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  3. — birth name : Koo Minseul (구민슬)
  4. — preferred name : Seul
  5. — age : 21 (int.) 22 (kor.)
  6. — birthday : 14th September 1998
  7. — nationality | ethnicity : korean | korean
  8. — height | weight : 158cm | 50kg
  10. — personality : Koo Minseul is angelic and has a smile that would give you a cavity because its so sweet. She seems like she could never hurt a fly, especially because she's so caring and soft. But beware, if you make her angry, she'd be as cold as ice to you. She could betray you as fast as she became your friend, you definitely wouldn't want to get onto her bad side. She'd be a real bitch to you and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Other than that, if you're nice to her, she'll be nice to you.
  12. Minseul trusts too easily which is the reason why she gets hurt easily. She's the type to fall for the most obvious tricks, like a kidnapper giving sweets to children to bribe them into following him.
  14. — background : Koo Minseul was born in a family of 6, consisting of her mother, her father, her oldest sister, 2nd oldest sister, 3rd oldest brother and her. It is a big family which was why living was hard. There were more mouths to feed and important things like water supply was going down fast. Her life was miserable and everything she did seemed to only bring bad luck. The fact that her mother had passed away from cancer made the whole thing worse because now it was just her siblings and her dad.
  16. Minseul's dad had to work extra hard after becoming the sole breadwinner of the household. Of course Minseul's oldest sister tried to find a job, but not many people wanted her because she didn't have much of an education. The tiny apartment unit could barely fit the 8 of them and every night they would fight for the bed because it was only capable of holding one person. At times, Minseul's father wouldn't come back and would sleep over at his workplace. Thus, Minseul was raised under the care of her older siblings.
  19. — background : the oasis seemed like a place way different from the real world. It was a place Minseul could get her mind of real life issues like financial issues. She was happier while at the oasis.
  21. — slot : magnus chase
  22. — backup : friends
  23. — face claim : Olivia Hye - loona
  24. — backup : chuu - loona
  25. — love interest : jungwoo
  26. — backup : jisung
  28. — what happens if you win ? what will you do with the money ?
  29. I will use the money to lessen my father and siblings' burden by helping to pay some of our living costs
  30. — message to me ( leia )
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