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May 26th, 2019
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  1. Name: Cherry Valentine
  2. Rank: Mutated Human
  3. Body Type: Amazon
  5. Born a seemingly normal Human into a wealthy family, her birth was broadcasted on the news as a Miracle of God. This grabbed the attention of a small time villain, Cerise. She took the child from her home and renamed her Cherry Valentine. The memories of her true family abolished over the years living with Cerise. During this time growing up she was given cruel treatment by her Foster Mother. Locked away in the basement the only interaction she had with anyone was her mother. She was given education to prevent being made into a dumbass. The experiments started off with chemicals, shock therapy, and other such devices.
  7. Cherry's body did not react much to the experiments until around puberty. She grew to fantastic heights. By the age of sixteen she was eight feet tall. Her body became adapted to the pain, becoming highly resistant to it. As well as demonstrating incredible Super Human Strength. More than that she had a healing factor to aid in her risky body. To Cerise the experiments were a success. She had tried to brainwash the young woman, but they were interrupted by a group of Heroes. Cherry was saved, so to speak, but she did not know where to go from there. She asked the Heroes what she should do from here on out.
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