all that I needed.
  11. “Wow…” I said, wide eyed and slack-jawed. “You look beautiful.”
  12. “You really like it?”
  13. “Of course! I can’t believe you remembered when I said I had a thing for underwear!”
  14. “Yes… I remembered. I wasn’t really sure if it was a good idea or not. I was kinda worried you wouldn’t like it.”
  15. “Don’t be crazy! You could come out in anything and I wouldn’t care… You’re beautiful on your own!
  16. “Thanks…” She looked at her toes, embarrassed by all the attention.
  17. “… Although, I won’t lie, you look amazing in that…”
  18. “You really like it?”
  19. “Like you wouldn’t imagine.”
  21.         She giggled and curled up next to me on the bed. I could feel the warmth of her cheeks against the tuft of fur on my chest.
  23. “Thanks for doing this, Ally. You know you didn’t have to.”
  24. “Mmhm, I know. I just figured you might like it… and from the looks of it, I was right.” She giggled.
  26.         We were both still virgins, caught deep in the throes of young love. We often engaged each other sensually, exploring our bodies, discovering what made the other tick; yet, there was always a powerful tension that each action exhumed, this fantastic effort that each motion of sexuality took. Even her gaze, which absorbed the sight of my exposed member, was enough to leave my cheeks burning and my heart fluttering.
  28. “I told you I liked it…”
  29. “Yeah, I can see that.” She giggled again.
  30. “Can’t say I didn’t warn you…”
  32.  I rolled on top of her, mouths pressing together, my tongue moistening her lips, probing for entry.  I purposely rubbed my erection against the side of her leg, my juices dampening her fur. It was the first time I had ever done such a thing. She didn’t fight it, so I continued to do so while we kissed, basking in the pleasure of her fur tickling the erogenous area. After several minutes, I collapsed next to her.
  34. “Are you positive…” I struggled to find air. “… That you don’t want to go farther?”
  35. “…I’m sorry, Leo, not yet. I promise you we’ll do it soon, I’m just… Just, not yet.”
  36. I sighed. “You’re afraid, aren’t you?”
  37. “Yeah… a little bit.” She snuggled into my chest. I wrapped my arm around her.
  38. “You know I won’t hurt you, right?”
  39. “Yes, I know, it’s just… I can’t help but be a little worried. And, what if I do bad? Or-or even worse, I get pregnant!”
  40. “Ally, I would wear a condom; and you don’t have to worry about doing bad.” I leaned in, bringing my lips an inch from her forehead. “You could never disappoint me.” I gave her a warm kiss, lingering for several seconds.
  41. “Leo, I know you wouldn’t do anything on purpose… but, condoms can fail. We can’t control that.”
  42. “…I know.” I sighed again.
  43. “… I’m sorry.” Her hand softly scratched the fur on my chest. “I know how much you want to move on. I’m sorry I’m being difficult…”
  44. “No, no, don’t worry about it. I want it to be special for us both, okay? You can take your time. I’ll just have to be happy with kissing you until then… and there have been worse fates out there.”
  46.         Her mouth opened as if she was going to say something, but it slowly closed.
  47. “You’re a great boyfriend, Leo. I hope you know how special you are to me… I just don’t wanna move too fast and ruin things.”
  49. “Don’t worry about it.” I kissed her on the forehead again, giving my erection a look of longing.
  51.         We sat in silence, cuddling, listening to the rain against her window and roof. I spent a lot of the time admiring how well her plump butt poured into her snug panties, making a very tempting bottom into an alluring work of art. I wanted to reach out and squeeze it, to feel the softness in my hands, but I felt as though I had missed my chance. I regretted not doing it while we kissed. I turned my head and attempted to look outside, to distract myself, but I couldn’t see anything past the droplets of water and bits of condensation that obscured the relative world.
  53.         She moaned and shifted on the bed.
  55. “This rain is making me need to go pee.”
  56. “… Oh, really?” I could feel my erection, which stood directly in her line of vision, tighten at the information.
  57. “Mmhm.”
  58. “… Are you gonna go?” My eyes were drawn to her behind once again. I could see those black panties suddenly taking on a darker shade. I could see a familiar glimmer as the light reflected off fresh urine.
  59. “No, not yet. I don’t feel like getting up.”
  60. “… Is it bad?” I swallowed hard.
  61. “A little. I drank a lot at lunch.”
  62. “Hmm, yeah, that would make sense...”
  64.         I wondered, was she serious? Was it is as simple as she said? She didn’t want to get up…? Or was she doing it deliberately? Maybe it was just her subtle way of being sexy; or possibly it was an apology for refusing sex for so long! …Or was it all of the above? It didn’t matter. All I knew was that she had to relief herself, but she remained, head mashed into my chest fur.
  66. “So, Ally…”
  67. “Yes?”
  68. “Have you ever done this before?”
  69. “Hmm? What do you mean?” She rolled over, letting the side of her head once again lay on my chest. Her head no longer faced my erection, but rather faced me. Our eyes locked. She looked so innocent, those bright-green eyes glaring at me curiously. I could feel a clothed breast against my chest, the other stacked atop. The bra was cut low, and I had trouble prying my eyes away from the squishy part that it failed to cover. Like her butt, I wanted to reach out and touch it, to poke it, to see it jiggle.
  70. “I mean, like, have you ever just sorta not went to the toilet? Held it because… I don’t know, you didn’t want to get up?” It was hard finding the words with her staring at me, examining each crude, compulsory expression that crossed my face.
  71. “…Uh huh.” She said after a moment of thought.
  72. “Any, uh, close-calls?” For a split second, she looked away, and my eyes quickly shot downward. The panties fit her perfectly from the front and the back. They slipped between her legs, covering her private areas, tempting me, begging for me to take them off.
  73. “Hmm, I think so. But I need a minute to think about it.”
  74. “Oh, no, take your time!”
  75. “… Uhhhhh, wait, I think remember one! It happened a few days.” My heart grew strong and my blood warm.
  76. “What happened?”
  77. “Okay, well, I was lying here, reading a book. And I was really getting into it, so I kind of held it for awhile. I just kept saying I would go ‘next chapter,’ but it was a really addicting book… Obviously, it started to get really bad after awhile and I started to squirm and stuff. I made it to the last chapter of the book and I really wanted to finish it up, since I had made it that far already. So, I kept reading, but by then I was like holding myself and stuff. I actually think I had my shirt pressed in my legs and stuff. It was really bad.”
  78. “Wait, what were you wearing?”
  79. “Oh, I had on a long shirt that comes down to about my knees. Bright pink.”
  80. “Wow, that actually sounds… really sexy.”
  81. “What does?”
  82. “You with nothing but a shirt on… I don’t know, it just sounds… really, really, cute.”
  83. “Oh! I guess I’ll have to wear it for you one day then…. I swear. You have a clothing fetish or something.”
  84. “…Heh, maybe a little.”
  85. She giggled. “Sometimes I wonder how I ended up with such a kinky guy…” Ironically, she found that to be the perfect moment to lift herself to her knees and adjust her bra. I watched as her breasts jiggled, unable to escape their fabric prison; their vibrations granting me yet another one of my many perverse wishes. Before she had a chance to close her legs from the new position, I instinctively glanced between them. I admired how the panties smoothly walled off her womanhood, extending out of sight to cover her butt. They added an air of mystery and eroticism to an already intimate place.
  87.         It wasn’t long until her breasts came to a stop and her legs closed. Not at all privy to just how much I was enjoying things, she continued her story.
  89. “Alright, so, I was lying there, trying to not like, pee everywhere. I was holding myself, squirming, moaning, all the stuff I was doing in the woods the other day, just this time I was lying down.” She was starting to blush. “And, I got to the end of the book and kinda sat there for a minute. I had sorta underestimated how bad the urge really was, so when I sat up, I literally almost wet my bed."
  91.         At that moment, I looked in Ally’s eyes and became aware of just how difficult this was for her to recount to me.
  93. “I had to sit there holding myself for like ten seconds or something before I could even stand, and you know, at this point, every second counts.”
  95. I realized just how much she liked me.
  97. “It was that bad? Couldn’t you have just made a mad dash for the bathroom? It’s just on the other side of the room.”
  98. “No, it was that bad. I was really worried I wasn’t going to make it that far. And when I stood up, it got really bad again. I had to stand there, completely still for another ten seconds, maybe a little longer.”
  100.         I deeply appreciated how much she was willing to embarrass herself, just for my pleasure…
  102. “What would have happened if you hadn’t stayed still?”
  103. “I would have started peeing. But, uh, honestly…” She gave a nervous giggle. “I kinda thought I was about to anyway, but luckily it didn’t come out, and I managed to inch my way to the bathroom. The whole time I felt like I was going to lose control. It was like when I was about to go in the woods and you told me to stop… Like, I was seconds away.”
  105.         I had a strong urge to go forward and kiss her, to feel the growing tension in all of my muscles melt away; but absurdly, the cause of my discomfort was the bringer of my joy.
  107.         I swallowed hard again.
  109.         It is the price we pay.
  111. “When I got to the sink I felt it about to come out. I knew I could either run for my toilet and pee a little on my floor – and myself (she gave me a shy smile) – or I could just sit on my sink and hope for the best.”
  113.         My eyes widened. Her story had taken an interesting turn.
  115. “So, the second I pulled my hands up, I yanked up my shirt and like, quickly positioned myself over the sink. I can’t stress how close it was. I literally lost control before I was over the sink.”
  116. “Did you wet yourself at all?” I could barely breath my heart was beating with such force.
  117. “Not really. I might have leaked or something walking there, but it was only like a drop...  I do remember when I stood, there was a little bit of pee sitting on the edge of the sink where I had been, so that must have like slipped out before I got over the sink. I checked the fur on my butt and it was a little moist, but it wasn’t very much. I just got into the shower after that.”
  118. “Wow… That is the hottest thing I have ever heard.”
  119. “It is?” She giggled and gave me an incredulous expression. “Well, I’m glad some good came out of it.”
  120. “Sorry to force all of that out of you… I imagine it was embarrassing.”
  121. “It was, but luckily no one saw it.”
  122. “What would you have done if someone else was in your room when it happened?”
  123. “I probably wouldn’t have gone for the sink… and between closing the door and getting to the toilet, I imagine it wouldn’t have ended well.”
  124. “I kinda wish I could have been there…”
  125. She giggled. “Now that would have been embarrassing!”
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