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  1. Rules of the channel
  2. Approved content:
  3. • Pics: anything of a vanilla variety. Can be pornographic. Quality is desired but not expected. Quality in the sense of the photo, not of the subject (no 1990s polaroid or OG iphone pics if possible).
  4. • Gifs: same rules as the pics section. If possible please provide some form of source for the content, preferably the actress as most porn studios watermark their content, so the studio often isn’t needed.
  5. • Videos/web links: from reputable sites (the more popular tube sites and official studio sites). If the site you are posting is known to have borderline cancerous redirects/popups, don’t post it. If someone asks for the source and it comes from a site with such content, inform the person they should have some form of adblock and be aware of the redirects.
  6. • Sharing content: Inviting users to TDs, Plex and/or Emby libraries is fine, as is linking torrent files to an extent. Be aware when you are choosing to download a torrent from a random person as always. This discord is not guaranteed to be relatively safe download wise as opposed to private trackers.
  7. • Sharing tips/tools to sort and/or organize pornographic content or how to rip websites and other sources of their collections.
  8. Prohibited content:
  9. • Pics/Vids/Gifs: pretty much everything else, no furries, nsfl, taboo genres that may be deemed extreme and/or uncomfortable with others (remember, while you may find it perfectly fine to watch say BDSM or Rape themed content and it may be entirely consensual between the actors, the majority of the internet community likely isn’t into that, furthermore, this is not a porn discord, so accommodating the niche vs the mainstream is out of the question).
  10. • General idea with regards to genres for porn gifs/vids: if you can see it being uploaded to brazzers, its good, if you can see it being uploaded to kink, then use discretion
  11. • Absolutely NO loli/shota, bestiality, gore, revenge porn/deepfakes, or other such extreme and/or illegal content as per discord guidelines. If you post this, you will be punished in accordance to the severity and frequency of the content.
  12. Exceptions and/or further explanations to some rules:
  13. • Hentai – up in the air atm, its allowed, but there are fine lines that can be crossed.
  14. • Genres – as stated somewhat previously, generic mainstream genres only, taboo content such as rape themes, bdsm, real incest, etc. are a no go. Incest via the “step-family” member is fine as its damn near everywhere these days and most large studios are producing some content pertaining to this popular genre. That said, I don’t want to see nothing but incest posts, there is plenty of good porn out there, not to mention well done nude photoshoots.
  15. • Banned genres – revenge porn has been posted in other porn discords and resulted in a perma ban for members that just joined the discord and didn’t post such content. So, unless you want this discord nuked, don’t post it.
  16. • Loli/shota – this is a special topic that needs its own explanation. Regardless of your personal definition of loli, the reality is, discord views it as the depiction of a minor partaking in sexual acts. It does not mean that just because they are adults and consenting that the theme of them portraying say a kid and his mom is acceptable. Furthermore, discord appears to be biased on this topic. From what I have seen and heard, if you post what could be coined as “western loli/shota” you are fine. This means posting content with piper perri in it is acceptable but posting Japanese or other east-asian actresses portraying underage people is not. This is also where the line must be carefully navigated with hentai. Yes, discord is generally and probs a little racist in terms of its acceptance of loli, but that’s their stance so we abide by that. Want to see JAV loli, there are plenty of other discord servers allowing such content, for how long? That’s anyone’s guess.
  17. If you have any suggestions regarding edits to the proposed rules let me know. If you want to post something but are unsure if you should, feel free to DM me.
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