Bounty on DarastrixShadowlore

RukiaWolfSoulReaper May 19th, 2019 127 Never
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  1. TikaRosebudTikaRosebud Whisper has joined the chat
  2. DracoBloodRaven has joined the chat
  3. DracoBloodRaven: welcome rukai
  4. DracoBloodRaven: babe please repost the Contarct
  5. TikaRosebud: Welcome to the Unholy Rose
  6. DracoBloodRaven: on dara
  7. TikaRosebud: she has it on discord too
  8. RukiaDarksunAkatsuna: I do
  9. DracoBloodRaven: but i need it legit
  10. DracoBloodRaven: to be done
  11. DracoBloodRaven: plaease repost it my love
  12. TikaRosebud: [ok ill repost
  13. TikaRosebud: -Tika pulls out from the side of her throne parchment papper and a quil pen . She then Pricked her right indext finger letting her blood fill the quil she began to wright a royal decree . It would read " I am Queen Tika Rosebud . Ruler of The Unholy Rose Palace Kingdom. I hearby declare one DarastrixShadowlore . to be guilty of Crimes againt the crown and me . 1st offence . Adultry / Cheeting // on my but not just any woman .. Incest with 2 known female members of his family . 2 nd crime . Forced incestial acts upon by threats of harm to the children he possesed as his in family . 3 rd Forced aligations upon others forging logs to cover his lies . More than enough proof has been brought to my eyes and that alone is my ruleing . he is guilty and the sentance for his crimes to his family is . removal of his penis shoved down his throat . For crimes againt my Crown in my lands Adultry while being with me as mate he was unfaithful . Punishment is Death by beheading ...As Queen of these lands my word decree is law . I set forth a Bounty upon . DarastrixShadowlore .. to be carried out by the exacutioner Lord Draco will seek and deliver this too . ~ Signed ~ Queen Tika Rosebud , Unholy Rose Authority " - Tika would then press her index finger coverd in blood on the scroll by her name . Letting the blood mark by her name forming a blood red rose seal . She then rolls the scroll up twisting a lock of her hair around it tying it closed . Tika grabs a light candle as she droped a spot of the wak on the scroll pressing her Royal Rose ring on the wax sealoing the scroll. Tika would hand the scroll to Lord Draco . With a soft voice she spoke .- " Seek out the bounty hunters . the excactioners .. this is a royal bounty decree " .
  14. DracoBloodRaven: -Draco bows to tika and take the scroll from Tika and bows "it shall be done " he then walks towards rukia- " As i am Master assain of the Dark Order i heareby give you Rukia this Scrol contract to have Draven take care of it and we want him dead and gone for good"
  15. RukiaDarksunAkatsuna  Rukia Bows lightly to Draco as she took the scroll " It shall be done
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