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  1. The early beginnings of my family’s history in the United States started off in a more dark place. My earliest ancestors immigrated from Sicily, Italy to Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1900’s in hopes of creating a better lives for themselves. Many of their identities are unknown to my living relatives and family to this day. Them being Italian, they merged into the community in the “North-End” of Boston because of the majority population being Italian immigrants. At this time the year was sometime between 1930 and 1940 during the height of the organized crime era in Boston. Many of my ancestors were either fully in the Italian mafia doing the “dirty work” or in some way helping. Whether that was accounting or money laundering, I am not sure. This generation were very well educated, attending some of the countries best universities. They were also very wealthy and had a lot of power because of their mob affiliation.
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